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Top 5 Most Overrated Video Games

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. This is probably going to be a very controversal Top 5. I really don't feel like staring a flame war so please keep bad comments to a minimum, as will I. Let's get one thing straight: Just becuase it's overrated, doesn't mean it's a bad game, it just doesn't fulfill the hype it had, okay?! You can comment on my choices or post your own. Oh, and I'm not putting Final Fantasy VII here FYI.

    5.- Super Mario Galaxy-Wii
    Okay, before you guys grab pitchforks and put me at the stake, hear me out. This is by no means a bad game. It has great level design, a nice backstory, and amazing graphics. So what IS wrong with this game? Well, it was too damn easy. Got all 120 stars within 2 months, was being givin 5 1-ups that I really didn't deserve, and bosses that even a psycotic monkey (No, not the one on Charms) can beat. Only hard levels that I had trouble with were the Daredevil comets and I only died 4 or 5 times ususally.

    4.- Super Smash Bros. Brawl-Wii
    I like SSBM more than SSBB becuase of alot of factors. One, though they fixed the same-character/attacks problem, it felt like it wasn't balanced enough. Sonic is a cheapo who, once in Final Smash, can zoom in everywhich direction and you couldn't do anything about it.Two, the multiplayer didn't feel fast this time around. Finally, the online had so much potential, yet failed. It lags WAY too much for a fast-combat game and with no mics felt like you are fighting AI's.

    3.- Naruto VG franchise-Multiplatform
    As an ex-Naruto fanboy, you can bet your butthole I was suckered into these games. If you walked into my room at the time, you'd see Naruto posters, headbands, and even Sasuke cosplay!(Don't judge me...) Then of course I bought the PS2 and Wii games. They were porrly done and terrible to look at. Uzumaki Chronicles looked great on commercial, but had boring plot and awekward controls. Clash of ninja was an excuse to slap Wii motion onto Naruto. At least their online had no lag unlike a certain other game on my list...Anyway, it was a good beat-em-up, but storymode was told through TERRIBLE cutscenes. Not too mention I felt like stabbing someone everytime Naruto opened his mouth. But that's not the dvelopers fault is it?

    2.-Modern Warfare 2-Multiplatform
    Is it really overrated? HELL YES! It is fun? EVEN MORE HELL YES!!! Though the story and multiplayer do not even come close to the hype, it's still fun and addicting. I don't have a PC version, so I can't tell about the servers, but my friend says it's a mess. Afew minor complaints are that the guns don't sound as real as they should and getting shot in the neck with a Barret .50 Cal apperentlly isn't enough to kill a guy. Play BD2 for that. But this is a really fun game, none the less. You just have to open your mind alittle to see it that way.

    1.- Halo 3- Xbox360
    You saw this coming. You had to. If it wasn't anywhere else on the list, it would be here.But I'll say this game was fun...while it lasted. Sure, it's fun to see Master Chief finish the fight and save mankind, but there's no reason to come back to story mode once your done. (unless you go for acheivments, then good luck beating it on Legendary pal -_-) Making maps is pretty much the only fun thing left to do, since almost all the servers are empty thanks to MW2. I am hoping Halo Reach fixes these problems when it releases....or at least make Grunts not be total sissies.
  2. Well, I'm definitely not afraid to put this here and I'm going to do so:
    5. Final Fantasy VII - Everyone knows that Cloud is a badass and the game is amazing, you hear it from anyone who considers themselves a Final Fantasy fan. Which is funny, since most of them probably haven't played anything before VII (though, thanks to the DS, there may be a few more who have played III and IV) but honestly, there isn't much to this game that makes it live up to the hype. It's a great title, obviously, but there are better Final Fantasy titles out there just waiting to be picked up (a few of my favorites being IV, VI, and VIII) but everyone just has to get VII. Seriously though, aside from being the first Final Fantasy in (terrible) 3D graphics, there really isn't anything to it. Still, it'll continue to be hailed as the "best" Final Fantasy, but do yourself and favor and play the others as well. There, FFVII pointed out.

    4. Gears of War - This one is more of an opinion of mine, but I'm sure that there will be hundreds of die-hard fans that will disagree with me until judgment day and the trumpets sound. This game was hailed as one of the greatest games ever, people loved it, raved about it, told me I "HAD" to play this game. So I picked it up and put it in, full of anticipation. I was bored within the first three or four levels. Third person perspective was interesting for a while, but it got old really fast, and you can only fight the same battles so many times before it gets boring as hell. Still, the idea is interesting, if not slightly ridiculous. And every character is on a steady diet of nothing but steroids, so you feel like you can run up and tear enemies in half (which is what the chainsaw bayonet is for, naturally).

