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Open Tournament of Ages

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by 101 Dragons, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. The Tournament of Ages, an advanced tournament opened only to those who have placed at least in the semi-finals of one Pokémon league. This is not only so the more powerful trainers enter but also so that there are enough people to participate. Be prepared, to win you must be the strongest of all trainers there.

    Julie Quartz was nearly skipping down the road as she headed for the tournament of ages. It was going to be awesome and this time maybe she would win the whole thing. In her last league, she had made it half-way through the semi-finals before all of her Pokémon were wiped out in one fell swoop. It had really bothered her partner, an Absol named Sonic, but this time they were going to win for sure.

    She grinned as she saw what was ahead of her. The entrance for the tournament wasn’t that far, she would be there in ten minutes. Turning, Julie pulled out a pokeball and released her partner and best friend. As Sonic came out in all his regal glory, she walked over to him and said.

    “This is it, buddy, the Tournament of Ages. This time, we’ll win for sure!”

    Sonic nodded in agreement and together the two of them headed into the tournament, determined to win.
  2. Im just starting out on my journey but ill probably watch the tournament ;)
    Good luck to every one participating, Tirtwig and i would love to battle once we get stronger!
  3. Logan was standing by the building, determined to win. "We'll do this for sure, Chic-Chic." His Meganium (Chic-Chic) was standing next to him, ready to fight. Logan here is a world famous Pokémon Breeder, with Black Hair, A Black Trenchcoat, and a backpack where he keeps all his eggs and other things in there. He had wanted to become the Champion, but he lost in the Finals. So he was here to fight and hopefully win the Tournament of Ages.
  4. I just had my first battle an d it went surprisingly well, any one that has made it this far probably has some helpful hints for me and turtwig right!? :)
  5. Logan looked around, seeing one of the people who has came to watch. He smiled and walked over to a trainer with a Turtwig. "Hello, my name is Logan." He said. "And this is Chic-Chic." He said, petting his Meganium.
  6. Julie was walking through the tournament grounds before she saw two trainers, one with a Turtwig and the other with a Meganium, and decided to go talk to them. She walked up with Sonic right beside her before introducing herself. "Hi, I'm Julie Quartz and this is my partner, Sonic. Are you guys enjoying the tournament?"
  7. Logan turned around and smirked. "Heya, you must be Julie. I'm here to compete in this Tournament. My name is Logan and this is Chic-Chic." Logan opened his backpack and pulled out a berry, giving it to Chic-Chic. "Lots of other competitors here, none more determined to win then us." He looked at Julie. "They're going to start battling soon, you and I will probably be the first ones."
  8. Dasken Lauphage was never one for crowds, but once he saw the tournament of all tournaments, he decided he'd enter. He had his Crobat fly him there directly. His Charizard followed him in the air. When he landed, he had Crobat return.
    As he was walking around, he bumped into a trainer standing next to a Meganium. He fell to the ground and shook hisnhead. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Just... Distracted by all the trainers I'll be challenging."
    "My name is Dask, and I'm the previous Champion of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Leagues. Nice to meet you."
  9. Logan held out a hand and smiled. "Former champion of the Unova Region. Knew you looked familiar." Chic-Chic growled at the Charizard, but Logan calmed her down. "I'm ready to fight, are you?"
  10. Charizard huffed at the Meganium, blowing a smoke ring outnof it's nose at it. Luckily, Dasken had had enough experience with this sort of thing. He waved his hand in a brisk, sweeping motion that dissipated the ring before it hit Meganium.
    "You bet I am. I've wanted to face you for a long time coming." Dask got a determined look on his face.
    Oh, yes, he thought. This is gonna be good.
  11. Jon marvled at all of the strong trainers "Wow a charizard! And a maganium!"
    "Im just here to wach the tornement, im so exited to see what a real battle is like!"
  12. Dasken turned around. He was impressed that soembody wouldn't enter the tournament who isn't a trainer.
    "May I ask why you're not battling?" Dasken asked.
  13. Jon smiled, "turtwig and i just set out from home :) the only other pokemon i have is a starly, but once turtwig and i grow stronger we will definetly enter"
  14. Bluu slowly walked around, her Pikachu known as Bow sat on her shoulder. Bluu wore a Yellow hoodie with a Pikachu picture on it, and she wore a bow on her head. Bow was a female Pikachu that was energetic and fast. "Pika Pi!" Bow shouted. "Calm down will ya?" Bluu told her Pikachu.

