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XY/ORAS Trade shop

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Dinova, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. So I've come into a ok cache of pokemon. So now, I'm wanting see if I can feed my greed er, share my good fortune by offering some of what I have for trade.

    Some of what I can offer is:

    Ditto/ impostor
    Fletchling/ Galewings
    Bagon/ Sheer Force
    Vulpix/ Drought
    Bulbasaur/ Chloryphyl
    Magikarp/ Rattled

    If you want a specific nature, it may take a bit of time but I promise to get it for you. The same goes for egg moves.

    What I'm looking for(Natures don't matter but preferably female):

    Venipede/speed boost

    Any pokemon holding: Charizardite/Mewtwonite x
  2. MaddMoni

    Friend Code:
    Can I get a female HA Vulpix caught in a luxary ball? I can trade you both a HA Sableye and HA Venipede.
  3. I can get you a female HA vulpix no problem. As for getting it in a luxury ball, I don't know if I can as any vulpix I can get will be bred. Is that a major factor for you?
  4. MaddMoni

    Friend Code:
    I hate to be greedy but, yes it is a major factor for me. I already have a HA Vulpix that I transferred over from Black2 but I really want one in a luxaryball. If you have the Friend Safari with Vulpix in it, maybe you could catch one? xD
  5. Unfortunately I do not, sorry.
  6. Lauraplayspokemon

    Friend Code:
    I have a level 100 mewtwo with mewtwoite X if your willing to trade

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