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Private/Closed Tokyo Ghoul AU (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Schrift, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    (I hope this RP doesn't fail)

    In this world humans are not at the top of the food chain. Ghouls dominate the food chain, being the natural predators for humans. Ghouls are cannibals, only being able to eat humans and other ghouls( and coffee beans). They can only drink coffee and water. Their tongues are different from a normal human making all food (apart from human/ghoul meat) taste bad. But what truly separates ghouls from humans are their Kagunes. These are the ghouls' claws, their hunting weapon. When activated the ghouls eyes go black with a red iris, this is often referred to as a kakugan.

    Fortunately for humans they have their defence against ghouls, the CCG( or the Commission of Counter Ghouls). These people hunt down ghouls using special weapons called Quinques, made from Kagunes. They hunted down ghouls and slaughtered them until a special ghoul Ken Kaneki, brought peace between humans and ghouls. But that was 500 years ago, since then the peace between humans and ghouls have slowly deteriorated leaving only a husk of what it used to be.

    Now ghouls are being hunted down, and their population is starting to drop quickly. But this has also led to a spike in ghoul organisations, and the Aogiri Tree has become bigger than ever. The Goats have been wiped out and have been replaced with the Daisho, a group that works with the Aogiri Tree to fight against the CCG.

    But there is hope, recently rumours have been flying around about a half ghoul. Could this mean that the one eyed king/queen has returned? You are a ghoul, who lives in the 20th ward, near Anteiku a Cafe with some dark secretes, trying to live a life and avoid the CCG. But now times are getting harder with rumours for a war to break out between ghouls and humans, will you be swept up in this madness of the world?

    (For those who don't understand, kaneki (protagonist of the original series) has died and ghouls and humans hate each other again. There is a new half ghoul and the world is now slowly falling into chaos)


    Follow Pokecharms rules

    This is gonna be one of my more intense RPs, so expect a lot of gore and violence

    Romance is allowed (maybe enouraged)

    death can happen, though I'll try to be lenient

    There is only one one eyed ghoul

    Anything in BOLD is going to be in the mini dictionary

    Only one Chimera ghoul

    Character sheet-

    Name/Ghoul name:
    Age: (19-29)
    Rating: (C~ - A~)
    Mask: (Kakuja mask goes here as well)
    Kagune (include type)/ Kakuja: (if you're planning to get that high)
    Kagune skill-

    Name/ Ghoul name: Takashi Pesuto, or the Black death to the CCG

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Student at a university and a waiter for Anteiku

    Rating: B+

    Appearance: Takashi stands at 6'2 and weighs around 120lbs. His hair is white with red tips, and his eyes are large and deep blue. He has a lean frame, mostly skinny with little muscle. Most times he wears a red hoodie with a black raven on the back. On the bottom he wears a black pair of shorts and white trainers. When at work he wears the simple uniform consisting of a black waistcoat over a white long sleeved shirt. With a black tie and black trousers, finished off with a black pair of polished shoes.

    Mask: A simple white plague doctors mask with glass eye holes.
    Kakuja mask- It covers the top half of his face, resembling a crow with a long hooked beak over his nose. Similar to Kaneki's Kakuja mask but it covers the whole of his upper face and it has two large bulbous sacks of glowing red Rc cells. Serrated teeth circle the rim of the large Kakugan in the centre.

    Personality: When most people meet him, he is often friendly and open. He welcomes most people with a smile and acts warm and fuzzy. He cares about humans and tries his best not to eat humans, however that doesn't mean he won't kill one if he has to. But that all changes when he wears his mask, his whole personality changes. He hates humans and views them as a plague on the earth, he will purposely go out of his way to kill them. He becomes hostile and violent, Takashi's blood lust almost triples.

    (include type)/ Kakuja:
    chimera(rinkaku and Bikaku)
    His Kagune is a combination of Jason's rinkaku and Hinami's rinkaku. His duel rinkaku, resembles a spinal cord, with muscle attaching each segment. At the end of the Rinkaku is a dagger like bone with a pool of glowing red circles on each segment. Each segment is thin, with multiple spikes and points making it quick yet deadly. his duel bikaku resembles a bristly tail with different segments that glow purple and light blue. With his Bikaku he can harden it to make it dangerous or soften it for less dangerous blows. What makes his Bikaku dangerous is that when he hardens he bristles he can fire them making them dangerous for long and close range battles. The only drawback is that he can only use one at a time, since his control over both is terrible.