    She saw the Charizard. Woah She thought. Charizards are Huge! She thinks. She saw her Pikachu slowly creeping into her green backpack. "Bow! Come on!" She growled.
  15. Woah! A Pikachu!!!" Jon exclaimed " i'v never seen one in person before!"
  16. "I see. Well," Dasken said, "For an aspiring pokèmon trainer! Hold out your hand" he said. He reached into his backpack. As he did, the hair stood up on his arms.
    He recognized that charge.
    "Bluu, I know you're there. Hey, Bow."
    "It's been, what, 5 years?"
  17. "Huh? OH Hello!" Bluu spoke in surprised. "PIka Pi!" Bow said, tilting her head. "Yeah they are kinda rare in this region. They're mostly found in Kanto!" She spoke kindly.
    She turns to Dasken. "Yeah it's been a while."
  18. "When did your Pichu evolve, Bluu?" Dask asked with a smirk. He turned around.
    Charizard tensed, and Dask put a hand against Charizard.
    Wait... Dask thought. Why didn't Charizard and Pikachu greet each other happily? They had known each other for a while... Then again, they only knew each other when they were just a Pichu and Charmander.
  19. "awsome, ill have to visit Kanto and catch one some time" jon said
    "how many pokemon do all of you have! i bet there really strong!"
  20. "She evolved 3 years ago when I was in Hoenn. I was surprised, actually!" Bluu said. "Pikaa!" Bow spoke, running up to Charizard. "Pika Pi, Pikachu! Pika ka Pi!" Bow says.

    She looks at Jon. "I have 5 now. A shiny Eevee, My Pikachu of Course, my Umbreon, my Meowstic, and my Vaporeon. They're all pretty strong, but my weakest is my Eevee. I just got her out of an egg yesterday!"
  21. Charizard cocked his head. "Senpai here doesn't seem to recognize Bow." He turned to Senpai. "Do you remember him yet?" Charizard nodded.
    Dask was the one who forgot.
    "Aw, that's right! Bow beat Senpai badly the first time we met." Dask pulled out his Soothe Bell and rang it. Charizard calmed down. "I hope to have a rematch, Bluu." He turned to Jon. "To answer your question, I have a full team. Come on out, guys!" Dask exclaimed. "Allow me to introduce you to my team.
    "Say hi to Scizzors, Amp, Whiplash, Aero, and Umbra!" He said as he pointed to his Kabutops, Ampharos, Roserade, Crobat, and Umbreon respectively.
  22. the more the merrier i'd say, i think you can sign up for the tornement at the near buy pokemon center, thats were tirtwig and i are going right now to grap some grub! lets go tirtwig!
  23. "Wait, take these!" Dask said, handing him what he reached for in his bag; 18 rare candies.
    "They'll help out a lot! My mom works at the Lilycove Department Store, so I get these cheap."
    He smiled and held his hand out.
  24. "Wow you have a great team!" Bluu spoke happily. "And yeah I think it's because Bow evolved! That's probably why. But Bow seems to recognize him!"

