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Top six pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Dragoon Flare JR, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. I was wondering what are everybody's fav. pokemon from the original game, so no johto,hoenn,sinnoh or isshu. Just the original game with the original 151 pokemon.
    Mine would have to be:
    Charizard: He was my starter, loved his dual types and dragonlike abilities
    Jolteon: I never could decide which eevolution i liked the best, but thought since it was a good idea to use one i picked him.
    Scyther: Probably the best bug pokemon out there.
    Hitmonlee: I never knew why i liked him, Probably cause i picked hitmonchamm and it sucked.
    Ryhorn: When i was little i got a little stuffed rhino. So i love this guy but hate his evolution.
    Dragonair: I really wanted a dragon pokemon, but thought that dragoknight looked weird so i went with dragonair.
    So please share your favorites.
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  2. Huh, the classic 151. I think I'll spread my favorite Pokemon from good ol' Kanto.

    5. Poliwrath

    It's a bleeping frog that can pummel the living daylights out of you. 'nuff said. :p

    4. Magneton

    I've always liked its handiness, especially in the recent generations with the multiple resistances.

    3. Jigglypufff

    This is mostly because of the anime, as it likes to doodle on people's faces.

    2. Charizard

    It's the closest thing I had for a Fire/Dragon until Black and White came around.

    1. *explodes* Voltorb!

    Voltorb is extremely annoying in many games. It's hard to catch due to its self destructing qualities, in the Ranger series, it can damage your styler, and it masquerades as items, making it irritating it find.
  3. It is hard to think of for me because I think Kanto sucked, but
    1. Growlithe- Who could hate this little guy?
    2. Scyther- I kept losing to Venasaur until I found it.
    3. Marowak- It was my tank against the Elite Four many times.
    4. Flareon- I needed a Pokemon to beat Erika since I had no Flying or fire types.
    5. Ditto- This Pokemon should be obvious.
    6. Dragonite- It was my very first flying type.
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Not really the best way to start a topic... especially when you only listed five <<; Why are they your favourites? And why just Kanto? When you're starting a topic, you need to encourage discussion: voicing your own opinions helps with that.

    Anyway, onto my answers~

    1) Vaporeon - I had one in my first ever play through of Red, and I also had one in Silver when that came out too. My original Vaporeon (Hydro, oh the shame), was a really good Pokemon and and I still have one, the much revised version (Atlanta) on my team ♥

    2) Dragonite - Epic dragon is epic. He may not be the most awesome in terms of design and type, but as the 'original' he holds that special place. Plus the joy of finally getting his entry in my Pokedex for the first time was a great feeling

    3) Charizard - My favourite Pokemon up until I discovered Manectric. He's since suffered a fall from grace, but I still like him very much, and I have fond memories my first Charmander in Red. Such a special feeling ♥

    4) Vulpix - Foxes are my favourite animal, so that's about it there. I've never trained one in game, but I adored Brock's in the anime.

    5) Jolteon - Love his design and his 'voice' in the anime. Aside from Manectric he's my favourite Electric type.

    6) Ivysaur - No idea why. I did always like him though~
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  5. I can't say that Kanto is my overall favorite when it comes to Pokemon (or any other area for that matter), but I do have some favorites ^^

    1. Arcanine- As the only Gen I Pokemon on my competitive team, I find it pretty awesome. I love how majestic it is and portrayed in the anime. It adds some much needed fire power to my crew.

    2. Ninetales- Ninetales and its pre-evo Vulpix have always been favorites of mine. Ninetales is really elegant and Vulpix is adorable ♥

    3. Gengar- this is another classic favorite of mine. They're so wickedly funny things. I fell in love with it in the Tower of Terror episode of the anime.

    4. Lapras- I can't believe people would hunt a beautiful Pokemon like this into extinction! D: It always seems like gentle giant to me and the perfect Surfing Pokemon.