    3. Dante's Inferno - There really wasn't too much mainstream hype for this one, but there was a bit of hype around the people that I talk to. Though, that isn't to say there wasn't any hype around it at all, there were a lot of people excited about the adverts when they were aired. However, the problem with the game wasn't the game play or the story in and of itself, the problem I had with the game was how quickly it moved. Seriously, I got it the day it was released, and I beat it with a little over six hours total gameplay on medium difficulty. There are nine circles of Hell, couldn't each one have taken at least an hour? They made the game look amazing, and for the most part it was a good concept. Still a fun game if you were wondering.

    2. Mass Effect - This is another of the games that is really based on my opinion, but honestly they made this game out to be completely amazing and now I'll never be satisfied with the level of gameplay that I actually received. There was all sorts of things wrong with this game. It wasn't so much the battle system, which was actually well done, I thought. It was the depth, I guess that'd be the best word to describe it. There was nothing to this game past the main storyline, which only took about eight hours to complete or something like that. There were cookie cutter side quests that were just really boring after a while. (Land on planet, roam around, find bunker, kill enemies. Repeat.) and there were dozens of star clusters and planets, but out of all of those planets, you could only actually explore about 1/4 of them. I wanted a game like KotOR, where the side quests were numerous and melded in with the main quest. That's what I expected, but I got something very sub par.

    1. Resident Evil 4 - While I agree that this game introduced better controls and things of the mechanical nature, the plot just kills me. I'm a purist when it comes to the RE series, meaning that I like the zombies and the lickers and the scary things that freaked the hell out of me whenever I played. Then along came RE4, and everyone said that it was the best RE in the series. And it was amazing. And the storyline was just so interesting. And it was great gameplay. How could I not be excited to play this game? Let's just say that this did more than just disappoint me, it uber disappointed me to the point where there is no word to describe it. The game just felt... wrong. The parasite replacing the T-virus was a stupid move (almost as stupid as trying to tie it in with the actual series established in 1, 2, and 3), and I couldn't tell you how frustrating it was when I was no longer fighting zombies and instead fighting "intelligent zombies" which would be fine if they were still zombies, but they weren't. They were just angry Spanish people who shouted at you in Spanish while attacking you with crude weaponry. This game did little to scare me, and instead just irritated the hell out of me to the point where I just had to stop playing it. I may have liked it more if I wasn't expecting so much from everyone's reviews, but oh well.

    That's the problem with hype, most of the time you end up with something like District 9, which is a good movie. The concept and directing was great, and I really did enjoy the acting, but the movie was lacking from what I had been told to expect. I had numerous, literally dozens of people, telling me it was the "greatest movie ever" and they continued to persist that it was their "favorite movie" and things of the like. Seriously, hype just ruins everything. It sets impossibly high standards that just kill entertainment if it goes too far. A little bit of hype and attention is fine, but it should be controlled, and not rampantly raping our perspectives on games so that we have the game on a pedestal that it can never live up to.
  3. 1. The whole Kingdom Hearts Series.
    The game brings nothing new to the table Gameplaywise, has a mediocre Anime-polluted storyline which overshadows the major awesomeness that the Disney part brings.
    While its by no means a bad game, and I've loved to visit Disney worlds, the major fanboyism that was brought up by this game is overwhelming and really not deserved.

    2.Final Fantasy 6. But only because FF7 was already mentioned. Recently theres a trend going on about people loving to bash FF7 while praising FF6 like its a piece from heaven. Its a good game, but I think its just a game and shouldnt be elevated too much.
    All this "FF7 IS THE WORST THING EVER, OH GOD I WOULD DIE FOR FF6" is extremely annoying. Both Games bring good and bad things.
    I've liked both and I dont feel like abandoning the one for the other, and I think that most Final Fantasy games offer a great gaming experience, as its a solid and good series.

    3.Portal. Great game, great concept which was again kind of ruined by fanboys. Not really ruined by fanboys, as I dont let them ruin it, but their aftermath is still annoying.
    The cake is a lie is so extremely outdone (it was like 1 month after the game was out anyways) and even the Maker of the game is sick of it, and Im pretty sure that he wishes that he has never done that.
    And the companion cube wasnt all that special either. Forgot about him like 10 minutes after sacrificing him.
    Great game, but pretty short and way too overhyped.

    4.Half life Series. I see no reason why its being treated like god-candy.

