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DPPt/HGSS trades

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by andy, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. hey people i have phione eggs and i have a aerodactyl, ditto, murkrow, omanyte, mudkip, torchik, treecko, togepi, pichu, unknown , drifloon, azurill, a mantyke and a bunch of eevee's.. i am looking for someone who has a mew, mewtwo , celebi, darkrai or ANY other legendary i dont care ther all cool.. anyway...yeah.....
  2. If you have any shiny Pokémon I'll trade you a legendary.
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  3. sorry dude i dont have any shinys
  4. you are looking for any legendary? I could help you out for some starter pokemon that I need =)
  5. yeh sure the starter pokemon i have are mudkip, treecko and torchick if you need any of them
  6. a torchick and mudkip can help me out, I have a few legendaries that I have doubles of. is there other things you need besides just legendaries? and tell me when you can get on, I will try to work out a time.
  7. a torchik and mudkip are fine. would you mind naming the legendaries that you have? and ill be ready to go on whenever you want
  8. I have spare dialga, palkia, mespirit, uxie, azelf, heatran, girantia, and I could get rid of this entei I have... I got it off of someone in a trade.
  9. i wouldnt mind a palkia, entei
  10. ok, you want to get on right now and trade?
  11. yeh sure ill just add you. tell me when your on =)
  12. I can get on now if you can
  13. yeh ill go on now
  14. ok, I am on, waiting for ya
  15. thanks a lot mate =)
  16. np, I gave you the orb for palkia since i have 4 of them anyway. hope you have fun with them =)
  17. i will and thanks for the orb

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