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Top 5 HARDEST Bosses

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by KoL, Feb 22, 2011.

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    I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet.

    Everyone loves good boss battles, and when I say "everyone" I mean at least myself, which is why I consider it a shame that most games forego amazing boss battles or even remotely challenging ones...but hey, most of these games deliver in other areas, so I can't complain too much. Hell, it's usually hard bosses that cause the most complaints, causing players to rage that the boss is "overpowered" or "unfair" or something...but hey, that's what makes those bosses special and memorable. So, this is the topic for those bosses that were just THAT. DAMN. HARD.

    What I will say though, is for a boss to qualify in your lists, you have to have eventually beaten it at some point - I'd rather not see people posting BAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWfest lists of bosses they can't beat and just gave up on, because there's hardly anything to talk about there. You have to have beaten each and every boss you post, after all, how can you truly claim to have endured the boss's worst if you couldn't even prevail in the end?

    5. Icon of Sin, Doom II. This guy hit another Top 5 list I made as one of the best bosses I've ever fought - without a doubt, he's also one of the hardest I've faced. Being the final boss makes this fitting really - Icon of Sin basically appears as a gigantic, demonic head embedded in a wall who summons hordes of demon minions to attack you. His only vulnerable point is his exposed brain, which can be attacked via a small hole in his forehead, and given that Doom II does not permit you to aim up or down, you instead have to time your rocket shots with the slowly raising platform you have to stand on to hit your mark, before the platform rises too high for you to hit the boss - three rocket hits kills the boss by the way. Of course, while you're trying to aim at the boss's weak spot, more and more demons are spawning behind you and trying to shoot you down, making this boss a race against time essentially since taking too long will mean drowning (literally) in demons. Limited ammo and health recovery items make this tough too, but since the player can save at any time during this fight (you can save the game every time you land a rocket shot on him) it does make this fight considerably easier than it would be if you had to score all three rockets without dying.

    4. Sephiroth, Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth may be a momma's boy, and Kingdom Hearts certainly wussifies him in terms of appearance (AND CHOICE OF VOICE ACTOR LANCE BASS WTF?) but don't be fooled - that impossibly long sword is every bit as lethal as it looks in this game, and that alone is just one reason why Sephiroth is crazy-hard in Kingdom Hearts. His sword strikes are insanely powerful and have huge range, he starts moving and attacking incredibly fast after losing health which causes his already powerful attacks to become pretty hard to avoid, and his Meteor and Shadow Flare attacks are a pain in the ass in the final phase of the fight also. Sephiroth however loses points for being quite vulnerable to the age-old method of defeating hard bosses in RPGs: out-level the boss in question.

    3. General RAAM, Gears of War. The general of the Locust Horde certainly makes his presence felt when he slaughters Kim at the beginning of the game, and you knew at that point you'd see this guy again before it was all said and done, and surprise surprise, he's the final boss of Gears of War. RAAM certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard - his weapon is a gigantic chaingun taken from a mounted turret, and he uses the bat-like Kryll to form a protective shield around his body, making him invulnerable as long as his shield is up. RAAM does suffer one fatal flaw with his shield however: The Kryll hate bright lights, and will flee from him should a bright flash of light emanate from any source near him, and will stay away until either the light goes away or RAAM himself moves away from the light source. RAAM will become vulnerable to attack without his shield, and can be fired upon freely, although his devastating chaingun will keep you from staying out of cover for too long. Ultimately, on top of being very challenging RAAM has no cheeky loopholes to earn easy victories against him with, which puts him ahead of the previous two bosses - in fact, he has a rather nasty trick against you instead: RAAM can Game Over you by killing your squad-mate even if you survive - well, no-one said these guys would play fair...

    2. Yakuza, Metroid Fusion. It's actually debatable whether Yakuza is the hardest boss in Metroid Fusion since Nightmare is unbelievably difficult as well, but for me Yakuza wins and I'm sticking to one boss per game. Why does Yakuza win? Well, it took me THIRTY FUCKING ATTEMPTS to kill this bastard, the last three bringing him down to his final Core-X form before he finished me off instead. First phase is relatively simple: DON'T GET GRABBED. If this guy grabs you, you're in for a world of hurt, and one grab can easily do enough damage to doom your efforts there and then. In the second phase the boss's legs fall off - this somehow makes him unbelievably fast however as his body then starts leaping around the room while shooting projectiles down at you. His leaping spin attacks are practically impossible to avoid by reaction, so the best you can really do is stand in a corner and hope he doesn't hit you often, which is why it's so crucial to avoid the grab in the first phase - you really need to conserve as much health as possible in this fight, since going into Phase 2 with too much damage = Game Over. This guy would have won No.1 with ease if it wasn't for...

    1. Jasper Batt Jr., No More Heroes 2. This guy...is THE hardest boss I've ever beaten, by far. Even more so than Yakuza, you HAVE to get lucky to beat this guy - there's no other way to beat him. Basically, Jasper has three forms; his first form is piss-easy, and while his final form is tough, it has nothing whatsoever on the hellish nightmare his second form has in store for you. His second form actually starts off fairly easy since his attacks are slow...but once he loses 30% of his HP he suddenly starts teleporting around the room, using this to instantaneously strike you from anywhere in the room, and also battering you with vicious teleporting punch combos to wear you down. It is practically impossible to consistently avoid this attack, so the only way to beat him is simply to hope he doesn't use it that often. Oh, and pray you aren't near any of the windows when he uses it as well, or he'll punch you straight out of the window for an instant kill on you - could this get any worse? Well, yes, it gets much worse when after suffering 60% damage Jasper enhances his teleporting punch attack by making his fists shoot gigantic blasts of air as he teleports around and punches you. This one actually IS impossible to avoid, so the only chance you have here is to, again, pray he doesn't use it often, and kill him as fast as possible before he unavoidably destroys you instead. This is easily the most ridiculous boss fight I've ever encountered, since it absolutely forces you to kill "Jasper 2" extremely quickly while being even more conservative about your health than in the Yakuza fight. I seriously doubted I'd ever beat this guy for a while, and even though I find the Yakuza fight pretty easy to do now, Jasper 2 is one fight I'll never, ever find easy as long as I live, and is the primary reason why I'd never play through No More Heroes 2 again.

