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To Glide on the Wind...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BlackHero46, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. OOC: Hey. This is an RP I'm going to start by using the character I listed on page 15 of "Role-playing Biography's". It basically follows a journey across Sinnoh three years after the events in Pokemon Platinum, and uncovering a dastardly plot that goes under what Team Galactic had been scheming in the actual plot. There are no legendary's since that is the rule; though they may be mentioned. If I get permission later that may change, but for now it's legend-free.

    {ALERT, as of 6/16/09: We have four, including myself, members in this RP right now. I'm taking entries for a fifth member. When our RP member list hits five, I'm not going to accept any more people; unless someone gets cut. Join fast, because we're beginning to get far. ^^}

    {ALERT, as of 10/3/09: The Role-play is officially on a small break/pause due to most members being in School and or busy. Will be resumed during my first vacation, or earlier. Thank you.}


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    Moonlight-Zelda [Active]
    Open Space; PM me to join!


    The forest along the path to Sandgem Town was actually more pleasant then the Trainer walking along it had first expected. Kazea looked around at the trees, where various Burmy and Starly were getting ready for a peaceful rest, and the Kricketot came out of their hiding places to sing to the moon. Night had just finished taking over the day, making it hard to see the path ahead. Squinting her eyes to get a better focus, Kazea spoke aloud.

    "Sheesh! I knew I was running out of daylight, but I didn't think I'd take this long to get to Sandgem Town!"

    She looked to her small silver companion, who was contently situated on the top of her shoulder.

    "Say Teto... You're a Pokemon and can probably see better in the dark. Sense any people or see any lights from a Pokemon Center yet?"

    The small Eevee known as Teto shook her head, her ears drooping down in disappointment.


    Kazea sighed at her partner's answer. Just two hours ago Kazea and her Pokemon, some old and some new, had finally planned their trip across Sinnoh after getting off of the ferry in Canalave City about three days before. She had come to Sinnoh from Hoenn in order to participate in the famed Gyms and Contest Halls she'd heard about. Though there was another reason...

    "Shaymin... the Gratitude Pokemon who can ascend the skies with such grace and splendor... They are supposed to live in a place called Flower Paradise in the Sinnoh region; though it is only a myth. I will find one!"

    Teto quirked an eyebrow at the quite stupidly enthusiastic expression on her Trainer's face. Thoughts of Shaymin sure made her mistress full of energy. Teto pushed a paw into the side of Kazea's neck.

    "Vee! Eevee!"

    Kazea snapped herself from her daydreams at Teto's small mews, and she couldn't help but rub her neck in embarrassment.

    "Hehe, sorry Teto. I know, I know. Shaymin will have to wait until I conquer the Sinnoh League and all of their Contest Halls."

    Teto gave Kazea a confident nod.


    The Trainer smiled at her young friend's typicality. She reached up and scratched behind the soft Pokemon's ears; causing Teto to give off a rather cute little purr.

    "Hopefully we'll get to town in the next few minutes. Then we can eat and take a good rest. Heh, I'd call out Hadaki and ask him to make a fire for light... but he might cause unwanted attention around all the grass and bug Pokem--"

    Just then a rustling sound echoed out, shattering the calm of the night. Kazea whirled around to face it while Teto jumped from her shoulder and growled in the direction of the fairly overgrown bush the sound had come from.

    "That doesn't sound like something friendly. Be on your guard Teto!"

    The Eevee nodded slightly, pacing forward in silent challenge to whatever was deciding to make its presence known. Silence was all that was given to the pair's fortitude... until the bush was ripped away and in its place stood a giant Tangrowth. Kazea's eyes went wide in surprise.

    "W-what!? A Tangrowth!? That Pokemon shouldn't even live in this area!"

    Upon closer inspection, Kazea found that the large blue Pokemon's eyes were completely hollow with a white glow; utterly in rage.

    "What is going on?", she thought slowly.

    As the Tangrowth slammed a large bulky arm at Teto, who dodged it swiftly, Kazea realized that thinking about it here and now wasn't really top priority.

    "Looks like it wants to pick a fight... What do you say Teto? Up for an evening session?"

    The Eevee didn't even have to respond to answer that, the Soothe Bell hanging off of Teto's neck-ribbon shimmering in the pale moonlight as it jingled slightly from her movement... As the monster of a Pokemon stalked forward, only one more listless thought fluttered across Kazea's mind before she issued a vocal command to Teto.

