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Town of Eeveelutions joining

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Splashfur, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. A RP about a town of Eeveelutions.

    Romance? YES
    Dragons? TOTALLY
    Magic items? YOU BETCHA.
    Can your OCs be magic? YES, PLEASE.

    You can be any of these(there can be more than one, and you can be all sorts of colors, eg. A Blue Eevee)
    Eevee @StevenUniverseDiamond
    Shiny Eevee
    Vaporeon @Midnight Espeon
    Shiny Vaporeon
    Jolteon @AsrielDreemurr
    Shiny Jolteon
    Flareon @Akira The Wolf
    Shiny Flareon
    Espeon @PKMN Trainer Lucy, @Gardevoirlillies
    Shiny Espeon
    Umbreon @*that* guy, @The Ringmaster
    Shiny Umbreon @Lucky Ace
    Glaceon @Cerol47103 , @Zen Pie
    Shiny Glaceon
    Leafeon @EmperorBumpaDump , @ToxicChopStick
    Shiny Leafeon @Tsu
    Sylveon @chesnautV2
    Shiny Sylveon

    Fill out this form:
    Personsal Weakness:
    Special Qualities:
    Other: (Optional)
    Does he/she have secrets? Yes/No
    (Do not type the secrets, they will be revesled in the RP.)

    Here's mine:
    Name: Jo
    Pokémon: Blue Espeon
    Gender: F
    Personality: Outgoing, bubbly. Silly. Excellent survival skills.
    Likes: Mythical creatures, meeting new people, playing with her friends outside, food, shiny things, dancing
    Dislikes: Betrayal, hate, mold, stanky things like horse poo, unfriendly people, being teased, bullies.
    Appearance: Fur is blue. gem is green, turns red when *SPOILER*. Inside of ears is purple. Cheek fluff gets really poofy when super exited and droops when sad. Her tail drags along on the ground when sad and curls up when sees something disgusting or when super exited.
    Personal Weakness: bad sense of smell, except for strong ones. Needs reading glasses when reading.
    Special Qualities: almost superhuman hearing. When she puts on her gem amulet(gem is also green), she can *SPOILER.*
    Has secrets, obviously.
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  2. Sounds Intresting. Sign me up.

    Name: Midnight
    Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Midnight is the quiet, but flirty type, and is pretty quiet, keeping most of the things he does secretly.
    Appearence: Midnight has one blue eye, corresponding to his blue rings, he also wears a blue defense scarf.
    Likes/Dislikes: Midnight dosent have many likings, but he does like the quiet. As for Dislikes the list would be too big.
    Special Qualities: Midnight is capible of the moves 'Attract, Psychic, Bite and Shadow Ball.'
    Other: Midnight's name is theorized throughout many. Many think its due to being hatched exactly at Midnight, some think its when he evolved, at Midnight, although the true answer hadnt been truly revealed, and Midnight prefers to keep it that way.
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  3. @Lucky Ace This is amazing! You're in, but what about the Personal Weakness? And does Midnight have secrets or not?
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  4. May I Join? I am new here but i do have a bit of experience with roleplay
    Personality: Ace generally is a easy-going guy who just wants to enjoy life and make friends. He is known for telling terrible puns (Mostly fire related) and for his goofy nature. But secretly, Ace is a big sweetheart who just wants someone to love him and his jokes.
    Appearance: Ace is pretty much a normal Flareon. But he does wear a blue bandanna that he found.
    Like:Ace loves jokes, puns, or anything that could make others laugh, he has a bit of a sweet tooth, and he loves when people actually laugh at his jokes.
    Dislikes: Ace is terribly afraid of heights, he doesn't really like swimming or water for that matter because he hates when hi fur gets wet. ,he is afraid of thunder and lightning, and he afraid of being alone.
    Personal Weakness: Other than being a horrible liar, Ace has a balance issue he never grew out of when he was young. He also has poor hearing is his right ear due to him falling out of a tree when he was younger.
    Special Qualities: Ace is pretty much a average Flareon other than he take half damage from the move Flare Blitz.
    Other: When Pokemon ask him to leave after Ace tells them a lot of horrible jokes or puns, he leaves and goes find someone else to tell his jokes and puns to.
    Does he/she have secrets?: He has a few.....
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  5. Accepted!
  6. Name: Aurora
    Pokemon: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is very calm and kind
    Appearance: Her Gem is a Pearl
    Likes: Her Team Members, Being Alone,Her Galaxy Cave
    Dislikes: Bug,Dark and Ghost Type, Loudness,
    Personsal Weakness: Her Parents, When she was a Eevee her Parents would fight over the Eeveelution she was going to choose she would hate the noise they make and would be depressed every night she would go to bed this caused her hatred for loudness
    Special Qualities: The Pearl on her Head, many Pokemon would say it was mistake but Aurora thinks she special because of it, Magical Powers she can do with her Gem
    Other: Her Parents are a Shiny Espeon(Mom) and a Sylveon(Dad)
    Does he/she have secrets?: Yes
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  7. Approved!
    But to all of you:
    I don't think you get the "Special Qualities" section, it's not your attacks, you're allowed MAGIC, yo!
    Also, no limits for your appearance, that's not just for clothes, you can be colors! Pink Eevees! Blue Flareons! Green instead of Pink for Sylveon! Yellow instead of White for Sylveon! NO LIMITS.
    (Just no Arceuses.)
  8. Name: Bleak
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Super energetic, talkative, loves to make friends
    Appearance: Blue Eevee with shades of green.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Rainbows, friends, and talking. Dislikes: White, Black, and Bullies.
    Personsal Weakness: Insults, dullness, and his brightness in colors.
    Special Qualities: Super speedy.
    Other (Optional): N/A
    Does he have secrets? Yes/No
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  9. Accepted! What do you mean by "shades of green, " though?
  10. He's mainly blue, but some spots have green on them, but it blends in with the blue.