    5. Dragonite- I don't care what any of you say! Dragonite pwns Dragonair all day. So...yeah 8)

    6. Jynx- It was so unusual and unique, it was cool. Like, this Pokemon is in a class by herself and that's a good thing XD

    Wow...it took me ages to come up with six o.o
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  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    In no particular order:

    1) Blastoise. I always seem to use this guy when I play. Nice defensive pokemon with an okay moveset, plus CANNONS BUILT INTO ITS BACK

    2) Hitmonlee. Not sure why on this one, I just like him. I like the idea of springy legs. His anime voice killed him a bit though.

    3) Jigglypuff. You know it in your heart to be true.

    4) Scyther. Call me a fanboy, but it's basically like, the General RP Pokemon. SWORDS!

    5) Vileplume. First non-starter grass type I trained and it just kinda stuck with me. Luffles.

    6) Charizard. DRAGONS :D
  7. 1. Tangela - It has tentacles and lovely boots ♥

    2. Tentacool - I love the red jelly things. And it has tentacles ♥

    3. Tentacruel - Similarly to Tentacool, in love with the jelly things, and it's sickle nose thing. +Tentacles <3333

    4. Omastar - I loooove Omanyte too, and this one ♥ I think the shell is lovely~ And it has tentacles. ♥

    5. Lickitung - Zooming into serious, I actually like how it looks like a tongue creepy ♥ Not like it reminds me of a tentacle really no. I also do love pink things :'D

    6. Chansey - Speaking of pink, I love love love Chansey. I just think it's so cutesy with it's egg and smile and being a total whoar to catch <3333 Oh, and see those things on its head? Those are tentacles.

    I'm not trying to be silly, I really do love them, and I notice that most things I love have some vague tentacle resemblance <3333 Of course, most of my favorites come from the other regions, but these are pretty much what I like in Kanto :>
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Of the Kanto Pokemon... it's rather obvious what one of them are, but is it number one? Just keep reading and see~

    6. Pikachu~ Okay, I can't really say much about why this critter's in my top 6, besides I love abusing him in SSB/SSBM/SSBB and was the first Pokemon I was introduced to, like most other people I know. Plus, it's a cute electric mouse. And I love mice. And electric Pokemon. ^^;

    5. Nidorina's gonna be on this list for sure. I would put Nidorino next to her, but that wouldn't be completely honest on my part. XD No, it has nothing to do with me being a girl; I just like Nidorina's overall appearance more. I have a thing about Pokemon pairs (Plusle/Minun, Solrock/Lunatone, Nidorans, Beautifly/Dustox... the list goes on), and that might be why I like Nidorina so much.

    4. Sandslash. I've always loved the design, and in almost every game I own I've always had to have one on my team. Like I said, I love mice, and a little digger was always nice to have in-game just so I didn have to waste escape ropes.

    3. It's that one little fuzzy brown fox-like Pokemon that almost everyone knows. Yep, it's Eevee! Ever since I was introduced to Pokemon, I've loved that little critter because it's just so adorable! And being able to (initially) evolve into three different Pokemon through the use of stones and still stay cute at the same time... I dunno how to hate it. XD

    2. Growlithe for sure has to be on my list. It's a freaking fire puppy. And it knows some nice moves, too. I mean, we need more fire Pokemon, and this little puppy is... adorable. It was the first Pokemon I recieved as a plushie, so it's always had a place in my heart like that ♥

    1. Number one is definitely Charizard. Yes, Charizard. What, not some cute little fuzzy thing, but a FLAMING FLYING LIZARD THAT NEARLY BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN!? Yes. Great for transportational purposes, and he's just coo- I mean, hot. Always been mesmerized by the tail flame, which the Chimchar family totally stole, and plus, he's just awesome.
  9. This list is in no specific order. There are lots of Kanto 'mons I really like but I don't usually prefer any over the others.