    "I wonder if anyone else is out here... They could get hurt if they happen to run into this fight..."
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    OOC edit: Looks great, Kazea. Much easier to follow now ^^

    Also, for anyone interested in joining this topic - PM Kazea about it. Do not ask directly in this thread. Thanks.
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    OOC: Kays, sorry it took soooo long, Kazea, but my family had a sudden change of plans. D: Anyways, here goes. Warning: bad intro is B-A-D. And, just saying, Lyn has some, though minimal, control over water, and can at least somewhat tell what others are feeling. Not what a normal human can do, but there's a reason behind all that that I may explain later. But not in this RP.


    The place was dark.

    Lyn had never experienced anything like it before. Back home in Kanto, in Celadon, even at night the place was swarming with people, and lights would be on all night until dawn crept along, though then there would be no need for artificial lighting, and people would still be bustling about. Here in Sinnoh, in a place with almost no civilization, night had a whole new meaning.

    People chatting? Replace humanity with Pokemon. Light at night? Moon and stars. Homes? Trees, burrows, anywhere that Pokemon could rest in. Already Lyn could tell that less and less Pokemon were coming out, and, not surprisingly, humanity itself seemed to disappear until all that was left that could be considered a Homo Sapien was the young trainer in the empty wilderness.

    Of course, there were still Pokemon around, though very few. Kricketots here and there, but even their chirping sent chills down Lyn's back; it just made her feel even more alone. The girl touched her right jean pocket, which was slightly bulging from her only three Pokeballs that contained Pokemon. Her other pocket held another Pokeball, though it wasn't hers; her brother had told her that she needed to deliver it to someone named Collin Rice, whoever he may be. Roden, her brother, hadn't even given her a description of him; all he said was, "You'll know him when the time's ready."

    A slight breeze blew, making the girl's unzipped pale blue jacket and the white t-shirt underneath flutter a bit before settling again. Shuddering, the girl knew that, somehow or another, she would have to meet someone before almost literally exploding from the sheer force of the loneliness pushing down on her.

    Just that one bit of motivation would be enough for her to move on to her destination: Sandgem Town. Though not as populated as her hometown, Celadon, is, there were at least people, and people meant talk, and talk meant less bit of loneliness. Oh, why did she have to leave so late? But she wasn't thinking, of course, as usual. Just hurrying.

    Something stirred in the air, making the girl pause. Though she was only twelve, she could already sense vibrations in the air that was caused by different things, though, being young, hadn't been able to distinguish what types were caused by what. Curious, Lyn decided to follow the instincts she had (which were quite sharp by normal standards), following a trail that seemed almost nonexistant in the night's gloom, but seemed so clear in her mind. Suddenly, the girl stopped and tensed. She could feel someone just up ahead, as well as some Pokemon. The person was eminating feelings of confusion, as well as a rush of battle, and could feel the same feeling from one of the Pokemon. The other seemed angred.

    Looking closer, Lyn could see what was going on: a girl, probably older than her by a few years or so, was battling some sort of thing that looked like blue noodles come to life with a silvery fox. Tangrowth versus a shiny Eevee. The sight of the smaller Pokemon made Lyn feel somewhat depressed, having left her own Pokemon at home after the Pokemon had fallen ill. She knew it was for the best, and was confident that Roden would take good care of her, but it was still hard to bear, especially when the Pokemon was her starter, partner, companion, and, most of all, best friend. But she had to deal with it.

    Not wanting to interfere, but still rather intrigued by the battle, Lyn sat down in the grass, careful not to make a sound so that she wouldn't disturb them, and watched from her hiding place. Having only been a formal trainer for less than a year, the twelve-year-old hoped to learn some battle tactics by watching. Plus, the fighting really was quite interesting and made her forget about the loneliness she had faced only a while ago.
  4. OOC: Oh it's alright Shiny Eevee. (Wish you had a nickname lol.) This post is late in the day anyway, as I was going to post earlier but I had plans pop up. It happens. On with the story...


    While unaware of the new found onlooker her battle had been given, Kazea calmly issued a command to Teto. The scent of battle was thick, it made her skin crawl with anticipation. The Tangrowth's body shimmered a bright red, and the light from the mass of vines illuminated across the thick blades of grass below its feet. The Tangrowth prepared a massive Ancientpower, ready to hurl it upon the small silver fox that had unjustly enraged it. Kazea wasted no time in countering.

    "Teto, time for Dig!"

    The Eevee's ears perked up and twitched upon hearing the command. She quickly hopped up and drilled the earth below her paws to shreds, removing any possible obstacle in the way of her deep tunnel. The Tangrowth's Ancientpower fell on a missing target. For a second the Pokemon appeared to be confused as to Teto's whereabouts... though it regained its lost sense of fury in no time flat. Kazea smirked. Teto was no pushover when it came to battles. She had been battling and training sunrise and sunset with her trusted companion; creating strategies, strengthening moves, learning all there is to learn. Kazea was proud to call Teto strong.

