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Ask to Join Tolcanic Island, Discussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread on Tolconic Island! We need 8 people, so please post all of the bios here. Thank you <.>


    July 10th, 2017...

    Greetings, there! I am cackle, the Tolcinc manager - and I am sending you this message as an invitation to Tolconic Island! We need more funding for research & such, so we thought it would be a good idea to personally invite a select few of backers in our Ekko project. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonders of Tolconic Island!
    At the island there is a humongous volcano in the center of it - which is how of course, we got our name. I recommend you bring some basic apparel, with the addition of some sun screen, and along with your daily appliances (I.E Toothbrush, comb, etc). Please do not bring any animals with you - as every single one of the staff has an allergic reaction to well...every animal.

    Send us an email if you desire further details, as we are happy to answer them!
    Thank you, and remember, no animals - bye!

    -Cackle Tindo

    Please write the word Penta Is awesome at the end of bios - to confirm that you have successfully read through the rules and lore.

    Guidelines for the Trip -

    1: Please do not curse around the staff.
    2: Do not over-exert yourself (Do not make your IC be able to lift 200000 pounds n'such).
    3: No pets.
    4: Please do not bring pets.
    5: Be sure to read the brochure on the boat your taking to arrive here, titled "General RolePlay Rules"
    6: Alas, no pets.


    Name/Alias -
    Date of Birth -
    Appearance -
    Apparel -
    Quick Lore -
    Personality -

    Name/Alias - Tailio Drite Saike
    Date of Birth - December 14th, 1999 (17)
    Appearance - Brown scruffy hair, blue eyes and stubby nose, 6'1 and fairly fit.
    Apparel - Black hoodie, with casual shorts. Has silver watch and grey shoes.
    Quick Lore - Was always a relaxed child, often stayed indoors, and played games. Tailio tends to fund cool sounding projects, and came across 'Ekko' then backed towards it, and it brought him here.
    Personality - Laid-back; will not take a lot of interest in things, lets others do work, while he stays on the sidelines. Although - he has a keen eye for things, and makes a good leader.

    Penta is AWESOME!
  2. Hm... this seems like an interesting RP. I'll try it out.

    Name/Alias -
    Elena Vanguard
    Date of Birth - May 27th, 2000 (17)
    Appearance - Shoulder-length blonde hair, black eyes, petite figure and 5'2
    Apparel - A sleeveless black jacket with a white shirt underneath, grey jeans, a gold necklace with a crest on it and black sneakers.
    Quick Lore - Elena has a rebellious nature due to her family name. At a young age, she despise being born in a rich family and rather live like any person than living in luxury. Despite hating her parents, she still has a deep connection with her elder brother.
    Personality - She is hot-headed and often has a strange sense of humour.

    Oh and, (Penta is awesome)
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