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Toru's Arting Thread (Now taking requests, foo'.)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Toru, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to tell you guys - I'm now taking requests! Just give me an image or a certian idea, and I'll get down to drawing it the best I can, COMPLETE with image code!

    Okay, so here we are! I finally let out my creative side, and decided to start arting a lot more. And to start us off, I have a new Idea for Toru's (Toru is not only my username, but the char I have been using in the 'Charms Haloween RP) form of attack, to use with his sword:

    Neo-Crystal Matter
    Kay, things are a bit hard to read here, so I'll explain:

    See the triangle thing in the top left? That's a Neo-Crystal Tri Particle. A 2D piece of cyber matter used for creation, work, and also battle. If many of these gather together, they can form either a Neo-Crystal Tri Molecule, or Neo-Crystal Hex Molecules. These are only the common combinations - both particles and molecules can be formed to make right-angle shaped tri molecules, and other shapes.

    Eventually, Tri and Hex molecules can form a Neo-Crystal Hex that can be seen by the human eye - they can grow even larger. The normal size for one used in battle would be at least the size of a normal computer monitor screen, and when many Neo-Crystal Hex join together, they can form the Neo-Crystal Hex sheild (which can also be used as a platform)

    That's only the basics, however, considering the fact that all of these different molecules and particles can form together to make more 2D and even 3D objects, nearly anything can be formed!

    Also, note that if Neo-Crystal matter were to make a 3D object, It would still have vertises - no curved edges, due to the fact Neo-Crystal matter are just polygons.

    Moving on from The Neo-Crystal matter, I have a quick doodle of a guy I came up with, holding his sword XD People may remember the name 'Legendary Blue Thunder' from my old user name.

    Yeah...that was drawn a while back in 08, when I didn't have much sense. So, be sure to stick around; I'm sure I'll have more art and information on my new Idea of Neo-Crystal matter!
  2. Something new from me: It's ME VS DATA! BUT WE'RE TF2 SCOUTS! OH MY GOODNESS!

    ...Well, it's more like I've surpised Data, but you know...

    For some stange reason, I have my head set on my left ear, and Data has his on his right... And the scout hat doesn't fit my hair XP
  3. Haha, nice work Toru ^^

    All of these looks good so far.
  4. Good job! :).But i think that your explanation for the (Draw) you make was a bit complex.
  5. Hey, thanks for all the feedback, guys! Now, here's my new and improved, re-plan of Toru:
    I had other designs of Toru, however, you have not seen them on 'Charms, so consider this just 'Toru'.

    Well, this is all I have for now. Enjoy my art, and I'll see you around!
  6. That massive sword reminds me of Bleach, for some reason. So does the cape.

    Wait, Toru reminds me a bit of Ichigo, as well, for some odd reason.

    Do you draw with pen?

    I see potential in this, just be careful with the hands. The hand visible on Toru looks a little blocky.
  7. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I just have to say, woo I get access to this art before others x] Aside, you're getting there!Well done.
  8. [​IMG]

    Just made this in time for Christmas, since it's my first on Charms. Thanks for all the help and memories you guys have given me this year, and I hope you all have a good Christmas =D.

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