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Toastie's Sigs O' Glory And Request-Taking

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Toastie, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Hello there.
    So, I have improved at using GIMP, and I think I am ready to start making sigs.
    Although I am not nearly as good as LoN, my creations have been quite good so far. These are the sigs I have made:
    This was my first sig, and I am very proud of it. I like the background.
    While I don't like this as much as the other two, it has a very 'mystically' background.
    Of all the three, this was definitely the hardest to make. The part on GIMP, bizzarely enough, was the quickest of the three. The long part was recolouring the HGSS Chikorita art to be shiny. That took about an hour XD.

    Anyway, please critique my work. Also, I am taking requests, so feel free to ask.
    I don't really mind how you lay your request out, just make sure you put which thing you want on your sig, text and, if you want, colour scheme. I will take other requests, but I would prefer pokemon based ones. Also, I will not do any HGSS shiny recolours, but any other Non-Gen II (unless you want old Gen II shiny art) shinies would be fine.
    Thank You.
  2. These are nice signatures, with very few negative comments. The Arceus one looks nicely mystical, with it's tie-dye blue. However, the blue tips on the Ninetale's tail look rather unshaded. In addition, the back leg of the Chikorita is still a dark green.
  3. Thanks for the comment Secad. It really made my day :).
    Here's a new one. Sorry for the lack of updates, but GIMP is being annoying.
    Here's a Linoone Sig. As I said, my GIMP=annoying, but I just about did it XD.
  4. Oooh, nicely portrayed. I like how you make the words give off an aura of movement. However, the 'speed', in my opinion, should have been put in italics.
  5. Mind making me a sig please? I just copied LoN's request form for this :p

    Image: Kingdra (http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3c/230Kingdra.png)
    Image if I can't find the first image: N/A
    Text: Blisk (Maybe like the Arceus one for font)
    Colour scheme (optional): Blue
    Background (optional): Something water related I think would fit. Same with the color scheme.
    Transparent bits (optional): If you think it'll look better if some are transparent.

    Love your sigs by the way. My favorite is the Linoone. Secad already said what I would say for maybe a change. I love how it looks like it's moving.

    Thanks alot Toastie!
  6. Thanks for all the comments people :)

    Blisk, here's your request:
  7. Thanks Toastie it looks amazing. You really put what I wanted into it well. Good job. I shall be alternating between your sig and Rayn's every so often because they both look sweet. Thanks again!
  8. AetherGlaceon:

    Enjoy :)
  9. BUMP.

    Heloez. Seing as this thread will die if I just sit back and wait for requests, I've done another sig!
    That's been in my mind for about a day...
  10. Since you said that you needed requests, can you please make me a Marowak sig? Here's the artwork from FR/LG. I don't care how the text and background is. Whatever looks good. I'm thinking that the background would look best brown though. Thanks Toastie!
  11. Done Don Dooooooooooooooooooone.

  12. That looks sweet! I never even thought of the term Blisk'd. That's how lame I am. Lol. Good job. I love it. Thank you.
  13. Got my hands on some new GIMP brushes, so I've tried them out in this siggy I made for myself.

    Cookie to those who spotted the light I added, coming from the top left hand corner.
  14. That looks cool. *chomps on cookie for noticing the light* Good job. The colors compliment the colors of your two favorite Pokemon.
  15. What's this? A new sig from Toastie? :o
  16. The dark shadows across the Blaziken and Empoleon certainly add an air of mystery to the entire thing. In addition, I like the feathery effect. What tool did you use to accomplish that?
  17. That looks so cool. I kinda get a metallic feel from it too that fits Empoleon. Well done, sir!
  18. Thanks to Bulbapedia, I have managed to get my hands on artwork of Zorua, and have made a siggy.
    'tis a lolsome phrase.

    Secad, to get the feathery effect I used a brush from the set 'Rise' over and over, then colourised it, then duplicated the layer, gave that a different colour and overlayed it.
  19. Now that Bulbapedia has got a good picture of Zoroark, I have made another siggy.

    Btw Secad, it wasn't a brush from Rise, it was from 'Inner Universe'. :p

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