    Kakuja( Later on in the rp)- His Kakuja makes him resemble a crow, his Bikaku and Rinkaku change considerably. His rinkaku resembling a pair of wings that stretch over ten feet. He can harden his 'wings' and use them for melee combat or harden them and fire them for long range combat. His Bikaku resemble cannons and are on crystal like tentacles. His Bikaku can fire clusters of RC cell shards or fire a RC cell blast, which builds up condensed RC cells and fire them in the form of a laser beam. The only weakness with this is that his kakuja is incomplete, meaning he has the weakness of all incomplete Kakujas

    Kagune skill- (5/10)

    Backstory: Both his parents were the last remaining survivors of the Goat, they loved humans and wanted peace between them and ghouls. Until the age of 13 he lived a pretty average life, but then one day when he came back from school he saw CCG agents outside his house. He did as his parents taught him and ran to Anteiku. When he told the owner of Anteiku what happened he sent a small group of ghouls to go to Takashi's house. All they came back with was bad news. Since that day, Takashi's mentality slowly started to break apart. It started as a voice inside his head telling him to kill all humans but he never listened to it, until he got his mask. On that day he killed a family of four leaving only a child with one less arm. Now he has a split personality and a new love for humans.

    Other: Later on in the rp he will have a small organisation called "The Plague"

    The mini ghoul dictionary.

    Ghoul- These guys are human's natural predator, they kill humans/ghouls for food and are often seen as monsters. They can only eat human/ghoul flesh since the enzymes in their bodies are completely different, if they attempt to eat human foods they will become highly sick. What makes them different is that they have a kagune, a predatory organ used to hunt humans. These can give ghouls inhuman abilities. They are immune to most weapons, knives only gives them scratches and bullets are like needles to them. If a ghoul doesn't eat, they fall onto predatory instincts forcing them to kill and eat.

    RC cells- These are what make ghouls ghouls. Everyone has RC cells in them, humans have around 100-500, whereas ghouls have around 1000-10000. These Rc cells, make kagunes by bonding together. Different Rc cells makes different Kagunes. These are kept in Kakuhou

    Kagunes- These are the ghouls' predetory organ, often referred to as claws. Kagunes are placed into five sub categories, Ukaku, Koukaku, Rinkaku, Bikaku and Chimera. Kagunes are never the same for any ghoul, they are often different different. Their abilities range from shooting hardened Rc cell to creating fire or lightning or even slowing down ageing.

    Kakuja- Tha kakuja is an evolved form of the Kagune, it is more powerful able to grant the user superior physical abilities and a stronger kagune. It often forms a mask over the user's face made of Rc cells. The only way to obtain a Kakuja is to cannibalise on ghouls eating their kagune. If a ghoul uses an incomplete kakuja, their mind will become Sadistic and twisted making them seem insane.

    Kakugan- this is activated when a ghoul uses their Kagune, but they it can be activated at will or when the user is in extreme hunger.

    Aogiri Tree- is a ghoul organisation feared by both human and ghouls for their power. They frequently hunt down both the CCG and ghouls for food and are the largest threat to the CCG.

    Anteiku- On the outside, the Anteiku looks like a docile cafe. But secretly it is a ghoul organisation aiding ghouls and acting as a feeding ground for the 20th ward. It is lead by a powerful SS+ ghoul, called Mr Shujin. It has two floors and a massive basement, which normally stores corpses of humans for ghouls to eat. It is warm and welcoming to both human and ghoul and is the enemy of the Aogiri tree.

    Goats- This was an organisation founded by Ken Kaneki, it encouraged humans and ghouls to live together. However it is now wiped out, by the CCG.

    CCG- These people hunt down ghouls. They are highly skilled humans, with a dangerous arsenal. Almost all ghouls are afraid of the CCG. They are armed with quinques, they used to hunt down ghouls.

    Quinques- since ghouls have kagunes, humans have quinques to defend themselves. They are made from kagunes of ghouls they kill. These are often stored by CCG in briefcases and are one of the only weapons that can kill ghouls.

    Ratings and typings-
    Ukaku- These kagunes are located at the shoulder blades, they often take the shape of wings. These Kagunes are known for lightweight speed and ending the battle quickly. They normally fight from long range. However if the battle draws out too long, they become exhausted easily. They can easily out speed and beat a Bikaku but a koukaku can out last them in the long run with their defence.

    Koukaku- This Kagune is located below the shoulder blades but above the kidneys. These ones are the tanks of the Kagunes, and are sturdy and robust. They are best suited for defence and are often shaped as swords or shields. Due to the density of the Rc cells, this kagune is slow and bulky and weak against the strength of the Rinkaku. But they outlast the Ukaku in the long run, with their superior defence.

