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Private/Closed To That Ever Distant Dream

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seyriub, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Sen Blackhorn stretched his arms and yawned as he walked down the quiet streets of Opelucid city on a hot summer morning. He wore a white sleeveless hoodie with black trims on top of a navy blue T-shirt. On his lower body he wore light brown cargo shorts with a leather belt that held it in place, while on his feet, he wore dark blue sneakers with white laces. Walking besides Sen, the small form of an Axew could be seen, struggling to keep up with its trainer's seemingly long strides. However, this particular Pokemon was different from the norm, its skin was a dull bronze and the collar around its neck was a dark purple color rather then the usual army green. When the Axew called out to its trainer in frustration, Sen looked down and smiled apologetically.

    "Oh! Sorry bud, I guess I was walking a little too fast huh? Here let me pick you up," Sen said sheepishly.

    The boy then proceeded to swoop down and scoop his partner up into his arms, "there we go, all nice and comfy. Sorry I made you go through that Terra."

    The Axew only deigned to close its eyes and turn its head to the side.

    Seeing that he had angered his precious partner, Sen flew into a panic. "Oh c'mon Terra, y'know that I didn't mean to do it! You know that I'm not good with mornings, just forgive me just this once. Pleease?" Sen pleaded.

    The disgruntled Pokemon took a pause, as if to ponder whether it should accept the apology or not, and opened one of its eyes slowly.

    Seeing it as a chance at forgiveness, Sen quickly seized the opportunity and bombarded his Pokemon with gratitude, "Thank you Terra, I won't ever do it again, I Swear!"

    The Axew gave a deadpanned stare in response to its trainer's obvious attempt at gaining forgiveness. Seeing that his Pokemon had seen through his ruse, Sen laughed nervously and didn't meet his Pokemon's eyes; he opted to look at the scenery instead. Annoyed at its trainer's behavior, the dragon Pokemon sighed and bit one of the arms that held it in place in order to get attention.

    Sen yelped in pain, "OW! Okay, okay, I get it! I'll stop, sheesh." The young trainer then grumbled a complaint under his breath only to receive yet another painful treatment.

    Moments later, the two arrived at their destination, which was Opelucid city's very own Pokemon Center. When the pair came near the red roofed building, its doors opened with a loud whoosh and both trainer and Pokemon entered swiftly on in.

    "Good morning Nurse Joy, we're here for Terra's monthly checkup," Sen called out as he walked over to the counter. Hearing Sen's greeting, a demure pink haired lady dressed in a nurses' uniform turned around from behind the white desk.

    "Oh, Sen, you're here," the nurse said with a smile. "Just give Terra over to me and I'll have his check-up done in a jiffy."
    Sen replied with his own bright grin, "sure thing nurse!" The boy then looked down at the Pokemon in his arms, "I'll be right here waiting for ya."
    The little dragon nodded its tusked head at its trainer, jumped out of Sen's arms and landed on top of the white counter. The pink haired nurse then picked the draconian Pokemon up with a soft smile and disappeared into one of the back rooms to get the medical checkup done.

    Once the two were gone, Sen dropped his smile and sighed. "welp, let the long wait begin," the trainer said in a dreary voice. The young trainer then proceeded to trudge on over to the waiting area and sit down in one of the available chairs.
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  2. Mikkaru rushed into the Pokemon center her two Pokemon following behind, an Eevee named Misah and a Pidgey named Fiscal. In her arms was a injured Pokémon, a Growlithe to be exact. It was covered in deep scratches and blood and was too weak to lift its head. "Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!" She yelled running up to the counter. As soon as Nurse Joy got to the counter she said "I found this Growlithe in the forest, someone must have attacked it and left it there!" She quickly handed over the injured Pokémon, tears in her eyes. As soon as Nurse Joy rushed the Pokemon to the Emergency room Mikkaru turned around to take a seat.
  3. When the girl had suddenly rushed into the Pokemon center with an injured Growlithe, Sen had watched with great interest. After all, it wasn't everyday that you saw a person you've never seen before rush in with a critically injured Pokemon. When the girl turned from the counter and headed towards him, or rather the seats, Sen looked at the distressed girl and felt a bit uncomfortable. He didn't like seeing people cry. Unsure of what to say at first, Sen looked at Mikkaru for a few moments, before gathering up his courage to speak the girl.
    "Hey, uuh, nice to meet ya. My name's Sen, what's yours?"
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  4. Battered and bruised, Jake meandered into the Pokemon center, a crooked smile on his face. He was wearing a navy blue sweater, one hand in the front pocket while the other pushed his glasses back into place. His jeans, washed out and covered with dirt, were nearly in tatters, with several tears and holes. On his feet were a pair of black sneakers, scuffed up and worn out. Right behind him followed his partner, a Breloom, bouncing from foot to foot in time with Jake's stride. Jake's grin grew brighter when he realized where they were.

