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Top 5 Weapons in Video Games

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Ahh, another Top 5 after so long. >:) And to start it off, let's list those weapons from games we either adored, drooled over, or looked blankly at the screen whispering "...holy shit...". One thing, it has to be more than just eyecandy. Has to actually DO something awesome as well. Let's Begin.

    5.- Master Sword -Legend of Zelda franchise
    No matter what Zelda game you play, Link will always get this weapon at some point. This also becomes your most powerful sword, making you feel unstoppable as you hack and slash feeble creatures you once called a challenge. Even more, is that in its descripition it is "The sword of Evil's Bane". Which kinda explains why Ganon gets turned to stone when stabbed through the forehead...ouch

    4.- Masamune -Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts
    Sephiroth may not get any points in the masculinity department, but try telling that to his face when he has a 12-foot blade with him. Yes, his iconic long-ass sword makes this list becuase of how overpowered it is. Don't believe me? Fight him as the optional boss in Kingdom Hearts. You'll understand. Still, it only makes 4 becuase a gun can still beat the thing. Speaking of which...

    3.- Needler -Halo 1,2,3, and Reach
    The Needler is an alien-made gun that shoots concentrated purple (or pink) needles at the person within range of the gun. But theres more. The needles can actually home in on the enemy and stab them repeatedly until killed. That not bad enough? How about exploding upon impact if the enemy is still alive, immediately causing death? That still not bad enough?? Then you one sick f*cker.

    2.- Torque Bow -Gears of War
    This weapon is one of those cases where the aftermath basically makes you go "O.0 holy mother of god..." It basically is a Bow with an arrow with a grenade attached to the end. What makes this any better then the other weapons on this list is that the result is youe enemy becoming a glob of organs and goop. You gotta feel sorry for them though, knowing that when they hear the ding sound in a few seconds they'll turn into a pile of mush.

    1.- Invinsibilty Star -Super Mario franchise
    How can a star be better than a gun or sword? Well I'll give you an example: Imagine you are an innocent Koopa just minding his own business going down a trail. Then all of a sudden some Italian guy just comes speeding by lightin up like some phycodelic christmas tree. He runs into all your friends and family, killing them upon imapct, like a plague. Who have no where to go. You know your next. You will be joining your fallen comrade's corpses. The last thing you hear is some catchy jingle as he bumps into you...
    Your welcome for the nightmare fuel! :D
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    5. Spread Gun, Contra - Any gamer over 20 is likely to have encountered this gun in their early years, and it's definitely the weapon of choice against the near-unbeatable horde of enemies you face in your Rambo-esque mission. As the name would suggest, the gun fires a spread of bullets in a cone-like spray outwards, allowing it to annihilate hordes of enemies with sustained fire. This weapon is almost mandatory for making progress throughout the game - while it is probably possible to manage without it, having it will increase your chances of survival greatly.

    4. Shotgun, Doom - Effective in almost every situation as long as it has ammo, the Shotgun was the original Doom's weapon of choice. Effective against everything except the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind, the shotgun will very likely be the most used weapon in the player's arsenal as they plow through hell's demons simply because it works brilliantly in 99% of the situations you find yourself in. It's considerably less effective in Doom II due to there being stronger enemies around, but that's what the Super Shotgun's for...

    3. MP40, Call of Duty: World at War - Easily the best gun in multiplayer and often described as being "overpowered," the MP40 was an ever-present menace when playing WaW online. It was powerful, fired fast, was deceptively accurate if fired in bursts, and carried enough ammo to keep a kill streak going for a long, long time. This weapon was essentially the perfect gun in almost every situation outside of sniping, and if you weren't using it, you were probably getting killed by it.

    2. Flak Cannon, Unreal Tournament - Same vein as the MP40 really except it requires less aiming precision, which puts it above the MP40 on this list for taking arguably even less skill to use. The flak cannon's primary fire sprays out shrapnel in a cone-shaped spread similar to most shotguns in FPS games, the main catch being that the shrapnel bounces off of walls and can thus be used to ambush people around corners by ricocheting the shots off the walls at the right angle. However, this weapon's secondary fire is the clincher; a grenade launcher that fires its projectile at an absurdly fast speed that is capable of killing any player who has 100 HP or less in one hit. Dropping this grenade on a person's head whilst dodging their fire is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it, and with this gun players can earn unbelievable kill-streaks that would even make the MP40 users cringe.