    1. Ditto. I just love everything about Ditto, really ♥

    2. Clefairy/Clefable. Normal types are my favorite type, Metronome is my favorite move... so I guess I'm destined to like the Clefairy line :p

    3. Drowzee/Hypno. They're so funky and Psychic and awesome. :>

    4. Paras/Parasect. Paras are just so little and adorable, and they just seem like the kind of Pokemon who would need a good friend. And I like being that friend :}

    5. Slowpoke/Slowbro. Really I don't know how to explain why I like them. It's fucking SLOWPOKE how can you not like him? D:

    6. Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume. They're awesomeeeee. If I could have real life Pokemon I'd definitely have a Vileplume, because they are adorable and have really cool moves and seem sweet ♥
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    6. Vaporeon - My favorite stone based Eeveelution. Vaporeon is a very beautiful Pokemon that I was determined to get the moment I saw it on Bill's PC. It didn't help that the first Anime episode I saw was the one with the Eevee brothers. The moment I picked up my Eevee in Celedon City, I ran to the department store to buy a Water Stone.

    5. Magmar - My second favorite Fire-type. The first time I ever bought an Ultra Ball was so that I could catch one. It has a pretty cool design and I loved the idea that it bathed in magma. I was excited about Magmar getting an evolution 4th Gen, but I despise the horror that is Magmortar (though probably not as much as Stel hates the evolution to Electabuzz who I dare not name out of fear >>;)

    4. Hitmonlee - The Kicking Fiend. I like this Fighting-type enough to have used against the Elite Four in ever Kanto based game (BYLG) and both times I restarted my Blue Version. The only reason he isn't ranked higher is because I like the next three more.

    3. Aerodactyl - A prehistoric monster that is utterly badass! I enjoyed raising one back in the times of Blue Version, and I have made sure to obtain one in every subsequent generation one way or another. This thing is fast and made up of raw power that has only gotten better over the years.

    2. Articuno - The Legendary Bird of Ice. I wanted Articuno so badly that after dozens of failed attempts at catching it with the standard Ultra Ball, I used the Master Ball to catch it. The first time I beat the Elite Four in Blue Version, Articuno defeated my Rival's Venusaur when all my other Pokemon were down for the count. Plus it's so beautiful.

    1. Blastoise - The fully evolved form of my first Pokemon. The whole reason I got Blue Version in the first place was because of a certain cannon-shelled turtle on the cover. I completely fell in love with the design at first sight. Blastoise remained my favorite Pokemon and top choice until about three years ago when a certain fire monkey went and usurped its possition. >>
  11. My favorites? Ah, there are so many to schoose from. Buuuut...
    1. Raichu.
    It's the best. it's original. It's my number one favorite favorite Kanto Pokemon. 'Nuff siad.
    2. Mew.
    I love the little guy! He's cute and strong and all around epic!
    3. Dragonite.
    It's a dragon. It can fly. It has skillz. Who needs more?
    4. Lapras.
    At first I liked it because it was cool looking. Then I realized, if trained right, it is epic win.
    5. Eevee.
    It could evolve into 3 things, now 7. I like the original 3 better and Eevee even more.
    Gengar is mischievious. We have things in common. Gengar is so cool, Pryce is hotter than it.
  12. Ah, the classic 151. Khangaskhan, Bulbasaur, Jolteon, Pikachu and Butterfree would be my pick.
  13. Linkachu

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    I have many favourites from Gen 1 - and many that I like equally - so I'm just going to pick the first six that come to mind:

    6. Onix is one of those Pokemon that I treasure, even if I prefer Steelix for battling. I've always had a thing for huge creatures, so it's hard for me not to love that gigantic rock serpent.

    5. Scyther... Still one of the coolest Pokemon they've ever given us and one of the best Bug-types. Its design is awesome, its stats and abilities are great, and mantis creatures are nifty in general. Love the thing to pieces.

    4. Pidgeot still remains one of my favourite Flying-type Pokemon of 'em all. I love its design and the size of the thing... it's just so majestic and awesome.

