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Top Six Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Severin Viper, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Lemme ask you all a question.

    Either in the real world, or in the para-reality, which six pokemon would you have, and why?

    I switch my favorite signature Pokemon a lot, so I'll tell you the top six I have at the moment.

    1. Seviper, because it's my current signature Pokemon.
    2. Yanmega, because it's the most badass Bug type. And it'd be cute if it rested on my head all the tiem. B3
    3. Carnivine, Because it seems to be a goofy/fun Pokemon to be around.
    4. Lickilicky, because it also falls under the goofy/fun category.
    5. Banette, Because I love ghost types, and Banette is one of my two favourite ghost types, under Dusclops.
    6. Octillery, because... I'unno to be honest. It's part of my stategical team, but I'm sure he'd be fun to be around at a beach. =/
  2. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    With every gen that's come hardly any have dented the team I mostly always choose. xD

    1: Charizard - because it's one of my fav Pokemon plus I could fly about on it and be epic. :3
    2: Jolteon - It's a type of dog and some of you should know how fond of them I am :p plus it's my second fav Pokemon.
    3: Lucario - it's strong and would come in handy.
    4: Lapras - I could travel across lakes and the sea :D
    5: Oshawott - who wouldn't want this little guy?
    6: Ambipom - Has two tails and would be really helpful if I dropped anything it could just catch it.
  3. You said this was for real world?

    #1 Ditto
    #2 Dewgong
    #3 Vulpix
    #4 Porygon
    #5 Electabuzz
    #6 Pidgeot

    Most aren't fully evolved, as if its in real life, then I kinda want them to be able to fit into my house >>

    I'd have Porygon and Electabuzz for use around the house, Dewgong and Pidgeot for transport to places, Vulpix because they're adorable (What? >>) and Ditto because I love Dittos :D
  4. Well, I would more than likely have

    1. Jolteon: Because then I could say "Yeah, your dog can get the newspaper. Mine can shock the mailman."
    2. Swoobat: Because he looks adorable, and I need help reaching tall places.
    3. Whimsicott: To keep me warm in the winter~ And let's face it, he's a chick magnet :p
    4. Typhlosion: Who wouldn't want a living volcano for a pet? Plus I could see him as an exercise buddy :p
    5. Feraligatr: For those days when you want a swimming buddy, and a fishing friend~
    6. Garchomp: Nothing says "GET THE F--K OFFA MY PROPERTY" like a landshark :p also he is fast, so I could use him instead of my gas consuming truck (granted the food bills would be expensive).

    As far as anything practical, I'd probably have a Ditto and an Eevee. I'd be rolling in the dough~ Then a Mantine for sea travel. After that, maybe a Haxorus to keep people offa my lawn >:0 then a Charizard to fly everywhere while scaring the crap out of people. And finally a Porygon to help with computer issues :p
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd pretty much just have my team as they're my favourites.

    1) Manectric
    He'd be my true and loyal friend. My lovely guard dog. Plus, I could ride him around everywhere, since I've recently learnt he's bigger than I thought he was :'D
    2) Murkrow
    My other 'signature' Pokemon really. She'd be good for sending messages and stuff, but obviously not for flying on XD She'd be a good look-out and overall awesome companion
    3) Archeops
    Very tempted to put Archen instead because he's super cute, but someone needs to fly me places!
    4) Weavile
    Can't not have Weavile now can we? He'd be good for getting up to mischief with, oh yes~
    5) Vaporeon
    Aquatic transport, not that I can see myself really needing it. But I love Vaporeon~
    6) Druddigon
    Awesome dragon is awesome. He'd keep me safe from those pesky ninjas~

    Would also love to have Sceptile, Escavalier, Gliscor and Miltank, but you know... only six :D
  6. My top six are:

    1. Masquerain
    I love its design and its kinda unique with all the water moves it gets (It should be a Water/Bug type though)

    2. Zangoose
    I just looks badass, and plus I love its Red/White colour scheme

    3. Venomoth
    I just like how madly it flutters about in Black/White and it looks cool aswell and it helps that the Black/White sprite for Venonat makes it look adorable

    4. Octillery
    Its an octopus (my favourite animal) and it has such a diverse movepool it brought me great joy by sweeping everything in the Battle Factory