    I made his personality and color condradict his name because, why not?
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  11. I can't wait until the RP is made
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  12. I'm gonna wait fir about 2 or 3 more people and then I'll start it
  13. Looks like I'm making a new character! :D

    Name: Allegra (Allie for short)
    : Umbreon
    Gender: female
    Personality: Allie is a loudmouth, always one to ramble and talk about the most random things. She's very open with sharing her feelings with anyone except for those that have hurt her in the past or those she simply doesn't like. The Umbreon is very intelligent, usually being able to guess how people are feeling merely by looking at them. For these reasons, though, many have taken a fearful approach to her, and Allie is working on fixing this problem and not frightening anyone with her loudness or the like.
    Appearance: Her fur is a light shade of red-pink, and her rings are a mint green, as are her eyes. The hair atop her head is longer than the rest of her body, and can be found falling into her eyes more often than not. It covers her forehead, sweeping out to the left side of her head. Allie's tail is about three-quarters of the size of the average Umbreon's, and her ears are slightly longer, dangling beside her face instead of standing up.
    Likes/Dislikes: She absolutely loves the outdoors and singing, and can often times be found sitting by a river or simply walking down the street while a song flies from her mouth like a radio. Although she spends many a day outside, she absolutely despises rain, and will not hesitate to take cover from it in some form of shelter.
    Personal Weakness: Her eyesight is absolutely awful, so she needs to wear a pair of glasses, probably like these ones, to see. Without them, she'd see nothing but pretty colors.
    Special Qualities: As long as there is a surface beneath her, Allie can levitate herself with the magical power that courses through her body. While doing so, she can move at incredible speeds, but moving this fast will tire her out, and she'll most likely feel very dizzy or even pass out after doing so.
    Other: Nothing that I can think of. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Does he/she have secrets? Yes/No
    Not sure what the secrets mean, but sure, I guess. xD

    Just tell me if I should change anything, alright?
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  14. Accepted!!!! Also, Allie's appearance sounds really cute!
    P.S. I'm glad you get it with the different appearance and magic thing, so thanks! Thankkkk youuuu.
  15. Haha, thanks! And no prob, Bob! Can't wait to get this party started! :p
  16. Start the RP I can no longer wait.....................
  17. Oh, I could of sworn I copied the form, dont worrry, Ill edit it.
  18. Name: Mist
    Pokemon: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind, polite, cheerful, and enjoys teasing, and worries easily
    Appearence: A white Vaporeon with lavender colored eyes
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes politeness, sweets, and dislikes rudeness and bitter or sour sweets
    Personsal Weakness: Birds
    Special Qualities: Can create bubbles and control water, although she can not control salt water
    Other: Tail flattens out behind her when she is scared or worried
    Secrets: Yes
    Is that okay? If not, I can redo it.
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  19. Hold your horses!
    I have no idea where you got that. NO, THE RP DID NOT START.
    I would have posted a link if it did.
    Where did you get that idea?
    Accepted! Now we can start, like @StevenUniverseDiamond wants so much.
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  20. I got it from a post you either deleted or i was seeing things....
  21. Create it already I no not of patience and i hate it and it hates me....
  22. Name: sapphire
    Pokemon: umbreon
    Gender: male
    Personality: sapphire hate to interact with most people but there is one person
    Appearance: sapphire is albino with blue rings
    Likes: being alone, being around Allie
    Dislikes: having to interact with others, large groups
    Personsal Weakness: is extremely shy and will only talk to Allie
    Special Qualities: if he musters all his strength his senses are stronger for a limited amount of time
    Other: has a crush on Allie
    Does he/she have secrets? Yes but nothing massive
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  23. Sounds like a good RP. I would be here, but because I am in other country I think I would be here when everyone would be asleep. Anyway, my form:

