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Tough moments in the Pokemon World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Zachary, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Let's face it, we've all had those tough moments where we thought we were going to loose, it could've been your last Pokemon in a Nuzlocke run or trying to catch that Shiny Kyogre which is using Struggle like it's a badass escaping from Hell.

    But we've also came out of those situation as men/women of awesomeness and proceeded to do this,

    I've had my fair share of tough moments, the most recent being the Unova Elite Four. I underestimated the whole group of them by taking a Emboar, Golurk, Zebstrika, and Archeops in with me and this was the first run through so I had N and his whiney bitch of a dad to fight too. I wasted all of my revives and such on the Elite Four that I thought I couldn't beat N but I came out on top as a champ. I felt like I was on top of the world.

    Another tough moment I had was my Emerald Nuzlocke, I was at Steven, my final battle and one by one, I watched him annihilate my team that prepared for him except for my Blaziken. And one by one, he avenged my fallen comrades and we conquered the strongest trainer in Emerald and buried my friends at Mt. Pyre.

    So in conclusion, what were your tough moments in Pokemon? Everyone has one. (I bet mostly Whitney too) Share the stories, I'm interested in hearing them. :arr:
  2. Fun topic!

    One of my more recent tough moments came when I challenged the Unova E4 for the first time as well. Basically I challenged the E4 on accident. That, kids, is what happens when you press the A button without properly reading the text. Once I was in, I decided to see how far I could go just for kicks. My Pokemon were fully healed, but I had limited supplies and my team was slightly underleveled. Despite some near misses (particularly after a lucky hit from Caitlin and general shenanigans from Marshall), I managed to win. People talked up Ghetsis's Hydreigon so much that I came prepared: Whimsicott Stun Spored and used Flash on it while Emboar revenged killed it with Brick Break.

    Not gonna lie, I haven't felt that satisfied beating the E4 in a long time ^^
  3. Tate and Liza in Emerald, basically that Claydol and either Solrock or Lunatone combination kills me no matter my team, I usually have to get at least 10 levels above them to any significant damage because they are so god damn bulky.

    (Whitney never caused me trouble no matter my team)
  4. I've had a very similar moment, except it was when I was taking on Blue (or FRLG rival) in the Pokemon league. Seriously, almost my entire team was wiped out, save for Charizard, who somehow managed to tank through his team, even Blastoise.

    Another tough moment? Definitely when facing Ghestsis. I just got finished fighting N, and now ol' poppy is coming along to finish me off >_< Well, about halfway through the battle, he sends out Total-hax-dreigon, and literally nearly destroys my team. HOWEVER, My Krookodile, in all of its Kamina-like manliness, somehow managed to SURVIVE a surf, and I was able to use him to revive my Samurott, and when he dodged Hydreigon's next attack, I was able to revive Reshiram, and when Ghetis healed TH-dreigon, I was able to revive Conkeldurr. After that, Samurott managed to avenge that badass croc, and the rest was easy picking. TAKE THAT YOU AWFUL FATHER/HACKER >:0

    Finally, I would have to say another of my toughest moments was defeating the eighth gym in HGSS. We all know how horribly underleveled a team can be when you get there, but I wasn't expecting Typhlosion to be the only fully evolved Pokemon ._. Somehow, though, with Typhlosion taking on the Claire's Dragonair, Typhlosion was able to get in a final blow while in the red with his other team mates down. YAY TYPHLOSION!
  5. It seems that the Champion of Unova is a common stumbling point in the game. For a team based off Serperior (named Raja :D), I did not know that the Bouffalant had Sap Sipper, making two out of four moves useless (Leaf Blade and Leech Seed) which were my main moves against the Elite Four. It took a good round of Revives and my HM whore Simipour (that rhymed!) to at least knock it out.
  6. I had finished off N when all of a sudden Daddy Ghestes comes to the rescue. This was my first time playing through so I forgot about him and was under supplied with a weak team. Most off my team were too weak to deal with his pokemon, so I essentially had to use them as cannon fodder to help my Chandelure survive he had 4 pokemon left and I had 3. 2 of which had low health, but their abilities were overgrow and blaze. (My friend agreed to send over my Sceptile and Infernape) So their attacks were pumped to the max. I managed to defeat 2 of his four with Sceptile and Infernape, losing them in the process. All I had was my Chandelure against 2 fully healed pokemon. His Eelectross used flamethrower and due to Flash Fire, boosted my fire attacks, allowing me to kill the Eelectross. Then he used Fire Blast with his Hydregion, boosting it even further. That boost plus a last minute crit allowed me to win with 26 hp out of 187 on my last pokemon. That was the most intense battle I have ever had.

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