    Jasper gets bonus points for laughing at you every time he floors you with his punches. Jackass.
  2. Corborus in heroic stonecore.
    Corborus in heroic stonecore.
    Corborus in heroic stonecore.
    Corborus in heroic stonecore.
    Corborus in heroic stonecore.

    Okay, so I don't get hammered by KoL's or LoN's or any of the other mod's wrath I'll construct an actual post. Let me think..

    Well, I haven't played many console games compared to most others in our community, but I have played a few. So I guess I'll just wing it with the few games I have played, even if watching a Let's Play makes me feel like I'm playing the game. God, I love Let's Plays.

    *Many of these are going to be of survival/horror so read at your own risk

    5. The Mermaid Princess - Rule of Rose [BOSS VIDEO]
    I'll admit that this boss isn't so hard as she is annoying as hell. She literally bitch-slaps you to death and then vomits all over the floor. If you don't move at exactly the right moment and attack at exactly the right moment you will be defeated by her purging wrath. I would put this fight higher on the list but it's not exactly extremely hard so much as extremely annoying, as I said. The aforementioned ability of vomiting is the worst part, however, despite the fact that she hits you for A LOT of health. The pool of vomit covers a good portion of the floor since it's a very small room that you fight in and standing in it severely damages you and your dog sidekick, Brown (who is basically useless in this fight).

    4. Nightmare - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Not a boss fight, per say, but the only time you ever encounter enemies in the game is during the nightmare sequences. The fact that they're extremely fast paced and that if you don't react immediately to your surroundings you will die puts them on this list. Most of the nightmare areas are extremely similar so you get lost easily and can go in circles- you have a map but, honestly, there is never time to look at it. One of them is even, literally, a maze of square rooms with a door on each wall.. each of these rooms looks the same until you find the room(s) that you are looking for, which are barely different.



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  3. These are the five toughest bosses I've ever beaten.

    5.Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra
    This is probably one of the hardest bosses on Kirby Super Star Ultra. With powerful attacks that can be tricky to dodge, as well as the fact that you have to battle some fierce bosses before battling him, Marx Soul is pretty annoying. Some of his more annoying attacks include shooting paint balls all over the screen, trying to suck you into what appears to be some sort of black hole, and planting thorny vines all over your limited space. If that weren't enough, he also has an insanely powerful laser attack that is tricky to avoid unless you have the stone ability. Even in death, Marx's ear-piercing scream is enough to make your ears ring for a while.

    4.Darkrai - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer's of the Sky
    Normally this boss wouldn't be too bad, but there are a few factors that make this boss just plain irritating. First of all, he knows Ominous Wind, which not only hits every one in the room, but can also boost all his stats as well (in other words, he has the posibility of attacking 6 TIMES per turn!). Another problem is Cresselia. Cresseilia is weak to Darkrai's Ominous Wind, so if Darkrai knocks her out, then you get to start back at the halfway point of Dark Crater (unless you have a few Reviver Seeds...). You also have to deal with six of Darkrai's croanies, which only gives Darkrai more time to spam Ominous Wind on you.

    3.Bowser - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    The first phase of the Bowser battle is simple: you just have to make you way past him and hit the switch to drop him into the pit. It's the second phase that's hard. Basically, you have to run away from Bowser and try to get to the end of the level before time runs out and without falling into the lava, which will pretty much happen if you make even the slightest screw up. It doesn't help that Bowser is smashing platforms and sending waves of lava at you. In fact, unless you have the Propeller Power-Up, you're going to die almost every time.

    2.Terrormisu - Wario: Master of Disguise
    This is a really tough boss with three phases. The first phase isn't so bad, so I'll skip mentioning it. It's the second phase where things start to get bad. In fact, it's the hardest phase of all, in my opinion. In this second phase, Tiaramisu will form a giant wall with a much of holes in it for faces to pop out. To defeat this second form, the player must use a laser to destroy a set of three faces that come out. This is quite challenging due to the fact that you have to direct the laser just right, or it will not hit all three masks. In fact, between the number of misses you make and the amount of damage you'll probably take in this phase from difficult to dodge projectiles she fires at you, most of the deaths you'll expierence against this boss will probably be due to her second form.

    The fact that she wears masks with happy expressions doesn't do much to ease the pain...

    1.Bowser X - Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    The toughest boss in Mario and Luigi's Inside Story, without a doubt. To fight Bowser X, you must fight six other bosses first, which will take up some of your already limited turns. By the time tou reach Bowser X, you'll probably have about 15 turns to beat him (unless you're extremely overpowered and defeated the first six bosses in 1-2 turns each). In fact, about half your losses to this guy will probably result from you running out of turns.

