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Top 10 Lists

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm sure some people are planning to write up top ten lists for 2006 on games, movies, etc. (or already have), but I'll make this more broad. This topic is for any top 10 list you can think of. Up to you whether you expand on your picks or not.

    Top 10 Reasons Why Linkachu Wants a Wii
    10. The Weather/Slide show/Web/News/etc. channels
    9. Mario Galaxy
    8. The Mii Channel
    7. Elebits
    6. Pokemon Battle Revolution
    5. To get/see her non-gamer friends/family playing it
    4. The Virtual Console
    3. Zelda: Twilight Princess
    2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    1. The Wiimote
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  2. Top 10 Reason's I wanted to join this site:

    10. Looks cool
    9. It's pokemon... come on it's like a legend :o
    8. I need to get back up to date on pokethings
    7. There's much randomness on here from what I've heard
    6. games!!
    5. heard the people were awsome
    4. much activity
    3. I know people on it
    2. cookies... o.o
    1. My beloved Alex is on it!!! :p
  3. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon:

    10. Meowth

    9. Smeargle

    8. Jumpluff

    7. Arcanine

    6. Croconaw

    5. Meganium

    4. Mew

    3. Pikachu

    2. Wartortle

    1. Typhlosion
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. I'll just copy my list from IGN. These games aren't necessarily the best games in existence, but for what they personally mean to me... there's nothing better. All of them hold some sort of significance, much of which I don't feel like going into here. That is the sole reason why Pokemon Red made the list and no other Pokemon game did. Maybe it's not the best of the lot anymore, but for sentimental reasons, it deserves to be there.

    Top Ten Favourite Video Games as of March 2007
    10. Final Fantasy Legend II (GB)
    9. Kirby Super Star (SNES)
    8. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Playstation)
    7. E.V.O.: Search for Eden (SNES)
    6. EarthBound (SNES)
    5. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
    4. Wild Arms 2 (Playstation)
    3. Final Fantasy Tactics (Playstation)
    2. Pokemon Red (GB)
    1. Final Fantasy III (SNES, US)

    Final Fantasy III, VI, VI Advance, whatever you want to call it. THAT game, no matter what it's called, will always be my numero uno.

    A lot of games could fit into my # 10 spot, but for the amount of time I spent on FF Legend II, and the amount of times I played through it, I think I'll leave it there :)
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  5. Top Ten Reasons why I bought a DS;
    10: Poke'mon Ranger
    9: Final Fantasy III
    8: Pictochat
    7: My SP is getting old. *Sniff* My baby's all grown up.....
    6: Kirby; Squeak Squad
    5: Animal Crossing; Wild World
    4: Megaman ZX
    3: Poke'mon Diamond and Pearl
    2: To shove it in my Big Bro's face because he doesn't have one.
    1: It's Nintendo! 'Nuff said.​
  6. Top 10 movies I've seen:

    10. Bridge to Terebithia
    9. Finding Nemo
    8. Gordy
    7. 102 Dalmatians
    6. The Lion King 1 1/2
    5. Beauty and the Beast
    4. When Harry Met Sally
    3. TMNT
    2. Barnyard
    1. Flushed Away (I really love cartoon movies)
  7. Top ten reasons why Aruseus is the awsomest pokemon ever:
    10: Only One
    9: Pretty colors
    8: legendary
    7: DANG powerful!
    6: ... ... ... uh... Cool name!
    5: Its in Diamond and Pearl. Nuff said.
    4: It can learn every TM + HM known to pokemon *WOOT*
    3: It has an awsome item known as a plate
    2: It comes in every type
    1: did I mention it comes in lotsa colors? pretty...........
  8. Top 10 Rejected Poke'mon Slogans:

    10. Poke'mon: It just sounds dirty.
    9. Poke'mon: Because we're too lazy to add an extra letter.
    8. Poke'mon: Because you have nothing better to do.
    7. Poke'mon: You know you love flaming lizards.
    6. Poke'mon: (Insert Slogan Here: $100.00)
    5. Poke'mon: Now with less Digimon!
    4. Poke'mon: 100% Seizure Free
    3. Poke'mon: Yeah, laugh it up...we're rich.
    2. Poke'mon: We're definitely not racist!
    1. Poke'mon: Religious folk love us, so you should too!
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  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    A classic ^^