    "Let 'em have it with an Iron Tail combo! No holding back!

    Not a moment after the words had escaped Kazea's lips did Teto comply. The ground behind the Tangrowth burst open to reveal the Eevee under it. As the Tangrowth was taken aback, Teto's tail shimmered white, and the Eevee used the upward boost from Dig to land a seriously hard Iron Tail right on the mark. The Tangrowth flew backwards from the impact and slammed into a small nearby cliff; the rocks around it giving way slightly and falling to the dirt. Kazea held her breath as she waited for the dust to clear. For some reason, a chill ran down her spine... and all of the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end. The silence was both unwanted and unnerving for both Human and Eevee. Kazea could now distinguish a rough silhouette from within the smog.

    "T-teto, prepare a Shadow Ball! Don't let down your guard!"

    Teto nodded and did as instructed, crouching down and collecting masses of spiritual energy above her to form a wickedly powerful-looking Shadow Ball. That's when things got strange... for it wasn't a Tangrowth that appeared from the soot of battle... but a Tangela. Though it wasn't alone, a purple energy locked chain with a arrowhead point on one end was sitting beside the blue Pokemon. The Tangela blinked in surprise, as if not knowing what it was doing in such a place.

    "Tang.. T-tang!?"

    Kazea relaxed a bit, seeing that the creature posed no threat. Teto did the same and allowed the Shadow Ball she'd conjured to dissipate back into darkness. Said Trainer was about to go and see if she could help the Tangela, but it ran off into the night before she could. She shook her head. Something was definitely wrong. It was as if... the Tangrowth that was so intent on hurting her and her Pokemon had, dare she think it, gone back in evolution. Allowing Teto to run up along her arm to her shoulder, Kazea walked over the cliff and picked up the purple chain she'd seen with the now fled Tangela. The object was cracked slightly near the middle. It seemed almost otherworldly... like it was meant to constrict something completely beyond the mind of mere human understanding. She traced a finger down the sharp arrowhead on the chain. Just like that, the object fell apart in her hands; completely destroyed.

    "This day... just keeps becoming more and more strange. I don't think I can handle any more of this... I need to get to bed."

    Kazea looked to Teto with weary green eyes.

    "I'm sorry you had to do all that for such a stupid short fight Teto. Let's hurry and get to Sandgem."

    Teto nodded in a tired fashion. The exhausted sixteen year-old took about five steps towards the path ahead, until she suddenly felt one of her Pokeballs on the sockets of her belt quiver, enlarge, then finally open all on its own. The white light zigzagged out on the grassy forest floor before finally taking the shape of her Riolu, Saisuke. Kazea tilted her head, speaking in annoyance.

    "H-hey! Saisuke, I didn't give you permission to come out whenever you want! Get back in there!"

    The green-haired Trainer had taken Saisuke's Quick Ball off her belt with a click, but before she could return him, he faced the direction of a small hill on the edge of a few trees. His eyes glowed blue and the two black drops below his ears raised up. Kazea knew this as a sign that the little emanation Pokemon was reading Aura.


    Kazea looked to the direction Saisuke seemed intent on facing and questioned him.

    "W-what is it, do you see someone? It's not another huge Pokemon is it...?"

    Saisuke was quiet for a second, but then suddenly launched an Aura Sphere into the hill with a loud 'bang'. Kazea's eyes went wide in shock.

    "Saisuke! Stop, you can't just fling attacks like that!"

    The Riolu growled at the hill before he ran off past the lone trees in the area. Kazea swore she heard the sound of a girl's yell.

    "Oh man... I think Saisuke found and tackled another human..."

    Kazea smiled wanly to herself as she proceeded to follow the direction in which Saisuke had so quickly, and disobediently, gone in; ready to apologize to whomever that scream had belonged to.
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    The battle was quite intense, though very short. Iron-tail and dig combo from the older trainer's shiny Eevee. A good combo, though, as Lyn had figured out before, not quite reliable; the Iron Tail part didn't have as good of an accuracy as she would have liked, but it was good, nevertheless. The sudden impact from the combo-attack was enough to make the grass type hurl into a small cliff. Then, as the Eevee prepared a Shadow Ball, something quite odd happened.

    In the place of the Tangrowth, was a frightened Tangela, which quickly fled into the forest.

    That made no sense. Even the leading Professors and Researchers had never found a way to devolve Pokemon, but this Pokemon had just proved to be able to do that. In all of her life, Lyn had never expected something so... impossible, to happen. As she moved her eyes from the fleeing Tangela to the other Trainer, Lyn saw her pick something up. The teen had stood up soon afterwards, though. Something wasn't right; she didn't put anything back down, and she didn't put the object, whatever she had picked up, back into her pocket. But her hands were empty. What the heck was going on?