    Bowser X himself is a very challenging fight, and is much harder than Dark Bowser. One thing that makes this boss difficult is that he can steal your special attacks whenever you use them, forcing you to use them sparingly. That means no spamming Snack Basket, Mighty Meteor, Magic Mirror, or Falling Star. Bowser X's gigantic attack stat also makes it likely that he'll knock a bro out in two or three or attacks, no matter what gear you're wearing. This gets to be real problem when he starts using attacks such as Giga Bowser X and Spike Ball, which are hard to escape without taking any damage. When it comes to RPG bosses there are few stronger than Bowser X.
  4. Err, I can only think of three, so yeah, here ya go :x

    Unlimited Ragna Blazblue Series
    While he was an optional boss back in Calamity Trigger (you could only fight him by ending at least 10 rounds with a super attack, and not dying/losing a round even once) He was the final boss for Jin and Hazama in Continuum Shift. He has 50% more HP, increased range, a super meter that charges by itself, fuck-all attack priority and invulnerability frames, while still retaining his ability of stealing fucktons of your hp and healing his own (yes, even when you're guarding his attacks) Not to mention his AI is totally cheap, and spends most of the match either turtling in the corner waiting for his meter to charge up so he can use a super or running up to you and spamming his DP move (a move with invulnerability on startup) forcing you to block the attack.

    I-no Guilty Gear Series
    I-no, as Guilty Gear XX's final boss, is a predecessor of sorts to Ragna in terms of 'WTF is this still a fighting game?' This picture here pretty much sums up her fight.
    Yeahhh...see that? You gotta dodge that. Blocking it will only whittle down the HP at a slightly lesser pace. Not to mention the projectiles will go nuts and fly around the stage at random angles, completely stopping your movement. As bad as this was in the later games, the older games also took away your super meter, which greatly limited your attacking ability outside of short hit-and-run combos.

    Elizabeth Persona 3
    This fight isn't so much hard as it is exceeeddddiiinnngly tedious. You can spend hours on this fight and still make little to no progress, hence why it is an optional boss fight only the bravest of the brave dare to try. In Persona, you basically control several magical spirits at your disposal, each with his/her own unique abilities and such. A bit like Pokemon, yes, except rather than each of those Personas having seperate HP bars, they all share one life bar: yours. Now, Elizabeth is pretty much the Red/Steven of this game, and she uses only the highest levelled Personas in the game, and she has a loooooooootttttttttttt of HP to boot. Lastly, she gets to attack you twice per turn, while you're only stuck with the one. What this means for you is that you'll pretty much be using up your turns to heal up and defend from attacks she already used on you and attacks she will potentially use on you, giving you little to no chance to attack her yourself. Sounds impossible? Well, yes, but there is a smalllllllll window where you can attack her that occurs about every 20 turns or so, give or take. Hence, this is a tedious match where you have to be patient and wait for the chance to strike back at her.
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    5. Gi Nattak - Final Fantasy VII: The boss of the Cave of the Gi that must be fought upon reaching the last part of the cave. Thankfully, revive kills zombie, and quite recently you might have found an X-Potion in the cave that will take him down one hit, and end the battle. A Phoenix Down would also instantly kill him, but with a chance to miss, it's a bit less certain.

    If the X-Potion is missed, or you want to battle him the hard way, be prepared for a long fight. He has 5500 HP, and a pair of Soul Fires to aid him. These two Soul Fires will regularly possess you and attack with Fire2, or even use it on themselves or each other for healing. He also loves his abilities, and will cast Aspil to drain your MP, DeBarrier to take away any Protects or Reflects you have set up, and Drain, to steal your HP for himself. All in all, not an easy fight, but the fact that he is weak to curing abilities and items nerfs him bad.

    4. Metal Kaeden - Daxter: Platformer bosses in general aren't that easy to defeat. Of them, this guy takes the cake. Have fun juggling spray gun attachments and abilities, you'll need it. This guy has three stages. The first of which proves that this game is a platformer, as you jump and fly from platform to platform, avoiding his attacks and using one of the numerous attachments to damage him. After that, Dark Eco, an insta-kill if you touch it, rises above most of said platforms, leaving you with fewer options and longer time hovering, as this time you have to hit the valves scattered around the area. Finally, you'll emerge in a frozen area, and this time you have to freeze him solid, and blast him with the first attachment until you defeat him. If he thaws before you do enough damage? Then you have to freeze him again, and continue to hit him. Overall, a fun and challenging fight, which makes him a nice final boss.

    3. Fujin and Raijin - Final Fantasy VIII: Seifer Almasy's posse that must be battled two and three times, respectively. The first such battle with them is annoying to say the least. At first, you fight Raijin and a pair of Galbadia Soldiers. The Soldiers go down quickly enough, but Raijin himself can have up to 11600 HP, and attacks physically and often, meaning he can deal a lot of damage in a short time period. After you defeat him, a cutscene plays, and you're forced into another battle, this time with both Fujin and Raijin.

    Raijin is completely healed, and now has access to a stash of Hi-Potions he will use if his HP gets down to the halfway point. He also has access to a Limit Break, Raijin Special, which, because of the nature of a limit break, can't miss, even if you blind him. Fujin herself uses powerful Wind magic, but stops after you draw the GF Pandemonium from her, that is, if you draw it at all. If you don't have Draw added to the menu of at least one of your party, then you're out of luck, she'll continue to use Aero and Tornado on you with wild abandon.

    Thankfully, at 8700 HP tops, she's weaker then Raijin. When her HP gets low, she may attack with Sai, instantly taking one of your party to 1 HP. However, if Raijin is taken down, you'll almost always have enough time between her turns to heal the Sai'd party member. Like most RPG bosses, these two can simply be outleveled, and will prove to be little challenge, as Square Enix was nice enough to install level caps in all this game's bosses. Alternatively, you can not level at all, leaving them with weaker attacks and next to no health, while you ride high on Junctioned stats.