    3. Snorlax really grew on me after training one in Gen 2, and I've loved the big lug ever since. It's an interesting Pokemon to say the least, and I love its sheer size. In-game its attack variety and stats make it a really great Pokemon, too. And it has adorable feet. Snorlax ♥.

    2. Charizard has been a top favourite of mine for ages. Its design has always appealed to me, but I also adore it as a creature in general. Shiny or non-shiny, I love Charizard.

    1. Lastly, Raichu has been my favourite Pokemon for generations, so it's safe to say that it's my favourite Kanto Pokemon, too. Could go into a ramble about why, but I'm sure I will be in other 'favourite Pokemon' threads...
  14. Blastoise, Jolteon, Kangaskhan, Butterfree, Beedrill, and Pidgeotto. I think I've posted that team about a million times xD
  15. Ooh. The original 151 huh, I'll go by what I had in the originals.

    Number 6. Pikachu. As of now, I'm a fan of my Pikachu. Not Ashy boys.

    Number 5.Arcanine: Epic wolf FTW.

    Number 4. Pidgeot. He was the first pokemon I caught as a Pidgey. He just reminded me about an eagle soaring through the skies. Plus imagine if that hing was real. Bombs away!!! XD

    Number 3. Blastoise. Everyone remembers him for his cannons, not only that, they remember the clash you would see in the anime between Charizard and Blastoise. Plus, he has fricken cannons on his shoulders. What else could a "10" year old ask for?

    Number 2. Charizard. He was my first Pokemon I walked into Route 1 with as a Charmander. Plus I thought a Dragon like lizard with a burning tail was teh ausomesauce :3

    Number 1. Jolteon. As stated before I love the guy.
  16. For Kanto:

    6. Moltres
    One burnin' Flyer.
    5. Raichu
    Thunder Rockin' PKMN.
    4. Ditto
    Ditto can turn into ANY PKMN
    3. Mew
    Same thing as Ditto only cuter!
    2. Jolteon
    Same thing as Raichu only Stronger.
    1. _________
    The best starter I know (other than Turtwig)
  17. Hmmm... Out of the Kantos:

    6. Gengar. I really like Ghost types and Poison types, so a combo of the two is just awesomesauce. Plus the thing is evil, a trickster and has red eyes.

    5. Vulpix. This critter is the guy that I fell in love with when I first looked at Pokemon and to this day I still love it.

    4. Mewtwo. It kicks ass, it's an artifical Pokemon... what's not to like? Plus in the first Pokemon Movie, I just love his personality!

    3. Dragonair. Soo... preetty... This one's another Pokemon that I fell in love with before I had any of the games. I've still got it's card and in battles on that it was godly and kept on paralysing the opponent so they couldn't move while doing a hell of a lot of damage.

    2. Aerodactyl. This thing gave me hell in the Pokemon League, one reason because of how strong it is and another because I was constantly getting distracted by it's awesomeness. It's a dragon, and a pretty freaky looking one too in my mind, so I love it.

    1. Jolteon. It looks like it's been permanently electrocuted! How could you not love that? Plus, it's ablilty is awesome and it kicks ass. I made a double team that revolved around it's ablility - Volt Absorb.
  18. 1. Gengar - For some reason I've always liked Gengar ever since I started playing.

    2. Charizard - Same as the tons of other people.

    3. Rhydon - A tank-like beast that's rather strong.

    4. Machamp - A four armed karate master who I aspired to be when I was young.

    5. Eevee - I started liking eevee after seeing Gary's in action a few times.

    6. Kingler - A crab with large pinsirs that could cut anything.
  19. 1. Persian
    2. Eevee
    3. Snorlax
    4. Vaporeon
    5. Dragonite
    6. Mew
  20. Althought im not to fond on kanto pokemon, i do like a few.

    6. Lapras. When i first received it i thought, "Awesome :D" its design is interesting as well.

    5. Nidoqueen. Tough. Strong. Green/Blue, need i say more?

    4. Arcanine. Its just so badass, when i first i saw it i instantly fell in love with it.

    3. Raichu. I didnt really enjoy pikachus design, then i saw Raichu and thought it was adorable, and knew it was better then pikachu.

