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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Picnicker Virgil, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. ((OOC: I've had this idea in my head for almost a year I think but have been too lazy to actually write it. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but here's the first chapter.))

    Togetic's feet touched the ground at last; she'd been flying for hours it seemed. In the ancient world Togetic lived in it was often hard to find food, especially for a rather weak Pokémon like herself that could not kill her own prey. The only that kept her going was the thought of her babies, her newly hatched Togepi, the ones that were hungry and waiting back at the nest for food.

    In the distance the newly deceased carcass of a Zigzagoon lay on the ground, its smell making it hard for anything with a nose to miss. Togetic flapped her wings, in these ancient times Togetics had not yet gained the power to fly without the use of their wings, and therefore they looked quite different, and headed towards the food. She immediately began feasting, storing her food so that she could later regurgitate it to her Togepi.

    Togetic's sharp teeth sunk into the Zigzagoon, taking a large bite and enjoying the taste of food. Blood splattered onto her long white coat but she did not mind, she'd lick herself clean later. All that mattered now was to eat and get back to her babies before something bad happened to them. Predators were everywhere.

    She stopped mid-bite, aware she was being watched. Before Togetic had a chance to take to the sky a loud roar ripped through the air as a Tyranitar sprung from the bushes and fired an intense concentrated beam of energy, just missing Togetic. The beam wasn't meant to hit her, of course, Tyranitar wanted his prey to be in one piece and the Hyper Beam attack would have demolished her tiny body.

    A sudden realization hit Togetic. It was a sixth sense many Pokémon possessed, one that alerted them to danger. This wasn't the only Tyranitar. There were more, hundreds, and they were heading this way. In a matter of minutes they'd find the Togepi, her children. A roar snapped Togetic back to earth; she would have no way of saving her children if she died.

    Togetic mustered power of her own, trying to fend off her attacker. She concentrated the power to her finger, which began to glow with energy. In her mind Togetic was calling out for an attack, something to distract her assailant. And a distraction was just what she got. The light on the end of her finger quickly spread to her entire body, which flashed brightly for a brief second. The Flash attack forced Tyranitar's eyes shut and gave Togetic some precious time to run.

    Flapping her wings, Togetic actually managed to lift herself this time. She flew high first, wanting to get out of reach before she fled. She also didn't want Tyranitar to follow her back to the nest. Togetic was now a good sixty feet in the air and already out of breath, the attack had taken a lot out of her.

    And then, turning around, she saw it. She could almost see the ground rumble as hundreds of the green monsters tore through the valley and anything that got in their way. There was a small wall of trees blocking the hoard of Tyranitar from the lone one, who was just now recovering and had not yet spotted Togetic. She had to hurry, at the speed they were going they would reach her babies in a matter of minutes.

    Togetic took off in the opposite direction, heading back towards the nest and the precious lives that were in them. Flying as fast as she was, when she was as tired as she was, took a lot out of her and Togetic had no choice but to land and make the rest of the way on foot. Togetics were fast on their feet, so this wouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Togetic lowered, still moving at a rapid pace. She was in such a rush that she didn't bother looking where she was landing. This was a mistake.

    The happiness Pokémon's feet had just touched what they thought was solid ground when they suddenly began to sink. Togetic panicked, struggling to get loose of the thick tar that was slowly engulfing her. Her cries could be heard all the way back in the nest, trying to warn her children, who were fast asleep, waiting to be fed. And then she gave up, allowing the tar to take her over, giving her life away. The Tyranitars continued their rampage through the ancient valley, ignoring the tar pit completely, leaving Togetic to be forgotton.
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  2. "I think she's waking up… Oh my gosh, just look at her. Amazing…" Togetic stirred, where was she? There was a faint noise, a beeping coming from somewhere. It took her a moment to realize what was happening. Her babies, they were still in trouble! Togetic's eyes shot open.

    "Hey there." A man in a white lab coat said to the thoroughly confused Pokémon. The man was a scientist and after years of research he had just successfully brought back a fossilized Pokémon, the first time he had ever done that. "Give her the shots now, before she-"

    It was too late. Togetic immediately sprung from the table, making such a commotion that the door flung open to reveal a lab assistant, asking if everything was all right.

    "Shut the…!" The scientist shouted, again too late. Togetic flapped her wings, knocking over several beakers which smashed to pieces on the floor. Avoiding grabbing hands Togetic lunged for the door, which was closing. She crashed through the upper half of the door, which was glass, sending the shattered remains of the letters forming ‘Fossil Research' to shatter fully on the floor.

    "Get her!" The head scientist yelled, stepping over broken glass to look out the door just in time to see a flash of white disappear behind a corner.

    Togetic was panting. Where was she? Where were her babies? All she knew was that she had to get away, and fast. Spotting an opening that looked to lead to outside, Togetic flew towards it. There was another crash and shout of, "Over there!" and it took her a moment to realize she was spiraling downwards. Flapping her wings, which were now bleeding and covered in glass, she managed to catch herself at the last minute, gliding gracefully above the ground. Passersbys were now talking and giving the ancient looking Pokemon odd looks. Some shouted to her, trying to get her attention, but Togetic merely flapped harder, taking herself as high as she could go with her injured wings.