    2. G's Fourth Stage - Resident Evil 2: Fought by Claire Redfield while she waited for an elevator to take her down to the train, William Birkin has gotten a lot uglier in this mutation. Running around on all six of his limbs like some sort of animal, this hulking monster is surprisingly agile. Hitting him is hard enough at this speed, and the attacks he uses varies between a weak claw swipe and him gnawing on your arm for quite a bit of damage. To make matters worse, you have only five minutes before the facility explodes thanks to Leon and Ada's misadventures with the Tyrant known simply as Mr. X.

    1. Nemesis - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: This hulking monstrosity will hunt you in your dreams. However, out of all his battles, one easily takes the cake. The fight against him in St. Micheal's Clock Tower. Jill has been infected with the T-Virus from an attack the Nemesis sent her way, and, while Carlos managed to destroy the Stinger missile launcher the monster was partial to, this only seems to have pissed it off more.

    One punch from this monster is capable of taking Jill down an entire health condition. He is also faster then you, and it is very hard to outmaneuver. He can and will use the very same tentacle he used to kill Brad and infect you as a long range weapon now that you've blown up his missile launcher. If you've killed him at any point before this battle, his heath is increased. Let's hope you've saved ammo!

    Nemesis still uses his insta-kill attack, too. If he picks Jill up, struggle, press everything and don't stop until she fights her way out. If Jill is in orange Caution, he will kill her with this attack no matter what. If you do managed to last until you knock him down, don't worry, he'll get up again moments later, even faster. Lets hope you have a few herbs or first aid sprays kicking around, because you'll need them too. This guy was one of the hardest things I ever had to defeat, and I'm not afraid to admit that I've only managed it on easy mode, where the game gives you almost every weapon. As for hard mode... I continue to try, and the dead Jill count rises all the higher...
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    5.Trainer Red- Pokemon HG/SS: For me ,he was hard to beat because my two main Pokemon are Salamence and Septile.The problem with that is the fact that almost all of his Pokemon either know a Dragon type move of an Ice type move(and with the whole fight being in hail ,Blizzard has 100% accuracy ,witch adds insult to injury).

    4.Team Star Wolf - Starfox 64: They are easy on the easy path in the game but in the harder paths ,they get better ,faster,more powerful ships and if your other 3 team members are out ,you'll have all 4 Stars Wolves tailing you ,witch becomes a Pain in the ass

    3.Antloin- Final Fantasy IV (the DS version if makes any difference) : This Mother F**ker is a complete pain in the @$$ because when His eyes are white ,you can only attack him with magic ,and when his eyes are red ,you can only attack with non-magic.If you use the wrong attack at the wrong time ,he does a really powerful counter attack.

    2.Mike Tyson/Mr.Dream- Punchout(on NES): He makes the list because in the beginning of the fight ,his punches are one-hit-knockdowns ,so if you hit hit 3 times ,you get TKO'd real quickly.

    1.Dr.Zomboss- Plants vs Zombies: (PC version if it makes any difference) This dude is #1 on my list because he pulls out all the stops to try to defeat you. for example ,he sends out the most powerful zombies in the game ,launches giant ice balls and giant fire balls that if you don't counter with Jalapenos and Ice shrooms respectively ,can wipe out an entire row of plants. If that's not bad enough ,when his health gets really low ,HE THROWS A FREAKIN MINI-VAN ON TO YOUR PLANTS ,WIPING OUT A BIG CHUNK OF YOUR DEFENSE!!
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  7. 5.-Cynthia (Pokemon Platinum)
    Being the only female Champion in the series, she is also the second to not to be dumb enough to focus on one type of Pokemon. Since the only other time this has happend was Red/Blue/Yellow, many people were unprepared for an onslaught of sweeper pokemon. She starts out with Spiritomb, has has no weaknesses, which forces you to blow out your strongest attacks, to then face Garchomp. With a ridicolous speed and attack, only way to beat it is to pray you have a faster pokemon or have a quick claw. Then her other four take a while with the exception of Togekiss.

    4.-Bowser & Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine)
    The level leading up to this boss is known as one of the most broken levels in the game. So after it chipping away your lives one by one, you'd think it would cut you a brake with the boss, huh? WRONG. The fight consists of smacking down pillars that keep the bathtub that Bowser and his son are in. But Bowser breathes fire to burn you as, making Mario run uncontrollably across a VERY narrow ledge. If that's not bad enough, Bowser Jr. sends missiles flying toward you. At least those can be squirted with FLUDD.

    3.-Wesker Final Form (Resident Evil 5)
    Resident Evil is known for hard bosses, but Weskers final form takes the cake. He is covered in slime that makes it impossible to harm him unless you hit that EXACT point on his back that's glowing. Another thing is if you do this alone, your A.I. buddy is a dumbass, so while your punching a boulder to get to Sheva, she's just sitting on a cliff looking at the scenery. Also if your near lava when wesker slings his arms around, you fall into it and get Intsant Death.

    2.-Riku Replica 4th Battle (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
    Remember, I'm talking about the GBA version, not the Ps2 remake, they made him more managable in that version. In thius one, he is so broken. Every 5 seconds he does an attack called Dark Aura that makes him zip across the screen several times, to then stick his sword in the ground to stun you. Thing is, the arena, unlike the PS2 version, is tiny and is impossible to move out of his way. So unless you grind the hell out of Sora AND pack your deck with 0 cards, your not going anywhere. Plus this boss took me half a year to finally beat!