    "See Brom? I told you this city had a Pokemon center!" Jake exclaimed. The Mushroom Pokemon cried out in delight, excited to finally rest.

    Jake glanced behind the counter. "They must be busy." He sighed. "Oh well. C'mon Brom, we'll have to wait our turn." The lanky fighting type sighed, but didn't complain, content to even sit down after the rigorous training they had endured. Jake turned and walked to the waiting area, collapsing into a chair with an audible thud, his partner not far behind. Both promptly fell asleep, with snores loud enough to rival that of a Snorlax.
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  5. Sen was stupefied. A moment ago he had been trying to cheer up a sad girl and in the next he was watching a rather content looking trainer fall asleep with his Pokemon on a chair. The sheer hilarity of the ridiculousness in the situation might've even made him laugh out loud if it weren't for the distraught girl that was nearby. Not knowing what to do next, Sen could only look at the crying girl and the sleeping pair, feeling rather awkward at the situation he was in. Today was an unusual day indeed.

    'Now what to do,' Sen pondered. 'Crying girl to left, Sleeping boy and his Pokemon to the right...'
    As Sen turned his head to get a better look at the sleeping pair he suddenly heard the trill voice of nurse Joy calling him.

    "Sen! Terra is done with his examination, you can come and pick him up now."

    With a wave of relief washing over his body, Sen stood up and walked briskly up to the counter.
    "Thank ya nurse Joy!" Sen said with a grin and looked down upon his partner who was sitting rather comfortably on the counter.

    "Ya didn't cause the nurse any trouble I hope?" Sen teased as he reached for the tiny dragon. However, contrary to the warm welcome Sen had expected, the Tusk Pokemon decided to reply with a big fat chomp to his beloved trainer's arm instead.


    Nurse Joy could only sigh in bemusement at the two's antics and proceeded to give the results of the examination to the young trainer when he was done scuffling with his Pokemon.

    "It seems there hasn't been any real change to Terra's health here, so it seems you can go ahead and take him home with you today Sen," the nurse said with a gentle smile. "But of course, if you notice anything strange then you are to come straight back here. Am I understood young man?"

    Sen nodded. "Of course Nurse Joy, ya know I will." The nurse nodded, satisfied at his confirmation, and motioned for him to wait.

    "I have that package for you from professor Juniper you've been waiting for, so just wait here until I finish up my shift, okay?"

    "Of course." Sen replied.

    Nurse Joy then proceeded to press the bell on the counter, the chiming indicating she was ready to take on her next patient.
  6. Jake startled at the bell, falling from the chair and hitting his head in a panic, before remembering where he was.

    Brom woke with a jolt at the loud crash of his trainer hitting the ground, jumping into a battle stance, landing directly on top of his trainer. Confused as to where the threat was, the fighting type stood on his trainer, bewildered, until Jake finally got his breath back.

    "B-Brom, could you maybe get off?" Jake wheezed. Realizing what had happened, Brom scrambled frantically to get off his trainer.

    "Thanks bud." Jake gave his partner a friendly noogie, then got up, brushing himself off. He glanced at the counter, spotting Nurse Joy.

    "Alright! We're up!" Jake scrambled over to the counter, Brom in hot pursuit. Nurse Joy held out her hands, an expectant smile on her face. Jake was dumbfounded, until he realized what she wanted.

    "Oh. Right, my Pokemon. Gimmie a sec." Jake patted himself down, feeling about for the Pokeballs containing his other two companions. Meanwhile Brom stared curiously at the little Axew in a nearby trainer's arms. Having never seen one before, Brom did what he did whenever he discovered something new. He punched it.
  7. Sen froze. he was speechless. No it went further and beyond that. He just didn't know what to feel. Everything was quite normal at first with the unknown trainer scrambling at the sound of the bell, which was quite funny to watch, and finally walking up to the counter. Then the trainer decided to throw a punch. At Terra. It was an unexpected blow that came at an unexpected time. Quite strong too if the sharp pain in his arm was any indication. No, wait. That wasn't the problem here. Just what kind of a person throws a random punch at a stranger's Pokemon?! Sen was beyond confused and angry, thankfully he'd blocked the oncoming fist by swiftly turning his torso, but now his arm hurt. A lot. Hopefully it wasn't broken or fractured.
    Taking a few seconds to let it all sink in, Sen turned a furious eye at the, presumably psychotic, trainer and proceeded yell with rage.

