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To Glide on the Wind...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BlackHero46, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Okay. There were several things that amazed Lyn, and one of them would have to be Serenity and her Dragonair's part in the appeal round.

    Though it looked quite similar to Matt and his Gyarados's performance, the way she and her Pokemon put their performance together was... magnificent. There was really no other word for it. The way the dragon type flew around her trainer, the attacks that looked both powerful and elegant at the same time... Lyn had never seen anything like it. She had to admit, the two seemed really good at this contest thing, and had she not heard the coordinator say, "Time for our first, then," the girl would have thought that Serenity had been in many contests before with Nieth, her Dragonair.

    Kazea's performance was full of awe as well. She had thought that perhaps she would've used Saisuke and not Yoru for the Appeal round, but the way the Marshtomp pulled off his performance was really amazing as well. She had expected, like Mr. Contesta, that the Stealth Rocks would pop the bubbles, but was surprised that it was not Kazea's or Yoru's intention to do so, and was even more surprised to find out that they didn't pop anyways.

    After the appeal round was over, Marian appeared in the spotlight again, announcing who would go on to the next round. It came as no real surprise when she found out that Acardia, Kazea, Matt, and Serenity were going on to the battle round, but all the same, Lyn couldn't help but squeel with excitement. Her two friends had advanced to the next part of the contest! She could tell that Teto was happy as well, whereas Rin and Len had jumped down and were doing some sort of happy dance for the occasion. The girl let them have some fun during the intermission; it wouldn't be long until the battle round started.

    While she and her three accompanying Pokemon waited for the contest to continue, the young trainer slipped her backpack off just to double check what she had. Rumaging through the mess, she found her box of PokeBlocks, her brother's PokeDex, her clothes from yesterday, spare rubber bands for her hair, canned food, a bag with a few sandwiches in it, her own bag of candy, and... what was that? Looking down, Lyn noticed that her backpack had something like a hidden compartment within it. Or, rather, a pocket that she had never noticed before. Opening the zipper to it, the girl found a blue Contest Pass and a dark blue, velvety dress with golden lining, as well as a curler and a straightener.

    Lyn groaned; it was typical for Roden to pack last minute things in her stuff right before she set off without her knowledge, including the dress and the Pass. She was glad that he had given her a contest Pass, which she guessed he got for her while he was revistiting Sinnoh a few years back. As for the dress... she didn't want to guess where, or who, he got it from. Though she was a girl, Lyn hated anything that involved something like a skirt, dress, skort, or anything of the sort; it just didn't seem to fit her, personallity-wise or something. She was happier to see a more manly suit beneath the dress, though it seemed a bit too manly for her taste; it looked suspiciously like her brother's old contest outfit.

    Zipping the pouch back up to hide the formal dress and the suit, which, no doubt was for any contest she was going to be in (as she had expressed interest in participating in some before she left), the girl quickly grabbed a small sandwich and started to eat it, giving a piece to each of the Pokemon with her. She just realised how hungry she was, and besides, eating was a good way to waste time before the second part of the show.
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  2. Serenity paused as she started to walk past the remaining contestants, recognizing them from the photos displayed from the overhead screen. The young woman nodded in greeting, smiling.

    The dark haired one nodded in return upon noticing her. "I guess I'll be seeing you in a little while. Good luck," Matt said, his hand resting on his large white Pokemon's head. A slight purr of anticipation was audible from it, ruby eyes set in its black face almost shining in glee.

    "To you as well," the brunette said, anticipating the battle section of the contest. From the way he handled his Gyarados, a normally difficult pokemon, it was obvious he held a fair amount of skill. And she was curious as to how he would apply it in battle. And a little prodding sensation in the back of her mind was whispering that things were about to get interesting. In more than one sense?

    Her hand lightly touched Freyr's pokeball, pondering. She shrugged after a moment, brushing the thought away. The young woman walked to the edge of the stands, leaning on the back of the seats. General conversation and opinions drifted to her ears, though not near as loud as before the contest had begun. The steady hum of voices remained in the lobby, almost drowning out her thoughts.

    She glanced at the sleek Absol again, offering a small smile specifically to it. The feline-canine cross stretched in a leisurely bowing motion before turning back to its trainer, nudging his hand.

    "Oh, I know," the dark haired Trainer said to it, his tone almost unreadable.

    (OoC: Sorry if Matt is sort of acting OoC, Shocari, XD.
    Edit: And I'm pretty sure his Absol was just asking for a challenge. It was not, in any way, directed at fluff.)
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  3. (OOC: I apologize for the sudden lack of posting for this, and my shorter then usual post. I'm trying to pick it up and balance the other things I have to do. So forgive this lateness and keep on posting for the sake of this thread.)