    Rinkaku- This kagune is located around the kidneys and are often shaped as tentacles. These kagunes are known for their brutish strength and superior regenerative abilities. They are able to over power most kagunes easily, but the kagune itself is fluid like. It is easily for this kagune to be severed. It is powerful against the Koukaku, bing able to penetrate its defence. But it is weak against the Bikaku's balanced power.

    Bikaku- these kagunes are located at the tail bone or coccyx, it is perfectly balanced meaning it has no notable weaknesses or strengths. It normally takes the shape of a tail. It's superior speed and durability means it can easily beat a Rinkaku but the long distance abilities of the Ukaku can make this kagune's balance useless.

    Chimera- This is a combination of two of the kagunes above.

    (Kagunes typings work like this Ukaku --> Koukaku --> Rinkaku --> Bikaku --> Ukaku)

    C rank- a weak ghoul that can't use their kagune properly or have a hard time using it, they prey on unarmed humans.

    B rank- they have control over their kagune and can take on Rank 3-1 investigators. They prey on humans, armed or unarmed. They pose no threat to the CCG

    A rank- These guys have higher skill with their kagunes and can take on Rank 3- first class investigators, they pose a slight threat to the CCG.

    S rank- they have mastered their Kagune and are showing signs of a kakuja, they are powerful and hunt both ghouls and CCG investigators. They can take on associate special class investigators and special investigators. They pose a threat to the CCG

    SS rank- These guys are dangerous with their Kagune and have a kakuja, they are dangerous to ghouls and humans alike. It takes multiple special class investigators to kill a ghoul like this. At this point they might have their own organisation and they pose a large threat to the CCG and are feared to both humans and ghouls.

    SSS rank- These ghouls are the strongest of the strong, they are the strongest ghoul on the planet. They don't need their kagunes to kill most CCG agents and it would take the entire CCG to pose a threat to this ghoul. Few ghouls can obtain this rank.

    @Night's Shadow
  2. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Name/Ghoul name: Jiyuna Seishin/Bladed Wolf
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: University student/summer camp supervisor. A regular at Anteiku.
    Rating: A
    Appearance: Long, wavy black hair, bright, piercing cognac eyes. Long lashes and delicate features hide her inner strength. Relatively slight of size, but despite her weak looks, her wiry muscles are capable of bench-pressing over a hundred and fifty pounds.
    Mask: A black mask that covers the top two-thirds of her face. Its shape is similar to that of a wolf face. Does not posses kakuja.
    Personality: Insecure and somewhat shy, Jiyuna is, despite this, not afraid to speak her mind, and will stand up for what she believes in. She fears her own power, and it will sometimes spring out of her when she feels deep emotional distress. Her convictions are strong, and she wants peace between human and ghoul, but knows that as long as ghouls feed off humans, it will be impossible. In spite of her desire for peace, deep inside she hates humans for killing her father, and sometimes loses control and goes on a killing spree when her emotions get the better of her. Her way of hunting is quick and effective, often giving a fairly painless death free of deception.
    Kagune: A koukaku. Black. Can be used as bladed armor or detached for use as traps.
    Kagune skill- 7.5/10
    Backstory: Her father hated humans, and did all the hunting for the family. Her mother was always frail and sickly, and died soon after childbirth. This only enraged her father further, and he went into a frenzy, tearing up several hundred ghoul investigators before dying. As a result, Jiyuna was left to be brought up by her mother’s human acquaintance, but he was an alcoholic, and a ghoul could pretty much feed him his own insides and he wouldn’t give a damn.
    Other: Despite the size of her kagune, she can be quite agile.
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  3. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    @Night's Shadow Accepted! Great character, I like the backstory and kagune idea
  4. Can I reserve a one eyed ghoul?
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  5. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

  6. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Name/Ghoul name: Kaito Nogitsune/The White Fox
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Barrista at Anteiku
    Rating: A+
    Appearance: Tall and slender, Kaito stands at around 6'5" with short blonde hair and grey eyes. He has a tattoo of a rose tattoo that starts at his neck and the stem runs down his back. He tends to wear nice grey trainers, dark trousers and a shirt with the top buttons not done up. When he is "The White Fox" he adds a sleek black overcoat to his outfit. He also wears a crescent moon medallion.
    Mask: He wears a white a sleek white and black fox mask that covers his entire head.
    Personality: Generally well mannered and smart. He prefers to live calmly and peacefully but when he does end up in a fight he is ruthless and becomes a force to be reckoned with.
    Kagune: Rinkaku - Four white tentacles with shape blade like additions to the ends of them.
    Kakuja: (for later) Covers half his face giving him a two-face like appearance.
    Kagune skill - 8.5/10
    Backstory: His parents were killed by the CCG and he became very violent and savage because of that. He killed a lot of people and slowly raised his rating. It was only when a friend if his was hurt during a raid on the area he was assumed to be living that he went into hiding and stopped killing for a while. He started to work at Anteiku and only killed when he needed to.
    Other: N/A