    Then, something else happened; the trainer's Riolu appeared beside it, and was staring straight at her, seemingly able to sense the young girl. Knowing it might be best to run while she could, Lyn had just started to get up when the Riolu suddenly attacked her with an Aura Sphere. She just managed to dodge it, thanks to her fast reflexes. Unfortunately, she wasn't so lucky the second time; the Pokemon was now heading towards her. Having no time to flee, Lyn suddenly felt herself pushed down by the Pokemon, then aura-sphered again.

    Man, it's been forever, since she had screamed, but the sudden attack was so unexpected and, in the darkness, frightening, she just had to.

    The sound of running footsteps came. Not wanting to be seen in such a state, Lyn quickly stood up and took out one of her own Pokeballs, sending out a small creature with a white body and something that looked like a green helmet with red horns sticking out from the front and back of the helmet: a Ralts. If there was trouble, which, she guessed was quite likely, she would have to be ready. Who knew if the other trainer was really a Galactic grunt in disguise?

    The other girl appeared before her soon, panting from running. Taking a quick analysis of her emotions, Lyn could tell that this was, indeed, anyone but a Galactic member. She could sense feelings of confusion, again, from the suddenly devolved Tangela she had just battled, as well as something along the lines of an apology for what her Riolu had done to her. Lyn grinned; though the other trainer may tower over her by more than a head due to their age difference, humans were pretty much the same everywhere. "Hey, 'tis fine," the younger girl said before the other could even mutter "sorry". "Your little Riolu just gave me a shock, that's all. No damage done, don't worry," she continued as she returned Kokoro, her Ralts. Looking at the Eevee, she was reminded of her own Pokemon that she had left at home. A feeling of sadness swept through her, but only for a moment; she was able to regain control of herself soon enough, and said, "Hey, I has a shiny Eevee too, though she's not anywhere near the skill yours possess. And I wish she was as tame as yours; anything I say she just ignores unless she's in a good mood."

    "I'm Lyn, by the ways, Lyn Ikeda from Celadon City in Kanto," introduced the girl, taking the edges of her jacket and kind of curtsing to the older one.
  6. Kazea had been genuinely surprised when she'd discovered that Saisuke's target was no more then a young girl, and much younger by the looks of it; perhaps eleven or twelve considering their dramatic height difference. She had been fully prepared to apologize for Saisuke's rash unpredictable actions, and of course wild Aura Spheres, however the girl smiled and forgave her before she'd barely had the intention to begin an apology. This child reminded Kazea of Aaron... her young cousin back in Sootopolis. Bright, peppy, open, friendly; this girl, who had introduced herself as Lyn, gave off most of these traits. After all, first impressions can often tell a lot about a person. Kazea grinned at the comparison whilst Lyn had explained about her own Eevee upon seeing Teto. The elder trainer wanted to comment, but Lyn gave a her a curtsy and a formal introduction, so for the sake of common courtesy she did the same; minus the curtsy. "Hiya Lyn. My name is Kazea Tetsujen. I'm from Hoenn. My hometown is Sootopolis City." Kazea looked up at Teto, who was still slightly embarrassed by the compliments Lyn had given her before. "This little Eevee is Teto."

    Lyn stood straight again, and offered her another smile. "Wow, Sootopolis! That's the city in the middle of the ocean and inside a white crater, rights? That's far!"

    Kazea couldn't help the chuckle that rolled out of her. "Yes, that's right. It's a pretty secluded town. Only way in and out is by a Pokemon that can either Fly or Dive. What about you though? Kanto is even further away then Hoenn from Sinnoh, and Celedon city I hear is quite lively. Being here must be so different for you."

    Lyn shuffled her feet slightly in response to that, a slight blush of embarrassment fading in on her cheeks. "Y-yeah... It's way different here. I was actually stating to get a bit lonely out here. I'm just so used to peoples everywhere that I don't like all this open space."

    The sixteen year-old nodded, understanding that the girl must feel completely out of place in this brand new environment. In all honesty, Kazea felt similar. Sootopolis was indeed quiet, small, and uncrowded. The amount of people she'd been around on the ferry to Sinnoh was completely unnerving at first. "I suppose I can't just leave you out here. Are you heading to Sandgem too, Lyn?"

    Lyn nodded, though Kazea noticed that she was now staring at Teto again, almost sadly. Teto mewed shyly in response. "Eeevee."

    "Well why don't we go to Sandgem together? It'll be easier in a pair. What do you say? I'll even let you hold Teto for a while!"