    5. Manectric
    Its my favourite Electric type and brings me back the greatest memories of Emerald

    6. Erm ... so many more pokemon I like ... so hard to choose ... erm Tropius (Sorry Absol, Cloyster, Ninetales, Shuckle and Mienshao)
    Tropius would always be helpful if I ever get lost because I could eat the bananas on it neck (which grow back harvest ftw) then it could fly me over the tops of the trees so I can find my way. And come on you have to admit a flying tree is cool. Plus in battle it gets to squish all the cute little pokemon with stomp and body slam >:D
  7. Hmmmmm only siiix?~ Okay :3

    1. Blaziken
    Isn't it obvious? He'd be my protector and sparring partner. He could carry me on his shoulders and I'd be SO SUPER TALL |D

    2. Rampardos
    I want two of them, but if I had to choose, it would be a female one. She could curl up on the rug like a dinosaur-kitty :>

    3. Aerodactyl
    Basically to fly me places and look SO AWESOME while doing so.

    4. Omanyte
    No, not evolved, just as it is. They're so damn adorable that I'd wear one as a hat ♥

    5. Porygon-Z
    Internets EVERUHWHURRRRR. No seriously, It'd be awesome to have a wacky computer bird.

    6. Anorith
    THAT'S A COLOSSAL ANORITH. It could also ride on my head :> It shall fight with the Omanyte for hat privileges. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE okay two is fine too c:
  8. 1- Eevee- I'm a sucker for any little mammal I can carry around with me almost constantly, especially if they're canine/feline in appearance. Besides, when the time comes, I can then choose to evolve it into one of seven badasses to take around with me!

    2- Geodude- Never leave home without one. Seriously, in every region I've been to over the years (barring Unova cuz there aren't any there :/) I've always caught a Geodude. It's a dependable, solid Pokemon. Not to mention it would be great help lugging heavy things around. I wouldn't evolve it though; keep it nice, small, and easy to have around. Besides, Gravelers are just ugly things and Golems take too much effort to get (especially with Gen 5's godawful Wi-Fi D:)

    3- Buizel- You're probably wondering why this little guy isn't at the top of my list. Because after all, it's Buizel. But realistically, I don't live in an area where there are large bodies of water, so taking this guy around with me would be kind of sad if he didn't have a nice. clean pool of water to play around in :< But if there were more bodies of water around the area, I'd definitely absolutely positively would have one at all costs :D

    4- Torterra- For when I'm feeling lazy and want to just lie around, but at the same time, have to go somewhere. Torterra's not the fastest bugger, but having that tree as a shade is pretty useful.

    5- Raichu- Haaaatttte blackouts. hatethemhatethemhatethem. So, having your own little power source around whenever one strikes is always a useful thing. Plus I can just listen to it going 'Raichu' all day and have a smile on my face :D

    6- Duskull- to keep me company when I'm alone at night. Being a ghost, I think it'd set my mind at ease knowing that even spooks and spectres are sometimes easy to get along with.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Dream team, gogogo! Keeping it to six is going to be tough because my ideal team contains 10 Pokemon now, but here I go~

    1. Raichu - My all time favourite Pokemon. Raichu is a good size, fast, and could easily be my travel buddy Pokemon.

    2. Charizard - Wouldn't it be awesome to fly with a Pokemon? You know this in your heart to be true. Charizard is my favourite Pokemon that could fulfill that role.

    3. Bulbasaur - My little buddy. I'd need my Bulbabuddy with me. Whether it decided to later evolve would be its own choice, but having Ivysaur or Venusaur would be pretty cool, too.

    4. Dewott - I'm sorry, Vaporeon! I still love you. But... Dewott. It's Dewott, Vaporeon. You understand, right? D: ... *Ahem* My new favourite Water-type and easily my favourite Pokemon to come out of Gen V. Dewott would bring the water power and, if it ever evolved, Samurott would make for great water transport.

    5. Snorlax - Gotta have my Snorlax. The bloody thing would probably eat me out of house and home, but it'd be a great body guard and probably be extra cosy to sleep on/against. x3

    6. Metagross - Usually I'd have a Fighting-type or Ground-type here, but over the years I've developed a bond with Metagross that would be interesting to experience in real life. I'm sure its psychic powers would prove invaluable in many different ways.

