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ToMaL: Future Events

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dwayna DragonFire, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    "The negative energy is sure to overcome the power of many more citizens if a solution is not implemented," said the grating, mechanical voice of a robotic soldier. "Our next estimate portrays the destruction of Terrater as we know it."

    "This cannot continue," said a firm, female voice in reply. "Isn't there any way we could get rid of the problem without destroying it? I know that taking something away from the universe entirely can change the course of the future. So it was with my father, his brothers and sisters, and his mother before him. Can we not just... 'change the energy'?"

    The Chosen Android before her seemed almost contemplative for a moment, the soft whirring of 'gears' audible to anyone near him. The brunette before him worriedly put her head on her hands, her brow furrowing and her scaled green tail coiling up to sit in her lap. This war had gone on for nearly three years, and many had died at the hands of their enemy, the Ayx. If only her father was still alive... but it had been fated that he would die before now since even before the beginning of time.

    "There is a way," came the direct reply, at which her green frilled ears perked up slightly. "We would have to use a technology never before used -"

    "Do it," she said instantaneously, her fangs grinding angrily. "Too many lives have been lost to these soulless beings already. They must be stopped at all costs."

    "I hope you mean it, My Lady Dwayna," said the Android back to her sternly, "We need a distraction. The Ayx planet will project its energy here yet again and it will be focused on the destruction of the planet. With your help it is possible we could activate the device in a timely fashion, but it is likely you will sustain major damage that will not be easily healed, perhaps even die. It is both advisable and inadvisable to do this."

    A saddened look came over Dwayna's face, her emerald wings curling into themselves slightly as if afraid. Many thoughts whirred their way through her mind much like the gears in the Android's head would when deep in thought. A quick decision was made, and a grim look came over her face as she realized this could not be stalled any longer.

    "I will make this distraction for you," she said in a melancholy tone. "I will hope that you implement the device before I'm too severely damaged, or at the very least before the Ayx have overrun the place." With that she stood from her throne in a quick manner, an arm movement made to grip a sword beside the throne and another to pick up a shield with the kingdom's crest. A heavy-set but determined look on her face, Dwayna stepped out the door and flew out towards the desert, where dark clouds thundered above in a foreboding manner to welcome the great foe waiting for her.


    It had been several years since that day, one where the line of Terrater nearly ended and chaos would have taken grip. The now bitter Queen of Terrater sat upon her throne, regretting that she had sacrificed so many lives needlessly to live up to her father's name and didn't think to try to stop the problem sooner. The grim reminders of that war stared her in the face every day of her life, a prosthetic robotic arm and leg that had taken the place of the limbs that were cut from her in that final, climactic battle.

    Some good had come of it, as the Androids had changed the negative energy just in time, bringing back the result of some positive energy that they contained in a box. The positive energy was transferred into an empty android body that the Great Father had supplied them with, as if he had already known this would happen. The irony of the fact that everyone seemed to know what was fated to happen except for Dwayna herself, who was the catalyst of all these things.

    She had woken from her own personal nightmare to a new face that she hadn't seen before, the Android that they had given the positive energy to. A shiver went down her spine as she realized he had transferred a physical hologram of flesh onto his exterior, his eyes hidden by a purple visor. He looked like a scientist or a doctor as he was wearing a lab coat, and another shiver ran down her spine at the fact that his smile towards her was so genuine.

    It was him she had to thank for the new limbs and the fact that she was even alive today. Still, the memories of how quickly the events seemed to have happened flooded back to her. At the age of fifteen her father and mother had been murdered by a cousin of hers, and only a couple of years after that she had been fooled and betrayed by the Ayx for the first time. The war started and it lasted for nearly three years before it came to its end. Now, everything was peaceful again except for her own mind, the war that had long since passed still haunting her dreams.

    She clicked her metallic fingers on the side of her throne, staring towards the door as if waiting for someone to appear. Someone always came to visit her everyday, and it was only a matter of time until she knew who would grace her presence this morning.

    ((OOC: Feel free to introduce yourselves!))
  2. Ageless antiquity is not what inspired Theo’ Corbin - or Timothy Crow spoken in Common tongue. Timothy was inspired by progress and the motion of life itself. The smallest details of life could make a maze of un-ending adventure that Timothy would lose himself for hours just day-dreaming…

    “I am so moved by this dawn, for this dawn shall be my symbol,” he said to himself, standing so his feet were just submerged in the tropical lagoon’s crystal waters, looking out over the endless sea into the horizon as it began the new day. “I am more then just the sum of my parts, ever since I was transformed by Terrater, I knew so much more then I ever imagined possible. I knew of space between worlds, I knew of deep places in the sea and all the science of dreams. All these things came to me in my now unforgettable dream of my first day on Terrater, yet I have no knowledge of my previous form or where I came from?” Timothy thought this as the sunrise allowed the crystal waters to speak their name.