    Lyn seemed to perk up at the entreaty Kazea had posed, and she nodded gratefully. "Oh yes, please."

    Kazea nodded her head, and looked to Teto as to say: 'I made a promise!'. So Teto jumped off of her shoulder and into Lyn's arms. Lyn then proceeded to pet Teto to no end. Kazea admired the sight for a moment before she pinned her furious attention back on her forgotten Riolu, who look all but happy about his prior actions. "Saisuke, you'd better make sure you treat Lyn nicely after how you acted!"

    Saisuke nodded guiltily before Kazea finally returned him into his Quick Ball and motioned for Lyn to follow her on the path to Sandgem. The walk wasn't a long one. It was peaceful with some quiet conversation. Lyn explained that she had come from Kanto to deliver a Pokemon to someone in Sinnoh by the request of her brother. Kazea in turn explained her goals for Sinnoh; of contests, gyms, and her dream of one day encountering Shaymin. Lyn also mentioned that she'd seen Kazea's fight with the Tangrowth from before. The jade-eyed Trainer was cautious to explain in the story in full, for she herself still couldn't explain it... so she politely dismissed the topic with a gentle: 'Oh, it was just another wild encounter...'. After another hour or so of walking through the dead of night, the pair finally reached Sandgem, almost all dark with the arrival of sleep besides the obvious exceptions of the Pokemon Center and the mart. Kazea and Lyn entered the Pokemon Center, which to their surprise was packed with Trainers and their many Pokemon. Kazea walked up to the counter with Lyn and waited for the Nurse Joy who worked there to greet them.

    "Good evening, welcome to our Pokemon Center. You two sure are out late! Do you need to have your Pokemon checked up on?"

    Both Kazea and Lyn nodded, so the Nurse pointed them towards a small waiting area where a few other people were standing around. "We are very busy tonight, so please wait over there until I call you over." With that the Nurse left the two Trainers to their business.

    Kazea and Lyn did as instructed and went over to sit in the waiting area. Lyn sprawled herself out on the couch, Teto still cuddling up under her chin. That's when Kazea got an idea to rid them of some of the wait. "Hey Lyn, how about you meet the rest of my Pokemon."

    Kazea unclasped her pokeballs and threw them up. In four flashes of white light, her Pokemon appeared: An Arcanine with a nicked ear, a Flygon with some rips in the bottoms of her wings, a Marshtomp, and Saisuke the Riolu. She introduced them all to Lyn.

    "The Arcanine is Hadaki, the Flygon is Masuyo, and the Marshtomp is Yoru." Kazea looked dryly at her Riolu. "You and Saisuke have already been acquainted..." Kazea's Pokemon all greeted Lyn with their various cries, all but Saisuke who still looked as guilty as before about hitting Lyn with an Aura Sphere.
  7. OOC: thanks for letting me join, Kazea. *huggles Shiny for no reason*

    In the last vestiges of sunlight, two bizzare looking creatures faced each other on a beach: a navy blue creature with white fur and a horn-blade on the right side of its head and on its hindquarters, and a floating white fairyish thing with small red and blue triangles on its belly. In between them and a little bit back was a person in dark green cargo pants and a black t-shirt with a large fancy A. He pushed his black hair down into his face, and watched the two Pokemon.

    The furry quadriped attacked first, a black aura surrounding its front right paw. With blazing agility, it lunged at the fairy, who avoided the attack a nanosecond before it hit, and launched a bright blue sphere at the other. The attack landed with a reassuring thud, knocking the opponent onto the sand. The fairy's smile faded when the beast stood up, not even phased.

    As the dim light turned into darkness, a faint purple glow that came from the furry's area sliced the fairy, catching it by surprise.

    "You guys are doing good for Pokemon that have been battling since noon, but I think that now, after eight and a half hours, we should stop." the boy said. He pulled an object off of his belt and said "Togekiss, return." A bright stream of crimson light shot out of the object and enveloped the fairy, then retreated back, taking the Togekiss with it. "Absol, you'll be okay, won't you?" he asked with a smile. "Nothing a short rest won't solve, right?" The Absol grunted in agreement, then followed the boy as he walked off.

    They came to a small town with a building that had a red roof and many lights on. The first tging the boy noticed was a long line to the counter, so ie made his way to the side with Absol in hot pursuit. Many people were talking with one another, but h just stood there; alone.

    Walking over to a couple of girls, he said Hi, I'm Matt. What brings you out here to Sandgem so late?"
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    Having Teto with her wasn't the same as Shiny, but the feeling was similar enough to make her sadness go away just enough. Just the presence Kazea made her feel warm, despite the evening cool that swirled around her. Saisuke, the Riolu, still seemed to feel guilty about himself for attacking her, but Lyn knew that talking usually didn't help too much, especially in her case; she hoped that, with time, the Pokemon would feel less guilty.