    Name/Ghoul name: Daisy Reaper/Little Nightmare
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Waitress at Anteiku
    Rating: B
    Appearance: Small and sweet looking, she stands at 5'4" and has bright pink hair and purple eyes (hair dye and coloured contacts, her natural hair is blonde and her eyes are blue) she usually wears trousers, trainers and t-shirts but when she is "Little Nightmare" she wears white shoes with black socks and a white frilly dress with cycling shorts under so she doesn't expose herself when she is moving around.
    Mask: A yellow smiley face with an open mouth filled with sharp teeth it is spherical and covers her head.
    Personality: Usually quite cheerful and happy when around friends and customers but when it comes to the CCG she becomes very sadistic and crazy with a personality similar to Harley Quinn. She even puts on a higher pitched voice. She is also gay.
    Kagune: Bikaku - A sleek black tail that allows her to swing and hang from high places, she can also cool it and use it like a spring. For offence she wield to sharp knives.
    Kagune skill - 6.5/10
    Backstory: Her parents were killed when she was very young and she was taken in by Anteiku and has been with them ever since, she made a small name for herself and is still quite violent despite the warnings from people such as Kaito.
    Other: N/A
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  7. Name/Ghoul name: Misumi Tsurugi/ Scarlet Eye
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: University student
    Rating: C (Of course it will change in future)
    All of this was made in the Cross Vein Character Creator.
    Misumi is a 5'11 tall young man with quite slim, yet muscular build. He has light green eyes and short dark red hair with gray tips. He usually wears white/red t-shirt and light gray, almost white trousers. He sometimes wears a red glove on his right hand that he received from dad. Currently, he also wears orange eyepatch on his left eye to hide that he is a ghoul.
    Mask: a black metalic mask that covers a bottom half of his face that has a small red containers on each side.
    Kakuja: (for later in rp) mask covers a 2/3 of a bottom of his face, it resembles a snow white mouth full of razor sharp teeth, that moves similary to him moving his face, as if that was his second face.
    Personality:Childish and sweet for most of the people. He often calls himself a pacifist and that he dislike fighting. However, he is ready to fight if someone's in danger or if his own life is in danger. But even then, he tries to avoid the possibility of their deaths. He is shy around girls and falls in love rather easily.

    Kagune: Bikaku, he have a Blood red tail that is around 4 meters tall ended with a sharp blade around half a meter long.
    Kakuja: (Later at rp) His bikaku multiplies to the number of three, His hands and lengs are also covered with rc cells and gave them claws. His main tail also has a poison that unthreatened can paralyze and slowly kill the target. For most of rp, his Kakuja will be incomplete.
    Kagune skill- 3/10 (as for now)
    Backstory: He was taken care by his father who was a human, as his mother died by the hands of CCG. His dad cared for his son for over 19 years till his dead and due to a fact that his dad never told him from what is the meat he gives him and gave his son an eyepatch, Misumi for a long time didn't know that he is a ghoul. (More TBA)
    Other: One eyed and N/A
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  8. Sorry for double post
    I just noticed that I hadn't add Personality :(
    Sorry for the trouble
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  9. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

