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Toucannon Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by toukotamago, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. So first of all, hi guys! I actually haven't been on the forums in a while, and while I'm not sure how active we were to begin with, I imagine I won't be the only one here whose activity in Pokémon communities will be kickstarted by the release of Sun and Moon.

    Now I have only very recently finished my playthrough of the main campaign in Moon and was GOING to start Sun (I preordered both and was the first one to walk into my local GameStop to buy them upon release, go me!) but then my 3DS got stolen so. Balls.

    BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M HERE TO TALK ABOUT. I actually was one of the ones who saw that one leaked picture of all the pictures (without names) of all the new gen 7 pokémon and one of them stuck out at me. Something was going through my head upon seeing a beast like this.


    I need it.

    It's literally just a toucan but I need it.

    So as you can imagine, the first pokémon I caught while playing Moon was Pikipek and, well, it was a pretty bad time. Even as a Trumbeak poor Sammy, as I named him (the reasons should be obvious), just didn't have the speed (he unfortunately is hampered by a quiet nature), defenses (35/30/30 and even 55/50/50 is pretty Yikes!) or even power (again, quiet nature on a physical attacker) to really keep up with the rest of the team. Several times I had contemplated if he could really make it to level 28 without me boxing him in exchange for another pokémon. I had just caught a sick Skarmory, after all. But no, I had to pull through for Sammy. I needed that toucan.

    And hoo boy, was it worth it.

    You see, for anyone who has yet to raise this majestic creature, Toucannon learns a brand new signature move upon evolving: Beak Blast. This move is essential to anyone who has trouble taking on physically offensive teams or is generally running an underleveled team like I was (I was about 10-15 levels behind by the time I was at the Pokémon League). Beak Blast generally works like Focus Punch: at the start of the turn, no matter who is faster, Toucannon will "charge its beak" and will attack after everyone who isn't using a decreased priority move is finished attacking. Only instead of failing if it is struck, this badass son of a finch will instead inflict a burn status on any opponent who comes in direct contact with it. This is by far the easiest way to burn most opponents in the game, arguably easier than the inaccurate Will-O-Wisp, and from the point of evolution, Sammy went from being an unfortunate liability to carrying my entire team through countless battles. I am so proud of him.

    Not to mention Toucannon looks bloody hilarious. Just look at that perpetual squint. He is done with everything.


    To boot, its idle stance (where it is standing slightly to the side in order to show off that magnificent beak) makes for some pretty hilarious Z-move animations.

    Now while we haven't established a full metagame for the new generation yet, I doubt Smogon will deduce that the big guy will have as much use in competitive play as he does in the campaign, since despite its paramount signature move and good ability in skill link, its stats besides attack are rather mediocre and will likely hold it back from reaching anything higher than RU, tho I'm keeping my fingers crossed for UU at best. But regardless of Smogon's standards, I implore you, friends, to please take a moment to appreciate this beautiful creature. I love Toucannon with all my heart.

    I also made these abominations very recently and thought I should share them with everyone.

    notto disu shitto agen.png
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  2. Toucannon is great! Especially in the anime. Even when it looks upon its adopted Rowlet child with pride it has the same expression.

  3. That is amazing. I haven't seen the snmn anime yet but the new animation looks really nice! I love Toucannon and I love Rowlet.

    (I like birds in general a lot)
  4. It's great! Toucannon cuts an almost Godfather-esque figure with its whispers of "kabasssssh."
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I still cannot understand the creature-design logic of morphing a woodpecker into a toucan through a weird intermediate who is somehow capable of transforming its beak into a cartoon duck face. THIS IS NOT HOW BEAKS WORK.

    But yeah, It's about time they did something with the species and I suppose I've heard this fairly angry-looking birb is pretty decent ingame so... why not, really.

    I'm most likely never going to train one of these seriously, but if I ever do end up training one, I have a perfect name for it...

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  6. I do concede it's a little strange, but one becomes the other because woodpeckers and toucans are part of the same order, Piciformes.
  7. Plus species morph into other species all the time in Pokémon. A remora just straight-up evolves into a hecking octopus. Tho Trumbeak's apparent rubber beak did kinda make me go ??????
  8. Sooo your naming it enemy bird? :)
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    To be fair, Remoraid and Octillery are sort of thematically linked through the concept of suction cups although the biological sense that particular evolution makes is nil, unless Octillery is - as I strongly suspect - More of a bizarrely specialized fish and less of a quote-unquote cephalopod. (Would explain the hard head and the cartoony physiology, at least...)

    Also, for all my love for biology - I did not know about the taxonomical relation between Toucans and Woodpeckers until now (the fact that they have such wildly different niches and morphology threw me off) - and the fact one exists certainly makes the line feel a lot less like a random ass pull. So yeah, thanks for informing me of that, T36. Makes this much less of a complete bizarre anomaly than I considered it until now. ^^

    (And yes. I am entirely going to name one Enemy Bird. XD)
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  10. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'm not a huge fan of the burd myself, but holy hell it's about time we got a toucan Pokemon and I REALLY like its shiny coloration. The cool little animation of its beak in-game also makes me appreciate it more~
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  11. I hate that it never stops scowling. Otherwise, I was really shocked to really like my trumbeak, now toucannon. It's suprisingly versatile, I mean, its no talonflame, but its a really fun pokémon to use =)
    Mine's called Flaps, because, I have no shame
  12. Talonflame got nerfed big time this gen tho, so who knows. Toucannon might just find itself in a higher tier.

    I am sad about Talonflame tho. I love mine.
  13. I was really on the fence about training one for my playthrough team, but I took the time to breed an adamant Pikipek and I must say I'm really pleased with the end result. Not the greatest at taking hits and I was skeptical of Beak Blast being -1 priority, but Toucannon can do some serious damage if it can take a hit or two in the process.

    Trumbeak was challenging at times to use, but teaching it Brick Break really helped it out at times. Also Fury Attack. This is one of the very few instances I've actually found it incredibly useful. Base power 75 + STAB + Silk Scarf does good damage early in the game. :)
  14. It didn't occur to me at the time to use one with Skill Link, so I never really ended up using multi-hit moves :3c;;
  15. While I did end up swapping mine out for a Crobat just prior to the whole Po Town business (most of my team was super slow, plus I figured I needed something for Fairy Types: good decision on my part, or else it'd have taken an eternity to beat a certain Clefable), the Toucannon that I had up until that point was a delight. Not my favorite bird by any stretch, but I couldn't help but love it regardless due to reasons that have already been pointed out in this thread (perpetual angry face + a contact burn Flying move = good times).
  16. As far as my favorite flying-types in general go, yeah, Crobat and Skarmory trump it, but I think Toucannon is at least my new favorite "basic bird" in the series (tho to be fair, I think the only real competition there would be Staraptor)
  17. I love Toucannon. I have her as one of my Pokemon on my Alola team.
  18. My Trumbeak evolved into Toucannon right before the Grass trial totem Pokemon - like, literally as I was in the trial. Needless to say, Toucannon made that totem battle a complete joke. One Beak Blast was all it took.
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  19. When I first started Pokémon Moon my goal was to just capture all the near by newbie Pokémon just to start off to make a temporary party. But somehow I ended up keeping my Trumbeak in my main party and when it evolved I was like WOAH A TOUCAN!! And so I kept Toucannon ever since. In my opinion he's a pretty cool bird Pokémon, I really enjoyed having him in my party. (:

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