    1.-Chaos(Final Fantasy: Dissidia)
    When you first face Chaos, you probably think "Oh, he's just level 48! The other guys were in the high 50's so he should be a synch!" You could not be anymore wrong. He does combos that no playable character can accomplish (meaning he could immedaitly Break you and take all your attack power) and can do HP attacks that are near impossible to dodge. One of the most annoying things about this boss though is that you fight him 3 TIMES IN A ROW! Not twice, THRICE! And you can't heal or get any summons back. Plus all three forms use the same exact attacks, except more potent. So if had the perfect stragedy to beat him (like I did) he can make it fall apart by the 3rd time, since you probably used up most of your HP and your summon. Just to top of the icing on the broken cake. He can level up during the fight. I'm dead serious. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A FIGHTING GAME BOSS LEVELING UP DURING A FIGHT?! I HAVEN'T!
  8. Sorry KoL, I didn't see that there. I'll fix it.

    5. Primal Dialga (Pokemon MD: Sky): I shouldn't have to explain why.

    4. Red (HGSS): Well, while I thought that Red was hard on GSC, I did manage to beat Red on HGSS. He was still tough, but with the advancements on moves as of late, it wasn't quite as hard, thought to say he was easy or normal would be a long shot.

    3. Terranort (KH Bbs): He was extremely hard. I had to level up tons before I could beat him. This also required patience, but after a while I beat him.

    2. Rayquaza (RSE): I'm not sure if he'd be considered a boss or not, but he was incredibally hard to capture. While you don't want to completely kill him, you still panick as he still can take down your team with moves like outrage. I did manage to capture him though.

    1. Vanitas lingering sentiment (KH: BbS): He was 10 times harder than his original form, though I will say it was easier without that old man trying to kill you. Still, saying that it was a walk in the park would be a lie. I was killed I don't know how many times, but I managed to finally beat him. How is anybody's guess.
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    Does ANYONE on your list qualify Doubled?
  10. I can easily name 5 hard bosses, but I cant really put them in order, as each one of them is a hardass in a different way.

    People can actually take this as the Fuman challenge and go on a pilgrimage to follow my footsteps through videogaming history:

    1: Wily Capsule #7- Megaman 7. SNES
    Its actually nothing new in Megaman games, but it has always been a great challenge.
    Beat the 8 Gym Leaders Robot Masters to get to Wilys fortress to face 2-3 special bosses there.
    After that you land in a special chamber where you have to face all of the 8 robot masters again, then fight a Wily Machine followed by a Dr. Wily capsule.
    This has always been the biggest thing in all games, but this one Wily Capsule takes the crown.
    It teleports out of reach, fires homing lazers and stuff that seems random, while you're still basically recovering from the robot masters and the Wily Machine before.

    Easily one of the most enraging experiences seen in videogames.

    2.Sir Sweet- Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? PSP
    Exceptional Atlus game that is extremely hard. You face Sir Sweet in his 2nd form which is hard to describe with words.
    Meteorites, beams and rocks out of candy go everywhere and you need perfect execution to win the fight.
    If you go too slow he starts a OHKO spell, so there is no room for mistakes.
    This boss is so hard that I actually never bothered with the extra missions and fear picking up the 2nd Prinny game.

    3.King Allant- Demon's Souls. PS3
    Easily one of the best games this generation, offering a great challenge for people who aren't afraid of of old school challenges.
    King Allant is a boss that has several abilities to make your life hard. He can dash full screen, do a Spirit bomb like attack, combo you so hard that you are defenseless or grab you.
    The grab is one of the most evil things seen in videogames. If he gets you, you level down.
    Simple as that. He drains one level. If he grabs you again, you lose another level.
    This went so far, that my character got so weak that he wasnt able to use his shield anymore.

    That alone makes him extremely scary.
    A fitting boss for one of the harder games out there.

    4. Contra 3- Contra 3.SNES
    I treat the whole game as a big boss thats out to get you.
    Every level alone is harder than the hardest bosses of many other games. not to mention the bosses.
    There isnt much to say, other than beating that game feels like the biggest thing ever.

    5. Yellow Devil- Megaman 1. NES
    I have to mention Megaman again, because this boss is so evil, that every time Capcom reuses him and his theme, I get goosebumps and flashbacks of my failures in the past.
    A simple boss. A giant yellow blob that just divides himself and throws his parts at you, only to reassemble on the other side.
    The thing is, that this happens extremely fast, and that his body parts hurt like hell.
    I gave up many Megaman playthroughs because of this single boss.

    And thats about it I guess. Theres many many more, but the topic is only about 5 bosses, and those are the first 5 that still haunt me every night.
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  11. Okie-Dokie! Here's my list:

    5- Ghetsis: Pokemon White Version This dude is a friggin hardass, ok? My team was still in their late 40s and early 50s (ranging from 46 to 51) and what does he send out? A level 54 Hydreigen.... Which totally decimated my entire team, I managed to survive by alternating between my Zekrom and Embroar between his insanely strong dragon pulses... I used up all my revives and full restores, but eventually, his threat to my Zekrom was gone with Dragon Pulse's PP... I lost against him 3 times, but eventually, I came out victorious.
    4- Sephiroth: Dissidia Final Fantasy Ok, so aside from Sephiroth being a total badass... He's insanely powerful, especially when he's 5 levels higher than you are, and has more feats going for him because he has enough AP to do so.... I lost 6 times to Sephiroth before finally beating him to the EX core and taking him out with an Omnislash. And I only had 3 hp left... I DID consider training to a higher level... But I'm too lazy for that.
    3- Master Greevil: Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness I won't even go into detail... All I'm going to say is this: Do you know how annoyingly hard it is to try to steal an entire team of shadow pokemon from a bad guy, without loosing all of your pokemon in the process?
    2- Chaos: Dissidia Final Fantasy Try fighting the god of destruction and discord three times in a row, each time, he gets twice a powerful as he was before, and the third time, he gets an automatic EX boost and turns into a friggin titan to crush you with the scenery... Then try doing this in the duel mode, where he's level 100... I finally had the last laugh when I defeated him though... But that stopped when my entire family scolded me when I screamed "HAH!!! YOU ARE NOT A GOD!" at my PSP.
    1- The BioLizard: Sonic Adventure2: Battle The battle against the BioLizard is extremely Chaotic and hard to keep track of... Even as Shadow, the best grinder in the game, its still extremely easy to slip off of the rail that leads to the BioLizard's life support system. Somehow, the FinalHazard was easier than the BioLizard... Much easier... But then again, you are playing as two superpowered hedgehogs that stole Goku's power.... Well, at least that's how I define Super Sonic and Super Shadow.
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  12. OnePiecefan11