    “Enough!” He shouted and then told the sky as if asking it permission. “I have waited too long sitting idle while troubles comes to all those I could help, I must go see the queen today, I must go and help the people of Terrater. I owe it to her…”

    Timothy Crow stood at five feet eleven inches and had a toned physique, his light peach skin was hairless except for eyebrows that were dark , almost black, yet blue. Atop his head instead of hair, he had raven feathers that grow from his head, in a way that from a distance they looked like short hair that reached the middle of his neck at the back of his head. Great white wings like that of a swan stretched out from his shoulders appropriately and their feathers lightly fade into very light aqua colors. His iris’s glowed with a tropical blue light but did not illuminate any more light than normal. He wore Kimono-styled dark pants with no shoes, and he did not fear small scratches or bruised feet for his body healed at a remarkable rate. At a distance most would think he was an angel but that could not be further from the truth. Timothy Crow was a Devil. Although Terrater changed him so that he was not an insane evil let loose on the world, he still had the ability for remorseless acts of evil.

    Stretching his wings and arms he took to the sky leaving the place he had called home for the last 40 years of his life. Flying towards the capital city of Terrater with the intention to go and see the queen, it was time he took some responsibility and did something for the world that so forgivingly let him live.
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  3. A small store stood in the streets of Terrater, flanked by two taller buildings. It had been painted in black, with the doorframe and windowframe a warm purple colour. The sign handing from the eves proclaimed it as a costume store, boldly claiming that these were the best costumes in Terrater. The owner of the shop, a tall woman with short purple hair – the same colour as the doorframe – and glowing orange eyes flicked her wrist, causing the closed sign to change to open. At her command, the lights turned on, curtains flew open, and all of her products rearranged themselves. Strangely enough, the only thing that was on display was a huge variety of masks, decorated in different ways. They gave off a rather eerie vibe. The woman, whose name was Kirke, busied herself with some papers that lay on her desk for a while, before hearing a melodic voice announce:

    “Kirke, you have a customer.”

    She turned around, and found that a man had indeed entered her shop. He was an older, gruff looking man, wearing simple clothes. Her lips tightened. He was a human, one of the small group that had come to Terrater from a place that they called Earth, where the majority of the species had turned on each other in a desperate bid to survive. She didn’t have a problem with this man – Don his name was – but rather, it just brought up memories of someone she didn’t want to remember.

    “Thank you sweetie.” She said, not to Don, but to the speaker above her head, before turning her attention to the human. “Ah Don, you wanted a costume for a lionman didn’t you?” Without waiting for his answer, she turned around and flicked her wrist a pair of tongs lying on the bench. They floated out a door near her desk. “How have you been Don? Has Amelia gotten better, or is she still sick?”

    “I’ve been busy worrying for her. This pregnancy is putting a lot of stress on her so…” He gestured helplessly. “I’m hoping to cheer her up a bit with this costume.” Well that did make sense. Amelia herself was a Lioness humanoid. “And, I’m going to a fancy dress party that Iboni organised.” Kirke’s insides clenched like a fist, a dull ache forming in her heart. “It should be fun.”

    “It should be.” Kirke agreed, struggling to keep her demeanour pleasant.

    The pair of tongs floated back into the room, holding between them a mask that had been painted like a lions. The same eerie vibe hung around it. Kirke reached up and plucked the mask out from the tongs grip, and patted the utensil on the head. Then, she put the mask on.

    She felt the air ripple around her and looked at Don. “Is this satisfactory?” She queried.

    Don paused, examining her for a moment. She knew he was no longer seeing him, but a lion humanoid, one with shaggy red hair, piercing green eyes and claws jutting from his hands.

    “Yes, you did a wonderful job.” He agreed, and Kirke pulled the mask off her face, before handing it to Don. She tapped her purse with one slender finger, and some of Don’s money appeared in front of his face, showing him that it was exactly the amount that needed to be paid, before disappearing into the purse.

    “Enjoy yourself at the party.” Kirke told him, turning away.