    Why yes, yes I do love my Starters too much. Deal with it. >=O
  10. My top 6 are fusionmon. we had some accidents in our lab. :)) (I made all of these myself)

    1. Lucarizard- [​IMG]
    2. Hydregeon- [​IMG]
    3. Deofagirus- [​IMG]
    4. Zoracanine- [​IMG]
    5. Gothavior- [​IMG]
    6. Serperiortross- [​IMG]
  11. In a para-reality, I could see myself training Water and Dragon type Pokemon, as they are my favourite types. Outside the fact that these six Pokemon are some my favourite Pokemon which come under those two types, there is no specific reasons as to why I chose them. :3

    1. Kingdra
    2. Gyarados
    3. Dragonite
    4. Feraligatr
    5. Huntail
    6. Milotic

    They probably all wouldn't be in their final form too. :)
  12. God this is so easy for me.

    Garchomp: Who wouldn't want a Garchomp? Loyal, strong, and very protective, they make my team's signature pokemon.

    Sceptile: You would not believe how powerful and amazing this guy. Positively my favorite pokemon of all, he'd be my best and probably most powerful of all. It's just...something about his looks.....his power....his blades....

    Escavalier: Man.....there's nothing more lovable than a knighted beetle that his basically a walking tank. Strong and independent, I positively think that this takes the cake as king of Bugs(You know.....besides Volcarona and Genesect)

    Pichu: Well.....I never said my entire team was comprised of powerful pokemon. Cute, strong, learns an amazing move, and is....CUTE! Pichu has been my favorite since forever! ONce Gold and Silver brought it in, I was set for all Electric Pokemon. This would probably be my first pokemon....and I wouldn't let it evolve ever! Pikachu.....is just too mainstream.

    Nidoking: What can i say....I'm very old school. And why wouldn't I pick my first pokemon to ever go lv 100. Oh yes, back in Red...this was my powerhouse. Amazing Pokemon back then....and probably still is. Just love ya!

    And last but not least....Metagross!: Well.....even if it wasn't a pseudo...I couldn't let this thing go. It appears.....amazing honestly. It's an amazingly smart pokemon who deserves to be looked upon with almost every respect ever. Positively an astounding partner to have at the very least.
  13. I touched on this briefly in the Favorite Pokemon thread, but here is my team (in order on the team, not of favor)

    Lucario: Uses aura, has a great moveset that makes him a great competitor, can be used as a counter for normal fighting weaknesses... Need I say more?

    Zoroark: Sneaky,somewhat speedy, and has a GREAT movepool to boot. It is in many ways if you took a Lucario, made it dark type, and coated it with the blood of a Ditto.

    Sigilyph: Back when the Gen V Metagame began, few people knew the awesomeness that this pokemon had... It has MAGIC GUARD, and a great support movepool with some attacking moves as well. It also has pretty good speed, making it somewhat of an annoyance.

    Chandelure: THIS is what is on my #1 favorite pokemon slot for me. It has given me the most inspiration and has such an ominous backstory that could make any trainer shiver. It also has the BEST THREE ABILITIES to support it, and a BRUTAL movepool that can usually result in the end of my enemies.

    Swampert: Yes... I liek Mudkipz. But that is beside the point. The point is that Swampert has a pretty durable body that allows it to take most things. However, getting tripped by a Grass Knot is its Achilles' Heel as I have found... (Slight pun there.)

    Haxorus: People do not give this monster enough credit. Sure, Hydreigon has a intricate moveset and can usually kill alot of things with that... However, Haxorus is LITERAL HAX. Adamant + Max Atk + Choice Band + Outrage= 2-3 turns of crazy stuff that ends most peoples' hopes and dreams right there.

    Hopefully that gives you some good insight into my pokepsyche...

  14. My anwer is the Poke's in my trainer card!

    Umbreon: Everyone needs a dark type to stop those tricky ghosts and pesky psychic types.

    Arcanine: Is my favorite for reason posted in the corresponding thread.

    Jellicent: Is a ghost/water type which happens to be 2 out of 3 of my favorite types.