    2. Dragonite. The very first pokemon i spazzed seeing over, it was a pain in the league, both johto and kanto. So amazing~

    1. Eevee. Eeveelutions, need i say more?
  21. In no real order....

    Eevee: I've always found this guy adorable, and it evolves into Espeon. And I love Espeon lots.

    Venasuar: My favorite of the Kanto starters. I just like the idea of a giant Solar-beaming plant of death.

    Persian: I hate cats. I really do. So I have no idea why I like Persian. But I love them. I think it's the idea of a stealthy, backstabby kind of cat or something. Dunno, really.

    Dragonair: Always been my favorite of the line. I think it's because the card said it could control weather or summin' like that. Also they're lots of fun to write into fics or PRPs ^^

    Snorlax: I caught one in my first runthrough of SS, and I remembered just how awesome these chubby fellows are. I like how they're decently versatile, plus, I think they're hilarious. Not too sure why....

    Lapras: I really don't know why I love Lapras. But I do. I think it'd be fun to ride one across a sea or something like that.
  22. Hmm ... It would have to be

    1) Articuno - One of my favourites, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful pokemon ever! I love blue as it's my favourite colour and I love ice and flying types and it happens to be those types :D

    2) Eevee - How can you not love eevee? Its cute and it can evolve 7 different ways and I love them all :D Deffinitely a favourite :)

    3) Arcanine - I really like this one too :) There many reasons for this one and so its going in my top 6 :D

    4) Dragonite - Its cute, big, orange, kicks a lot of butt and it flies (and a dragon type) what is there not to love about this pokemon :D

    5) Ninetales - Ive always loved ninetales its such a beautiful pokemon and I love how it is seen and portrayed on the game pokemon mystery dungeon (blue and red rescue team) and I dont exactly know why :D but still i love it

    6) Vaporeon - My love of blue, eevee, water types are the reasons why i love this pokemon and because its cute :)
  23. My top 6 pokemon would be: (there are in no order)

    1- Lucario I like Lucario because he is cool, strong, and powerful.
    2- Charizard I like Charizard because it has a really cool structure. It definatley could defeat anything if it tried. So thats why.
    3- Ninetales I like Ninetales because of its beatuiful tail.
    4- Arceus I like Arceus because he is so cool, and is so powerful.
    5- Mew I like Mew because it is just so cute.
    6- Snorlax I actually dont know why i like Snorlax. But i started liking it when i saw a really rare ex snorlax card... but i not so shore thats a reason why i like it.

    Thats my top 6 pokemon. ( i had a hard time choosing them, but i also really like eevee, dragonite, all of eevee's evolutions, pickachu, raichu, mewtwo, and a lot more)

    shinymew4296 :)
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  24. Arite, so here's my top 6:

    6. Dugtrio: If trained right, this beastie tears shit up.

    5. Dodrio: I will now attempt to fill your head with an image that is likely not to leave easily. Just imagine how a Dodrio flies, well, you can't can you? But I can. Just imagine seeing a Dodrio flapping it's two outer heads violently in order to try to get airborne. For that "interesting" insight, I like him.

    4. Bulbasaur: My first starter. I remember it like it was yesterday...

    3. Zapdos: I don't know why, but I like this beast. My favorite of the birdies definately.

    2. Flareon: Okay, who here DOESN'T like Flareon? He just looks cool, even though stat wise, he is the worst Eeveelution.

    1. Primeape: The God of Fighting types. He's fast, and overall a good battler. And he's a pig-monkey.
  25. 6. Pidgeot. It may take a while to raise it, but in the end....if raised right, this fella will get you out of any pinch

    5. Pikachu/Raichu- I like their designs, and either one could be a powerhouse, when trained right.

    4. Lapras. It can tear you up with its Ice Beam, and look gorgeous doing it.

    3. Squirtle. I never evolved mine in FR version. It was beast.

    2. Starmie- I first raised a Staryu in Emerald, and after leveling ten or twenty levels, I decided to evole it. Haku(Nickname) has never let me down since.

