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Tournament Challenge: Tailon vs. Red!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tailon, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: This one's between me(Tailon) and Sir Red, so no posting for the rest of you ;)

    A man in a black leather jacket wandered Jubilife’s annual spring festival. Jonah Sinclair browsed the stalls set up in his hometown, customary cup of coffee from a local coffee shop in one hand, his eyes only mostly open. The man brushed his brown hair out of his face for the umpteenth time that day as he meandered his way toward the festival tournament’s final round, in which he was to participate.

    Alongside the man walked a large, blue beetle with a horn nearly as long as his body. The Heracross carried a large jar of Honey in his claws, and occasionally sucked a glob of the golden liquid from the jar contentedly. As the pair finally made it to the stadium and signed in, it seemed they were somewhat late, though this tended to be the case in most situations.

    The two walked over to the battlefield without much hurry, as the announcer blared, ”And finally, our second contestant arrives, Jonah Sinclair! The battle will be a full 6 on 6 challenge, and both trainers may switch Pokemon at any time!”

    “Say,” Jonah called across the battlefield, “d’you want to make the first move, or should I?”
  2. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Stifling a yawn the fair-haired young man strolled down the crowded and bustling street that cut Jubilife City in half. On both sides of the street, and running in between to create two smaller footpath roads, were shops and stands of all varieties. Foods of every kind imaginable were on sale, some even not native to Sinnoh. The teenager was pretty impressed with the selection of food that was there and walked up to a stand entitled "Cinnabar's Finest Eatin's". He was intrigued to see if these silly Sinnoh folk could do the traditional meals justice, and to his mild surprise they weren't half bad.

    After polishing off several helpings of Cinnabar Jerk Slowpoke he decided to peruse through some of the other shops and see what sort of goods where on sale. Various toys, plushies and souvenirs of Pokemon indigenous to the region, and even a few not, were slapped all over the place and being swiped up by little children. The teen walked up to one shop and was perusing through the collection of buttons that they had when he felt a tugging at his pant leg.

    He looked down and saw a navy blue turtle looking up at him, a displeased look on his face. "Relax, Anak," the boy said with a smile as he patted his friend on the head. "We have plenty time! I mean it's only like what...um...Arceus damn it!" the boy hung his head as he realized once again that he was wrong and without Anaklusmos he would be late.

    The Wartortle chuckled lightly to himself and lead his saddened trainer away from the shops with all of their pretty and pointless crap and toward their destination. They headed down the street at a quickened pace, the boy checking the remaining five balls attached to his belt to make sure that he had brought the correct team with him. He made sure to check multiple times, out of slight paranoia and finally he was satisfied.

    When the brown-haired teen looked up again he noticed that they were at their destination. "Oh! Nice navigating there, First-Mate Anak," he said playfully with a wink, to which his partner walked off from. "Oh shut up, we both know I'm clever...sometimes," he called after the Wartortle as they entered the stadium.

    They walked up to the competitors table, a place they had been to several times this week throughout the Festival Tournament. "Ah, Eoin," a chipper, female voice said jovially as they approached. She smiled brightly at them as they approached.

    "Why hello there, Petunia. How are you on this lovely day?" He asked, laying the charm on overly thick.

    "Oh you silly boy," she said with a giggle, happy to be receiving the attention from a young man. "I'm quite good, and for once you're not the one running late," she giggled again. "Well, you are late...But, your opponent is even later than you are."

    "Well how convenient for me, eh?" Eoin retorted with a smile and wink. "I suppose I should really be heading in now. I'll talk to you afterwards."

    "Good luck in there!" Petunia called after Eoin as he set off down the tunnel to the battlefield. As Eoin stepped out into the arena he was pounded with noise from the crowded stands and the incessant rock music that was blaring out of the speakers stationed all over the place. Eoin looked down at Anaklusmos and laughed sarcastically.

    "You ready to watch me embarrass myself again, buddy?" Anaklusmos sighed heavily and walked over to the trainer's box. "Wouldn't expect anything less from you, champ." Eoin joined him in the box just in time to notice that the announcer was screaming his name to the crowd.

    Eoin was taking in the mayhem that was going on in the stands when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see his opponent walk out onto the battlefield and take up his spot opposite Eoin. The other man stood, Heracross at his side as the announcer's voice once more blared out incoherent nonsense to inform the wildly uniformed.

    And then Eoin was able to make out his opponent's voice, a man by the name of Jonah, apparently, "Say, d'you want to make the first move, or should I?"

    Eoin shrugged, "I'll be polite, seeing as I'm the foreigner and give you some homefield advantage by choosing first." With that Eoin detached a Pokeball from his belt and maximized it, and then he threw it high up into the air.

    The red and white sphere tumbled downwards toward the battlefield, lightbulbs flashing throughout its flight. After what seemed like several minutes the ball hit the ground with a massive flash of white light a creature appeared on the battlefield. The light died down to reveal an odd little creature, one that appeared to be wearing a white kimono, red sash around her waste. But, something was frightening about this creature, her spooky eyes darting about the battlefield and surveying things as a chilled mist rolled off from her.

    "Let's have some fun, shall we Cassandra?" Eoin called out to the Froslass, a slight smirk on his face.

    OoC: Not as long as I would have liked (nor very good quality), but it will get the job done for now. :v
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    His opponent’s first Pokemon was a Frosslass, “Ice and Ghost,” Jonah said to himself as he took an unusually colored Poke Ball from his jacket, and maximized it. The Pokeball was black on top, and silver on the bottom, with a white band around the edge, hand painted, of course. The man tossed the Ball in his hand a few times, then tossed it lazily, revealing a black, red, and silver Pokemon with metallic arms that had blades protruding from them in a bright white flash of light. The Pokemon stood on two toed, boot like feet with one arm raised, a common pose among its species, before falling into a basic Shotokan Karate stance.

    “Alright, Jason, why don’t we start out?” Jonah queried his Bisharp. The Pokemon simply nodded, and looked directly at its opponent. “Go ahead and use…hmmm…how about Swords Dance, then Night Slash into Iron Head, and end on Aerial Ace.

    Without breaking stance, Jason made a quick approach as the blades on his arms began glowing, then extended past their normal length by about double. As it reached its opponent, the Bisharp unleashed its attacks in a flurry, bringing his arm in a wide swing, then nearly straight toward the ground as it extended slightly longer and gained a purple aura, then using the momentum to swing around and attempt a strike with his head coated in shining metal, and following through into a small flip to launch himself for an back, then forward again in Aerial Ace before landing close behind the Frosslass.

    OoC: I suck at time 8D

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