    "Just what the bloody hell was that for ya punk?!"
  8. ooc: (xD lmao Read man. Breloom punched Axew, not Jake! xD Your reaction made my day though!)

    Jake stood stunned. Why was this strange trainer yelling at him? He hadn't touched his Axew. It was then the Jake glanced at Brom, who was staring at the ground, ashamed.

    "Brom? What did you do?!" Putting two and two together, Jake realized just what had occurred.

    "Oh man! I'm so sorry! What can I do to make it up to you? I don't have much cash, and I'm low on supplies......" Jake paced back and forth, pulling at his hair, chewing his nails, and biting his lip, trying to think of something, anything, that he could do to make up for the incident.
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  9. OOC: whoooops. sorry man! You really caught me by surprise there though. It's kinda funny cause I spat out the water I was drinking, literally, when I thought I read, "Jake did what he did whenever he discovered something new. He punched it."
    I sorta thought to myself, 'wow that's quite the character you got there Zeypher...'

    Sen just stared deadpanned at the suddenly panicked trainer. '...What?'

    Now he was just plain confused. Didn't this guy just throw a punch at Terra? Just why was he apologizing? Was this guy actually from the loony bin or something? Sen at this point was utterly and completely confused. Sen then realized something, the trainer had mentioned a 'Brom' a moment ago.

    'great he's even got imaginary friends...' Sen thought sarcastically. 'What a great to start the day...'

    Sen then felt Terra tugging at his uninjured arm. "What is it bud?" Sen asked. The Axew in his arms, who had finally caught the attention of his scatterbrained trainer, proceeded to point one of its stubby arms towards something Sen had not noticed before. Sen then turned his head towards the direction his Pokemon was pointing out towards and finally noticed the sight of a Breloom looking down in shame.

    Sen then proceeded to do the only thing he could do in this situation.

    He facepalmed.

    'Uncle Drayden is right. I do need to get my eyes checked out...'

    Sen, now realizing it was all just one big misunderstanding, quickly decided to calm the hysterical trainer down.

    "whoa, whoa," Sen said as he tried to placate the trainer. "it's alright, it's alright. It was just ya Breloom being playful, no harm done. ya don't need to do a thing!"
  10. Jake stopped pacing, and faced the trainer and his Axew.

    "I still feel bad. Brom can throw some solid punches. Is your arm alright?" Jake took a look at the trainer's arm, gently feeling it for broken bones, putting his medical knowledge to use for once in his life.

    While gently checking the trainer for injuries, Jake made small talk. "Sorry about Brom. When he meets a Pokemon he hasn't battled before he gets.......excited." Jake turned to his Breloom, who was very clearly upset.

    "Hand me some bandages, would ya buddy?" Brom jumped at the chance to help make up for jabbing the trainer in the arm, reaching into Jake's backpack for bandages. As the mushroom Pokemon rummaged about, two Pokeballs fell from the backpack to the floor, as well as some berries and a lone potion. Finally, the fighting type emerged with a roll of gauze.

    "Thanks." Jake took the bandages then focused intently on the trainer's arm, wrapping it gently, but securely.

    "There," Jake sighed, "all wrapped up." Jake smiled to the trainer. "I don't think you broke it, but you may have a hairline fracture, so I wrapped it just in case. You should be fine."

    "Anywho," Jake rose to his feet, putting out a hand "the name's Jake."
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  11. Sen smiled. It seems that this trainer wasn't so bad after all; seeing as he had expressed his guilt and had even gone as far as bandaging up his arm. But the newly named Jake wasn't kidding when he said his rather excitable Breloom packed a punch. That blow had hurt a lot. Imagine if the Pokemon had actually decided use one of its technical moves instead of a regular punch. Sen shivered. On second thought, forget it, he was probably better off not thinking about it. Breaking off his train of thoughts, Sen gently moved his arm so it wouldn't get in the way, and outstretched his uninjured arm towards Jake to shake his hand.