    Although, wouldn't "Now 100% Seizure Free" be more appropriate? ;)
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  10. Top Ten Reasons I Want a Wii:

    10. All those games look cool.
    9. It would keep me busy while mom did her homework. :D (She's taking computer classes.)
    8. The Wiimote.
    7. There's no number 7, the writer was wishing she had a Wii. :D
    6. It looks fun to bounce around waving your arms. :D
    5. I may get more exercise by doing number 6.
    4. It's what everybody's talking about.
    3. To brag to my friends at school. :D
    2. So sis can brag to her friends. :D
    1. It's from Nintendo, and I
  11. Top 10 favorite games of Sanjuro:
    1:Battlefield 2
    2:Call of Duty 2 :Big Red One
    3:pokemon Fire red
    4:NFL Street 3
    5:Madden 2007
    6:Animal Crossing Wild World
    7:Battlefield 2142
    9:Red Faction
  12. ^ That one is hilarious.

    Top 10 Favorite Shows of Typhlosion4ever:

    10. Viva Pinata
    9. SNL
    8. NCIS
    7. Dance Revolution
    6. Cake
    5. CSI: Miami
    4. House
    3. The Office
    2. Archie's Weird Mysteries
    1. Scrubs
  13. 10 Reasons I love the Regis

    10. They look cool
    9. Ive alwas liked legendary pokemon
    8. Golems are also cool, and I consider the Regis to be golems, so, yeah :p
    7. Each one of them has Clear Body, which is so helpfull when going against someone with intimidate Dx
    6. Each one of them has a Unique build =] (Regirock has High defence, Rigice high attack, and Registeel, is a mix with both! =o )
    5. Six eyes are better then two ;D
    4. There moviestarz 8D
    3. There awesome
    2. go back to 3
    1. I just lurve them to death ]:
  14. My Top Ten Anime Movies

    10:Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    9:Spirited Away
    8: Princess Mononoke
    7: Howl's Moving Castle
    6: Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
    5:DragonBall Z: Fusion Reborn
    4: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    3: Pokemon The Movie 3: Entei and the Spell of the Unown
    2: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: The Pyramid of Light
    1:Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
  15. Top ten reasons Rare had failed since leaving Nintendo

    10. "We thought pinatas would be huge!"
    9. Matthew Mcconaughey copyrighted "bongo beating". Donkey Konga was never the same.
    8. Bungie stole Halo from them.
    7. Miyamoto slapped the talent out of them.
    6. Pokemon stole their talent. And pants. All of them.
    5. Congress banned gay marriage. Poor Banjo and Kazooie.
    4. Their cake lied to them!
    3. Hilary Clinton supported them. Nuff said.
    2. They weren't what Willis was talking about.
    1. Microsoft stole their souls. Along with their pants from Pokemon.
  16. Top Ten Favorite Human Characters in Pokemon (anime and games)

    10. Hunter J
    9. Brody
    8. Volkner
    7. Riley
    6. Cynthia
    5. Gary
    4. Misty
    3. Brock
    2. James
    1. Giovanni

    (This was hard...there's too many ^^;; ).
  17. Top Ten Favorite Naruto Characters:
    08: Hinata
    05:Kiba & Akamaru
    01: Itachi
  18. Top 10 Favorite Shows of Meep:

    10. Dinosaur King ( It's okay and it scares me that I recognize pokemon voices)
    9. Transformers Cybertron
    8. Chaotic
    7. Steve Wilkos Show ( He yells ALOT )
    6. Gene Simmons Family Jewels
    5. House
    4. Shaman King ( I miss it even though the dub was crappy)
    3. The Batman
    2. CSI: Miami
    1. Legion of Superheroes ( Superman, yay XD )
  19. I'm pretty sure Kazooie's female. Unless she's like Birdo...

    Oh, I should remain on-topic with a top ten, huh?