    Bow stared at Charizard. "Pika Pi...." She said sadly. She wished she was recognized by him. "Yeah, I hope we do! And actually, Bow has way better moves than before!" Bluu said, giving Bow an Oran berry. "Here Bow, you need this to revive. I know you had to fight my Brother's Raichu, but it's okay! Don't be afraid." She pat Bow's head.
  25. wow! look at all of those tirtwig" jon puled out his pokedex and scand all of the pokemon for info.
  26. "I think I was the one who forgot," Dask said. "Remember how terribly Bow beat Senpai when they were just a Pichu and Charmander?"
    Senpai sheepishly looked at Bow.
    "Char..." Senpai said meekly.
  27. "iv heard of rair candies!" jon said placing them in his bag, there supposed to heighten a pokemon's skill right?!"
  28. "Cool a turtwig" said a young boy with a farfetch'd. "You never see those in johto" said the boy with excitement. "Sorry I never said my name, hi I am Nick nice to meet you guys!" said Nick you could the he was very excited to see turtwig.
  29. "Yeah. They help level them up, Jon. That's how I got Umbreon to evolve. Well not really. You see, when I fed him ONE, he went crazy and wanted more. Aha, it was strange!" Bluu said. Bow chomps on the Oran Berry.
  30. "That's right." Dask said. "Now use those sparingly, intelligently."
    He turned around after hearing a Farfetch'd cooes.
    "And who might you be?" Dasken asked the boy behind him. Senpai held out it's clawed hand to Bow.
  31. Bow stared at Senpai. "Pika pi!" She heald out her hand as well. (I ship it, Sorry not Sorry.) Bluu stared at Nick. "Oh Hello. I'm Bluu. Nice to meet you!" She said Kindly. "And actually.. Eevee come out!" She spoke, throwing a Pokeball in the air. A shiny level 2 Eevee jumped out of the Pokeball. ""Vee!" It spoke. "We need to level you up!" Bluu said, petting the Eevee.
  32. "Wow a charizard and a eevee?" Nick could barley focus seeing these two amazing Pokemon standing in front of him. "Hey leek you better be carful not to tick of those Pokemon they look pretty powerful" Nick whispered to farfetch'd who is called leek.
  33. "Don't worry, Charizard is powerful, but not Shiny Eevee. In fact, it's only Level Two. Meowstic come out, I need you to help level up Eevee!" She spoke, throwing another Pokeball in the air. A male Meowstic jumped out. It was level 50, but he was told to use his NOT SO STRONG moves. "Don't use strong moves Meowstic. We must go easy on Eevee." Bluu spoke.
  34. Logan laughed. "You're facing me, Dask." He said. "It'll sure be the battle of the century." Chic-Chic smiled, then Logan sent out the rest of his team. Zeke, (Porygon-Z) Bruce, (Nidoking) Mavis, (Milotic) Hellen (Cammerupt) and finally, he sent out his mighty Hydreigon, which he called Rocky.
  35. Dask smiled. It was the smile of someone who had recieved something after a long time.
    "I can hardly wait," he smirked. "You know, we should all do some training. My pokemon are all lvl 75, but they can always be stronger."
    (Meh. Shipping is cool with me. I mean, they DID ship Bunneary and Pikachu pretty hard in the anime, soooo...)
  36. 'A Pokemon battle!" Jon's eyes lit up! "if that pokemon is in experienced turtwig and i could battle it, after all we just set out today, and weave only had one Pokemon battle"
  37. Bluu stared at Logan, then turned to Eevee and Meowstic. "Training start!" Bluu commands. Meowstic ran up to Eevee using scratch. Eevee took. A tiny bit of damage, but then used a weak Swift. Bluu watched them battle. Eevee leveled up to Level 3. "Good job! Keep on going!"
  38. "Most of mine are 80." Logan says, retrieving all his Pokémon except for Chic-Chic. "Except for old Chic-Chic here. She's 90." Logan chuckled and locked eyes with Dask. "I'll be looking forward to it. Champion vs Champion." The announcer started speaking. "We've got one more day to prepare."
  39. "wach closely Turtwig this is a time to learn!"
  40. "Woah two champions fighting this will be awesome isn't that right leek?" Asked Nick. Leek nodded yes with excitement on his face as he is as much of a battler as his trainer.
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