    Megnezone: Electric types are another must and steel is that 1 out 3 favorite types that was mentioned above.

    Ferrothorn: For some reason I think of this pokemon as hard to train and that makes it all the better.

    Rhyperior: A tank! And that's that.
  15. My "Dream Team" changes a lot but this way has been stable for a while now

    1. Espeon- she would be my best friend....cheesy as that sounds. She is just my favourite Pokemon. She is very wise
    2. Scizor- He would be one of my best fighters. Has a serious personality. Sometimes he likes to play pranks when he is bored.
    3. Lucario- Would be a great fighter too. He also has a serious personality and very protective. Gets along with Scizor a lot, but they both fight a lot also whenever Scizor tries to do something stupid.
    4. Urasing- Is a good fighter but a complete softy. She gets scared really easily but she is very cheerful and loving. Still has the teddiursa personality
    5. Altaria - She would be one of my contest Pokemon. Very elegant and caring. She tries to help the team out whenever she can. She flies to me places.
    6. Milotic- (was torn between Milotic and Gyarados)Also a contest Pokemon and has a elegant personality. She is pretty naive.
  16. I haven't thought about the first five or six my favourite pokemons but my absolute fav and N1 is Charizard. He was the best for from the very beginning and I still haven't changed my mind.
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  17. Arcanine: Land transportation/Fire starter.

    Umbreon: Lights the dark.

    Crobat: Sky transportation/Direction finder

    Jellicent: Water propulsion/Spirit medium/Water source.

    Ferrothorn: Obstacle demolition.

    Galventula: Food hunter/Web maker
  18. My six MOSTEST FAVORITEST PKMNZ don't really form a good team due to type overlaps, but I would love them and squish them if they were real:

    Obligatory Legendary: Mewtwo
    Obligatory Cute 'mon: Drifloon
  19. Knowing me, 1-6 would be Lugia.
    But in reality...
    1- Starmie
    2- Dragonair
    3- Lanturn
    4- Marill
    5- Vaporeon
    6- Lapras
    2- I'd seriously never get bored with these guys.
    3- I've always wanted to be a Gym Leader, and my type is Water.
  20. Hmm...This is causing my brain to hurt. Ummmmm...

    1.Zekrom(He's my signature Pokemon, plus I could fly on him everywhere and be completely epic :D )

    2.Typhlosion(He would get the newspaper, and scare the hell out of the mailman, who will be chased and suffer third-degree burns. >:D )

    3.Spiritomb(I would get him to scare the hell out of anyone who annoys me. He would also be good for pranks, especially on Halloween. ;) )

    4.Lucario(He would be my bodyguard and companion, who would watch over me and get me out of trouble. :) )

    5.Blastoise(A good swimming partner, I could get a lot of training done with him alongside me. :8B: )

    6.Pikachu(He's just awesome, and he would shock anyone who annoys me. Plus, girls just love Pikachu.)
  21. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Can't believe I haven't posted in this yet. XD

    1. Eevee, simply because it's my signature Pokemon, is cute and fluffy, and totally a good guard dog. Just look at Brian's fic with me barking at Team Neos. :p

    2/3. Plusle and Minun, hands down. They're the two 'mons that brought me back to the franchise, and they're so adorable. And I tend to like things that come in pairs as well. Plus, they're good for power outages. :3

    4. Ducklett, because I have a bias towards ducks in general. I used to own 2 pet ducks who gave birth to 6 little ducklings. Okay, I know Ducklett isn't really a duck, but close enough.

    5. Froslass. I hate the heat, especially Texas summer heat, so Froslass will be good to help me cool down in my house/outside. Plus I just love Froslass.

    6. Lampent. I can do my homework without having to bother to turn on the lights, or read a book without my parents knowing at night. :3

  22. Mine would be:

    1. Lucario-He's basically just like a human, only less annoying. He would be there for me to talk to, and he would listen.

    2. Umbreon-That loner, emoish, Eeveelution. An outcast just like me! ~:p~

    3. Luxio-A kitty that's not only cute; but as strong as an ox. I just love Luxio.

    4. Quilava-A freakin' adorable fire type. Not only will we infatuate people with uor cuteness, we will go through the town and wreak havoc with our flames! MUAHAHAHA!