    Top 10 Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do During an RPG (in no particular order)
    10. Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A.
    9. Not allowed to berserk for the hell of it, especially during royal masquerades.
    8. Any character who has a sensitivity training center named after him will be taken away.
    7. No matter how well I roll, a squirrel cannot carry a horse and rider at full sprint.
    6. Not allowed to short sheet the bedroll of impotent deities.
    5. The elf's name is not Legolam.
    4. The name of the weapon shop is not "Bloodbath and Beyond"
    3. I am not authorized to form the head.
    2. My character is not related in anyway to Boba Fett. This goes double for Star Wars characters.
    1. I am forbidden from monologuing.
  20. Top Ten They Might Be Giants songs

    10. The Mesopotamians
    9. Mr. Me
    8. Metal Detector
    7. Rhythm Section Want Ad
    6. It's Not My Birthday
    5. Subliminal
    4. Thermostat
    3. I'm Impressed
    2. Birdhouse In Your Soul
    1. Ana Ng

    Seriously. This band is awesome.
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  21. Top Ten Pokemon (For Now...Bwahahaha!)

    1. Raichu
    2. Flareon
    3. Mr. Mime
    4. Magmar
    5. Blastoise
    6. Vileplume
    7. Slowking
    8. Entei
    9. Alakazam
    10. Mewtwo
  22. Suicune's Top 10 Shonen Jump Mangas:
    10.YuYu Hakusho
    9. Black Cat
    7.DragonBall & DragonBall Z
    6.Dragon Drive.
    2.Shaman King.
    1. Death Note.
  23. Top 10 Songs overall for me:
    10:Timmy and the Lords Of the Underworld,Timmy and the Lords Of the Underworld(South Park lulz)
    8:...And Justice for All,Metallica
    7:The Perfect Drug,Nine Inch Nails
    6:Number of the Beast,Iron Maiden
    5:Rock Rebellion,Bang Camaro
    4:Welcome Home,Coheed and Cambria
    3:Welcome to the Jungle,Guns n Roses
    2:Working Man,Rush
    1:Eruption,Eddie Van Halen

    This gives me a topic idea...
  24. My Top 10 Fave Video game characters:

    10. Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
    09. Kadie (Crimson Tears)
    08. Alastor (Veiwtiful Joe)
    06. Dimitri (Sly Cooper)
    05. Pikachu
    04. Princess Zelda and Princess Peach
    03. Mewtwo
    02. Sephiroth (FF7)
    01. Mario and Sonic
  25. My Top Ten reasons why they should re-air the first season of Pokemon.:

    1. Ash's old high pitched, freshly-kicked-in-the-nut's voice.
    2. Return of bad-ass Charizard. (YAY)
    3. Gary and Ash's Rivalry. (They seem so gay now that their friends. Literaly. I smell more Yaoi fanfics a'brewen.)
    4. The show and the First Movie actually connected with one another.
    5. Team Rocket had some form of bad guy dignity still intact. (but it all went 'kapoot' by the third season.)
    6. I miss Team Rockets origional motto.
    7. The return of the Pokemon Rap.
    8. The return of Pikachu's Jukebox.
    9. The Return of Togepi. ( Mmmmmm.... eggs... :p)
    10. The First season (and this is my opinion) just seems to have more origional material and story. I honestly think they're running out of ideas.
  26. Suicune's Top 10 Fave Shows(old and new):
    10.PowerPuff Girls
    9.Invader Zim
    7. Ninja Warrior
    5.The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    4. Dexter's Lab
    3. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
    2. Looney Tunes
    1. Naruto
  27. top ten answers to most questions

    10: well, duh. everyone knows the answer is obvoius
    9: *runs off screaming his head off for no reason*
    8: *ignores question* you remind me of the pilsberry dough boy
    7: cheese is the answer to everything
    6: i dunno
    5: ask again later
    4: see previous answer
    3: 2 billion
    2: good question, and for every good question there is a bad answer *walks off*
    1: 42
  28. PokemaniacJack's Top ten favorite Gym Leders

    • Me
    • Erika
      • Misty
      • Brock
      • Wallace
      • Falkner
      • clair
      • Winona
  29. Mystic_Suicune's Top Ten Fave Songs:
    10. Love Song- Sarah Barellis
    9. High School Never Ends- Bowling For Soup
    8. Hader, Better, Faster, Stronger- Daft Punk
    7. Pokemon Johto Theme-?
    6. Through The Fire and Flames- DragonForce
    5. Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)- wyclef Jean feat. Akon and Weezy
    4. Low- Flo Rida
    3. Here It Goes Again- OK GO
    2. Simple and Clean- Utada Hikaru
    1. Pretty Fly For a White Guy- The Offspring