    1. Arcanine- The design, really. It's a good battler, but I can never win with the type disadvantage like I can with my other Pokemon (Seriously, I beat Volkner's Raichu with a seriously underleveled Honchkrow.)
  26. vaporeon flareon jolteon umbreon espeon glaceon
    leafeon im sorry
  27. Well, back in the day, my team consited of Jolteon, Flareon, Nidoking, Fearow, Seadra, and Sandslash, I loved all of them, and they got the job done (at least until one of my friends used a team consisting entirely of Mewtwos and Alakazams).
  28. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    Why did it have to be only six? D:

    6. Aerodactyl is a prehistoric dragon made of win. Any objections? No? Good.

    5. One of the oddest creatures we've ever seen has to be Mr. Mime. He was my first ever pokemon card, and I love him. He suits my personality too, I'm a pretty random person ^^;

    4. Articuno has to be on my list. He's so elegant, and he has the best in-game cry of all pokemon. It's as if he was singing. So beautiful...

    3. As many have listed before, Scyther has an awesome design. And he has his sword arms. Plus, he evolves into Scizor, my favorite pokemon of all time.

    2. I love Mewtwo. He is a complete badass, and by far the coolest legendary. The only pokemon I've ever used my master ball on (even though I have like three of them in FR o.O)

    1. It just seems to be a fact that everyone loves Charizard.

    Some pokemon that barely were left outside of the list include Lickitung, Tangela, Jynx, Jigglypuff and Dragonair. As you can see I like some pretty random pokemon ^^;
  29. I mostly like this team 'cause this is the one i used in blue version, if i remember correctly...
  30. 6. Graveller
    I have always loved Rock Types such as Brock does and Graveller takes the cake.

    5. Victreebel
    Victreebel must actually be my first REAL grass type other than Bulbasaur. With Victreebel, it was a small challenge to level it up.

    4. Electrode
    Electrode is just that big, white and red colored ball that has always been my favorite Electric type.

    3. Pidgeot
    I have nothing to say other than its an original and awesome.

    2. Hypno
    Ever since I caught Drowzee and evolved it to Hypno, it has been one of my favorite Phsycic types. Especially since it can use Dream Eater.

    1. Blastoise
    Blastoise has always been my favorite Water-type and continues to impress me with its large stature and duel water cannons. Blastoise For The Win.
  31. Magpie thanx for the advice it was my first time posting a topic
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  32. Kanto is one of the most horrible places...but okay.

    My top 6 have to be my old team from LeafGreen...

    6. Scizor: God help me if that Scizor didn't defeat the heckle out of the Elite Four for me...(The second time, anyway...)

    5. Pidgeot: Oh yeah, that large winged terror! He was like the most awesome thing ever.

    4. Rapidash: Meh, I liked her, but she wasn't VERY nice to my team...Meh.

    3. Butterfree: Yay! I liekz Butterfree :3

    2. Golem: Yeah, not much to say, right? ;)

    1. Finally, the pokemon I FIRST EVER reached to Level 100. Blastoise. I remember sitting there, in the patch of lush grass below Pallet, looking for whatever pokemon were there (lol, I had never stopped there), and I encountered a Tangela! I fainted it, yeah yeah, and Blastoise reached Level 100! Yay! I tried again, and found the experience didn't go up again! YAY! (My story on how Crystal was my first game is true, but I never got Typhlosion past Level 84, lol)

    Yeah, those are my favorite Kanto Pokemon...Maybe I should make a Favorite New Pokemon post 8)
  33. Wigglytuff Gengar Golem Mew Blastoise & Dragonite.
  34. 6. Onix- When I was little I always liked watching it in the first season of the anime.
    5. Eevee- If you need a certain type of pokemon, make eevee evolve into it.
    4. Ditto- J-ello that can turn into Wailord. Epic.
    3. Jolteon- My fav. eeveelution before Umbreon
    2. Pidgeot- One of the two pokemon I use today.
    1. Venusaur- The final evolution to my first pokemon. Ever.
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  35. #6 Lapras- I don't know why okay I do. Lapras is just pure win to me and any game I can w/o trading for it I add it to my team by catching or has a gift even if I have to wait along time........