    5. PorygonZ-A flying, living, supercomputer? I'm in!

    And finally,

    6. Articuno-It would be epic to have a flying ice bird. She could cool you down, and fly you around. I love Articuno.
  23. My Six are:
    1. Feraligatr - Hes a freaking GODZILLA pokemon and my fave starter!

    2. Chesnaught - Hes just soo cool and looks awesome!

    3.Charizard - FIRE DRAGON FTW!

    4. Tyranitar - ANOTHER Godzilla pokemon! plus i have his shiny in y!

    5. Groudon - Um I love Godzilla and a Godzilla LEGENDARY?!?!?!?!

    6. Lugia - Hes just sooo big and cool!

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  24. Better get Blast-off insurance, your in Rocket territory with those picks :D

    My ideal team to actually hang out with:
    - Kecleon: My shoulder pokemon of choice. I have been a fan of this little guy forever and he was even given a boost recently making him even more interesting in combat. Great at scouting ahead and just hanging out with I think.
    - Carracosta: Aquatic transport in style. I love turtles and sea turtles in particular so this guy is a shoe-in.
    - Ludicolo: An all time favorite pokemon. Practical in battle and really fun to have around. *dances*
    - Ditto: Imposter ability of course. It would be the most useful pokemon to have around. Particularly with the pokemon anime versions where it can be objects as well.
    - Drifblim: Spooky and goofy in one nice package. With any luck it can transport me in the air without taking me to the underworld :-O
    - Grumpig: The often forgotten psychic type. They always seem so chill to me, particularly when compared to all of the intense Psychic types in the games. These guys can manipulate things with their minds but still be squishy and lovable. It's win-win.
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  25. Guess what? I decided to post here <.>

    1.- Vaporeon IT'SMYSIGNATUREPOKEMONDEALWITHIT!!!!!!! Sorry for not using spaces.. <.> Well, considering Vaporeon is my favorite Pokemon, it sure must be here :) It would be used for transporting on water- erm, no. I don't want to squash it. It looks better with it's stomach inside. Joking aside.... NOPE! >:T. Never gonna happen. But Vaporeon is so cute~

    2. Grumpg One word.. Pig. Pigs are my second favorite animals, and they're so cute, and Grumpig is one of the cutest Psychic types!!~ And did I mention it is a Pig?

    3. Arcanine Best. Dog. Ever. Your dog digs holes in your flowers. My dog burns'em. You dare to stand in my way? Get'm Arcanine. But the best thing is... FLUFFS!!!!!!~

    4. Porygon2 Because wynaut. And it's too cute. And it would have free Wi-Fi. So yeah.. Not much to say..

    5. Lanturn But it's soooooo cute~ And this is my transport buddy <.>

    6. Noivern/Scolipede I can't decide! I want a flying type, but Scolipede is awshum and cute~ So.. in rotation.. Rules are meant to be broken, right <.> Don't throw tomatoes at me pwuease..
  26. This is the team I would have if Pokemon was in real-life

    Virizion - it is my Signature Pokemon
    Lapras - Imagine how awesome it would be to travel the oceans on Lapras, that would be so cool!
    Shaymin - because it is cute
    Venusuar - Like Greninja, I think it would be awesome to own one in real life :)
    Greninja - I just think he would be pretty cool to own in real life :D
    Pidgeot - so I could fly everywhere
  27. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    My top 6 Pokemon for real life...hmm.....
    1) Charizard. I would never take the bus again. And he's also great for camping.
    2) Mightyeana- just to have a loyal guard dog and a playful buddy.
    3) Absol -the same reason as Mightyeana
    4) Gengar- to scare the crap out of my friends
    5) Noivern- same reason as charizard.
    6) Alakazam- something smart to help me think when in stress.
  28. my top 6 favorite pokemon are:
    6. Raichu (My favorite electric type)
    I do like Pikachu, but raichu (to me) is way better. first off, raichu has better defenses, speed, and attack. Also, I've always loved it's design, it is awesome. that's all I have to say.
    5. Celebi (My favorite grass type)
    I LOVE the forest aspect of life, and Celebi fits that perfectly. Yeah, it may have tons of weaknesses but I still love it.
    4.Weavile (My favorite ice and dark type)
    aka the coolest looking pokemon EVER. it has great speed, attack and much more.
    sneasel looks cool enough but giving it an evolution, AWESOME, and maybe a mega, EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!
    3.Meowstic (My favorite psychic type)
    first off, I LOVE CATS (but we have a dog because my dad is allergic to them). Meowstic fits perfectly in that category. to begin with, for the first time, the moves are different depending what gender it is. The males are more supportive, while the females are more offensive. And their design, I love both the females and the males. (oh and I used one (Female) in pokemon X called blaze)