    5. Cynthia (Pokémon D/P)- She seems to be the one Champion I have a hard time beating. I remember taking like 10 times to beat her.

    4. Decus (Tales of Symphonia 2)- I HATED FIGHTING THIS GUY!! It wasn't so bad once I grinded up a few levels but HE JUST WOULDN'T DIE! I even remember first time fighting him I was SO close and he kills me.

    3. Ghetsis (Pokémon BW)- Yes, it's another Pokémon game but I had to. Why? One word........Hydreigon. Just........Hydreigon.

    2. First time fighting Metalface (Xenoblade)- I've stopped playing this game because of how hard these bosses are :@. Anyways, I had know idea you were suppose to hit him with a chain attack first time playing this game. Even then, I kept dying over and over again.

    1. Final fight against Deidara (Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3)- YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA ABOUT MY RAGE UNLESS YOU HAD PLAYED THIS GAME!!!! This guy is like the cheapest guy to fight EVER! He's ridiculously fast and just attacks with those clay bombs. I had times where the fight ended in FIVE SECONDS OR LESS! I wish I was joking about that. I'm never playing story mode again in that game thanks to him. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

    Me -------------> [​IMG]
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  13. Not five, but three of my most hated bosses of all time, no particular order, all are horrible.

    War Thunder: B17G Flying Fortress during the Gunship days.

    This one isn't really a boss, more a player-controlled vehicle, but fighting these things felt like going up against a final boss.
    All of this (luckily) has been nerfed and engaging them is relatively easy nowadays, although the MGs are very rubberband-ish.

    You're fighting a slow and big target in an aircraft that's about twice as fast and a lot smaller. Sounds easy? Well, screw you if you said yes.

    That thing has 4 defensive turrets with two MGs in gun emplacements at the rear, below the fuselage, on the top and below the nose, supplemented by 5 single MGs at the top, the sides and the front. All of them are caliber .50 (12.7mm) HMGs. These machineguns have a high rate of fire, awesome ballistic characteristics, infinite ammo (although the gunner has to reload every now and then) and back then were able to inflict crippling damage or outright destroy your plane with a SINGLE hit. You could see tracers flying at you, which gave you a chance to dodge, but a single hit could force you to break off your attack. The gunners (either AI- or player-controlled) started engaging you from about a mile out, forcing you to fly through a rain of death before at least getting a chance to hit the B17. If you got a good approach, have fun trying to bring one of these things down. They could take an obscene amount of 20mm, 30mm and even larger shells without giving a damn. If you stayed too close to a B17 for too long, you were dead. You were forced to attack in high-speed slashing passes, firing a quick burst before breaking off and plan another attack. Even a single mistake doomed your plane while the B17 player had to do either nothing or played a point and click adventure by manually controlling the gunners.

    It was common for B17s to dive low, bomb some targets and kill one or two fighters before returning to the base.

    These things were so broken that some players started (team)killing them via ramming (Namely the "Sky Police", may they rest in peace, most of them got banned for intentional teamkilling and trolling, and the "Shinten Seikutai", a group of players who named themselves after a historical Japanese unit that rammed bombers as well. The SSTai still exists as a clan btw.) because that was the only way to reliably take them down.

    Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3: Hiruko
    Deidara has already been mentioned, he's fucking cheap indeed, but he isn't as frustrating as Hiruko is. His AI is the definition of rubberbanding, you easily beat him in the first round only to take two 100-0 combos in rounds 2 and 3. Ugh. I hated that guy so much.
    The funny thing was that you could replicate these combos in multiplayer mode without much practise, so he's not just rubberbandish, but cheap as hell on top of that.

    Arcana Hearts 3: Parace L'Sia
    I was hanging out at a friend's and he played this weird Japanese fighting game with tons of fanservice. The last boss is basically unbeatable and makes you want to destroy your controller, your console, your TV and your house. She was so fucking cheap that the game HAD TO HELP YOU BEATING HER by depleting her HP everytime you use a Continue. She knows a ton of combos that draw a ton of health, can freely teleport, can regenerate her health while shielding herself on top of her passive regeneration, her attacks have obscenely large hurtboxes and are mostly projeticles ranging across the entire screen. Want to hear more? No? Good.
  14. Ok, I've been playing games since I could move my hands, so here we go. Remember, this isn't in order, this is just who I think is hardest.

    5.- THE GODDAMN NAPPER DRAGON [Fantasy Life]
    Ok, when I first saw the Napper Dragon, I was like awwwww dat thing can't hurt me ^.^ then I learned it was a BOSS. I tried fighting it as a Miner. I was like: "Oh lord! One hit KO for me AND my dog?!?! Geez!" And I high-tailed out. Then, I came back as a starting Mercinary. Two hit KO for me and my dog. I came back as a Miner after beating the game and HELL YA I beat it. Too overpowered for a boss at the very first level, I'd say.