    "The name's Sen. Pleasure to meet ya." Sen replied with a grin as he shook Jake's hand, he then jerked his head towards his bandaged arm and thanked Jake. "Thanks for patching me up, ya do some pretty good work, did ya learn first aid in trainer school?"
  12. Jake smiled and shook his head. "My parents were doctors. I learned everything I know from them. If it's an injury on a human, chances are I can fix it. Pokemon, not so much." Jake shrugged. "But that's what Pokemon centers are for huh?" Jake snapped his fingers.

    "Almost forgot why I came here in the first place!" Jake looked around for his backpack, and noticed the mess of supplies on the ground. "Ah geez Brom, be a little more careful buddy. We almost lost our friends!" Jake leaned over and scooped up the two Pokeballs, leaving the berries and the potion to Brom.

    "Alright guys, lets get you patched up." Jake pressed the button in the center of each ball, releasing a unusually small Octillery and a Trapinch. "Sen, meet my Pokemon." Jake pointed to the Octillery, which was already happily climbing up the counter to get treated. "That's Lilo. I found her about three months ago. She was stuck in a net on the beach and left to die, so I rescued her, and here we are."

    Jake stepped to the side to reveal the timid Trapinch, who immediately scuttled back behind him. "And this is Tana. She was abused by her trainer, so I battled the trainer for her, with Brom on the line. She's still a little scared of other people, but she's a sweetheart."

    Jake carefully lifted Tana onto the counter, then rang the bell for service, as Nurse Joy had wandered off to care for the Pokemon in the back during their exchange.

    Jake turned back to face Sen. "So Sen, what's your story?"
  13. Sen gave a friendly wave to both the Octillery, who was smaller than the average size, and the rather shy Trapinch. It seems that Jake would only be impressing him further Sen mused. Hearing the stories of the two Pokemon being rescued had garnered a deep respect in Sen for the trainer in front of him. It was quite admirable to see a trainer go out of his way to save Pokemon after all; You didn't see much of outstanding characters like Jake here these days.

    Sen scratched his neck and smiled sheepishly. "I haven't got much of a story to tell I'm afraid. I was born and raised here in Opelucid City and went off on a Pokemon journey like any other trainer at the age of ten. But I decided to come back home after I'd finished my journey a few years ago and I've been here ever since." Sen then looked down at his little dragon friend, who'd been staring curiously at Jake's Pokemon, and widened his smile into a happy grin.

    "This little guy here is my friend Terra by the way. He's a Pokemon named Axew, a dragon type to be precise, and he's quite the friendly too." The Tusk Pokemon, suddenly realizing he was being introduced, swerved his head and smiled at Jake.

    "But don't be deceived by his smile though." Sen warned with a playfully stern voice. "He's got a nasty bite, this one."

    Seeing that his good impression was being tarnished by his trainer, the dragon Pokemon shot a venomous glare at Sen and did what he did best. He bit on his trainer's arm. Hard.

    Sen winced, biting back a yell so he wouldn't make a fool out of himself in front of Jake and shame himself. He'd have to endure it for now. Stupid Terra and his biting habits, but then again, maybe he shouldn't tease the Pokemon so much in this first place.

    Trying to hide the rather excruciating pain from his arm off his face, Sen decided to ask Jake a question to distract himself. "So what brings you to Opelucid city Jake?"
  14. Jake sighed. "Nothing really. I sort of got.......well, lost." Jake gave Sen a sheepish grin. "After spending a month out in the wilderness, you kind of lose your bearings. We needed supplies, so when I saw the city, I dropped what I was doing and came here."

    Nurse Joy returned to the counter with Jake's three companions. "Here you go young man. Good as new!" Jake thanked the nurse, then turned to face Sen.

    "So Sen, is Terra your only Pokemon?" Jake asked, confused.
  15. Sen gave Jake a hearty grin. "Nah, I only got this little bugger when a friend of mine gave him to me as an egg a few months back. He's only hatched recently." Sen then proceeded to gently re-position the Axew in his arms so as not to drop him. "As for my other Pokemon, well, they're helping out at my uncle's gym..." Sen trailed off as a sudden thought hit him. Wait. Wasn't Jake a trainer? A look of excitement slowly split Sen's face into a widespread grin that bordered on sinister.

