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too obsessed with pokemon!?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by lolbulbagirl, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I am so obsessed with pokemon i think about pokemon all the time what are you guilty of doing that is pokemon related e.g:

    most of my school work is about pokemon i will allways find a way to fit it into the topic
    i draw pokemon in class when im bored (mainly lucario) :p
    i talk about pokemon to my friends and they hate pokemon
    i do poses like ash when he gets a gym badge
    i act like lucario

    What wierd pokemon things do you do?
  2. I tend to make strange references to the game, like mentioning a 'missing number.' In addition, it is a constant subject of my casual conversation, started by my Pokewalker.
  3. My obsession with pokemon is borderline religious.
  4. Meh, I was a lot worse when I was a kid. I had the Talking Pikachu (the one that Sarah loved if you remember her *shudders*), Hey You Pikachu, Bouncy Balls, notebooks, ect... I draw them lots nowadays, but they're pretty cool subjects to draw. Having Pokemon OC's probably counts as obsession.
    And being on this site counts.
  5. I draw them and play the games. That's really it.
  6. I still play the games...use to be obsessed with getting a pokemon costume for halloween when I was 10ish.
  7. I used to be insane obsessed with pokemon and unable to mediate my expression of love for it in public like bulbagirl there. Nowadays I just play my games quietly and carry around the pokewalker, which some of my friends think is weird but meh.
  8. My message tone on my cellphone is the sound you hear in the game when you get a gym badge and my ringtone is one of the D/P openings. ;D
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  9. Likewise. I'm well-aware of how being 26 and into Pokemon would look to some people, so I usually play the games alone in my apartment. For the Pokewalker, I strap on a pair of ankle weights, clip it on to one of them, and cover it with my pants leg.

    Back then, like, back in high school, around the start of Generation 2, I used to draw Pokemon a lot and I really got excited when I heard Pokemon-related conversations going on (I hear people saying that their favorite Pokemon are the ones everyone knows about, like Pikachu and Charmander, but when they ask me, they seem surprised when I answered "Jolteon.") Still, there was a fair share of haters, but they often gave me a hard time in a non-malicious manner, usually calling me "Pokeman." Good times, overall.
  10. I collect hundreds of pokemon cards of all types including legendary and put them in my albums. I also play pokemon games ( I have Platinum ) but how do you draw pokemon? Oh and by the way I AM A GIRL!!! ;D ;D It's totally true! I swear!
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  11. i was so obsessed that i got walkthrough guides for games i dont have like pokemon yellow and i check to see if there is a new anime episode every now and then and im watching a walkthrough on pokemon xd right now.... and im a little ashamed of myself....
  12. I don't think buying the walkthroughs it something to be ashamed of. In my opinion, it would be something to be ashamed of if you started becoming a 'Pokemon Thumper.' XD
  13. you dont understand i bought walkthroughs for the game i didnt have
  14. This is kinda off topic, but I bought walkthroughs for games I already beat.

    Anyways, I just draw and play the games.
  15. I used to be a pokemon maniac when I was a kid,
    I don't know what year it was but it was around about when Generation II came out, and you could get these pokemon discs from packets of Quavers Crisps and I just had to collect them all, I'd always ask people who were in my school if I could have the discs, (I was 6 or 7 at the time) I remember my favourite being Cyndaquil and when you moved the disc the evolutions came up aswell, I loved it so much I drew them all over my shed and wrote the names underneith xD
    I watched the anime like all the time, and when I didnt have time to watch it or missed a series, or if it wasnt aired in my country (as I am from the UK) I watched it episode to episode on the internet xD
    And every weekend I went to my Dad's house he would always buy me a pack of pokemon cards which I had hundreds of,
    I would talk about pokemon a lot, but when I got into the later years of primary school everyone was kinda over pokemon so I'd only talk about with people I knew who played the games (which was only a few poeple)
    Then in Secondary school like no one liked pokemon, they were over it (except me) I'd have the occasional conversation with one girl who only tried out the games as her younger brother played them.
    But now having left secondary school, I stick to secretly playing the games (Pearl) when I have the time, my little secret that no one knows about :)
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  16. Except us, that is. As for me, I have a whole bunch of pokemon cards. And I don't have anyone to use them with.

    EDIT: I also thought of a whole anime version of Gold battling Red in HG.
  17. Well, yes. I'm obsessed with the games so much that I can't help but imagine my own version of the anime with my own chars. At points I tend to think outside the games, but I have at least 3, if not 5 chars. taking the role in regions. I also have at least 20 to 30 chars. in my little library. At this point I'm waiting for Gamefreak to introduce another Ice type (preferably canine) so I can fully make a new character.