    BTW, "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" is my self-proclaimed theme song. LOL
  30. Top Ten Things I Dislike (in school):

    10. My spanish teacher.
    9. Stupid people.
    8. Cafeteria lines.
    7. Cafeteria food.
    6. Pigeons.
    5. Seagulls.
    4. When people talk in hallways.
    3. When people stop to talk in hallways.
    2. When people walk slowly in hallways.
    1. When people don't walk in hallways.
  31. Top ten celebrities that piss me off

    1. Jack Black
    2. Dakota Fanning
    3. Rene Zellwegger (She doesn't even get the honor of me looking up how to spell her name)
    4. Tom Cruise
    5. Those two Zack and Cody kids (The fat one pisses me off more, but they're still in the same category)
    6. Joan River's daughter (Again, doesn't get the honor of me looking up who they are)
    7. Kyle Massey
    8. Monet
    9. Every rapper that has ever made an appearance on MTV
    10. Bill Cosby
  32. Top Ten Favorite Games for Gamecube

    1. Picmin
    2. Star Wars Jedi Outcast
    3. The Legend of Zelda the Windwaker
    4. Star Wars Bounty Hunter
    5. The Legend of Zelda the Twilight Princess
    6. The Simpsons Hit and Run
    7. Pokemon Colosseum
    8. Luigi's Mansion
    9. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
    10. Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

    Honorable Mention- Animal Crossing

    Of course, my intrests have changed over time, and all of these games have been at the top of my top 10 at least once, at some point.
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  35. Top 10 reasons why Fruity Pebbles is the top tier of all cereals. (This is needed, very much so.)

    10. Fruity Pebbles have a bunch of colors which most definitely gives it an edge against many kinds of cereal. WANNA SEE THE SAME FREAKING COLOR OF POOP BROWN IN YOUR CEREAL? NAH MAN, GIMME THAT COLOR WHEEL OF YUMMY GOODNESS, BRO!

    9. It contains an adjective. That might seem a but strange, but the best kinds of cereals manage to stay on their A-game because they have another word to help describe what exactly they are. Frosted Flakes: flakes with frosted coating. Lucky Charms: a bunch of edible charms which therefore gives off why they are lucky. Fruity Pebbles: The colors give you that fruity impression and makes pebbles sound like a cute and delicious word. You can't even eat rocks, and it makes me wanna eat a mountain!

    8. It's got The Flinstones. If a fictional character can sponsor your cereal brand, you are basically set for success, and make your cereal taste amazing...unless it's Mr. T cereal. What the hell was that?

    7. By default, it is healthier than Cocoa Pebbles. They may taste great, but Fruity Pebbles has a more distinct flavor than just- CHOCOLAAAAATE!

    6. It promotes domestic abuse. Back to the Flinstones, their commercials are iconic for Barney's antics to stealing Fred's bowl of Fruity Pebbles, and him failing. Fred gets mad, and it's relatable. If my neighbor crashed into my house wearing bed sheets while riding the last remaining living dinosaur on Earth and tried to steal my pebbles, I'd go ape shit on them.

    5. They establish peace on Christmas. So allow me to contradict myself, as the one commercial of Fruity Pebbles does have Fred and Barney share the bowl because it was Christmas and Santa said so. Despite how historically confusing this confrontation is, it does allow for a sweet ending for a sweet cereal.

    4. Coincidence? I don't know. Just the fact that Pebbles represents Fruity Pebbles on a couple of boxes...I don't how to feel about that.

    3. Their "Super Sponsor". At one pint during the curb stomp of a war that is Cocoa v Fruity, one man did step on for the rainbow rocks and tried to prove to the world that Fruity Pebbles is the best...

