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Top 5 Video Game Bosses

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by MoonDoggie13, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I don't know about you but, min would have to be either the first angel boss in Devil May Cry 4 or the 2nd fight with Dante.
  2. My favorite boss is and always will be Saddler in Resident Evil 4. The transformation is total pwnage and he is kinda difficult to kill if you don't know what your'e doing.
  3. KoL

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    Bosses...could go on for a while here:

    - First boss (or bosses) of note are a good portion of the cast from Metroid Fusion. The most notable boss here was probably Yakuza (the spider boss,) due to how insanely difficult he was - definitely one of the toughest bosses in the Metroid series. Nightmare comes a close second in terms of difficulty, and any battle involving Ridley tends to be awesome.

    - Speaking of Ridley, the two encounters you have with him in Metroid Prime 3 are definitely two of my favourite boss battles of all time. The first battle sees both you and Ridley plummeting down a pipe whilst fighting each other, very similar to how Gandalf fought the Balrog in Lord of the Rings. The second battle you encounter Ridley as Omega Ridley, now more powerful due to Phazon enhancement, which made for a challenging fight with awesome music to boot.

    - Giygas from Earthbound, quite possibly the most creepy and downright strange boss to ever appear in gaming history. Upon being released from the Devil's Machine by Porky, he transports everyone to a strange dimension to fight them - Giygas himself is essentially the dimension itself. Between Giygas's strange, warped appearance as a red skull-like shape in the background, the eerie, droning music and Giygas's strange, nonsensical dialogue, this is definitely the most peculiar and freaky boss battle in history.

    - SA-X, from Metroid Fusion again. It gets its own, separate paragraph since it was quite unique from the other Fusion bosses in that you actually encountered it several times throughout the game. Most of the time though, you wouldn't be able to hurt the thing, and if it spotted you it would go absolutely berserk and try to kill you...which it could easily accomplish with just a couple of Ice Beam shots. It's satisfying to eventually fight and kill it at the end of the game, although its somewhat poor AI prevented it from being as good as it could have been.

    - Sigma from the Mega Man X series. This guy was a pain - he just refused to ever stay dead. You'd defeat him, only for him to revive himself in a new (usually massive) form with which he'd crush you if you'd burned yourself out fighting his previous form. Of course, even if you succeeded in beating him he'd STILL end up surviving and would ultimately end up coming back for the next game. If Giygas is the most peculiar boss of all time, Sigma is definitely the most persistent, and he is certainly no pushover no matter which game in the series you encounter him in.

    - Finally, the legendary SOLDIER from Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth. However, I'm not talking about the battle you have with him in FFVII...I'm talking about the two occasions where you face him in Kingdom Hearts. KH1 Sephiroth was deadly unless you were drastically over-levelled, and even then he could still kill you with ease thanks to his Heartless Angel attack dropping your HP to 1 and your MP to 0 instantly. KH2 Sephiroth wasn't quite as hard to beat as his KH1 predecessor, although he could kill you much quicker than the old one could and spamming Cure spells doesn't work in KH2 thanks to the modified MP system, forcing you to play more carefully against him. Both epic battles, but both unbelivably hard as well.
  4. Going by pure memorability, Psycho Mantis from MGS1 is the most memorable Boss Fight I ever experienced. From the screen blackouts to the gimmick used to defeat him, everything was so original from the Bosses of the time.

    Secondly going by atmosphere, it would probably be Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic 2. The whole plot twist leading you to fight her afterwards was particularly well executed, and while the floating lightsabers were sort of a corny idea, it added to the atmosphere of taking on the source of evil.

    On the last note, topic on fun and playability, I would say the final Sonic 2 boss. Particularly hard unless you can time jumps well, and the ending music, I found fitting. With the theme afterwards and if you finish with the Chaos Emeralds, thus getting the SuperSonic flight descent, I just loved playing this Boss, Silver Sonic included.
  5. I absolutely adore Kefka from FFVI. He's adorable, funny, and powerful! The end battle was something amazing back in its day. The music is to die for. You have to defeat him like.. 3 times in the last fight? Anywho, I just love his character, his character-music, and his last battle (the action and the music).