    Also, I always get super obsessvive about the games, like I am with Black and White. I usually end up getting on the computer everyday to check for updates. But when I think of my fan chars, I do end up thinking of new teams in game (currently, I've got 10 to 20 teams of 6 in my box, and I'm working on another), which leads me to hunt for certain pokemon. It has helped me, currently I've got 396 out of 493 in Platium, which is definately helping with my teams.

    Also, I'm starting to have odd dreams about it (please don't let me go Mystery dungeon plz plz plz), and I'm also starting to consider taking up Flash and learn how to draw better so I can make my own episodes.

    So....yes. I am obsessive. I'll probably go crazy one day thinking my little pomeranians are little Eevees XD.
  18. Lmao. xD I do the same thing.
  19. Another thing I have a wittle problem with, is that I make:

    1. An entirely new journey for Ash, Dawn and Brock...

    2. My own 3D game in my head that follows the HGSS storyline. You have the capability of turning off and on the Walking Pokemon, 3D battles like Battle Revolution, and when moves are used, the opponent is hit in different ways (like, Staraptor flies back if its hit with Mach Punch, or is thrown back if hit by a beam), uh, you have a 3D angle camera, but in a sort of 45 degree angle...and MUCH more people would love...Er, if anyone wants to purchase it in my mind, its for PS3 and its 60 bucks >_><_<

    3. Other stuff...I don't know, I usually have little 3D battles of my own with random characters...I'm messed up @_@
  20. Hey I do the same :D The only way it gets creepy is when you battle over 20 times because the COM didn't try hard enough <_< >_>
  21. Hey I do the same :D The only way it gets creepy is when you battle over 20 times because the COM didn't try hard enough <_< >_>

    LOL XD
  22. OK I ADMIT IT!

    I tried but failed, I am addicted to pokemon. I can't stop thinking about it that I fuse pokemon games with other games like L4D, TF2, SSB, etc.
    I'm mostly addicted to Turtwig, the cute, 100% capture, tiny turtle, pokemon. I AM ADDICTED!
  23. Poe


    I was more obsessed with it as a kid. ^^; Back then I learned all the 150 Pokemon that existed at that time, and forced my parents to test my knowledge with questions like "How many evolutions does Eevee have?" "What Pokemon has the number 109?" "What's the three most cutest Pokemon called?".

    Today, I rather see my former obsession as a mild and very healthy form of simple interest.
    (Though, I happen to still get up at 06:50 every sunday morning to watch the anime... ::))
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  24. I know what you mean i am 33 and love pokemon. i have my walker cliped to my belt next to my cellphone case and play my games. i have pearl platinum and soul silver now.
  25. Okay, back earlier when I said that all I do is draw them and play the games, I lied. :p

    One weird thing about me, that I'm pretty sure no one else does, I create my own games. Not just Pokemon, but a majority of them are. I have a few folders laying around that are filled with my drawings, mechanics and other stuff about the games. I could easily spend months working on a new game, and I only have a handful completed, mainly due to lazyness.
  26. Half my world revolves around Pokemon. I constantly talk about it, I write about it, hell I even DREAMT about it once!
    Please forget i said that. I don't want youall to think I'm even more mentally screwed. Anyways, once, I saw a purple mouse and I thought "OMG RATTATA!" then I got closer and saw that it was just a mouse in dim lighting. And I have a collection of 400+ cards, several games, a guide, I can name every legend, maybe all the psuedo-legends, all the starters and therir evos, the game names for all the players in the games, all the badges, and a bunch of other stuff I can't list. i'm obbsessed, I admit it, but I am proud of that.
  27. .

    Relax dude, we're all mentally screwed here :p It just depends on how mentally screwed we are.
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  28. Wii're Crazy And Proud!

    *points to top of page*
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  29. Obbsesed. My Ring tone: Cat333Pokémon's 8-bit Rival Music Remix! MANY Other things!
  30. I just acquired my 500th Pokemon Card, and now I must sleep in the emo corner...T_T
  31. I don't think I am obsessed with Pokemon. I believe I am just enjoying myself through a great creation.

    But for the point of the thread.

    I sometimes have imaginary Pokemon battles mostly in my mind and when my professor is not lecturing however sometimes they just come out in actions and I'll yell out a command like "Abomosnow use wood hammer!" much to my classes delight.

    In class I once used one of the graphing calculators and typed up the first Pokemon (English) theme and refused to do my work with that calculator since I did not want to mess it up yet.

    I would sometimes sit isolated in a place where people pass and with one look determine what type he or she would use. "He is a fire type, She is a Dragon type, She is an Ice type, and He is a Dark type trainer."