    "I'm using Saisuke, my Riolu, for the Appeal Battles," Kazea remarked in rejoinder to Matt's prior question. She'd thought she'd told him and Lyn that earlier, though she had been made to be wrong before this a many a time.

    Matt appeared to take in her response, though the Coordinator from before that Kazea had taken note of walked over to greet him; swaying him from his conversation with Kazea. Marian had introduced her as Serenity on stage, and she was also foreign, from Johto; like her and Matt were as well, though they were from Hoenn. She kept herself well controlled, this Serenity. Even under Matt's challenging gaze, she was like a lake under a clear moon.

    Kazea decided to go about her own business, and to leave Matt on his own for some quiet time after the brunette had taken her leave of him. The jade-eyed Trainer took a seat on one of the tan couches in front of the T.V. monitor before stifling a yawn with the back of her hand. She didn't really want to go out of the lounge, just because the intermission wouldn't be that long and there really wasn't much else to do anyway.

    Matt eventually took a seat next to her, his Absol's proud and naturally regal appearance bubbling up with the obvious anticipation for his debut. The dark haired youth scratched his Pokemon in the head, trying to settle him down before the match actually began; to no real avail.

    Kazea looked at Saisuke's Quick Ball after seeing the Absol. The container for the little Emanation Pokemon always sent a warm yet cool sense of feeling through her body; even despite the Pokeball being inside a Ball Capsule. Such as the power of Aura, she supposed. This would be Saisuke's first Contest. He'd never battled with Appeal before, so it was any guess how things would turn out.

    Making sure the Blue Flame Seal on Saisuke's Capsule was secure, Kazea leaned back and tried to relax, Matt and herself making some small talk about the upcoming matches.

    Soon enough, an announcement noise rang out through the building, a sign that all Coordinators were to report back to the lounge, the matches were about to start.

    Right on cue the little man who had been whisking the contestants out on the stage for the Appeal Round came into the room and called for Matt and Serenity to meet him behind the curtain.

    Both Trainers, having been on time, stood and did as directed. The video screen in the lounge lit up with the live contest feed again for the others to watch, and Marian was displayed on it, ready as ever to begin and announce the Contest Battles.
  4. (OOC:sorry for the lack of posting, I've bern a bit preoccupied)

    Matt's opponent, Serenity, seemed to have taken a bit of a liking towards his Absol. For reasons unknown to Matt, Absol didn't seem ti mind. Almost subconsciously petting his Pokemon, Matt barely noticed when his PokeNav began to ring. Deciding to wait for voicemail, he let the device carry on.

    "Matt, you need to- you need to get over here as soon as you can." his cousin's voice said. "Everything's going wrong and we need you back so you can help. There's just too much stress on most of us, so we need what help you can give."

    Stowing his PokeNav back in his pocket, he went over to Kazea. "Hey, I, um...have to head back to Lilycove. It's urgent, so I probably won't be back for a few days, okay? Sorry that it's on such short notice, but I have to leave. Tell Lyn that I had to leave, please."

    Matt didn't feel good about having to leave, but family came first. He told Serenity and the judges, then went to go change before heading back to Hoenn.

    (sorry guys, but I'll be pulling out of this for a little bit. I didn't want to make you auto for a while, so this seemed the best way)
  5. Serenity glanced up at the flat-screened telecom, noticing that the battle matches were being reshuffled to account for Matt's departure. The bright red rectangles that represented three remaining Coordinators — As well as an added fourth - began flipping once a triangle shape was achieved, revealing the new match-up.

    One of the other Coordinators had been re-chosen, apparently. Arcadia was now facing the newly selected person, whilst Serenity had been paired to battle with a mint haired Coordinator whom Marian had introduced as Kazea. It seemed that Kazea was to face off first. The brunette pushed herself away from the wall after a moment, her high heels audibly resounding on the hard floor as she moved towards the contestant lounge.

    As she reached the door the steady humming of conversation slowly filed back into the Contest Hall as the contestants were called as she passed. The material of her cape swayed slightly as she walked, though upon entering the room seeing that the other Coordinators where already in wait. A slight blush tinged her cheeks when she noticed the others had noticed her entrance.

    Marian soon interrupted any possible comment, announcing the battling pair to the clearly seated crowd. Kazea and her opponent nodded to each other, before moving out onto the stage.

    Serenity's gaze flicked to the other screen. The first Battle Appeal was about to begin.

    (OoC: Sorry about the wait, XD. I could have sworn someone else was supposed to post. My bad. :-[)
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