    4.- THE HEHDHDIEHDH WITHER [Minecraft]
    Ok. Wither. Ever talked to a TRUE Minecrafter? Yes? Did he/she mention mining, animals, blocks, the Enderdragon, creepers, or the Wither? No? Then their not a Minecrafter! You haven't TRULY played Minecraft until you've beaten the Wither on Hardcore. Which I did. You may build temples in my glory now. JK DONT REALLY

    3.- KAOS!!!!!! GODDAMNIT [Skylanders: Trap Team]
    Ok. Criticize me. But hilarious humor, picking your character, and a goofy bald guy as the main enemy? SKYLANDERS! My brother made me play THE WHOLE STORY LINE with him and UGH there were some tough bosses, but not as tough as good ol' Kaos himself. Even with two of the highest level Trapmasters, it took an hour and we died several times.

    2.- EVERY. GOSH DAMN. BOSS. [Borderlands 1-The Presequal]
    Ok! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Borderlands! Adult humor! Killing things! Guns! Money! Friends! Powers! Claptrap! ^.^ but OMSC it throws you in at level one with level five enemies! And it expects this: boss A: level 10 boss B, 10 mins later: level 30. GEEZ! But I killed them all first try with my friend by my side.

    1.- THE WHOLE TIME MAMA CHASES YOU [Among The Sleep]
    Now, I LOVED Among The Sleep, but it scared the living sh** outta me. The WHOLE TIME mama monster chased me I died at least once every five minutes, and AHEHCHDHHD it was CRAZY! Afterwards, I hugged my teddy close in triumph.
  15. NonAnalogue

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    I'm just going to throw in the Holoholo Bird from Baten Kaitos Origins in here. It's a very hardy boss with skills that damage and incapacitate multiple party members at once, but that's not the bad part. First, this boss can spawn minions - eggs that hatch into Holoholo chicks, which serve to give you something else in this battle to deal with. Second, the boss occurs immediately after a disc change, which means that if you're not leveled high enough to take down the boss, you can't go back and grind at all. It's just keep trying until you succeed. Which sucks.
  16. Panstyx

    Panstyx Formerly ShinyFlareon123

    I don't know, but I'll try anyway.

    5. Steven Stone- Pokemon ORAS: I forgot my healing items and my flareon only had two HP left but we took the mga metagross down

    4. Red- Pokemon Hg/SS: I just had really under-leveled pokemon


    2. Ghetsis- Pokemon BW: He was just a really hard boss

    1. Crota- Destiny The Dark Below DLC: The whole Crota's End raid..... First the abyss, then the Swordbearers, then a whole army of hive, and then Crota is hard alone. It took me a Thorn and a Gallaghorn (I switched between the two) to kill him.

    Also there is Oryx, father of Crota but he just got released today in The Taken King and only one or two people have beaten him.
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  17. Id have to say that there is only one boss that was hard as fuck for me. And um sure any borderlands 2 player will agree that Terramorphus the Invincible was the hardest boss in the game.
  18. My final bosses may not seem hard, but they are to me.

    5. Mewtwo, Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs
    Mewtwo was hard for me, both times. The second time was the hardest, because you could not get up close to it.
    4. Ghetsis, Pokemon
    He was just hard for me, basically.
    3. Pikachu, Hey You Pikachu
    The game title is self explanatory.
    2. Omega Flowey, undertale.
    I just couldn't dodge his bullets :,(
    1. Sans, undertale
    I had a bad time.
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  19. 5. Whitney - Pokemon Soul Silver
    This was a surprisingly challenging gym leader because you faced her early in your journey. It was really frustrating because her Miltank would use its charms on my Pokemon. I had to use the Machop you trade for in-game and level it up.

    4. Brock Lesnar - Smackdown Here Comes the Pain
    I'm going to count this as a boss fight because Lesnar was on the cover of the game, the game used his catchphrase "Here Comes the Pain" and it took place around Wrestlemania XIX, which is where he won the title for the second time. I was using a create-a-wrestler on its first season, Maximillion Pegasus - yes the Yu-Gi Oh character. He won the Royal Rumble but had to face Lesnar in a last man standing match. It was a challenging match. Pegasus took five F-5 finishers and still managed to get Lesnar down for the 10 count.

    3. Valmar's Core/Millenia - Grandia II
    It's one of the last bosses of Grandia II and it takes a lot of strategy to take this beast on. Right after you're done you have to fight Millenia. It was intense going from one battle to the next.

    2. M. Bison - Street Fighter II Turbo
    M. Bison was one of the first video game bosses I ever beat but it wasn't easy. I had developed different techniques with characters but nothing seemed to work until I learned how to use E. Honda's hundred hand slap.

    1. Lance - Pokemon Yellow
    I spent hours and many attempts to try and beat Lance. I managed to do it one morning before school and then went on to defeat my rival.
  20. 5. Sproink from Yo-Kai Watch
    It took me about 2 weeks to defeat this guy, till I have. I had to find different Yo-Kai and evolve them, and I also went beyond the level I should be, so once I finished, I defeated Sproink quite easily. One of the most HARDEST. BOSSES. EVER.

    4. Puss in Boots from Shrek 2 [The Game]
    I thought it would be easy, but later on, it gets harder. This boss battle is different somehow. It's like a rhythm game, but instead of singing along to songs: You have to fight. It get's faster EVERYTIME, so I raged and nearly destroyed my console (I still hit it against the wall :p). However, I defeated it in like 5 hours or 1 day.

    3. Destro from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [The Game]
    This boss was hard. Missiles falling from the sky. You could call it raining missiles, but they were BIG! It took me a LOOOONG time to win, since Destro kept shielding himself over and over again. It was pretty annoying. I won eventually, but it took me a VEEEERY LONG time.