    5. Fill in most Overhyped games that come out all the time. as an example stuff like Borderlands or Scribblenauts.

    The point is, I dont hate on those games, as much as I do for those people who Fuel the hype and get into it by following the mass brainlessly.
    Like hating on Final Fantasy 7 is nowadays the "in" thing to do while it was the opposite like 5 years ago.
    The games I've mentioned all weren't bad games, but the sheer amount of fanboys they spawn blows my mind.
    I've liked them all, but after playing and maybe replaying some years later there isnt much to it, while other people treat those games like its their special religion.
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  4. KoL

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    Prepare for some controversy:

    5. Street Fighter IV. Put simply, I think Street Fighter IV, despite being near-perfect in design (LOL SAGAT,) ultimately ruins itself by being TOO perfect. Street Fighter IV is one of several games I've disliked from the get-go, tried to force myself into liking it, failed to do so in the end, and ended up hating it even more as a result. My biggest gripe with this game is that the fighting engine has all the depth of a kiddy pool - although I criticize Brawl for being a rabid glitch-fest, those very glitches are what make the game fun and interesting (I love breaking games,) Street Fighter IV had nothing to pick at, nothing special hidden beneath what the move lists and whatnot gave you, and ultimately became very bland, generic, and boring for me very quickly. The 360 controller kicks it whilst it's down by being completely worthless when playing this game, which is the main reason it sits at No.5 - can't blame the game for the controller not working with its tried-and-tested control setup.

    4. Halo 3. Halo 3 is actually the only game in this list I like, but it beats Street Fighter IV in over-rated-ness for two reasons: firstly, the 360 controller harmed my view of Street Fighter IV more than any flaw in the game itself, something Halo 3 can't really claim, and secondly, Halo 3 received a lot more hype than Street Fighter IV did, and from fanboys far more rabid than the mostly level-headed (from what I've experienced) Street Fighter fans.

    As I said, I liked Halo 3, but it is, for me, single-handedly responsible for removing every shred of credibility any magazine or internet reviewer ever had. The amount of reviews this game got saying it was "amazing" or "perfect" was just embarrassing, and I'd be willing to bet a fair amount the only reason it got such reviews was because it was Halo 3. Halo 3 was good in all aspects for me, but nowhere near great in any aspects, and for reviewers to claim it was PERFECT (and a lot did claim it was perfect, and the ones that didn't hailed it as being phenomenal) served only to make me ignore their reviews forever, their credibility and reliability permanently obliterated in a single, fell swoop. Sorry Halo 3, you're still a good game, but if you can single-handedly make me consider almost every games reviewer a biased fanboy with no credibility, then you're getting slapped with an overrated label.

    3. Modern Warfare 2. Ugh, what a shit-biscuit of a game this thing is. This game should have been a substantial improvement over World at War, which was a flawed but fun game in its own right. However, it seems that Infinity Ward got a bit mixed up somewhere along the lines and ended up removing the fun instead of the flaws. Well done guys, you suck.

    Now, I'll confess, Modern Warfare 2 has received an immense slating since its release once people got right into it and exposed it for the craptacular disaster it was, but it still steals No.3 for me for one simple reason - I actually found myself loathing this game entirely almost the moment I started playing it. The campaign mode was far and away the worst I've ever played in any video game ever, the "extra content" consisted mostly of parts of the campaign missions fragmented into...well, Special Ops - major step back from Nazi Zombies. Finally, the multiplayer matches I found to be boring - call it personal preference, but I preferred the WaW maps since they just looked more appealing to the eye, compared to the dull maps that plagued Modern Warfare 2. By far the worst FPS to ever poison my game library.

    2. Golden Sun. This game may not have been as hyped-up as Modern Warfare 2 was, but it still seems to be hailed as arguably the greatest RPG to appear on the GBA. I beg to differ, because I felt this game was a failbag RPG that fails to impress on any level. The story was bland, just some guys attempting some sort of "take over ze world lawlz" plot, the graphics were REPULSIVE - I can only assume all the people claiming the graphics were amazing were either completely blind or had spent 10 years playing nothing but Runescape before playing this, but this game to me was proof positive that the GBA was not cut out for 3D graphics. The music made me sick, and made me very grateful that there was a volume button to mute that vile assault of the eardrums, and the gameplay for me did nothing special, had nothing original going for it, and was overall more irritating than fun. At least Modern Warfare 2 looked OK and was actually slated as a wreck eventually - Golden Sun's time to get ripped apart by the fans in the same way is long, long overdue, because for me it has absolutely nothing going for it at all.