    2.Nidoking (My favorite poison type)
    I LOVEEEE nidoking!!! first off, HE IS PURE AWESOME, he learns TONS of moves from ice, fire, electric, psychic, and even water!! And his design, man is it awesome. btw, I have a keychain of him called rocker!
    1. Swampert
    To start with, IT IS THE STRONGEST STARTER POKEMON!!!!! It may not be the best competitively, but makes up for that with it's BOSS attack. THERES A MEGA NOW?!
  29. hard question but ive got a few of my favorites

    tyranitar: i love tyranitar. he is my favorite along with hydreigon (whos not on this list). hes both really powerful and looks simply awesome
    gourgeist: it is another in my 10 favorites. he can be powerful though mines low leveled (36). he looks cute and can be nice but a real threat at times
    feraligatr: i really like reptiles and he just looks simply amazing like tyranitar. a powerful water type for sure and my first johto starter
    typhlosion: again he looks really cool. he is pretty tough and can have a wide move pool. i got mine in x and y from gts and it came already knowing great moves
    charizard (with x mega stone): whats better than a dragon in real life? i could fly anywhere i want and we could be a great duo
    gardevoir: its basically like having a friend with abnormal powers. it can create small black holes to protect itself and use protect to protect both of us. a great pokemon to have
  30. Let's think of it as if it was the real world...

    1) Furret - Aquatic transportation. It CAN learn Surf. And, I can groom it's furr. And it can wear a cute little bow around it's neck! Eeee~
    2) Joltik - I hate blackouts and I love Joltiks! And it could be my shoulder buddy! :D
    3) Altaria - Forcair transport, AND it is freaking cloud! For nappin'..
    4) Lampent - Cuz it's cute, and reliable. If it's dark outside, Lampent is there to help!
    5) Meganium - For land transport, and gardening stuff. Plus, it's cute! Can't argue with that.
    6) Scizor - Steel being quite a reliable type, I chose Scizor. And it is so cool! You can't squash meh bugs!

    Note - these are NOT my favourites. They are good for me in the real world.
  31. 1) mewtwo - if you mess with me your screwed >:D

    2) hydreigon - if you step on my lawn your dead >=O

    3) chandelure - scares away thiefs:D

    4) arbok - would like a snake Pokemon as a pet:)

    5) blazekin - attracting the women8)

    6) sableye - playing pranks together and he can ride on my shoulder:p
  32. Greninja
    Because i love them all design wise and statistics wise as well...there all the best to me
  33. 1. Emboar
    2. Infernape
    3. Charizard
    4. Typhlosion
    5. Blaziken
    6. Reshiram
    Just 'cause they're cool. Hot too, you know why.
  34. My top 6 favorite Pokemo are all similar and related - all are fire types, all are based on foxes, and pretty much from the same 3 evolution lines. Not much variety for me - that's the reason I love them. Foxes are my most favorite types of animals, red fox is my favorite, followed by fennec fox and the arctic fox.

    01 - Flareon - fox, fire fox, and Eeveelution is all I need, it' looks fluffly and soft warm pillow
    02 - Ninetales - fox, fire fox - looks strong, and love that shiny fur
    03 - Braixen - fox, fire fox, (along with Serena having one) looks too cute
    04 - Vulpix - fox, fire fox, looks too cute and adorable, at times it's hard for me to evolve it or not
    05 - Fennekin - fox, fire fox, cute playful fennec
    06 - Delphox - fox, fire fox and also part psychic, awesome typing, just love it's design
  35. 1. Pikachu
    2. Greninja
    3. Charizard
    4. Talonflame
    5. Gardevoir
    6. Bulbasaur

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