    2. Final Boss from TMNT [The Game]
    Yeah, forgot the name. It took about a WEEK TO DEFEAT THE BOSS. It was a disaster, since I couldn't use Donatello or Raphael, but I had to use Leonardo. It had to take a while to learn ALL of Leonardo's moves and skills, and I had to master him. After a week, I mastered him training (still fighting the boss as training XD) and I won! That was it.

    1. Ryotsu and Killua from J-Stars Victory VS+ [Originally from Hunter x Hunter and
    Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo]

    Anyone watched Hunter x Hunter? Anyone watched Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo? Well, their strength is high. In J-Stars Victory VS+, you have a 3 or 4 member team: 3 or 2 fighters and 1 support character. This took me 1 try, but while battling, it felt hard. I nearly DIED, and I nearly LOST! However, I cornered them a bit, and my team's HP was at about 2 HP, 25 HP and Infinity HP (because support character never dies). However, after that, I learn how strong Ryo-san is, so after the win, I had to battle Killua with Ryotsu. However, it was easy.

    I chose this one, since it was the most hardest boss in the game.
  21. Tailon

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    Hmm, okay. Spoilers ahead.

    5. Kessler (inFamous)

    Kessler is what happens when a player character gets years of experience just murdering the shit out of everything, then goes back in time to show you how it's done. Kessler is tougher, stronger, and faster than Cole, is immune to most everything but Cole's basic attack, and has an instant kill to boot.

    4. Shadow Mewtwo (Pokkén Tournament)[​IMG]

    In the grand tradition of annoyingly difficult tournament fighter bosses, Shadow Mewtwo provides quite a challenge, for most players defeating him on the first pair of battle would (intentionally) be practically impossible, as he has a ridiculous amount of HP and incredibly high damage output. This hasn't changed come the final battle, but by then the player will have gained greater skill and a helpful little power up which grants their Partner Pokémon infinite Synergy Power in the third round. Even so, he gave me significant trouble in the final fight.

    3. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

    Yeah, it's Kingdom Hearts from here down. @KoL has already covered this guy pretty well. Masamune is lethal, Heartless Angel will leave you nearly helpless without a healthy supply of Elixirs, and his massive fire pillars are very difficult to dodge in the tiny arena.

    2. Roxas [Data Rematch] (Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+)

    I've already talked about Roxas in another thread, but only the Data Rematch makes this list, still a challenge at level 99 with Ultima Weapon in tow, this Roxas fights Sora toe to toe and is more than capable of handing the player their ass if they're not careful.

    1. Lingering Will (Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+)

    The mind of the Keyblade Knight, Terra, left to animate his Keyblade Armor, is hands down the most difficult boss in a game with 16 incredibly difficult optional bosses. On Critical Mode, even at level 99 with Ultima Weapon and Fenrir in tow in Final Form, it takes everything the player has to fight this monster head on.
  22. *EDITED

    I'm not the best gamer in the world, so, the bosses you'll see in this list are hard for me, but maybe, they're easy for you. That been said:


    1. Undyne the Undying (Undertale)

    It took me like more than 50 ATTEMPS to defeat her. When I did the Pacifist route Undyne was a little hard, sure. But her battle in the Genocide route is nothing compared. Her attacks are fast and it takes a lot of time to defeat her because she has too many HP!

    2. Misery, Sue and the Doctor (Cave Story)

    First, you fight Misery. Is not that hard. After defeating her, you encounter the Doctor. He combines himself with the Red Crystal (is the power of the red flowers, but concentrated). He shoots red energy balls, and can teleport. After defeating him, the power of the red crystal posseses his body and transforms him into a beast. He can charge against you, and summon more than 20 red bats that will fly around the entire area. After defeating her, you'll find Misery, menacing Sue. The doctor then comes and uses the power of the red crystal to transform them both, fuses himself with the alien thing you fought before with Curly. It's HARD, TOO HARD, FRUSTATING.

    3. Red (Pokemon G/S/C/HG/SS)

    His Pokemon are just too overpowered. You'll have to train a lot to defeat him. His Pokemon are almost at Lvl 100!

    4. Emperor Velo (Crash Nitro Kart)

    It took me a lot of time to defeat him. He's too fast, he has 2 minions that will help him win, leaving traps behind or annoying the player. The area where you race him is new, so you won't be familiarized with it.

    I know that I'm supposed to mention 5 bosses, but I can only think of 4.
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  23. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    1. Plantera From Terraria
    When I first got this amazing game, me and my sister HAD SUCH A HARD TIME trying to beat Plantera. Then I lost the Terraria game disc for my Xbox One, and even then I still didn’t defeat Plantera. And so I got another Terraria disc. Finally defeated Plantera with the help of my sister, and beat all the other bosses. I lost that Terraria disc, and now I’m crying in my sorrow as I will never get to play that game again. ;-;

    2. Skeletron Prime From yet again, Terraria
    WHY IS HE SO HARRRRDDDDD!!!???? I had to fight him all by myself because my sister didn’t want to help me. But soon I beat him, yay for me.

    3. Gurdurr From Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates Of Infinity
    It took my a few tries because he he was so high leveled! (compared to my level ten Snivy)

    4. MoonLord, and guess what? He Is From Terraria
    Even though he is the final boss, he just wasn’t that hard. It just took a few tries to beat him, and this time my sister would always help me. I wouldn’t have been able to defeat him without her.

    5. Iris From Pokemon Black Version Two
    Iris (who is the champion in this version) was really hard! It took about... six times to defeat her?

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