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Ask to Join Tokyo Ghoul: New Hights

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. (Look, heres the discussion and OOC Maker https://pokecharms.com/threads/tokyo-ghoul-rp.15454/#post-383722)

    Nito Walk around, Controlling his hunger around the Strangers, And heading to the Cafe he worked at, "Anything new i should know Harold?" One of the Customer's said, "I heard a ghoul is Running around the Outskirts, i'd steer clear of that" The other one said, "Where is this rumored 'Ghoul' Last seen?" Nito said, "Near The District 1 Sign" The Customer said, This was Near Nito's ground, He knew he hasn't been seen, Could their be someone else?
  2. Nen was wondering the streets looking for someone to eat he wanted somebody big to munch on, and easy to kill Nen then spotted a fat asian gamer Nen then walked up to the guy, and asked him if he wanted a new video game he said yes Nen then took him to a ally.The gamer questioned Nen, Nen then grew out his Bikaku, and stabbed the gamer the gamer screamed before soon suffering a horrible fate.
  3. Nito went to his Spot, Grew his Kakuja, And Started Jumping From building to building, Seeing a Bikaku Kagune, WIth the User eating a Gamer, "Taking the Fat one's....I like his style"(Yes, he goes insane with the Kakuja On.)Then jumping near him," How you doin?"
  4. Nen wiped the blood off his mouth, he then put his mask on before turning around to nito, and saying "Im been doing pretty good how about you are you having a good day so far?"
  5. "Greeeaaattt" He said Sarcastically, With a bit of Insanity with it, "just Seen you Taking the Weak first, i like that style" He said, 'That and i noticed your Kagune, Bikaku, is it not?"
  6. Nen replied "Thanks, and yes it is bikaku by the way what happened? It seems you have had a bad day" Nen then threw up a 3ds, and wii u, and some games with it.
  7. "Just that Some Person seen a Ghoul Near my Feeding Ground, i need to Tear their Eyes out of their sockets and SHove them Down their throat, i was just heading their." he said, WIth a bit of the insanity Giggle, "and i see The DS has had a bit to much to eat" He said, pointing to the Chicken & Ketchup on it.
  8. Nen replied "Yea it seems that way anyway want me to come with you then we kill him or her together, but that wouldnt be fun would it?" Nen grinned, and then thought of so many ways of torture.
  9. "Alright, Catch up if you can" He said, ,using the rinkaku To climb up building, then Jumping to use the Utaku to glide over their, "by the way! My Kagune is a 'Kakuja!" He yelled.
  10. Nen replied "Ehh i dont really feel like trying to keep up" Nen used his bikaku to hold onto nito Nen then yelled back "Its a bit obvious that your a kakuja i mean look at you no normal ghoul looks like that"
  11. "that is true" He said, Trying not to smack him with his Giant-Tail, "So, Any idea on how to Torture Him?" He said, "Im saying Rip his legs off and feed Him his own Heart."
  12. Nen replied "I was thinking of ripping his teeth out one by one, and once there all out shove them in his left ear if they dont fit we could make them fit then we could cut his tongue out his mouth then shove it down his throat"
  13. When they got their, The ghoul Was eating a Child, "I kinda like his Style Too" He said, Insanity Is with him, "Lets just do what you said and Cut his Legs off" He said, Pinning the Random Ghoul to the Ground with His Spikes, Then Started cutting his Leg off, "Now you!"
  14. Nen let go of nito he then cracked his knuckles, and said "your about to have a very bad day buddy" Nen forced the ghouls mouth to open he then used his bikaku to cut his tongue Nen then shoved it down his throat with his bikaku
  15. When the ghoul Died, Nito Started Eating The Ghoul's Corpse, "Mmmmmm, Num, This is Good, MMMMMM" He Said(?), Gobbling the Ghoul To The Bones.
  16. Nen looked at Nito with a weird face, Nen then told Nito "You're crazy... i like that i think were going to get along quite nicely if i say so myself" Nen then smiled.
  17. Nito stood up, Wiped the blood of, Turned his Kakuja off, and Waved While running back to the cafe, "See Yah Later! Hope te see you again!" He said, Friendly,

    Meanwhile, at the CCG, Kakura Was Talking with the others, "We need a plan to Kill the ghouls, They have attacked a child, and the world Record Government Gamer, Soon they will attack Donald Trump."
  18. The figure loomed above the buildings." Boring." With a quick descent he began dragging his feet towards the cafe. with a sharp thrust the door slammed open and he sighed. Countless stairs met Omega as the white hair over his eyes parted. the naturally brown and flecked with red eyes scanned the area." Can I have a coffee please?"
  19. Nito Quickly Went Behind the Stand And Made the Coffee, With a Bit more Coffee Beans then usual, Sense He was in a hurry, Then Handing the Coffee to The Strange Figure., "Here Yah Go!"
  20. The boy squinted at the waiter. Ghoul. The first word in his head. The smell was intoxicating, the scent of ghoul and a hint of human. He took the cup and nodded his head in approval, avoiding eye contact, a habit he gets into when he hides something. Truthfully, he wanted to kill and eat everyone here but his strength was fading fast." Hey it might be a big ask but has anyone got a place I could stay at for a while?" He snickered. All he had to do was have some human left him come with them then finish them. Time to let things play out.
  21. "Sure! The Rooms are Upstairs To the Right, Then take a left" He said, Drinking Some Left Over Heated Up Coffee, "Besides, We all Need a Place to stay Sometimes."

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