    2. The milk. Fruity Milk is heaven. That is a fact. That's it.

    1. The most important and best thing Fruity Pebbles goes for, is their policy of doing not quality over quantity, nor quantity over quality...but both. Fruity Pebbles are really small, mass produced like heck...and are the bomb. That is an accomplishment.
  36. Top 10 Reasons Why I Don't Like Top 10 Lists:
    1. I'm only writing this edgelord witty list to distract myself from all the things I should be doing.
    2. What criteria are the items based on anyway?
    3. Struggling to decide on what items to put on an inconsequential list reminds me of why I shouldn't be an adult.
    4. No seriously explain why you chose those items please.
    5. Watchmojo.
    6. Haha hypocrisy! Ha, get it? Cause I, I said explain yourself... and then I included an item where I didn't... ha....
    7. They're usually not funny.
    8. People often include redundant items just to make sure its a top 10 even if they don't have 10 things to list.
    9. Watchmojo.
    10. My opinion will probably have changed by tomorrow anyway.
  37. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    My Top 10 Love Live girls~ (under spoilers because I RAMBLED A LOT and also BECAUSE GIFS)

    10. Nishikino Maki
    I'm not typically a fan of tsundere characters, but I really like Maki for her voice and design. She's also a pianist, which instantly boosted her up several ranks for me. I also really enjoy her interactions with Nico in the side materials~

    9. Matsuura Kanan
    I like her design a lot, and she has a really clear singing voice, though I'm not a fan of how she's usually portrayed (wetsuit to show off her curves, some of the skimpier outfits in the game which REALLY do not suit her personality-wise, etc.). Happy Party Train, her first song as a center, also really shows off how beautiful her voice is and made me love her quite a bit more.

    8. Minami Kotori
    Her little side loop is adorable, okay? Okay. She's also super pure and innocent and her speaking voice is cute shaddup haters her voice is PRECIOUS and just... she cares so much about her friends, she does so much for them and she really doesn't get enough appreciation for it most of the time. Please protect this alpaca-loving girl.

    7. Rin Hoshizora
    I REALLY enjoyed how the anime expanded on her character outside of just "Hanayo's best friend", and highlighted her insecurities, especially with her physical appearance appearing "boyish" and stuff. Doesn't make her any less adorable, and she definitely has one of the best singing voices in µ's.

    6. You Watanabe
    I really love You so much; she's not one of the girliest characters out there, but nobody would really call her a tomboy either, and it's that balance in between that I really like about her. She's sporty, she enjoys designing clothes, she works out, she has a good figure... even her hair is mid-length, haha! But seriously, her episode(s) where she felt insecure about her friendship with Chika really hit home. She really enjoys being with Chika, they're childhood friends for god's sake, but she also realizes that Chika and Riko have amazing chemistry with each other and she doesn't want to get in between that. Is she jealous? Yes, of course. But she later realizes that just because Chika and Riko have a close friendship doesn't mean she has to stop being friends with either of them, and honestly I think that's such an important lesson for most people to learn.

    Oh, and her voice is so unique, I love it~ And her seiyuu!!! Is!!! An amazing dancer!!! Shukashuu is hands down my favorite Aqours seiyuu, and it's because of her that I love You so much as well.

    5. Ohara Mari
    Eccentric and a bit of a troll on the outside, willing to help out her underclassmen and friends though not afraid to be strict on them, but at the same time harboring a lot of self-doubt and having a habit of internalizing her own pain... yep, that's Mari alright. When I first saw and heard her I honestly wasn't much of a fan; her personality rubbed me the wrong way, her speaking voice was annoying, and what the hell is with her hair with that weird side loop thing? But as I got to know her more in the anime, I realized we have a lot in common. Definitely helps that her birthday is literally one day before mine, and her image color is purple (aka my favorite). She also has a really powerful singing voice, like... god damn. I also ended up drawing a lot of her Haregi SSR on my side account, and I think that made me realize how much I actually like her, because damn that card is gorgeous.

    4. Sakurauchi Riko


    Like Maki, Riko's a pianist, so there's some heavy bias there. But more than that, Riko has some major insecurities about her playing, so much so that she froze up during a concert. And... god, just thinking about it makes me cry. I really feel her so much, her pain and frustration for doing something she knows she can do but just not being able to.

