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DPPt/HGSS Too much?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by PikaCharms, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. I have a team on my FireRed:(nOTE all are traded)
    (NOTE2: this is a futrure team, I will post the levls they are now also.)

    Mew Lvl 100, now level 51
    Mega Punch
    Mega Kick
    Dragin Claw

    Charizard Lvl 100, now level 51
    Fire Blast
    Blast Burn
    Wing Attack

    Bastoise Lvl 100, now level 52
    Hydro Cannon

    Venasuar Lvl 100, now level 49
    Solar Beam
    Frenzy Plant
    Razor Leaf
    Vine Whip

    Pikachu( my favorite, and no matter what you say, he is staying.) Lvl 100, now level 58
    Iron Tail
    Brick Break

    Zapdos Lvl 100, now level 69
    Drill Peck

    Please don't say:
    "do not use 2 moves of the same type on one Pokemon"
    "your Pokemon need Items"
    "your Pokemon are too uneven"

    Please tell if these need changed, not counting the rules above.
  2. Erm...I'm not expert...but while personally I wouldn't like to use your team (too uber-ish in my opinion), I think you need some help with movesets.

    For example, you have Thunder AND Thunderbolt on two of your electric Pokemon. I think that unless you have Rain Dance, Thunder should be avoided (it always misses for me!). Also, by taking out Thunder, you can have a more varied moveset to take down other types.

    And for Venasaur...FOUR grass-type moves? Um...you really only need one offensive grass-type moves on one Pokemon, generally. If you put on Sunny Day, Solar Beam may be good...I dunno how Frenzy Plant works, since I've never tried it. Take out Razor Leaf unless you only want to keep that, and ditch Vine Whip. A poison-type attack (Sludge Bomb?) may work, or you could go for the status-causing attacks (Poison Powder, Toxic, Stun Spore, etc.)

    For Blastoise, Surf and Ice Beam are good (Ice Beam is more accurate than Blizzard), and maybe Earthquake? It's not a special attack, though...so I dunno. But Hydro Cannon should probably get switched out for something.

    For Charizard, it has three fire-type moves...keep Flamethrower, or Blast Burn if you can handle all those missed turns. I don't know what else would be could, though...I'm bad at movesets. Wing Attack...I usually use Fly, just 'cause. Um, maybe something for the rock-types? Like...can it learn Brick Break? Or maybe some defensive moves?

    As for Mew...well, I don't really use Mew ever (can't...and don't want to...same with Zapdos), but Mega Punch and Mega Kick should probably go out. Dragon Claw may work better on Charizard...you have a ton of TMs to work with for Mew, though, so maybe something else? You can have a lot of freedom...like you could to a Rain Dance moveset (Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Psychic) or a Sunny Day moveset (Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Psychic), but I dunno. I haven't heard much about Mew's stats...

    I'm bad at movesets, this is just a preliminary thing. But yeah...your team is a little electric-heavy and flying-heavy. A good Pokemon with an electric-type attack could probably take down Charizard, Blastoise, and maybe Zapdos (though I dunno), and an ice-type attack could easily take down Venasaur and Zapdos. A rock/ground type with STABed rock and ground-type attacks could whip Charizard and Pikachu...many things have dark-type attacks, so they could take care of Mew, too.

    One of my friends said that this is a good way to go: fire, water, grass, flying (I think), ground, and something you like.

    Also, a lot of competitive battles don't welcome legendaries/ubers. Using the three Kanto starters + Pikachu (not Raichu? Pikachu doesn't have good stats) + two legendaries is a little dry...
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I WILL say that more than one attack move of the same type on one pokemon is usually always bad. No matter how much you don't want us to, its terrible to do that.

    -Shadow Ball
    -Calm Mind/Flamethrower
    -Brick Break

    Psychic is there for STAB obviously. Shadow Ball is good for any Ghost types Mew encounters as well as any other Psychic types. Calm Mind is for boosting your stats, but if you're reeeeeaaallly worried about Bug types taking out your Mew, you can put Flamethrower in Calm Mind's place. But I really wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    I won't knock you for using three starters as they cover many types if you know what you're doing. I don't mind using two of the same type attack on one Pokemon but three is a little excessive. You have four grass types on Venasaur and that can land you in serious trouble. Is there a need for vine whip? If not replace it with Toxic. And you could also throw in Giga Drain or Petal dance or Magical Leaf if you can breed it.

    I can see you don't care for defensive moves so I won't bother. (Though they are a good idea.) I can't exactly help with the legendaries or Pikachu as I am not a fan of either. Pikachu's stats are so low that an item (or evolution) is a necessity.

    I also see you seem to favor the original 151.
    If you're in a situation and you can't use legendaries, think about adding Alakazam or Dragonite on your team. They can learn a wide variety of moves and you can hardly go wrong with them…just don't put three or four of the same type of move on them.

    Mostly I agree with Sem; there are a lot of Pokemon from other generations that are awesome to use (i.e. Metagross, especially one with earthquake) Please vary your move types. I'm not sure if you covered all the attack types. Zapdos and Pikachu share two of the same move so maybe you can tweak that. Replace Blizzard on Blastoise with Ice Beam. Though Ice Beam is weaker it has much better accuracy and more PP.

    I'll reply back if I think of something else.
    #4 Carmen Lopez, Mar 21, 2007
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