    "This may be a bit sudden, but do you wanna take a crack at our city's Gym?"
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  16. Jake cringed. "I, uh......." He stared at the ground and mumbled. "I've never actually beaten a gym leader before......" Jake shuddered. "I get very nervous in situations where I'm being judged........" He gave Sen a sheepish smile. "Social anxiety, you know?"

    Jake reached over and affectionately scratched Brom under his chin, causing him to thump his foot in joy. "Don't get me wrong. I love battles," Jake shook his head, "but I prefer them to be casual. In gym battles I just.......freeze. And then my friends get hurt." A look of sadness and regret passed over Jake's face. Jake turned back to Sen.

    "So I'm afraid I'll have to pass up that offer. I'm just not ready for a gym yet." As Jake turned to walk off in shame, he got an idea.

    He gave Sen a grin over his shoulder. "Although, I suppose I could handle a battle with you Sen. No gym, no badge, just a friendly little battle. How about it?"
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  17. Sen sobered and had more than half the mind to apologize for bringing up a sore spot as Jake walked away, but all thoughts of apologies disappeared without a trace when he saw Jake's head turn around and heard the magic words.

    'Battle with you Sen.'
    Sen's grin grew back in full force. Perfect. This was exactly what he had been hoping for. At first, Sen had been trying to get a battle out of Jake by inviting him to the gym and battling him there, but perhaps it would've been better if he had asked him outright.

    Sen nodded to Jake's challenge eagerly. "Definitely, but first let me get my partners at the gym." Sen then ran towards the door in a burst of speed to get a head start.
    "I'll meet you at the courtyard behind the Pokemon center!" Sen yelled over his shoulder as he disappeared beyond the doors.
  18. Jake chuckled to himself, amused by how excited Sen got at the mention of a battle.

    Jake tapped Brom on the head playfully. "Well Brom, what do you think?" The fighting type gave a confident nod, jabbing the air a few times for effect. With a smile, Jake returned his three companions to their Pokeballs, then sauntered off to the courtyard to wait for Sen to return.
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  19. Sen ran towards the courtyard at top speed, snickering to himself as he remembered the look on his uncle's face when he had suddenly barged into the gym. The shocked face his uncle had made when he ran straight into the gym, returned his Pokemon into his pokeballs - interrupting a few training sessions in the process, and running straight out the next second was absolutely priceless. He'd wished he had a camera on his person to commemorate the occasion. After all, it was often you saw the veteran gym leader look so baffled.

    Sen broke from his thoughts when he saw the courtyard in view and ran in an even greater burst of speed to get to his destination faster. When he finally arrived at the courtyard he skid to a stop in front of Jake, panting, and gave him a thumbs up after caughting a bit of his breath.

    "I *huff* hope I didn't *wheeze* keep you waiting..."
  20. Jake laughed. "Not at all! So, three Pokemon each? Or will you be using your whole team?" Jake's eyebrows raised in question.
  21. "Let's *pant* keep it at three." Sen replied with a wheeze, still struggling to catch his breath. "Would hardly be *huff* fair if I used my whole team.." Sen then un-clipped three pokeballs from his leather belt and threw them up in the air, brilliant flashes of light following after and revealing the three Pokemon that had been contained within. The three said Pokemon were a Dragonair, a Zweilous, and a Bagon.

    "Meet my partners," Sen introduced with outstretched hands. Sen then gestured to the Dragonair, who was calmly floating over his head. "This here is Aura, she's my first partner and was the one I received when I started out on my journey. You won't find a more calm Pokemon in all of Opelucid city, although she can be stubborn as a mule." Sen then turned his head to look at a pair of dragon Pokemon that were bickering. Again. Sen sighed and shook his head in exasperation.

    "Those two over there are Maka and Vyce. Maka being the Bagon and Vyce the Zweilous." Sen smiled sheepishly. "I hope you don't mind them bickering, those two have a rather strong rivalry and it's only gotten worse ever since Vyce evolved."

    Sen then suddenly ducked, dodging a stray ember that had nearly hit his head. "Oi! You two, stop that!" Sen yelled in indignation. "You guys almost hit my head!" After admonishing the two Pokemon, who were still glaring thunderbolts at each other, Sen looked up at Jake feeling rather embarrassed for showing the trainer something so unslightly. Perhaps he should have brought out the other two instead...

    "Sooo... You uh, ready?"
  22. Jake grinned. "Bring it on!"

    "Brom!" Jake hurled the Breloom's Pokeball into the air, but instead of a bright flash, the Pokeball dropped to the ground with a dull thud. Jake sighed.

