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Tokyo Ghoul RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Hoi, its Nito here, bringing you a new RP! The Tokyo Ghoul Show is a Japanese ANime, Where some people are ghouls, some CCG, and some are Plain Civilians, Onto the rules
    1. Only a Select few will get to be the 'one eyed' Ghoul, Like Kanaki Ken, Those select few would be from my Fairy tail RP, @koopa000 , @Ultimate Roleplayer , @Speed Princess , and @TheRagingSSJG , Anyone else will be asked to Change.:3
    2. FAN MADE KAGUNE'S ARE allowed, Just Tell me about it, show me a picture if the internet has one,
    3.Nito is the God Ken.

    TO the characters!*Max is 4*

    Past*Not needed*:
    Personality*Not needed*:

    Alignment(Ghoul/CCG): One eyed Ghoul
    Kagune/Weapon:Somewhat like Kanaki's, But a little more complicated,His Kagune isn't red, its Black, and With the added on Fan made 9-Snake tail's*Naruto ref* KAgune, it add's his Deadly ness.
    Past*Not needed*:Nope
    Personality*Not needed*:Nada
    Skills:piercing Stab, Bullet Stab, Venom, Chicken Fajita, Caterpillar Spine, Final Stab*Ultimate: Causes a Nuke-Like Explosion where the user stabs, Without the Radiation though, very few have survived this, User passed out when used*

    Alignment(Ghoul/CCG): CCG
    Kagune/Weapon:Red Blade-thing
    Past*Not needed*:
    Personality*Not needed*:
    Skills:Average CCG Skills
  2. Name: Nenkilly Smorai
    Alignment(Ghoul/CCG): One eyed Ghoul
    Kagune/Weapon: he has a bikaku kagune thats orange it kinda looks like a scorpion tail
    Appearance: Wears Orange, and white mask it has a crack in the middle seperating the orange, and white it only has one eye hole on the White side revealing his kakugan he also wears a white hoodie, and white pants, and some white shoes.
    Gender: Male
    Past*Not needed*:
    Personality*Not needed*: Nice,friendly,Sometimes hes ruthless,and Crazy
    Skills: Dodging,Blocking,
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  3. I didnt know you had a ft thread. Can I join that one too plz?

    Name: Omega Carvine
    Alignment(Ghoul/CCG): Ghoul (originally he was going to be one eyed like how I designed him but Ill make a change for the sake of the rp ;))
    Kagune/Weapon: dark purple bikaku (3 spear liked tails) with a black and white rinkaku
    Gender: Male
    Skills: Hunting, art, Fighting
  4. So, in a way, you can say that Nito has a Kakuja Type Kagune, a type In all reality kakuja's aren't a type Kagune only a mutated form of the ghouls own Kagune. The only time ghouls become kakujas is when they commit the act of cannibalizing other ghouls multiple times. Kakuja's have a special almost armor like Kagune once it's mutated. They are extremely fast as well as over powered. However, kakuja's suffer from mental instability once they turn(Not for Nito.). An example of a kakuja would be Kaneki Ken and Yamori.
  5. so, 3 characters, I'll get started on le RP
  6. Oh, and for his Kakuja, he takes the form of a Snake, Somewhat like ken's, But His has 9-Snake tails With One Giant Tail, Like Ken's Centipede Tail.
  7. Well thats a cool design i wish i could draw it but i cant draw for crap :(
  8. I'll try to Draw it, i may need a Mixture of Naruto & Kaneki
  9. And, Currently, This isn't his full Kakuja, He'll get his FUll SOon, Where he becomes a version of Kaneki xD, Where he has no control over it.
  10. Nito, and kaneki are very similiar hmm.
  11. Nito Nar'rayya:Black hair, Black Jacket
    Kaneki Ken: White HAir, Black Jumpsuit....
    Mhm, Im just another version of Kaneki
  12. Nito:Whats 1000 Minus 7 *Insane Laugh*
    KAneki:Thats my line!
    *Insert battle*
  13. Its not gonna be that horrible
  14. Well, i have used 3 pieces of paper xD
  15. i messed up on his skin, Act as Its not their.
  16. and he has TWO Giang tails, and The Easily seen Utaku's
  17. Yo is this dead? :(
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