    1. Resident Evil 4. This one beats even Modern Warfare 2 and Golden Sun in the crap category on the grounds that I couldn't even bring myself to persevere through it - I at least completed Modern Warfare 2's campaign mode (should have just eaten a roll of barbed wire instead for all the entertainment it provided...) and persevered through Golden Sun for about a month before becoming sick to death of it, but Resident Evil 4 didn't even receive that courtesy from me - just a few days was enough for my willpower to cave and for me to hate this game forever. Call me nit-picky, but Leon Kennedy's inability to walk and shoot at the same time immediately pissed me off since it made no sense from a realistic perspective (who the hell becomes paralyzed from the waist down when aiming a gun?) and it ruined the gameplay for me too - I like to be able to dodge and evade enemy attacks whilst shooting, that's what makes it fun - take out the ability to move, and the fun is gone for me. I'm very, very glad I borrowed this game from a friend when I played it, because the idea of paying for this waste of a game makes me cringe, and the fact that a lot of people actually think this waste of plastic is the best game on the GameCube makes me sick - for me, it was by far the worst game I had to endure playing on the console, and is a vile, black stain on the otherwise fantastic gaming experience the "WinCube" provided me with.
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  5. Yoshimitsu

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    This is one of the two games mentioned so far that I agree with so much more than I thought I would and hence made me think I should quit playing games and live as a hermit.

    There's no doubting that Golden Sun was a good game, and it had the potential to be an amazing game but ultimately fell short. The plot was generic enough, a tried-and-tested story that worked for the world it was set in. The biggest issue was that you didn't get to know the characters beyond the main 4-8 (depending on 1 or 2) well enough. It was great that the villains were trying to save their home or whatever but, other than that, they lacked any real depth to their personalities and characters. They were literally "look at us we're antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic". That really killed some plot-crucial elements.

    I disagree about some of the music (specifically Jenna's theme and the Lycan Village theme) but on the whole, the quality of the music was ruined by the Gameboy's low quality speakers. Orchestral music sounds tinny and wrong when played through a GBA.

    The biggest issue I ever had with Golden Sun was the number of random encounters. They made the game nearly unplayable, as the map was huge and it became a chore to get from point A to point B. They were never too difficult but the sheer number caused HP and Psynergy to deplete quickly and make bosses in areas more difficult than they had any right to be.

    The graphics outside of battle were good and they felt right for the game itself. However, in battle, because of the way random encounters fall and the size of enemies, the character sprites get englarged to ugly proportions and look blockier than they should. The animations were awesome, but other graphics ultimately ruined the effect.
  6. Toastie

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    5.Wii Sports Resort
    Possibly one of the funnest games I've ever played. So why is it here?
    Because once you get a good enough level on the sports you like, they soon become impossible to play without losing a level. Plus, some of the sports weren't that good. Plus no tennis.

    4.Mario Kart Wii
    Again, a brilliant game. The Wii Wheel really changes gameplay when you first try it, the amount of characters is great and the remade stages are a nice touch. One problem:
    The items dictate gameplay. In older Mario Karts, it felt more like a proper race, but the amount of people squeezed in, although sometimes fun, can make it very irritating. I also found that a race is completely down to items, and that bit of skill that won you the game previously has been shut out.

    3.New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    While this is a brilliant, challenging game, it has faults. One, the game just doesn't compensate for when you aren't playing multiplayer, as though it's forcing you to play with other people. Second, the characters. Blue and Yellow toad? It doesn't exactly scream Nintendo magic.

    2.Rhythm Paradise
    I thought this game was brilliant, but just too barebones and difficult.

    1.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    It's incredibly annoying, sometimes just down to luck, and would be much better in real time.
  7. Here:
    5.Pokemon Platinum: Ok so it's not that bad, but after you complete the side quest and the Main Quest, well unless you wanna have all 493 pokemon, the game gets BORING!
    4. Frogger 1 New: Let me just say that I have played the New Frogger 1 for the PS2 and the Arcade version. New Frogger 1 is just so god freaking damn hard! I can't complete most levels, it's hard to find all the golden frogs, and you are mostly lost unless you have played the game a few couple of times.
    3. Frogger 1 Arcade: Frogger 1 Arcade is a different story. Only 1 area! Eventually it gets BORING!
    2. Super Mario Bros.: Let me just say that the design, is not so good. Only 8 worlds, only boss is Bowser, and they aren't different world designs unlike SMB3.
    1. Red Alert: You don't have much time to create a base and everything else. In small areas you don't even have your base set up and the AIs are already fighting, and you always have a hard time destroying the whole base! It's just GOD F***ING DAMN HARD!

    Pokemonfreak :)
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