    "Ah, well. I tried." He gave Sen an apologetic grin. "Brom isn't a fan of starting battles. He prefers to finish them, the stubborn thing." Jake shook his head and laughed. "Guess I'll start with this then." Jake reached behind him, snatching a new Pokeball from the side pocket of his backpack, then launching it into the air. An Octillery sprang from the Pokeball with a flash of light.

    "Ready Lilo?" She nodded, already eyeing up her opponents, wondering which would be the first to challenge her.

    Jake looked at Sen with a glint in his eyes. "Well, you're up! Show me what you've got!"
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  23. Sen reciprocated Jake's grin ferociously and barked a command towards his Zweilous. "Vyce, let's show em what we got!" The Zweilous, breaking off the staring contest with his long-time rival, charged straight into the battle field. Vyce then let forth a roar of challenge to the Pokemon before him, signalling his readiness to do battle. Sen's blood boiled in response to his Pokemon's cry. This, THIS what he lived for - the thrill of an intense Pokemon battle with a worthy opponent.

    "I hope you're ready Jake." Sen's savage grin grew more predatory. "Cause ready or not. Here. I. Come!"
    Sen then threw a pointed finger at the opponent's Octillery as if he were brandishing a sword.

    "Vyce! Use Dragon Pulse!"

    And so the battle began.
  24. "Protect!"

    Lilo quickly coiled her rubbery tentacles around herself, curling into a ball. Vyce's Dragon Pulse hit her, doing nothing but sending her bouncing back a few feet, like a giant bouncy ball.

    Not wanting to let Sen get in another shot, Jake launched an attack of his own.

    "Lilo, Ice Beam!" The little octopus uncoiled and latched to the ground, holding herself in place to loose a large icy blue beam directly at Vyce.
  25. "Dodge it Vyce!"

    Vyce took to the air, barely evading the super effective attack that froze the ground where it had stood just seconds before. Sen made a mental note to be more cautious just in case that Jake's Octillery knew more Ice-type moves.

    "Vyce, use Fly." The twin-headed Pokemon shot further into the sky with the sun behind its back - beating its rather clumsy wings with great strength in order to maintain its heavy body within the air.

    "Now! Use Hyper Voice!" Opening wide its great maws, the dragon Pokemon let loose a powerful roar, which created an immense shockwave of air flying directly towards the Octopus Pokemon.
  26. Lilo tumbled backwards, blown away by the Hyper Voice attack, until she caught hold of the ground again.
    She turned back to face the Zweilous, her eyes shooting daggers.

    "Lilo, use Lock-On!" The little cephalopod locked her eyes on Vyce, not letting it out of her sight. She would not look anywhere else, determined to focus on only the dragon barely keeping itself in the air.

    Jake gave an evil chuckle, and uttered his next command.

  27. Sen Immediately paled.
    "VYCE!!" Sen screamed in concern as he looked at his already falling Pokemon.

    The Zweilous fell to the ground with a crash, throwing up a cloud of dust with flecks of ice into the air.
    When the dust finally settled, a visage of a battered Zweilous with its wings and half its body frozen was seen. The Pokemon was still struggling to stand upright despite the injuries it had endured.

    Sen grit his teeth. 'Damn it.'

    "Vyce. Can you still fight?" Sen hated seeing his Pokemon injured, It was the only thing that he hated about battling, but stopping a fight just because his Pokemon were injured would mean insulting his Pokemon in the process. So Sen clenched his fists, and endured.

    The dragon Pokemon jerked one of its head in affirmation, the other being too injured to move.

    "Then show em your resolve," Sen ground out. "Vyce. Use OUTRAGE!"
    Vyce burst off the ground with a trail of dust following after his wake and instantly reappeared in front Lilo - his body emitting a chaos of crimson red.

    A jaw opened and the fires of hell itself were unleashed.
  28. Lilo was launched backwards, scorched, and in pain. She tumbled until she came to a standstill, limp.

    "Lilo!" The Pokemon didn't respond, as it had been knocked out in one blow.
    "Shit....." That Blizzard should have taken Vyce out. Sen's no joke....

    "Lilo, return!" With a dull red glow, Lilo disappeared back into her Pokeball. Jake pulled out another Pokeball from his backpack.

    "Tana! You're up!" The Trapinch popped out of her ball, her demeanor different now that she was on the battlefield. Less timid, and determined to give her all, Tana stood defiantly in front of the injured Zweilous.

