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To Save the Worlds The End.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by pokemon+girfan615, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. !WARNING!If you have'nt read my first fanfic this whole story will make no sense.This will take you to my first one: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=6286.0

    Then Jared woke up,screaming."AHHHH!"Then his Grovyle woke up."Sorry"he told it,"bad dream."So Jared went downstairs to find that his parents were not there,again.Jared's parents were allways out either partying of working.JAred was a 13 year old boy black hair,medium isze in lenght and width.Muscular,and somehow when he was born he got red eyes.His parents are never around long enough for him to ask how it happened.So then Jared went for his morning walk."Hey you trainer!"A voice said,"want to battle?"he said."No"Jared said plainly."Well too bad!Go Monferno!""Okay"Jared said,"You asked for it."

    "Go Sneasel!"Jared said,"Use Slash!"and when it hit the Monferno fainted instently."That's what you get for challenging me."Jared said."Ohhhhh..." said the kid.And he ran off."Nice job sneasel return."Then Jared continued his walk and came back home to find his parents fighting.So he went up to his room and laid down on his bed and started to think about the dream he had."Why was Grovyle the only Pokemon I had?Where was everyone else?"THats when his parents barged in."No more battleing!Ever!"said his Dad."What?!"Jared said"Our neighbor told us that you beat her son and made him cry!""Yes,I did beat him but what was I supposed to do just let him win?!" "Yes" his mother said.And with that she took all of his Pokemon."And your grounded for the week!"said his dad and he slamed the door."Grovyle?Grovyle I know you are here."And then Grovyle came out from under his bed."Wait a minute."Jared said,"This is firmiliar...oh ya my dream you're the only one left!So this must be a sign!And with that Jared went to sleep even though it was only 1:00 but what else does he have to do?

    So that night Jared snuck out the same way he did in his dream.When he ducked in the bush he remembered what happened after it and looked down.Under him the pavement was starting to crack.and then he fell in and was never seen again.

    Hoped you liked To Save the Worlds! ;D ;D ;D
  2. Magpie

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    I'm rather worried at this point that you didn't take on board anything that Linkachu said to you in your pervious thread. I don't even see why this post is a new topic. Surely it could have been posted in the original one, it would have made more sense.

    It's pretty much only a couple of paragraphs long again too, which was mentioned to you in your other topic. I've also just had a look at your current warnings and I must say that at the moment you're treading on thin ice. Read the rules. The main rules AND the Fiction board rules.

    I'll not lock this on the off chance that someone wants to offer some advice, but seriously - a story should have much more to it.

    Nevermind, the member has been banned.
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