    She was in a city, Rustboro, not that she had any idea what that was. There were people all around, although now that she was so high up hardly anyone noticed her. Togetic spotted some Pokemon perched on a building. They didn't look dangerous and maybe they could help her. She landed next to one of them, a blue winged creature with piercing black eyes. She immediately began shouting help cries that none of the Taillows recognized. They squawked back but it was just as useless as Togetic's attempt had been. They were not only completely different species, but they were from different times as well.

    Togetic flew off; she needed to find someone, anyone, that could help her find her babies. They were in danger and they needed food and water. This reminded Togetic that she too needed food and water. Spying a puddle below, she landed and began to drink from it. It was water, but it didn't taste like anything she had ever tasted. It was disgusting and dirty and she stopped after a couple gulps.

    "You shouldn't be drinking from puddles like that." A voice interrupted from behind.
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  3. Aw man, I love this. Togetic is such a sweetie.
    Urr, I'm not good at reviewing things.
  4. ((OOC: This is a really short story by the way.))

    Togetic whipped her head around in panic. She found another of the odd looking creatures she had first encountered when she woke up in this strange place, although this one was smaller. He looked harmless and friendly with his short stature, his goofy smile and his messy red hair. Something about him made Togetic calm down slightly. She knew she could trust him, Togetics can sense the goodness in people and there was a lot in this child.

    "You could get sick! I have water at my house you can have if you want. But you can't stay too long. My mom will be home tonight and she doesn't let Pokémon in the house." Togetic didn't know what the boy was saying but she could sense that he wanted her to follow him. Slowly she approached him and she jumped slightly when he gasped. "You have glass in your wings!" He shouted, reaching a hand to pick the glass out. Togetic snapped her head defensively and bit the boy's arm. He let out a loud yelp and began to cry, clutching at his wound. Togetic felt awful.

    She nudged against him with her head to calm him down and slowly his cries subsided. He sniffled a few times and stroked Togetic's head, she allowed him to. "That was bad! Bad boy!" The child shouted sternly. There was a long pause in which both Togetic and the child gathered themselves and then the child brought up the subject of his home again. "C'mon, let's go back to my house! I have some leftover spaghetti in the fridge we can have!" He seemed very excited to have a visitor. Togetic began to follow him as he led her out of the ally and into another one. Eventually they reached a small, dirty looking set of steps which the boy climbed up. Togetic hopped up too, with some difficulty.

    "This is my house. I'll show you my room!" The boy said as he opened the door to a small house that had only a few rooms. He looked back at Togetic, smiling wide. Togetic was resting on the top step, breathing heavily. She coughed once before the boy went to help her. Grabbing onto one of Togetic's lengthy arms, he pulled her to a standing position and she followed him into the house.

    As soon as they were in the door was shut and the boy ran off into another room. Togetic sat down again, she didn't feel too well. A moment later the boy came back, carrying a box under his arm and a bowl of water, which was sloshing over the edges and spilling onto the ground. He laid the bowl on the ground in front of Togetic where the water started to calm and eventually became still. "I got you some water and some food. It's my favorite cereal." He showed Togetic the box, which looked to be a store brand version of a popular cereal. "My name is David. I wonder if you have a name already."

    David opened the cereal box and dumped some of its contents on the floor. He picked some of the cereal up in his hand and brought it to Togetic's mouth, trying to get her to open it and eat it. Togetic had no idea what was being shoved towards her face and moved her head away. David's hand followed her and Togetic sniffed the cereal. It smelled like nothing she'd ever smelled in her life and she licked it. It wasn't bad. Togetic's tongue wrapped around the cereal and brought it back to her mouth, where she bit down on it. David had pushed the rest of the cereal closer to her so she didn't have to bend too much to eat it.

    "You can just eat that, I'll go get us some napkins to clean up the water and some band aids." He ran off again and Togetic heard noises around the house. She ate some more of the cereal but she still had to bend a bit and eventually stopped eating because she was too weak. Togetic coughed twice more before throwing up on the floor. Where were her babies? She questioned herself. A tear slid down her face as she thought of her Togepi and the Tyranitar, she didn't know where either were.

    "I didn't have any napkins but I got some towels from the bathroom an—" David stopped mid sentence and gasped, noticing the vomit on the floor and the sick look on Togetic's face. He was about to speak when Togetic threw up once more. She fell into a lying position, eyes closed. "No!" David yelled, panic clearly present in his voice. He shuffled around before saying, "I'll go get some help! You stay here!" He jumped over Togetic, crushing a stray piece of cereal, and headed out the door.
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  5. Aww, injured Togetic is so cute for some reason! I wonder how the babies are. Did the Tyrannitar eat them?

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