    Then there's her personality, ahhhh. She has a tendency to act like a reserved but polite little lady, but she's not afraid to let Chika know when she's annoyed at her, she's a closet yuri fanatic, and she's absolutely terrified of dogs. Like, she has jumped across a fucking balcony to escape from Chika's family dog.


    There she goes

    3. Koizumi Hanayo
    Honestly I have no really good reason why Hanayo's #3. She's:

    a) Adorable
    b) Cute
    c) Precious
    d) Cinnamon Roll too good for this earth

    I mean, I guess I could say I like her speaking voice? Her design is really plain (but, again, cute), her personality can pretty much be summed up as "very shy girl who's an idol fanatic", and... she likes rice. Like, not kidding, almost everyone I know who's a Love Live fan calls her "Rice Goddess" or something similar.


    But I think it's the fact that she's been shafted so many times by KLab that I like her so much? I feel like I need to protect this adorable cinnamon roll. She didn't get a new UR for over a year, and at one point she had no UR in the main box. An absolute travesty. She also didn't get pick-up scouting in EN or even unlimited scouting during her birthday, which is an absolute outrage to all Hanayo fans out there. She also has very little development outside of her introduction episode in the anime, and I just... ughhh. It makes me so mad when I think about all this. Hanayo deserves better. She really, truly does.

    Also, her friendship with Rin and Nico are so good. I love their interactions so much. Gimme more RinPana and NicoPana anyday.

    2. Yazawa Nico
    Nico Nico Nii~!

    Okay but seriously, I can go on and on and ON about how much I love Nico and I'd probably hit some word count limit or another before I could finish. But if I wanted to really sum up why I love her, it's probably for her design (she has pigtails and red eyes and she's adorable as fuck, and she knows it), her attitude (she pretends to be cute and adorable but she's really quite jaded and cynical, though that doesn't stop her from being silly, nor does she give up her love for her siblings despite all she's been through), her voice (she's the main rapper of µ's and her voice is so energetic and fun), and her various outfits in SIF which just suit her REALLY well. I also find her to be really relatable in a lot of ways, so that really adds to her appeal to me. And just...

    Look at that Nico Nico Nii. How can you not love her?

    I'm aware that Nico has a LOT of vocal haters who find her shallow and annoying, and that's almost definitely made me love her more. Some sort of protective instinct kicking in, I guess~

    1. Tsushima Yoshiko Yohane
    Yohane, shoukan!

    Absolute chuuni. Gorgeous design. And best voice in the series, hands down. And her seiyuu is also one of the two best dancers in the group (the other being You's seiyuu), so extra points there!

    Seriously though, when I first saw Yohane I absolutely fell in love. Her little side bun is adorable and adds to her 1st year cuteness, while her longer hair makes her seem elegant and even a little bit gothic. Add in her magenta tsurime eyes, and I'm sold that she has the best design in the entire franchise. Then there's her chuuni attitude, which she adopted in order to feel "special" but eventually became so ingrained into her personality it really was her. Like... shit, I dunno about anyone else, but watching her episode really hammered home how much I saw myself in her and how much I could relate to her. I was actually crying when the rest of the group told her that they'd accept her, weirdnesses and all, and be friends with her in spite of (or even because of?) her chuuni tendencies. And I was touched. I felt like that was my friends saying that to me, and that's when I realized I love Yohane a lot, because in many ways, Yohane is me.

    Also, she has a lot of her adorable and silly moments. Because of course.
  38. Top 10 Favourite Folk Metal/Rock bands;
    1. Equilibrium
    2. Korpiklaani
    3. Eluveitie
    4. Ensiferum
    5. Wagakki Band
    6. Chthonic
    7. Arkona
    8. Stormlord
    9. Wolfchant
    10. Tengger Cavalry
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  39. Top 10 My Favourite Pokemon Games (Including Hack Roms):
    1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky
    2. Pokemon UltraSun/UltraMoon (Never played them, but based on what I saw, I love them)
    3. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
    4. Pokemon Glazed
    5. Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed
    6. Pokemon Emerald
    7. Pokemon Mutatipo (It´s an Spanish Rom hack where the pokemon types and sprites change)
    8. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
    9. Pokemon Light Platinum
    10. Pokemon Black/White

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