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Top 5 Videogame Plot Twists (Contains Spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. There are times when you just stare at the screen in bewilderness of what just happened. Maybe for finding the best weapon in the game, or at a moment that just makes you scream "HUH?" I've made a list of The parts that make you blink becuase you never saw it coming. Now, for the sake of not being a buzzkill, please don't put plot twists of games less than 12 months old. Comment on my choices or state your choices, doesn't matter. Let's get this thing STARTED!

    5.- The Eighth Gym Leader (Pokemon Red/Blue)
    I was still in grade school when I played the original Pokemon games, and it still kinda shocks me today to know that the leader of a friggin mofia organization was a gym leader. I wondered who the guy was since his badge was covered with a damn question mark, but he was the last guy I'd think of. Now that I think about it, why would a government-run program let a mofo leader one of their employees?...

    4.-Midna's true identity (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
    Something was up with Midna since the first time you meet her, but finding out that she's the true heir to the very realm your trying to stop was not one of the theories. Turns out Zant even put a curse on Midna to turn into the imp you saw before you. At least you get back at him...but not before he turns psycho. O.o

    3.-The Precursers (Jak 3)
    The Jak series is known for making the most serious moments laughibly silly, but making the Gods of the Universe furry little animals is going alittle too far. Although it explains why Daxter looks like what he does, it raises disturbing questions. What if we are being watched over by furry orange mammals right now?...

    2.-Roxas's "Town"l (Kingdom Hearts II)
    Like this guys life isn't sad enough, Diz had to go and be a dick by capturing a already emotionally tortured Roxas and spend his last few days inside a computer world. At first, you may not get what happened, but by playing the game again (or reading the Manga) you'll realize how Roxas remembered his days in the organization, plus why he was needed for Sora.

    1.-Atlas's "Would you kindly?" (Bioshock)
    How could I have NOT put this here? This went past ANY theory I came up with for Atlas. Hell, nobody should have seen this coming. It just was so random (yet strangely fits together) with what Atlas has been telling you. Only you find out alittle too late. You still get to kill the ungrateful prick though. Too bad Atlas goes of the deep end from all the spliceing toward the end. I would have liked to kill him while he was still sane.
    Edit: Put the spoiler tags to keep from having people pissed off like below.
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    5 - Breath of Fire 2 - The truth behind the church of St. Eva.

    Only ranked so low because the genre savvy know something about religious organizations in Japanese RPGs, but it's still a huge damn revelation in that game.

    As it turns out, the Church of St. Eva - which the hero's father was a minister of and is a general backdrop element in the game - worships the very same god that the demons you've been dealing with throughout the game do - Deathevans, the demon god - that was sealed underground by the Dragon Clan... And that the hero's mother (who was a member of the dragon clan) sacrificed her life to become a guardian dragon and keep the seal intact. As it turns out the reason none of the villagers of the hero's hometown remember him or his family is that a demon in the employ of Deathevans erased their memories and that the church is now using the hero's father's lifeforce to reawaken the demon god. Did I mention that if you destroy the machine that holds him while leaving him alive he can symbiotically merge with the town you own and make it become a flying goddamn fortress? Yeah. Oh, and then your mission is to kill the demon god. Isn't that fun?

    4 - Phantasy Star IV - Rune's biggest secret.

    Rune Walsh - the cocky, long-haired bishie, one of the few wielders of true magic remaining in the Algo Star System - and most definitely the typical stereotype of an arrogant magician...

    But who would have guessed that he is the sixth generation bearer of the essence of Lutz, the mythical founder of the Esper order - in particular as Lutz's personality was nothing like his? Kyra Tierney's reaction to this revelation, in particular, is fucking priceless.

    3 - The World Ends with You - The Composer

    (I personally saw this coming a mile away - but again, Genre-savvyness.)

    Everyone seems to be after the Composer in this game - and why wouldn't they? He is pretty much a local-scale God. Some want his power. Some just want answers. Some just want to be brought back to life after surviving the Reaper's Game.

    Little do they know that THIS particular instance of the Reaper's Game is the foreground for another game, one that is played for MUCH higher stakes - and as a partial condition the composer is missing from his typical position. Even MORE little do they know that he's actually in the Reaper's Game, undercover. Even less do they know that he personally killed the main character - one that he hand-picked as his proxy for the game for higher stakes mentioned before - so he could bring him into the game.

    ... And until the very end, no one ever expects the composer... to be Joshua, of all people. Yes. The fabulous white-haired bishie-kid with the Angel-y Jesus Beams is The Motherfucking Composer. Who'd have thought?

    2 - Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition - The Chessmaster.