    Walking into the Pokemon center, Lyn immediately felt more at home just by the sight of more people inside. Though it was full, Lyn couldn't help but smile by seeing so many people. This was way better than being by herself in the wild like she was just a while ago.

    Okay, so Nurse Joy needed them to wait. Well of course; with the building almost literally full to the top with people and their Pokemon, there would obviously be a line before she could have her Pokemon checked. She and Kazea went to find a place to relax, she herself choosing a couch. The older trainer had decided to let her meet the rest of her party, so, when she had introduced all of her Pokemon to Lyn, she greeted each of them in turn, nodding her tired head and smiling to each creature warmly. Flygon, Arcanine, and Marshtomp. Masuyo, the Flygon, reminded Lyn of her brother's Flygon, Kiseki, although his was slightly larger in comparison. Hadaki reminded her of a friend's overly-friendly pet that had pretty much knocked her over on her first encouter with her.

    "Guess I'll show you my Pokemon as well, though beware, I have no where as many Pokemon as you," she said, but just as she was about to reach for her Pokeballs, a person walked up to the group and introduced himself as Matt.

    "What brings you out here to Sandgem so late?" he asked them.

    Lyn shrugged. She was in no mood to tell anyone that she overslept by a lot and had left her camp really late, so she just mumbled, "got lost on the way," hoping that he and Kazea would buy that. Before they had time to even respond emotionally or mentally, Lyn quickly said, "Well, I'm Lyn Ikeda, from Celadon. Nice to meet ya, Matt." She quickly leapt out of the couch and, like with Kazea, curtsied a little. Her twin black pigtails bobbed a little as she performed her action.

    "And these," said the girl, pulling her three Pokeball out of her pocket and releasing each Pokemon in turn, "are my buddies." When the flashes of light disappeared, standing amidst the two girls, the male, and the older female trainer's Pokemon, were two Pokemon who looked strikingly similar to each other, except one had red markings with plus signs on its cheek pouches and for a tail, whereas the other was blue with subtraction symbols. The other Pokemon she had released was her Ralts. "Meet Rin, Len, and Kokoro, my Plusle, Minun, and Ralts, respectively."

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance, muttered the Ralts, telepathically, to the other two trainers, while Rin and Len immediately proceeded to play a game of tag, or rather, the Minun was chasing the Plusle around in a circle around the group.
  9. The newcomer, Matt, was quick to make conversation with Kazea and her newly acquired friend Lyn. He seemed friendly enough. Lyn had taken to his question of why she had arrived in Sandgem with a very inaudible little mutter. Kazea had to hold back a laugh at the dry uninterested tone Lyn had addressed Matt with.

    The jade-eyed Trainer opened her mouth to give her version of Matt's question, but Lyn leaped off the couch and greeted him in much of the same way as she had done for her before. Feeling a bit out of place, Kazea scratched the side of her head and tried to mirror Lyn's formal greeting, a curtsy. Of course... in her mind she really detested such frilly and feminine greetings, though she supposed this wasn't really the time to be picky.

    After her greeting, Lyn decided to introduce her own partners. A Minun, Plusle, and a Ralts that Kazea could just recognize from the events in the forest. Rin and Len, the adorable pair of Plusle and Minun, decided to engage in a game of tag around the small group. Rin and Len again reminded Kazea of Aaron. She missed her little 'brother's' presence. He had a pair of tag-team electric Pokemon as well, his Minun named Seiryu and his Plusle named Suzaku. Kokoro, Lyn's Ralts, also took the time for an introduction using telepathy. It slightly surprised Kazea. Pokemon normally couldn't gain the ability of telepathy.

    "I didn't expect your Ralts to have telepathic ability, Lyn." Kazea looked to Saisuke, prodding him with gentle eyes. "Saisuke can use telepathy too actually. Though he doesn't say much and normally just talks by his cry." Kazea pointed to Matt and Lyn. "C'mon Saisuke, say a proper hello. Otherwise everyone will think you can only mutter your name!"

    The Riolu blushed slightly from the attention. He seemed unsure, for he was still feeling a bit down. Still, he supposed, if Kazea had asked something of him in such a nice way he really couldn't refuse. She was his master.

    "...How do you do. I am Saisuke. An honor to meet you both, Lady Lyn and Sir Matt."

    Both Matt and Lyn seemed intrigued by Saisuke, but then a voice called out to the group. "We're ready for one of you to take your turn now!"