    Name: Cerol

    Pokemon: Glaceon
    Gender: Male...
    Personality: Kind, cheerful.
    Appearence: Blue scarf (on blue glaceon, Lel), necklace
    Likes: Pecha berries,
    Dislikes: Being alone (but she often alone)
    Personal Weakness: Shy... (I have nothing else)
    Special Qualities: Runs very fast... She didn't likes this.
    Other: Never won any battle.
    Does she have secrets? Yes
  24. WAAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!! *crosses "Make dramatic entrance" off list*

    I wanna join! Don't get too far without meh!!

    ....j-just, gimme some time to fill out the form. xD
  25. Name: Winter
    Pokemon: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: caring, good sense of humor, somewhat serious, smarter than average/more studious and observant (I shall edit this if any others pop into my head)
    Appearance: ordinary Glaceon colors (sorry, not feeling original xD), but has a red scarf (bandanna?) around her neck
    Likes: making new friends, learning something she didn't know before, a good joke, singing, and on occasions, a challenge
    Dislikes: showoffs, bullies/being bullied, not understanding something, a bad joke/punny Pokemon (yes, punny, not puny), getting wet (usually when it's warm water)
    Personal Weakness: her left ear is deaf
    Special Qualities: she is able to see through somebody if they're not telling the truth/she can tell if someone is lying, and has a lovely/wonderful (whichever is better cus I don't know o.o) singing voice
    Does she have secrets? Yes. No one is without at least one secret. One of her's involves a crush on a certain somebody she may or may not have. *wink*

    Alright, I've done it. Let's do this!!!!!!

    .....aaass soon as this is accepted.
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  26. Ah, yes... Eeveelutions....
    Name: Paisla
    Pokemon: Leafeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Paisla is quite shy, and introverted. She usually speaks softly, and loves to read. Paisla is a great singer, and dancer, but usually keeps to herself.
    Appearance: Paisla is a pretty normal Leafeon, other than her eyes a very deep green. She wears a small light green bow on the left side of her forehead.
    Likes/Dislikes: Paisla loves to read, and singer. In fact, some say she can imitate a peaceful forest at night perfectly. She loves sweets, and dancing. Paisla dislikes large crowds, and loud noises. She also hates bullying, and evil in general.
    Personal Weakness: Paisla is soft and sensitive, not liking any sort of cruelty, and being hurt abnormally more than a normal Pokemon by it, due to the fact that she was raised by a cruel uncle, after her parent went missing. She also has always despised the cold.
    Special Qualities: Paisla has an extremely soothing voice, being able to calm down or put someone to sleep exceptionally quickly.
    Other: (Optional) Nothing really.
    Does he/she have secrets? Yes/No
    (Do not type the secrets, they will be revealed in the RP.)
  27. Name:Tornado
    Pokémon: jolteon
    Personality:Tornado is very friendly and relaxed but sometimes he is very serious He too is very Very Very lazy
    Apparence:Black fur jolteon with scary and in the same time beatifull red eyes
    Likes: Chocolate like.......... A LOT,puns,rain,bolts,DJs,ninjas
    Dislikes:dark,hot places
    Personal weakness:hurt friends
    Special qualities:Tornado is extremely fast and can use psycic because of her mother and dark pulse because of his dad
    Other: Sometimes use a Black mask
    Does he have Secrets?:yes, a lot
  28. Accepted to all of you! If you scroll up about halfway there is a link to the rp.
  29. don't need the link. I got here from there, and never closed the tab x3
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  30. Thanks!
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  31. Name: Leafa.
    Pokemon: shiny Leafeon
    Gender: female
    Personality: sweet , adorable and funny.
    Appearance: A shiny Leafeon who has holes in her leaf tail.
    Likes: being with others.
    Dislikes: being alone.
    Personsal Weakness: She hates being around people she finds attractive.
    Special Qualities: If she stays in a grassy areas she can fight longer and have better chance to win a battle.
    Other: None.
    Does he/she have secrets? Yes.
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  32. Allies a girl.... just say'n
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  33. How can you have a crush on two people? Just asking.
  34. Well you can find multipul people attractive
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  35. I mean, the character should probably focus on one person...
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  36. Hey @Tsu can do whatever he/she likes
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  37. I know, it's just odd. I'm just saying. Jeez.

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