    So the protagonists are an independent, privately-owned fighting force run by one Irving Vold Valeria, a minor nobleman vaguely descended from the legendary Sword Magess - created to fight the threat of Odessa, a terrorist organization founded by a war criminal/revolutionary.

    But guess who the main source of funds for Odessa was? That's right. Irving Vold Valeria. By funding Odessa he created the threat of the terrorist organization in order to force the three nations of the world to unite against a greater threat that only he, a certain Crimson Noble and a biomechanical dragon from an alternate dimension knew about. He also used Odessa to experiment on Demon Summoning - trapping of conceptual beings in physical bodies - an experiment which was successful, and led to the main character - whom Irving saves and recruits - becoming the vessel of an ancient demon who once nearly destroyed the world, the powers of which he can access while struggling against the demon trying to replace his consciousness. A power which, by the way, was probably needed to fight the encroaching greater threat. Did I mention he manipulates EVERYONE IN THE GAME, both good and evil, and all because he's obsessed with the idea of becoming a hero as that's part of his lineage?

    Though I suppose that some people would suspect that something wasn't entirely right with Irving as pretty early on, in order to recruit a certain war hero thrown to an isolated island prison for 'war crimes', he asks the main character if he could see his weapon, then proceeds to fire it and when the guards rush in, he claims that the main character made an attempt to attack him - in order to get him thrown into the very same prison island, in which he is supposed to stage a prison break in order to break the war hero out of there too.

    ... It is also implied that his sister is also his lover.


    1 - Terranigma - THE WHOLE THING.

    So. You done goofed. You opened the door you weren't supposed to, and beyond it you found and opened Pandora's Box, releasing this strange pink floating critter who becomes your 'sidekick' - and all of a sudden everyone in your isolated village in the middle of no where - which you've never set foot outside of - have been turned to stone, except the village elder who knew this was going to happen. You are sent to embark on an epic quest to restore the continents of the previously-destroyed world - because doing so would also restore the people of your village. An archway appears leading out of the village, and you realize that you're in the god damned underworld, the world you're restoring is the overworld, oh and the pink thing, Yomi? He's the spirit of the underworld.

    And once THAT is done, youre sent up by the elder on a quest to restore life to the shattered overworld, starting with plants, then birds, then land animals and finally humans.

    Sounds pretty standard so far? Well, this is where things go CRAZY. This game is one damn plot twist after another, and I've included a spoiler tag that says what's going on. But seriously. If you can help it, don't read the tag. Find the game somehow and play the damn thing. It was never released in the States, but it had a very limited European/Australian release in English, and with the company who made it long dissolved and the rights thus being in copyright limbo you may have to resort to less-than-legal means to play it (unless it somehow gets a virtual console re-release but I wouldn't count on it).

    Once you wake up from the coma you've been in since you resurrected humanity and hang around assisting the development of human civilization by helping influence decisions made by town leaders and notable inventors... You run into a princess that has the same name as and looks almost EXACTLY like your dearest childhood friend. If that isn't enough, you soon find out that she came from a village that is an EXACT COPY of your home village... then you realize that it's the original, not the copy... and that you and everything you know were created BY the Elder to orchestrate a plot to destroy the newly-recreated world and that aforementioned elder's only purpose in restoring the world is to destroy it again. Because He's Dark Fricking Gaia.

    You spend the rest of the game looking for the five fragments of the item that will summon the legendary hero - who turns out to be what you were copied from - the light half to your dark half. He proceeds to tell you that you are actually the legendary hero, then proceeds to kill you and through a bizarre reincarnation loop fuse with you causing the rebirth of the true legendary hero in the form of a baby - who is saved from being killed by his childhood-friend-copy-of-the-princess meeting her lightside self, then proceeds to digivolve, enlist the help of the OVERWORLD Yomi (after the Underworld Yomi betrayed him). Then you need to actually go back down to the underworld and defeat Dark Gaia. OH IS THAT ALL. Also did I mention that the game ends on a note that, although the main character drifts off to sleep/death until the world would need the legendary hero again, his actions as creator and protector mean that essentially you've pretty much been god all along?

    Yes. It's that awesome.
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  3. (In response to #3)

    I was kinda shocked by this, but then again I had the feeling he was too goody-goody for his own good.

    Admin edit: I put these damn spoiler tags in there for a reason.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    You know, I put these spoiler tags in for a reason.

    Yes, this thread has a general spoiler warning, but there are ways of spoilerizing without necessarily spoilerizing. It's what I did, and I did so for a purpose. Thus you rendering my efforts futile is not taken kindly.
  5. Oh, sorry about that...
    Won't happen again. Promise. :-X
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