    I also like Gilgamesh for his music, too. Final Fantasy 5 had some very nice music..

    I think I need to put a bit more thought into answering this topic. These are just a few.. but what I realize now is that for me, music definitely makes the boss.
  6. Favorite battles in Twilight Princess:

    Bone Dragon of Arbitor's Grounds

    Dragon of the Sky Temple

    and of course, the Final Bosses.
  7. Uhm, depends on what game, and series. For example, in Sonic, my favourite boss is the Wing Fortress Boss in Sonic 2. Mario would be the Mouser battles, and Mega Man, well, many would be a favourite, but the one that sticks out the best for me would be the second time fighting Metal Man. One hit with his own weapon, what a pushover.
  8. Hmmm. I like Pety Piranha on Super Mario Sunshine the best. (My favorite game in the world, by the way.) Not only is a she a pushover, but she comes back for more! I'm not sure why it's my favorite. It just is.
  9. I would have to say Mithos in TOS (Tales of Symphiona (I know isn't spell Right)) He is the most mentally Chanllged Final Boss in any game I played.
  10. Forgive the SquareEnix flood that is to follow, since most all the RPGs I've ever played are Square in origin.

    The Kingdom Hearts series has a lot of bosses, ranging from the Disney Villains, to the Heartless, to the Nobodies, and a few extras. The best Disney Villain boss I've fought I think was Chernabog in KH1. It was just neat how Night on the Bald Mountain would play once he appeared. It was an awesome Fantasia reference. ^^

    The Heartless is a bit difficult to say, since there are tons fo them, and each have quirks and special ways to confront them. Though I think one of my favorites was the Shadow Stalker/ Dark Thorn from KH2. The fact that it used the entire area against you made the battle quite epic.

    As far as Nobodies go, Xaldin was really fun to play against. A lot of people would complain over how mind-bendingingly hard the man is, though he, like most every kh2 Boss is still flawed in that he eventually becomes predictable. Still, he has one of the best Reaction commands in the game. (Cheap, but awesome nontheless.)

    and what of Misc. Bosses? Well, nothing can beat the nightmare that is The Knight, the bonus boss at the end of KH2 Final Mix+ That guy is amazingly difficult, and amazingly pretty to watch...which would probably explain why one fails so hard trying to beat him.

    Going over to Final Fantasy games, I think one of my favorite bosses there would be Ultimecia and all her sick and twisted formes that follow. FF8 was fun overall, and the battles were epic, and Ultimecia had one of the best boss designs in that game.
  11. Linkachu

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    Bingo. I was wondering if anyone else would mention him XD

    Kefka is probably my favourite final boss - and antagonist in general - out of every game I've ever played. It's just everything about him that makes him perfect... He's insane (like, seriously screwed up in the head insane XD), completely heartless and blood-thirsty (class-A sociopath), and actually has a good run at world domination. So many wannabes... Kefka actually DID dominate the world for awhile, and did it with style~

    He's the type of villain you love to hate. Some of the things he does are down-right horrible (boo-hoo, Aeris~. Your death is nothin' compared to what Kefka did XD), but his demented comical side will keep you laughing. The man doesn't like teh sands on his boots.

    And yeah, like Dragodden said... the final battle - heck, the entire final tower - is epic, and allllll the result of Kefka's 'creative' mind. The set up with 3 teams is awesome, the final battle having 3 stages that can physically alter your party is awesome... and that music! Still one of my favourite boss themes ever composed. It just fits a guy like Kefka so well ("Dancing Mad", lolz).

    ... damn. I'm making myself want to play through the game yet again just to play through that area. I love FFVI far too much for my own good :O
  12. Well, my favorite boss of all time is the Dark Lich from the old SNES game Secret of Mana. He was the second to last boss of the game, and perhaps the most unique. I mean come on, how can you not remember a giant skeleton torso in rags and glowing red eyes floating around and shooting beams at you then disappearing and then reappearing out of the freakin floor in an attempt to grab you? And besides, he has the coolest boss music to go with him.