  10. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Should I start the rp now or should we wait for one or two more people?
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  11. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    I'd say we have a good number to start at least
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  12. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    I decided to make Daisy and Kaito in an avatar maker.
    37328_1Af9UgDN.png 37328_8x1eLUUu.png
    13338_tWonjCCO.png 13338_ymTjEVTl.png
    Images courtesy of Picrew.me
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  13. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    I drew Jiyuna:
    *left: human apprearance
    *middle: kagune activated (over shirt and jeans)
    *right: mask
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  14. Name/Ghoul name: Haruto Nikuya/The Butcher
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Butcher, meat supplier for Anteku and many other places.
    Rating: B
    Appearance: Haruto has pale skin, red eyes, long black hair which he ties into a pony tail, Haruto wears a clean white suit, black gloves and nice black boots, a red tie, and a white fedora.
    Mask: He wears bandages which cover his whole face which he can see through, he lets his hair down.
    Personality: Haruto is quite chipper and happy go lucky, and he likes making friends. He has no hate towards humans and actually quite likes them he has many human friends and tries to source his meat from CCG operatives or people who committed suicide, or criminals he doesn't enjoy killing but understands it's a necessity and that lots of people rely on his meat to survive and that keeps him going.
    Kagune, Koukaku its purple and wraps around his utmost upper arm where a chainsaw like blade drops down to his knees.
    Kagune, skill- 9/10
    Backstory: Haruto's Dad owned the same butcher, but was far more cruel and sadistic selling items like live meat, and children, Haruto hated his father for this eventually this raised to it's apex when in an attempt to get his son to take over the business Haruto's dad kidnapped his best friend sold him as meat this enraged Haruto and made him activate his Kagune and kill his father, after that point Haruto took over the butcher but is still burdened by the underground ties his father had made, when Haruto just wishes prefers to deliver meat to families and ghouls trying to live a normal life.

    Attached Files:

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  15. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

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  16. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    It feels kinda like something’s missing...

    Or rather, someone XD

    @Gamingfan the asylum summons thee
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  17. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    How could I forget, a rp about canibal humans with powers doesn't work without the full asylum squad.
  18. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    I know next to nothing about Tokyo Ghoul.
    So an internet search later, Imma join a Tokyo Ghoul RP. Yes.
    Character sheet-

    Name/Ghoul name: Devin Souk/ Winged Thunder
    Age: (19-29) 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Freelance. Works similar to batman, where he goes around searching for any humans or ghouls causing trouble, and puts them down. They also provide a meal for him.
    Rating: A
    Appearance: 5'11/Tanned/Black hair and eyes.
    He's skinny, but quick, even in without his kagune. Normally wears a blue hoodie over a red undershirt, jeans, and sneakers.
    Mask: A white masquerade mask with blue markings around the eyes. The ends are shaped like wings. (Bleh. I'm bad at this.)
    Personality: He used to be an positive kid, but the recent fighting between ghouls and humans has turned him jumpy and untrusting. He still tries to put a positive spin on things, but he's slowly been going into depression. Once someone does gain his trust, he'll act like he did before, kind, upbeat, and loyal.
    Kagune Ukaku/ Kakuja: ( And that's another internet search @.@)
    Backstory: His parents shielded him from the horrors outside, so he grew up oblivious to the war and discrimination between the ghouls and humans. That is, until a CGC member broke in when he was 17, telling about suspicions of a ghoul in the residence. His family tried to protect him, and they died doing so. Terrified, Devin fled and hid. After many weeks of hiding, he decided to try and make peace between the two races. They were only fighting thanks to the actions of the other, right? If he could just fix things, it'll all be done. And so he began acting as a sort of hero, killing those who do anything wrong. This had taken a toll on his attitude, but he tries to keep up with his father's saying:
    Keep your head high, and no one will reach you.
    Other:He carries Pseudo-electrokinesis, which makes him very strong, but also exhausts him faster.
    (*Barf* Yea okay. Can you tell how little I know? This looks interesting, though)
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  19. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    I'm not going to jump in with kagunes too quickly, so until then you should be fine @Gamingfan Accepted.
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  20. Woah... I stopped receiving notifications from Discussion... Didn't know we have two more people.
    Made in piccrew
    received_751930848942314.png received_742352249891828.png Made in Code Vein

    Also, if someone would want their character in Code Vein version, then I can make it ^^
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  21. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    I would be very interested to see what you can come up with for my character :)
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  22. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Maybe it's because I'm still half-asleep, but I have no idea what going on the in the RP. Can someone catch me up?
  23. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Basic rundown, we're in a basement.

    Not as basic rundown, we're in the basement of anteiku (the cafe/ feeding grounds), because the CCG(the ones that hunts ghouls) are doing a basic check up on the place to check if we're harbouring ghouls. Most of us are in the basement (Excluding you and Thomas the trainer), so I suggest going to the basement. The new one eyed ghoul has been revealed and he wanted to escape. After this I'm planning on us giving Clite's character some training on his kagune.
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  24. Time to make your characters guys!
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  25. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    So I'm going to skip ahead, and say we're going to go train Misumi.

    @Clite of Dragonbow mind if I auto your character for one post( just saying that they're at the training place)

    The training place will be a warehouse
  26. As long as you don't auto his emotions, words and its nothing more than (and Misumi was there too)
    Then yes, you can

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