    #5 Vileplume- My favorite Kanto grass Pokemon, it was harder to train then I would have liked originally but I still had to have it unless I choose Bulbasaur has my starter.

    #4 Articuno- My favorite of the Kanto legendaries (Mew would be like 9th if I made list from 1-151 for the originals) The bird of Ice was one that I just loved because it was ice which was awesome.

    #3 Jolteon- My second favorite Eeveevolution from Kanto, and the start of the Kanto Pokemon that break my over all top 20. Jolteon is win for me its speed is great which strongly increases the valuable of this electric pokemon in battle, to top that off it was the best to take on Sabrina back in GI.

    #2 Ninetails- I like love elegant Pokemon. That's why much of my over all favorites are filled with graceful pokemon. Ninetails take sthe number 2 spot but it can be switched with number one or three at any moment.

    #1 Vaporeon- Well after I said Jolteon was my second favorite Kanto eeveevolution then its obvious that Flareon or Vaporeon would have to make number one or two. Well the water Pokemon takes the first place honor. Vaporeon is quite graceful so thats a plus.

    Notables: Snorlax, Raichu, Gengar, Mew- any of them could move into the top 6 at any moment because I do change my mind allot.
  36. 5:Lapras cuz it was the pokemon ther beat the pkmn league in my red
    4:articuno i just loved to catch that pokemon in red
    3 Mew:my last pkmn in pokedex
    2:charmander my very first pokemon
    1:magikarp its pure awesome in my red
  37. Oh my gosh. x3

    6.) Shellder. It's adorable, albeit weak.
    5.) Hitmonlee. I love this thing. He's been on my team for as long as I can remember.
    4.) Beedrill. It helped me get over my fear of bees. (I don't know how. xD)
    3.) Pidgeot. I've loved the bird pokemon that appears in the beginning of the games for a long time, and I just think it purdy.
    2.) Ninetails. It just looks so graceful.
    1.) Farfetch'd. It's a duck that hits people with a leek. What's not to love?
  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    6 is farfetch'd because it hits people with a leek just like natsumi from keroro!
    At 5 is pikachu! It's the mascot of pokemon!
    4 is ditto it can transform into anything but it is a problem when trying to destroy team rocket in silph co....
    3rd is hitmonlee no reason why
    2nd is charizard the evolution of the best starter ever!
    1st is vaporeon it was always ready to battle alongside charizard we made a good team
  39. My top six kanto pokemon are: #6. Cubone~ hehe he always reminded me of a charmander or charmeleon but just covering his face with a skull. And plus he has part of my personality Def a top fav. #5. Trying to decide between poliwrath or hitmonlee. Maybe poliwrath cuz he looked so much doper. And i remember i taught him psychic in red version. #4. Arcanine~ always loved fire pokemon and hes so mean and cute lookin' how do you pull that off? He just doesnt get enough credit as he deserves.. #3. Haunter~ way cooler looking than gengar, plus he loves to play tricks with people and scare 'em like i do. #2. Dragonite~ i love this badass pokemon! Dragonite.. Just the name puts people in fear. I never get bored of training this poke to lvl 100 and he has such an awesome cry. #1. Charizard~ for reasons most of you named. But he has the best evolution line to me, hes also cool in the anime but the only bad thing is he isnt fire/dragon =[
  40. Well,there are more than six favorites of mine,but i guess i'll take a clack at it!

    #1: Bulbasaur
    #2: Golem
    #3: Pikachu
    #4: Marowak
    #5: Mew
    #6: Charizard

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