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Top 5 Disturbing Cutscenes/Moments

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Well, I know this is alittle late to the party, but I don't have the attention span to do this next Halloween. So Happy 7-day-post-Halloween Topic! :D Okay, now we can list scenes from games that have either jumped-scared, disturbed, or just plane mindf*cked us. Only rules I got is that it's from a non-horror or horror-game, one scene per franchise (or else this topic would be flooded with Silent Hill) and it has to be disturbing, not exactly scary. Let's Begin.

    5.- The Dentist (Bioshock)
    Oh~ some of you are cringing right now at the thought of this guy. To elaborate, you enter a room for a dentist's office. As we all know, Rapture isn't exactly in top shape, so the door is blocked, and there are dead bodies everywhere. When you find the alternate way to get into the room, you find a dead body on a dentist's chair. Then the room fills with gas and the body disappears. You don't pay anymind to it until you get the plasmid on the wall. Then...you find the dentist staring you down RIGHT FREAKIN BEHIND YOU. O.O

    4.- Scarecrow's 3rd Mirage (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
    Naturally, most of this game has pretty disturbing parts, but the last of Scarecrows mirage take the cake. I don't want to spoil it, but let's just say you it will make you think back to a level of insanity close to Eternal Darkness...speaking of which...

    3.- Bathtub Scene/Memory Card Currupted scene (Eternal Darkness)
    This game was DESIGNED to f*ck with your brain, which is why it is so hard to decide on one scene, so I'll pick two. :p Well, the Bathtub scene starts off with you entering a bathroom hunkey-dorey...until a dead, skin-less body with cuts all over it instantaniously pops up in the bathtub. Which then overflows with blood. Thing is, you do not see it coming, which made me nearly crap myself first time I played. Then the memory card scene. This didn't really disturb me, as much as give me a heart attack. The game breaks the fourth wall, by having a blue screen come up and say your memory card data was currupted and erased of all your games. Cue blood-curdling "NOOOOOOO!!"

    2.- Pyramid Head Encounter (Silent Hill)
    Do I even nedd to say anything about this? IT'S F*CKIN' PYRAMID HEAD! You alwys encounter him when You have low ammunition, so you want to savor every bullet you have. Plus he rapes dolls...

    1.- Giygas Battle (Earthbound)
    Aw, how can a kid's game, never-the-less a Nintendo game, ever possibly be disturbing? Becuase most gamers still get goosebumps hearing Giygas's dailog, music, and the the idea behind his creation (the director of the game once walked into the rape scene of a movie when he was a kid, which he created Giygas based on the expierence).
  2. Jeydis

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    Just a quick specification, it was a murder scene not a rape scene for the Giygas bit :p
  3. Really? Could of sworn it was a rape scene. Curse you Wikipedia >:(
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  4. Shigesato Itoi has stated that his inspiration for Giygas' speech in EarthBound came from a traumatic childhood experience where he accidentally walked into an adult movie theater and caught a glimpse of a rape scene in the 1957 film "The Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty". In actuality, there was no rape scene in this film, instead a murder scene. As Itoi was a child at the time, he has stated his lasting memory of this experience is fuzzy at best.

    What a damn baby... -_- I've seen that film. It showed no blood, Nothing! Although... since old films like this often refrained from showing 'disturbing' images, I suppose he got "rape" from the images he seen in his head... =\

    Still, Jesus Christ, dude! Really!?
  5. Fantastic choices there, but I don't think Giygas is quite as far up as the Pyramid Head encounter. I mean, the Giygas fight was disturbing and stuff, but friggin a', it's Pyramid Head!
  6. One of the most disturbing moments of my gaming history came in Resident Evil 4. I'm going to put this under a spoiler, for those who've never played the game before.

    Right at the beginning, after you've fought off all the angry villagers, the church bells chime, brainwashing all the villagers. They then drop their weapons, and amble off to the church.

    That scene disturbs me, every time I watch it.

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