    The trio, and their Pokemon, looked over to Nurse Joy, who was open in one counter for one Trainer to go first. Before either Matt or Lyn could offer, Kazea shook her head. "Lyn it's okay, you can go first. I can wait."

    The twelve-year old hesitated a moment, though soon beckoned for her Pokemon to follow her over to Nurse Joy; Kokoro not wasting time in going after Lyn, and Rin and Len reluctantly stopping their new game of hanging off of Masuyo's wings in a seesaw fashion to scurry after her as well. Lyn had placed Teto down on the couch before she had left, so the Eevee took back her rightful place on Kazea's left shoulder.

    Kazea then turned to Matt, straightening her headband before beginning. "I don't think you and I were properly introduced. I'm Kazea, Kazea Tetsujen from Sootopolis. Nice to meet you." She looked and held an arm out towards her Pokemon. "These are my Pokemon." Teto mewled from Kazea's shoulder indignantly. "And this is my trusted partner, Teto." The Eevee seemed more satisfied with that intro and nodded to herself.

    Before Matt could get in a word, Kazea noticed and knelt down in front of his Absol. She reached up and gave the dark-type a soft pat near the base of his long scythe-like horn. "Your Absol is great! His coat is so shiny and silky, and he looks very well trained. Can he use Razor Wind? That's one of my favorite Pokemon skills."
  10. The young girl named Lyn showed Matt and the other girl her Pokemon: A Plusle, Minun, and Ralts. Matt wasn't good at remembering nicknames, so he nearly instantly forgot them. The other girl, Kazea, introduced herself and pointed out the Pokemon she already had out: an Arcanine, Flygon, Marshtomp, and a Riolu. All Matt had out was his Absol, to which Kazea immediately fawned over.

    "Your Absol is great! His coat is so shiny and silky, and he looks very well trained. Can he use Razor Wind? That's one of my favorite Pokemon skills." Kazea said.

    "Er....not really. My Absol's not a fan of Razor Wind, but he can use Psycho Cut with unbelievable speed and accuracy!" Matt had started his rant, something that could easily last days. Luckily for the girls, Nurse Joy said that she could take another person at the moment, to which Lyn headed over to the desk at Kazea's suggestion.

    Deciding that since they had done it as well, Matt decided to show his other Pokemon. With a flash of red light, his Togekiss was floating alongside him. "Well, this is one of my most faithful Pokemon, Togekiss. I have another Pokemon, but he's too big to show you in here, so maybe tomorrow." Matt said. Togekiss floated down to him and he patted her on the head.

    Matt readjusted his black hair so that it was hanging in front of his blue eyes. He hated when it was anywhere else. "Er..I guess we should just wait until its our turn. You said you were from Hoenn, right? Well, I'm from Lilycove." Matt hoped this could kill some time untill they could get their rooms. Conversation never hurt anything.
  11. Kazea nodded in formal greeting to Matt's Togekiss. It was a nice sight to see a Trainer so well bonded with his Pokemon, making her feel more at ease with this newcomer. Not only that, but he was from Hoenn as well. That alone somehow gave Kazea a sense of solace, though she politely kept the emotion from surfacing. She wasn't one to flaunt her emotions, and often retained control of them in a cool, calm, and seemingly manageable way.

    Matt brushed his hair over his blue eyes, a gesture that almost seemed a bit shy or nervous to her. It was funny... since her long light-green hair often got in the way of her eyes, and frankly it annoyed Kazea to no end; hence her headband, and her ribbon to tie it up. Matt spoke of being from the city Lilycove, a coastline and port town from what Kazea knew; though being from Sootopolis, she'd never traveled until now so the other town could only be a image to her. Again, Matt came off to her as hurried and quiet. Of course they had just met so that was normal, she supposed.

    "That's correct. I'm from Sootopolis, as I mentioned before. You must know of it. The Cave of Origins is there. Two years ago, when Team Magma and Team Aqua were still active, they resurrected two ancient Pokemon called Kyogre and Groudon, and then those two powerful beasts took out their rage on each other inside of our city. Well.. before the Pokemon Rayquaza broke them up. You must have heard of that at least, everyone in Hoenn went crazy over it. It was one scary night... let me tell you. Rain then a heatwave, back and forth, over and over again over the course of the same day!"

    Kazea shook her head, almost dislodging Teto from her shoulder. "Sorry, I got a bit carried away. But anyway, it is really nice to meet someone else from Hoenn!"

    Lyn still seemed to be taking her turn, so Kazea continued to speak with Matt. She was already fond of her new friends by a great deal, despite just meeting. "So what are you here for Matt? Are you collecting badges and ribbons too?"