    1. Godfire, Rise of the Triad - I'm going to start out by saying that most of the weapons in Rise of the Triad shit all over any weapon from any game you'd see today - most of the regular weapons in this game are enough to make even the Hammer of Dawn and Spartan Lasers look pathetic in comparison, and if I were being honest with myself, I'd say the Drunk Missile, Firebomb and Flamewall weapons this game provides are better than half the stuff on my own list purely because they can absolutely destroy any number of enemies on the screen with a single shot. However, I decided I'd stick to "one weapon per game" for this list to prevent Rise of the Triad from unfairly dominating, but it still gets No.1 with Godfire. Now, the Drunk Missile, Firebomb and Flamewall already pretty-much insta-kill every enemy on the screen with a single shot, so what does Godfire do to put it above them lot? Simple - not only does it insta-kill everyone on your screen, but it also insta-kills everyone else in the same room as you also thanks to its homing ability. Even if you fire this weapon away from enemies, it'll simply go backwards through you and kill everyone standing behind you as long as they're close enough. If that wasn't crazy enough, not only does it have infinite ammo, but you're also invincible whilst using it! Obviously, there has to be a downside, and in this case it's that the weapon is only a temporary powerup that will eventually fade after about a minute, but that one minute is more than enough time to absolutely annihilate half the level's enemies without even having to aim. No weapon before it has ever been better, and I don't think there ever will be one after it that'll rival its power - Godfire is No.1.
  3. #5
    Master Sword (LoZ)
    It's absolutely awesome! Bane of Evil, and has an awesome design.

    Hero's Bow (LoZ)
    Come on, ranged attacks are the best! The only problem is getting arrows after or during Slaying of monsters.

    Boomerang (LoZ)
    It comes back to you, 'nuff said. And no Ammo.

    Oathkeeper (KH 1-2)
    A keyblade of light, and actually kinda powerful... +6 strength and +1 MP, it help a lot.

    Oblivion (KH 1-2)
    A keyblade of DARKNESS for the love of god! One of the most powerful in KH1, and still is in KH2. Plus it's design is pretty awesome. +8 Attack with the downside of -1 MP, it is by far my favourite!
  4. #5 Dual Handcannons (Killing Floor)
    (May I also reccomend you get KF off Steam and play it with me - it's an absolutely awesome game)
    The Handcannons are perfect for taking out the biological experiments in KF. Since it's a game with no crosshair, you're going to need a weapon that will do significant amounts of damage even if it isn't aimed at the head, and the Handcannons do just that.

    #4 Skull Hammer (LoZ Wind Waker)
    This thing is absolute win. It may not be The Master Sword, but for some reason this thing does more for me than crushing needle covered pillars in The Foresaken Fortress and activating switches - I actually use this in combat a lot. It may be slow, but packs a little bit more of a punch than The Master Sword. Definitely my favourite LoZ eqip.

    #3 Designated Marksman Rifle/DMR (Halo: Reach)
    Now, this weapon has been the height of conversation amongst most Halo fans. The DMR is the replacement for the Battle Rifle in Halo 2 and 3. Unlike the Battle Rifle, it has a smaller ammo clip, and only fires one solid shot instead of 3 small bullets. But for some odd reason, I like it more than the BR in 3. The focused shots give playing multiplayer a bit more of a challenge, and I'm telling you - there's nothing more satisfying than getting a headshot in close combat with the DMR.

    #2 Holy Mackerel (Team Fortress 2)
    One of The Scout's new weapons from the new TF2 Mann Co. update, this weapon was merely made for comical purposes due to the fact you do not get the kill registered with this weapon. Instead, the HUD shows the enemy has been slapped with a fish, and if you get the kill in the HUD displays in big caps: 'FISH KILL!' Absolutely priceless.

    #1 Ice Beam (Metroid Series)
    Need I say any more? The Ice Beam is Samus' most powerful beam when it comes to her arsenal of weapons. It gives her the ultimate advantage over Metroids, due to their weakness to heat, and can freeze practically every enemy in the game, and when frozen, those worthless little creatures can be used as platforms for Samus. Truly a brilliant weapon.
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  5. Okey, here's my list:

    5. Pokéball from Super smash bros Melee
    It was always fun to see what Pokémon you would get.

    4. Z.O.D.I.A.C from Ratchet and Clank series
    A weapon that kills everything, how good isn't that?

    3. Firaga from Final Fantasy series
    I'm not sure that this counts as a weapon, but it was my favourite magic that you could use.

    2. Ocarina from Legend of Zelda series
    The number one, non'hurtfull item in the entire game world. You can play songs on it for christ's sake!

    And the number one is:

    1. Yellow Eco from Jak and Daxter series
    For those of you who doesn't know what it is, it's simply a floating orb of yellowness. If you "pick it up" you could shot yellow balls of lighntning for a short amount of time.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    5.Vampire Killer-Castlevainia series
    What's not to like about this whip ,it's killed old Dracula for generations ,nuff said.

    4.Bowling Ball-Back to the Future nes
    Sure this game sucks ass ,but the bowling ball does make the game a little bit easier when dealing with hula-hoop girls ,bullies ,and two men carrying a giant pane of glass.

    3.Magic wand-Loz Nes
    This weapon makes attacking for a distance when your not at full heath and/or your trying to save your rupees.Plus when you get the book of magic ,the candles be come almost useless when the wand also shoots out fire.

    2.Spray Gun-Contra
    It's been said before ,but this gun will help you out big time in this very hard game.

    1.Feather-Super Mario World
    Not only does this cape-giving feather slows your falling ,but it can serve as an attack ,a sheids ,and a way to skip almost every level in the game.

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