    Kirke Simon was a curious mix, of a race that called themselves Paraidia and one that described themselves as “the knowers of magic and it’s mysterious ways”. The Paraidia had been a race, much like humans, but with different attributes. About 170 years ago, the current government of the time had decided to try and make life easier for it’s citizens and started to undergo a series of genetic tests on criminals that had been sentenced to death or imprisoned for life. The tests had a bizarre effect on the criminals: their hair colour changed to those of outrageous hues, along with their skin, as did their eyes change colour and start to glow. Their life span also changed, and they lived longer. Then, a huge series of violent storms swept though the world, and some of the surviving people, many of them criminals who had been tested on, found themselves face to face with a group of dragons who offered to take them away from this place. They agreed, and came to Terrater. One of them was her father. As for how the magicians got here, nobody really knows for they have been here for so long. She flicked her purple hair. She’d inherited her hair and eyes from her father, her pale skin and slender features from her mother. And, she’d also inherited both their long life, and her mother’s magical abilities.

    She sighed, then the speaker announced that another person had arrived. She turned quickly dove into the duties of a shopkeeper.
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  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    ((OOC: Just for a chance of this RP surviving this time around, I'm going to post at least once a week... Yeah.))


    A man stood in a laboratory, staring at a wall as if lost in thought. Anyone with the right sort of hearing would know that he had the soft whirring sound when he thought, belying his Android nature underneath the physical manifestation of a human male. When the skin came off he looked like any other android, with a purplish light inside his chest, but anyone with the right sort of eyes would see it for the miniature sun of positive energy it was. This was the same Android who had saved Dwayna's life, and he was remembering what had happened that fateful day.


    Dwayna had lost her left arm and right leg, and the negative energy that had touched her when they were severed was very slowly disintegrating the rest of her. He knew that he had to work quickly to save her, especially from the agony of being ripped apart. He looked around the table where the Chosen had put her down, and saw that they had left some of the Android parts for him to work with as well as some tools. An idea popped into his head and he set to work quietly, all the while thinking on the woman who was now, by default, his queen.

    He worked with the complex materials and shaped them into the two limbs she was missing, adding complex circuitry that would connect to her perfectly. He was very meticulous about it, absorbed in making the limbs perfect that he compensated for time by adding more, and any humanoid that looked in would be jealous of the speed at which he worked . He finished just in time to see that his calculations would be correct, and gently placed the limbs in line with the cuts that were made, testing his low mechanical voice for the first time.

    "Brace yourself," he said gently to her, "This may come as a bit of a shock." He smiled for what he thought to be no particular reason at the time, and quickly snapped the limbs into place. Her body did jolt with the integration, his Android vision seeing her energies pumping through the new limbs and the counteractive positive energy wiping away the negative energy. After they was fully integrated, Dwayna gently sat up and tested her new limbs, realizing that when she made even the slightest transformation they would transform with her, like they had always been a part of her being. She looked to him then, gulping slightly as if to get more air in her lungs, her emerald eyes peering at his purple visor.

    "Thank you," she said in a trembling voice to him, shedding some tears from her eyes. "These are wonderful. Tell me... who are you?" She seemed exasperated, as if she couldn't believe that she was still alive. Her eyes seemed to widen slightly as he began to think, as if she could actually hear him do it. He decided to answer her honestly, and in fact almost felt compelled to tell her the truth.

    "I am SAA-001, the Soul Auxiliary Android," he began. "I was made by the Great Father to host the positive energy made from changing the Ayx planet, thus making it my energy core, or 'soul' if you prefer. I have many combined functions of different androids to give me a range of different capabilities, including heightened repair skills. If you were asking for a humanoid name, I have not acquired one as of yet, and you are welcome to make suggestions, My Lady." He had searched for the appropriate honorific term to call her, finding she preferred 'My Lady' if one were to show her that sort of respect.

    Dwayna seemed mystified for several moments, her lips pursed in a neutral position and her eyes still staring at him. A shiver seemed to run down his back and he soon felt as if those eyes were drilling into his soul, as if they were looking at him through his eyes even though they were covered by his visor. She smiled at him then, a warmth that seemed to spread throughout him and cause a certain buzzing feeling that he felt would last through the day.

    "How would you like the name Edward?" she asked him nicely, the tremble gone from her voice. "In many languages it means 'Guardian'."

    "I quite like it, My Lady," he responded, getting the context of what she meant. "Edward it is. Edward Android."

    End Flashback

    Edward came out of his reverie feeling like he should give Dwayna a visit. She had seemed less emotionally sound after the deaths of many loved ones and the war that had come down upon her. He walked out of his laboratory and into the street, where he revved up the engines that had been installed into his form. He took off into the air and zoomed down the street like a jet plane, some of the people below looking up to see him fly by. He landed at the front door soon after, walking in with a cautiousness about him in case Dwayna was in a bad mood today.


    A woman with a clipboard in her hands sighed softly, as if out of boredom rather than fatigue. Her glowing red eyes looked over the sheets as she lifted them, her crimson hair blowing softly in the wind as she stood in the street. She wore what looked to be leather armor, red to match the unnatural colour of her eyes and hair. Two daggers rested in their holsters on a belt around her waist, the green diamond pin on her chest belying the fact that she was a Knight.

