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Open Tournaments - Battling - Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Spongzilla, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    Have you ever wanted an RP where you just battle with other players. No story, no character growth, no nothing just battling. Then this is the RP for you.

    Info - This story is set in the modern era where trainers will compete to win tournaments. All of the competitors have gotten the 8 badges they need and will compete to win the ultimate prize. An online certificate from yours truly.

    You probably shouldn't watch this RP instead when its your time to battle in the tournament I'll Mention you in a post and you + your opponent will battle. (I recommend watching the thread while its your time to battle so that you can get the notifications) If its your time to battle and you don't post within 3 days (This number can change) you will automatically forfeit the tournament and your opponent will win.

    Rules -

    1. Normal RP Rules Apply Here
    2. You are not OP, if your Pokémon is Forrestress and you get hit by a fire type move, You are dead. (Unless its sturdy but you get the idea)
    3. You have already collected 8 badges and your team will be high level, keep that in mind.
    4. I would recommend not watching this thread until its your time to battle, I'll mention you in a post if its your time.

    Character Sheet

    Name & Gender: For Identification

    Nickname: Must Specify in every post
    Held Item:

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