    Tana began digging furiously, spraying dirt and dust everywhere with enough power to shred a bit of Jake's skin off his ankle when he got too close. Jake bent to inspect his ankle.
    When he looked back up, he could hardly see the battlefield, much less the Pokemon. Perfect!
  29. Sen frowned. This was bad, he couldn't' see through the whipping sands and he doubted he would be able to get a single command through the howling winds either. It was even worse with the fact that Vyce was still in his fit of rage and had no way of finding his opponent with the thunderous noise of the sand. Time was running out and Sen thought furiously inside his head, scrambling for an idea that might get him out of this messy situation.

    'Damnit! Just what can I do in this situation...' Sen grinded his teeth together. He would just have to bank on his luck.

    Raising his un-injured arm, Sen cupped his mouth with his left hand, and yelled as hard as he could.


    Silence reigned on the battlefield, save for the shrieking sands that lashed before him.
    And then the earth rumbled.
  30. Tana screeched as the ground beneath her erupted, launching her upward into the air. Jake could only watch is distress as Tana fell to the ground, wracking his brain for what move this was, as he couldn't hear Sen over the sandstorm. Earth Power...

    "Tana! Are you okay?" A chattering followed by a grunt told him all he needed to know.

    "Then hit 'em with Superpower!" Tana turned to face the Vyce, able to see him fairly well, due to having eyes used to this kind of weather. She pushed off the ground, flying through the air with the speed and power of a freight train, directly towards the oblivious Zweilous.
  31. Sen saw Vyce fly out of the sandstorm, crashing right beside him, out cold.

    "Vyce!" Sen ran over to the fainted Pokemon, checking his body for any mortal injuries in a force of habit and breathed a sigh of relief when he found nothing serious. Sen smiled softly as he returned Vyce to his pokeball.

    "You did well buddy." Sen clipped the pokeball and reached for the next. "Get some well earned rest."
    Closing both eyes, Sen called for his next Pokemon. "Maka!" The dragon Pokemon perked up. Sen opened his eyes, his dark orbs burning with resolve, and turned to his Rock Head Pokemon. "You're up."

    With a cry of joy at finally being able to test his mettle, Maka waddled quickly onto the battlefield, ignoring the whipping sands that lashed against his skin.

    "Maka, you won't be able to hear me in that sand." Sen warned. "so do what you do best alright?"
    The little dragon Pokemon nodded its head wildly, eager to get into battle. Sen grinned at his enthusiasm.

    "Now GO!"

    The dragon Pokemon dived headfirst into the storm and did what he did best. He used Rain Dance. The falling droplets of water, making the sand too heavy to be blown around, dispersed the storm which screamed just seconds before.

    Sen didn't waste a second and barked a command. "Maka! Dragon Breath!"

    Maka narrowed his fierce little eyes and breathed in with a huge gulp of air, arching his back, and let loose a torrent of blue-orange flames at the now-exposed Ant Pit Pokemon.
  32. "Tana, use Dig now!"
    Tana swiftly dug her way underground, avoiding the worst of the flames. Thanks to the soft, muddy earth made from both Sandstorm and Rain Dance, Tana's hole filled itself up, keeping Maka from following her down the hole. One more hit, and she's done for...I hope this works....

    Underground, Tana finished tunneling, then did exactly what Jake had counted on. She used Rest. Undisturbed in her burrow, Tana napped regaining her lost energy.
  33. Sen tapped his foot nervously as he waited for Tana to make a move. It had been a full minute since the Trapinch had dug underground and nothing had happened for the full duration of that time.

    'Is she biding for time?'
    Sen broke out in a cold sweat. 'If She's won't come out, then I'll make her!'

    "Maka!" The Bagon swerved his head towards his trainer. "Breathe flamethrower down the entrance hole. Smoke her outta there." The dragon Pokemon nodded its head and ran towards the entrance of the tunnel and took yet another breath to let loose its fiery rage.
  34. Maka's flamethrower hit its target, blasting Tana with enough force to launch her up through the earth, as she had been digging her way to the surface moments before Maka began cooking her in her burrow.

    "Tana....." At the sound of her name, Tana attempted to stand, stumbling and falling, limp and unconscious.
    With a dull red light, Jake returned Tana to her Pokeball. He turned back to Sen.