    I have created in script my own anime saga (With some custom Pokemon), my own game (again With some custom Pokemon) oh if I could only draw! I also wish to voice act has a Pokemon character one day in the English dub even if its a one episode person it would be pretty awesome to get to do that.

    Not obsessed just enjoying myself!
  32. Hm. My obsession points have peaked at certain points in my life.

    Like, when I first got the game, until the time after Crystal came out, I was -obsessed- to the max. There is literally video of a family trip to England in which I would tell my mom if I was hungry or thirsty by going "Pika pikaaa", and she'd have to figure it out. I was 6. Give me a break. I also remember one Christmas where I woke up, and the tree was decorated with Pokemon card packs. Good days, good days.

    Then, for a while, I got drawn up in other things- other games, shenanigans with friends, etc. I was only halfhearted about Sapphire. And then I got re-excited when Diamond and Pearl came out.

    And now, I walk around with the Pokewalker hanging on my belt loop, and get a whole bunch of conversations about it (And sometimes, I get to introduce my Magnemite to the Pokemon of strangers :D). So, I may be somewhat obsessed now, but I think it's receded to a healthy level from what it was in my younger days.
  33. I tend to fit Pokemon into schoolwork! Example: Lately we have been asked to make a magazine. Mine was about Pokemon!! I only draw Jumpluffs. I have also finished poke park Wii Pikachu's adventure in English!!
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  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    :'( Most people I know are mean to me because all I talk about is Pokemon so I only have 4 freinds. *sniffle* :'(
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  35. I'm definitely obsessed. Things i've done:
    1)Played all the games
    2)Trying to collect every card and figurine in existence
    3)Read every issue of 'Pokemon adventures'
    4)Do random drawings in sch of pokemon...mostly charizard and mudkip.
    5)Go youtube checking tactics and such
    6)Carry the pokewalker everwhere i go
    7)Vandalise my sch desk with random pokemon names
    8)Watch the episodes every saturday
    9)Constantly squeal 'Pika pika CHU CHU!'
    10)Go online checking for pokemon pics and saving them in my com

    And a whole bunch of other stuff.....but the list is endless and i'm too lazy to continue.
  36. I suppose I'm a little obsessed...

    I play the games ALL THE TIME, even in public, because I couldn't care less what people think about it.
    I wear my PokeWalker a lot and talk about all the time.
    I draw a lot of pokemon-related things, such as OC's and random comics.
    Whenever I see a small ball, it almost always makes me think of a poke ball...
    I'm always google-ing pokemon stuff.
    And ever since I've started playing, I've wished I could have a real pokemon.

    But oh well! ;)
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  37. Im not obsessed now as i was back then. Haha i bought pokemon toys and made a whole life story for them. Each one had their own unique voice. The cute pokemon such as squirtle charmander cyndaquil etc. Had mafia voices. And pikachu jigglypuff flareon etc had girl voices while charizard blastoise onix electabuzz had manly voices.. It was funny they used to cuss and drive cars and get gfs and go to school and dis on eachother. And they had parents and brothers and sisters example: the squirtle family the squirtle and wartortles were bros while blastoise was the dad. And i named 1 of my squirtles b.b squirtle (big bald squirtle) and he did drugs and i put a toy black jacket on him cuz he looked even more bad with it on haha wow good memories. Sum i cant put on here cuz it involves cussing lol
  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    when I see animals that look like pokemon i think the name of the pokemon. like I saw a rat once and went "Oh hey look a Rattata"
  39. I'm WAY too obsessed with Pokemon for a long time. xD Of course the follow reasons apply to my obsessions:

    1: I play my Pokemon Games when I'm bored.
    2: I imagine myself being in a journey while playing my game.
    3: Made my own character and imagine my own storyline. xD
    4: I have a few tin-fulls of Pokemon Cards. (Wowza)
    5: I got a Pokemon Puzzle with Shaymin, Giratina (Original) and Regigigas
    6: I got a few Pokemon toys; Mime Jr. Snorlax, Bulbasaur ♥, Electibuzz keychain
    7: Got the first D/P saga theme as my ringtone on my call xD
    8: Sometimes imatate Pokemon when I see one in my games.
    9: Ultimately memorized ALL of the pokemon, even the so-far new ones.

    Wow. O_O So much in my mind. xD
  40. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I am completely obsessed with pokemon...

    1. I started my pokemon craze when I was five.
    2. I scream at my DS when my pokemon faints (and even recall saying "get back up you stupid cow" to my miltank, poor miltank :'( )
    3. I have imagined my own story and characters.
    4. I've invented and am currently working on my own fake region.
    5. I have most of the films.
    6. I have the first twelve books.

    that's all I can think of for now. :)
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