    From Legend of Mana is a lot, I mean, there are a lot of bosses but I'll name three. One of the Gorgon Eye, and I remember it cause it was, y'know, a giant EYE. With SPIKES. And it shot LASER BEAMS at you from its PUPIL. That's just plain cool. Then another is the Iron Centaur from The Looking Glass Tower (aka Tower of Leires) the only reason I remember this guy was because I had to run up a flippin 12 story tower, with changing floors, blocked exits, and weird elevators just to get to him. Wasn't that hard though, he was fun to fight, with that giant axe and all. And last but not least, the Mana Goddess, last boss in the game and for some reason is so unbelievably easy I was disappointed. But only slightly.

    And as another favorite, Sho Minamoto from The World Ends With You. I love him because of the way he talks and becaus ehe was the most annoying boss I've ever faced on a game in a long time. Honestly, having a boss that teleports everywhere to kick then then teleport again before you can hit back gets pretty annoying after the 3rd time.
  13. Hmm...My favorite boss fight in general is Luxord, one of the Organization XIII members from Kingdom HEarts (and my fave member). I like to fight Luxord, because he makes a game out of the fight. I like cards and dice. I liked fighting against a fellow gamer. As far as the actual Disney villans in Kingdom Hearts.... A tie between Captain Barbossa, Shan Yu, and Pete (all of the occasion on which you fight him) Barbossa is mainly because he's from PotC, and another is cause he was probably the toughest bosses since you could only hit him while he was in moonlight...and the Illuminator Heartless didn't make that easy. In other games, I'd have to say Jet Black, Vietiful Joe's father from Veiwtiful Joe 2. I just the the fight was badd ass and waaay difficult. I like a challanging boss. I also liked fighting Contessa in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  14. Mines very, very hard. But, probably the first Axel fight in KH2. I know, its easy but you get to play as Roxas with 2 Keyblades!
  15. The one boss that sticks in my memory the most is Garon from that Astro Boy GBA game. Who doesn't love a giant metal death machine....controlled by a little kid? There are lots of other bosses from lots of other games I like, but Garon has the most lasting impression on me.
  16. I'm gonna have to say Tabuu from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I just his real human/holographic hero appearance (it's creepy that he's bald though). I also love his wing and the attack that comes with it. However, it's not good when I get KO'd by it! Basicly, all of his moves have extremely cool effects that I'd find awesome to watch (and dodge).

    Darkrai from PMD2 was pretty tricky yet cool, too. I really how he planned...was it revenge on Cresselia...anyway, an awesome duel with other Pokemon from that last adventure cave you go to (what was it called again).

    Petty Pirahna was wicked awesome in Super Mario Sunshine. I mean, it was pretty sneaky to find a way to beat him, going on his belly, and the way he would spit out goo (or gunk) out of his flippin' mouth! I especially loved him (and Bowser) in Brawl. It was sad just to see him only swinging the cages and doing body slams. I just wish he would spit out gunk.
  17. In Sonic Heros the first boss Egg Albertoss (I don't know if I spelled that right) it's so much fun you can just keep slamin' into him it's awesome!
  18. The water temple boss in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I really like when you have to chase after him while he's swimming. He's also a really easy boss.
  19. Me?

    ExoGrimmon (Digimon World Dawn/Dusk)
    Mad Jack [the crazy Jack-In-The-Box thing] (Donkey Kong 64)
    Primal Dialga (PMD: EoT/D)
    Biolizard (Sonic Adventure 2)
    The Great Mighty Poo [aka Sloprano] (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
    Dr. Z (Dinosaur King)
    Final Boswer (Super Mario 64)
    Anglar Emperor (Star Fox Command)
    Kurt Zisa [that giant Heartless that jumps out of the sand in the Aladdin place] (Kingdom Hearts {the first one})
    Safer Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
  20. Hmmm...tough one..well let's see...