    "Not one for mercy I see! Good! Now I won't feel bad when I show none as well. Brom!" Jake popped the Mushroom Pokemon's Pokeball into the air with his foot, and with a bright flash, Brom stood, ready for battle.

    Jake bowed mockingly, an evil grin upon his face.
    "After you."
  35. Sen observed Brom warily and responded to Jake's provocation with his own gracious half bow.
    "Why how kind of you," Sen said with a vicious grin. "Allow me to take you up on that kind offer! Maka use Zen Headbutt!"

    The little dragon's sleek head started glowing with an incandescent purple glow and with a roar of rage Maka shot off towards his opponent, leaving a trail of dust at his wake.

    'Now. Just what will you show me next?' Sen narrowed his eyes in concentration. 'Jake.'
  36. "Dodge it Brom." The Mushroom Pokemon swiftly sidestepped Maka's head on charge. As soon as he side stepped, Brom shifted into a battle stance, already ready for his next command.

    "Brick Break." Quick as a flash, the grass type drew back its arms, stretching them so as to reach full power, then drove both fists towards the passing Bagon, with the speed and strength of a bullet.
  37. Maka cried out in pain as he was launched out of the battlefield - his body crashing into the wet ground several times before skidding to a stop in front of a tree.

    Sen grit his teeth as he saw his partner's beaten and battered form beneath the oak tree. He had underestimated Brom's fighting power and his partner had payed the price for his cockiness.

    "Maka, return!" Sen returned the Rock Head Pokemon to his capsule and quietly apologized to the dragon for his incompetence. Sen then looked up at his floating starter, the rain hitting his face as it grew grim and stony. He would be going all out from here on out.

    "You're up next Aura. Don't hold back."

    Aura nodded her head and flew gracefully in front of Sen. Having been given permission to go all out, the serene Pokemon proceeded to burst into a kaleidoscope of brilliant blue light. The piercing glare or her luminescent radiance being so bright that it would burn away a person's eyes if they stared for too long. It were as if her body had become the very embodiment of the sun itself.

    Sen looked on, unaffected by the brilliant lights, as he witnessed the scene he had seen so many times before. After marveling his Pokemon for a brief few seconds, Sen turned and stared at Jake with a fierce intensity, a shadow overcasting his face, as the dazzling Pokemon in front of him shone brighter by the second.

    "Prepare yourself Jake," Sen said with steel in his voice. "Cause I'm not going to hold anything back." Sen then lifted his free hand and bellowed his command. "Aura. Use Draco Meteor."

    The sky darkened. And the stars fell from the heavens.
  38. "Shit!" Jake stared at what appeared to be a falling sky. "Brom, Protect!"

    Brom braced himself and focused. The mushroom cap upon his head grew and shone like steel, Brom lowered his head, covering himself from the oncoming meteors. As each meteor hit, Brom slid further back, but he never faltered. Finally, the barrage was finished, and Brom had nary a scratch on him.

    "Great! Now hit it with Seed Bomb!" Brom nodded, as the orbs on his tail began to swell and pulse with explosive power. He spun around, sending several of the orbs speeding towards the Dragon Pokemon with a flick of his tail.
  39. Sen's cold eyes narrowed as he watched the Mushroom Pokemon block his Dragonair's attack and flickered when he saw the fighting-type launch his own move. It would seem that he would have to try harder.

    "Aura. Dodge it with Dragon Dance."

    The Dragon Pokemon immediately started moving elegantly to and fro in the air, a dark crimson chaotic storm of power gathering around her sleek body as she did so, getting closer to Brom each time she dodged a orb. By the time Aura dodge the full extent of Brom's attack, she was already within a few meters of the opposing Pokemon. Sen made his move and gave his order.

    "Now! Use Dragon Rush!" Aura coiled her body like spring, the dark clouds cloaking her body crackling with dense raw power, and burst forward the very next second with the speed of a bullet - wisps of black and red following at her wake.
  40. No way we can dodge that. Jake reacted to the danger with ease.

    "Brom, Counter!"

    Brom nodded, then shifted his stance, waiting for the inevitable. Dragon Rush hit like a truck, but Brom struck back, lashing out with his tail, arms, and legs. Brom went head over heels through the air from Dragon Rush's impact. Regardless of the pain, Brom stuck the landing, nearly falling over.

    "All right Brom, be ready to dodge whatever comes your way." Once again the Mushroom Pokemon shifted his stance, before waiting for Sen and Aura to strike.

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