    Aria Terra was on check-up duty, making her rounds as she was scheduled to as a knight of the court. This was done every three months at least, to make sure that businesses were still working under the same ethic as when they started. Sometimes they found corrupt syndicates with people kept in cages as slaves, when it was just supposed to be a nice business of people who were willing to work as servants of the household. Sometimes it was much worse than that, and aggressive action needed to be made against the law-breakers.

    As a Chaos Demon she quite enjoyed conflict, but it was always boring when it didn't come to that. As a Knight she had to be on her best behavior, but at least she could still be her snarky self if she wanted to. Next on the clipboard was a shop known for making magical costume masks, supposedly led by an enchantress named Kirke Simon. This should be a fun endeavor, she thought to herself, a fanged smile slipping past her lips. She stepped inside, and someone announced the presence of another customer without even really looking to see who it was.

    "Excuse me," she said aloud in her dark, sly tones. "I'd like to speak to Kirke Simon, please." She waited for a response, proudly puffing her Knight pin out to make it obvious who she was.
  5. (That is a very good idea!)

    Kirke paused, studying the newcomer. To her magical senses, she could tell that this was a Chaos Demon. Repulsion filled her as she studied the woman’s blood red eyes and hair, the devious look within her eyes, and, when she opened her mouth to speak, her sharp fangs.

    "Excuse me," She announced, showing off those teeth of hers. "I'd like to speak to Kirke Simon, please."

    A flash of anger rushed through her. How dare this… this creature speak to her, as if she would politely answer and serve her? She raised her hand, ready to flick towards a light nearby the demon, when she noticed a green diamond pin on her chest. A knight. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand down and instead decided to crush the pen on the desk.

    “I am her, demon.” She said coldly. Okay, so the demon was a knight. Thereby, she wouldn’t attempt to destroy it. But that was all such a creature of imperfection would receive from her. “Did you come to buy a costume that was already made, or would you like to order one? If you want to, you’ll have to give me a good description of what you want done, a picture would be best.” Yeah, like a costume would stop people from not noticing what she was.

    She waited impatiently while the demon quickly explained that she was here to check that this was in fact a costume store, and wasn’t some hideout for druggies or something. Kirke glared at the demon, her orange eyes flashing.

    “Well, if you must look around then I suggest you don’t wander around unattended. There is magic everywhere around here, and I don’t think you would like to run into some of them… such as the one I set up to stop people from entering my workroom without my permission.”

    She flicked her wrist towards a piece of paper and a pen, getting the pen to scrawl ‘back in 5’ on the paper before some blue tack went and sticked it on the door. She threw out her hands.

    “Well, as you can see, this is the front room. This is where I put my costumes that have been pre made or are for hire.” She paused, waiting to see if this demon would need to perform any tests or anything like that.
  6. Crossing the small gap of ocean before the main land for Timothy was a new experience as he was not much of an explorer. Although all aspects of life facinated him, he was quite content to simply live and witness the world as it was ment to be seen. He flew to the City of Madone completly unsure of himself but resolved, for this was a big decision for him.

    Finally arriving at the castle, he was unsure how to act or speak in front of the queen. Though he had knowledge beyond most living things, he was completly simple when it came to dealing with the ever-changing culture of Terrater. He felt he should learn the etiquette, so to this end he stopped short of the castle and approached slowly, making his intention to enter the castle very clear.

    Timothy Crow was not a man of few words but usually only spoke when spoken too, for it was never his place to add words to the perfection that is the world song. To him creation itself sung the song of birds chirping, people talking, even the noise of a door closing was as if part of an enormous choir of multiple sounds, placed in the sequence of time and space so that those who can feel and hear sound would never grow tired of it.

    Taking his first few steps up towards the castle he thought to himself of all the ways he could help people and become part of the world that saved his life. He realized he would have to be taught how to do certain things and could never be expected to simply replace others whose hard work had earned them their place. Always, he would have to start as a beginner and earn the respect of those around him. It did not bother him that all this would come from his decision, for if he could help in any fashion the queen would know.

    Timothy resolved that he could be a fisherman or a carpenter or doctor, even the simplest of jobs would be doing something to give back to the world and the people that accepted him for what he was. It was clear to him that he must do something, and to begin that something he must ask the queen what she would want him to do. Maybe she had something that needed doing and was finding it difficult to have people work at that or complete the job. This was why he must ask, as he would be even more happy if he was doing something that truly was needed and gave his life meaning more then the exsitance of thought and mind.
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