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Toastie's Whirlpool of Sprites! .:And I take requests:.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Toastie, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hello.
    So, after my last sprite topic died a horrific death, I have decided to make a new one!
    Plus, I will be taking requests. What I won't do is-
    Back Sprites, No-liners, Scratch Sprites (I may attempt the Scratch sprites if I feel like it.)
    Here are some sprites I've done:
    [​IMG] Qwilfish-Scizor-Slowking
    [​IMG] Sentret-Smeargle
    Alternative Sprites:
    [​IMG] Dennis The Menace
    [​IMG] Me as a Trainer
    Trainer Mugshots:
    [​IMG] Me as a Trainer
    [​IMG] Uuuuuuuuuum Yah
    Anyways, as I said before I take requests and will get them done as soon as possible.
    P.S. If you're wondering what that thing is around the trainer's neck, it's a buff.
  2. In the spirit of SoulSilver, I have done a Lugia cosplayer
    And I have also done an alternative sprite for another Kanto starter, this time Charmander
  3. I haven't been able to do much since my mouse broke, but I've got a new one now!
    Anyway, the last kanto starter alternative sprite, Squirtle!
  4. can you make a beautifly/skitty fusion?
  5. Can you make an Alternative Mewtwo sprite?
  6. hey canyou make me a character for a better sig im kinnda new so ya
    i am a dude with albino hair butt green eyes dark green eyes i where a hat like the guy in dp wears exept in black with clothes like his rival in black and red
  7. Here's cutyeonris2's request:
    And POH!KEMON's request:
    As for rival173's request, I'll probably get it done tommorow.
  8. thank you!

    can you make an alternative togetic sprite?

    Also, can you make cosplayers?
    thanks again!
  9. rival173's request:
    cutyeonris2's request:
    And yes, I can do cosplayers.
  10. Thought I'd update my 'me as a trainer sprite' with one from hgss, so here it is:
  11. Impressive; now, will you make me an alternative Rotom sprite?
  12. Here's POH!KEMON's request:
  13. Seeing as I'd done an alternative Togetic sprite, I decided to do alternative sprites for the other 'Toge' pokemon:
    And my personal favourite:
  14. Could you make Solid Snake and Master Chief sprites?
  15. can you make a combusken cosplayer? thank you
  16. Hi, I'm new... This is actually my first post. I have a trainer sprite request, Using the male psychic sprite from E...(I think that it is the one that has a green aura around it's hand and the pokeball. would you take the aura out? lol)
    With longer dark brown hair, a black jacket, unzipped with a shirt underneath with the team rocket R in red. and basically gray skinny jeans, with the shoes looking like plain black converse chuck taylors? I would appreciate it much!
  17. cutyeonris2:
    I didn't know if you wanted white rims on your shoes or not, so I did both!
    No rim:
    White rim:
    As for Lamp, I'm sorry, I'll probably get it done tommorow. Solid Snake and Master Chief is a tall order!
  18. Can you make me a trainer sig for me plz.

    He has a Camo pants, a white shirts and a Black jacket over it, black hair, and a belt with six pokéballs on it.

    thanks in advance
    #18 Black Wolf, Oct 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  19. Excelente! Now, thou shalt maketh me a Arceus Crossplayer!
  20. lamp:
    I'll get Master Chief done. Soon...
    And black wolf, I would like to know which trainer you want your request based on. Thank you.
  21. Flint would be nice.
  22. Black Wolf:
    Sorry it took so long.
    I couldn't fit 6 pokeballs on his belt, so you'll have to make do with 4 XD.
  23. Done an Espeon alternate:
    And an Umbreon alternate:
  24. The Umbreon alternate is really good! Some of it looks a bit rushed though. There's no shading on the tail or back it looks like :p

    The Espeon is a bit worse. I can't see the mouth, the left eye or its orb. It's tail looks out of place too xD
  25. I like the Espeon sprite; it's not often you see a Pokemon with it's head tilted at that angle, an angle, it must be noted, which is annoying to work with.

    Umbreon is also cute ^.^
  26. Thanks for all the comments :)
    Keeping with the theme of Eevee, I have done an Eevee alternative:
    A Glaceon alternative:
    And a Leafeon alternative:
  27. The Eevee, again, has some parts out of place. The head is entirely straight, whilst the body is facing forward. The tail shading is also pretty out of place.

    Glaceon... quite a bit better. The head-danglies are kinda stuck though. They should kinda slip in with the rest of the sprite, ya know? And the tail is a bit too thin towards the body.

    The Leafeon, I see nothing wrong with, except the still brown part of the tail. It kinda looks like a stick with a leaf strapped onto it xD
  28. I'll be away for a few days, so in the spirit of Pokepark Adventure Wii, here's an alternate:
    The waving Pikachu!
  29. Could you do a Palkia Cosplayer.
  30. Leaf, I do apologise for taking a week to get your request done.
    I was away for a few days, so that slowed me down.
    Oh well, here it is:
    Happy Halloween!
  31. I've remade my trainer sprite so it doesn't have a buff. I've also made an animation for it.
    Still haven't figured out how to do transparent animations...
    Anyway, I'm pretty please with it, as it's the first trainer animation I've done.
  32. The alternative sprites of Leafeon and Glaceon, they aren't edited very much. You took the second Leafeon frame and changes the green part of the tail.

    In the Glaceon sprite, you took the first D/P sprite and edited the tail and ears a bit.
  33. Thanks Toastie.
    Aw man that thing is sweet,it would go awesome with a Dialgia Cosplayer.

    Sorry if this request is in Such Short Range of the other one...but I'm craving for a DIALGIA COSPLAYER!!!
  34. Thanks for all the comments everybody!
    Leaf, here is your Dialga Cosplayer as requested:
  35. Could you do an Empoleon cosplayer? I bet it's gonna look awesome.
  36. Here is DarkTypeMaster's request:
  37. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hi just to say you're sprites are awesome could you do me a buneary cosplay please. :)
  38. buneary-boy1996:
    Of all the cosplayers I've ever made, this is definitely my favourite. :)
  39. can you make an anamation with my leaf sprite?
  40. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    thank you so much shes great

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