    Ganondorf Pig Form (Twilight Princess)
    Phycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid 1)
    Al-Musad (Assasin's Creed)
    Rival Champion (Pokemon FR/LG)
    Giga Bowser (SSBM; Ridiculosly HARD!)

    I have many memoriable boss battles, but those are pretty much my favs. ;D
  21. My favorite are:

    Ganondorf Battle: LoZ: TP (the whole thing)
    Vs. Red: Pokemon Crystal
    Lou: Guitar Hero 3
    Sephiroth: Final Fantasy VII
    Bongo Bongo: LoZ: OoT
  22. I've added another one to my list. The Black Shadow from the Black Shadow arc in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4.
  23. my favorite boss is Master Hand, mostly because I don't really play too many games that have bosses, though the fight against Ganondorf on LoZ:TP was pretty fun
  24. Favorite Bosses.... xD I've played a lot~ of RPG's and Adventure games.... Guess I'll just list a few:

    Tales of Symphonia- Kratos

    I just liked this fight because it was epic to the max. It wasn't the hardest boss fight in the game, but from start to finish my heart was racing. Kratos could use spells, sword techs, and the like. So, I had a lot of fun hacking him down. Curse Namco for making the best RPG out there! Tales is just too great for its own good.


    The reason I didn't list a specific game is because he's fun in all the games he's in. VII, KH, KHII, and Crisis Core. He was unbelievably fun, and stupidly hard in most all these. He's truly a boss among bosses. I tip my metaphorical hat to you sir!

    LoZ: TP - Zant

    Now, I like most every Zelda boss even though they can be incredibly easy if you know what you're doing. I loved fighting Ganondorf, as I always do, but there was something about Zant's battle that was just fun. I think it was because he used tactics from the other bosses and mini-bosses, and you had to have a good memory to get him beaten down to just a sword fight that became increasingly harder as you cut through him. That... or his psychotic laugh just freaked me out. xD

    Okami - Orochi

    Like Zelda, I liked every boss in this game. For those of you who know me though, you know I adore Elements. This battle was all about using the proper Element to defend, and then the Waterspout Brush Skill to intoxicate Orochi. It was so much fun, I just love that game so much. Mythology, ftw! (I'll even forgive the fact that the company thought Poison was an Alchemical Element.)

    Eh, I have many more favorites. But those are ones I really like, and I don't want to clutter the thread with more.
  25. -- Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear Solid 4. :D I sawmy cousin battle her, heard her creepy "SNAAAAAAAKE!!!" cry, and saw the wicked cool Octopus thing. It. Was. Cool.

    -- There was also Tabuu from Brawl. I liked him, what with his godly attacks and wicked-awesome END attack... he was awesome. ;D

    -- And there was also Mad Jack from Donkey Kong 64. People complain about the Frantic Factory Boss, but I LOVE it.

  26. go giygas he pwns all also starman in earthbound. possibly masked man (claus) from mother 3.
  27. i would have to say Cynder from legend of Spyro:New Beginning... she is bad ass!
    note: this pic does not belong to me
  28. Oh, you've played that too? My favorite boss would have to be Celsius. She's actually pretty easy. I hate fighting the dragons on the floating nest though.
  29. The 9th target from No More Heroes that resembles Britney Spears. SHE THROWS BONDAGE GUYS AT YOU! Also I think it's #6 even though you don't get to fight him, he's got a sick ass machine. BOWEL CONTROL!
  30. [​IMG]
    Fatty Whale from Kirby Superstar (and Ultra) I just never hate fighting him and it's not a particularly easy boss so it's satisfying to beat him.

    Look what I found! [​IMG]
  31. Uh...mine would probably be either Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, or Magus from Chrono Trigger. I also liked the boss fight against Skorge in Gears of War 2.
  32. I'm surprised I haven't seen any from here, but pretty much every fight in Shadow of the Collosus. The game is so beautifully made for a PS2 game, and all the fights were epic -- Especially the first time around.

    I would also have to say Orochi for Okami. The fight was really well thought out and looked great. I mainly love having to use almost every single drawing technique to fight him.

    Sephiroth from Kingom Hearts 2, as well. The one that I was actually able to beat.
  33. Red (I think thats what he was called) the Dragon from Spyro,I loved that battle so much.
  34. I'd Have to say
    Giygas from Earthbound For being the creepiest and most hardcore boss tying him with Sephiroth
    Sephiroth He's just bad ass
    The Masked Man from Earthbound 2 Only boss that after beating made me cry
    Sigma from Megaman X one evil guy
    Vile From Megaman X one pimping bad guy
    Magus from Chrono Trigger for bbeing one of my favorite bosses to fight in any game
    Kefka from Final Fantasy
  35. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Oh, man, so many good ones...

    My fav would have to be Fifth Admiral De Loco, from Skies of Arcadia. He's a funny little midget that throws a temper tantrum every time you defeat him. And they always end with him passing out!
  36. My favorites are:

    Metroid-Ridley any form, they are awesome battles. Especially the time you beat him in Fusion. It was hard because as soon as I would beat him, I would have no health left so the Core-X would kill me. Plus the first time in Prime 3 is epic.

    Legend of Zelda TP- Blizzeta and Morpheel are awesome.

    That's all I can think of for now.
  37. All of the Sly Cooper series' bosses are all pretty awesome in my opinion, but my favorites would have to be either:

    Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus: Boss fight with Clockwerk

    Sly 2 Band of Thieves: Dimitri

    Sly 3 Honour Among Thieves: Boss fight versus Dr. M

    Just an epic series...
  38. My favorites are:

    Ninetales- Okami: It's really sad that not many people have this game, because it just might be one of the best games ever. Anyway, I really like this boss for some unknown reason. Most people I know don't seem to like him though. Poor Rao.........

    All Non Child Link bosses in Oot: Come on. You know they were epic. Even Morpha was epic in its own special way. "That isn't normal water!"

    Vaati Reborn, Vaati Transfigured, Vaati's Vrath- Minish Cap: Probably some of the hardest 2D Zelda bosses ever. My thumbs were numb and bleeding by the end of it all.
  39. Tailon

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    Keep in mind that the nature of this topic means there will most likely be spoilers,if you care about that sort of thing.

    Bosses come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of badassery, and since I've seen a few of this type of topic already, I thought this would be appropriate, and thus provide a topic to post your very favorite bosses in video games c:

    5. Scarecrow-Batman: Arkham Asylum

    The segments under Scarecrow's fear gas can seriously mess with your head, with Batman randomly switching between himself, Scarecrow and several other characters at random intervals. He's low on my list because he's never truly battled instead using fear gas and minions to try and take out the Batman.

    4. Ganon- Most of the Legend of Zelda games

    Ganon has become an iconic boss over the years, appearing in his various forms throughout the Zelda series, my absolute favorite battle with him is the duel in a flooding Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

    3. Avion (5th Collosus)-Shadow of the Collosus

    Avion was frustrating when I did battle with him, but was also one of the most intense boss fights I've seen. Attempting to stab weak points on the wings of an enormous bird as it careens through the air at high speed, is, in my opinion, an absolutely awesome experience.

    2. Abyss- Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    I hated and loved this battle at the same time, as all three forms are frustratingly powerful, but the battle itself is quite a spectacle, with the defeat of each form seeming like a win, before it reconstitutes into some deadly new enemy to kick your ass all over again.

    1. Zexion- Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM

    Zexion is my favorite Organization member, and his powers are finally revealed in Re: Chain of Memories, sending lexicons after Riku, even creating a second self to battle him, all while stealing cards to use as his own. All of this takes place in Castle Oblivion's recreation of a ruined Destiny Islands. This fight is also in permanent Dark Mode, meaning Riku is also at full power during the battle, allowing for an intense battle.

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