    (OOC: Yes, I recounted Kazea's thoughts on the events in Pokemon Emerald, which in this story was two years ago. This is only a retelling, so its not against guidelines I hope. ^^)
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    ((OOC: Totally half-arsed 'cause it's almost 11 where I live, so I'm planning on making this better. Dunno if I auto'd Kazea okays, I'm guessing around. But anyways, you get the point; Lyn's done with healing her Pokemon and she offers Kazea to go and stuffs))

    "Yes, just a quick heals of my Pokemon; they're just a bits tired from the journey," Lyn said cheerfully and quickly. She didn't want to take too long, in case the others started getting annoyed of her.

    Nurse Joy smiled the way most Nurse Joys did. "Of course, I'll be right back with your Pokemon, miss. Please be patient." And with that, she took her three Pokeballs that Lyn had just used to return her Pokemon and placed them on the healing machine behind the counter. While waiting, Lyn could pick out parts of the conversation from the other two.

    Matt was from Lilycove. If she wasn't mistaken, then he, like Kazea, was from Hoenn. Due to the fact that her brother had been from Hoenn and grew up there, and she was always hearing about the days when Team Magma and Team Aqua fought with each other, she was pretty familiar with the story Kazea was telling Matt. Having been in Kanto for most of her life, she had never experienced the massive weather changes during the time when Kyogre and Groudon fought, though she could tell from the waves eminating from Matt and Kazea that it was, indeed, freaky, abnormal, and quite detestable. Really, who would want to be out on a day when it rained for a second and then was boiling over hot the next?

    "There you go, all better. Hope to see you soon!" exclaimed the nurse, handing Lyn the tray that container her three Pokemon. Lyn nodded her thanks with a smile, placing her Pokeballs back into her pocket before skipping off to join Kazea and Matt again.

    Looking at Kazea, she said, "You're turn, Kazi-san," to which the older girl responded with a roll of her eyes and a slight shudder from the nickname. Lyn could tell she didn't like it too much and seemed a bit cute for her, so, before the other trainer could say anything, she said, "I'm so sorry! Oh my gosh I'm so very sorry! Sorry sorry sor-"

    "It's fine," Kazea mumbled before hurrying off to the counter, with her Pokemon behind her. Gosh, Lyn would have to watch with the nicknames.

    Turning to Matt, Lyn looked at his two Pokemon: an Absol and apparently some evolution of Togetic, though she had never seen it before. Darn it, she really needed to go out more. "That's a really cute Pokemon you have there, Matt," Lyn said, grinning at the flying Pokemon. "Don't believe I've seen it before, though. What is it? It's really adorable, though," added the girl, afraid of hurting the Pokemon and its trainer's feelings.
  13. Kazea went to go heal her Pokemon as Lyn made her way back over to Matt. "That's a really cute Pokemon you have there, Matt," she said with a grin. "Don't believe I've ever seen it before, though. What is it? It's really adorable, though."

    Matt assumed she was talking about Togekiss, the only adorable Pokemon he owned. Taking a fifty-fifty chance, he said "This is my Togekiss, its an evolution of Togetic. You see, to get a Togekiss, you have to use a Dawn Stone on a Togetic, but that's only if your Togetic agrees, because I find it to be the worst thing you do to a Pokemon: evolving them against their will. But, yeah, She's pretty adorable. You wanna pet her? She's harmless." He returned Absol, who was eyeing some tough-looking Ace Trainers, to his Dusk Ball.

    Lyn looked a bit cheerful at this statement. Togekiss floated down to her, then Lyn began to pet her gently on on the head. Togekiss went in a happy frenzy and hugged Lyn, well, as close to a hug as a Togekiss could get. Matt returned Togekiss to her Luxury Ball as Kazea came back, and Matt took the incentive to go up to the counter.

    "Hello, I'm Nurse Joy. Is there anything I can do for you?" the red-haired lady behind the counter said.

    "Yes, I need my Pokemon to be healed." He handed her the capsules that contained Absol and Togekiss.

    "Will that be it?"


    "Okay then. Please wait a minute." Nurse Joy took the two balls and placed them on a tray, then took the tray to a machine and placed it on top. The balls glowed briefly, then ceased. She took the tray and brought it back to Matt, who picked up his Pokemon. He placed them on his belt, and started to walk off.

    "Oh! Wait just a moment! Here, take these keys, and ask your friends if they want to room together tonight." Matt took the keys and went over to Kazea and Lyn, and asked them.
  14. Before Matt had answered her question, Lyn had skipped over and informed her that Nurse Joy was ready to take her Pokemon; though not without giving her the gift of a brand new nickname. She couldn't help but feel stingy from it. Kazea just... hated frilly nicknames, her name was cute enough as it was unfortunately. She was a complete tomboy, nothing she could help. She was born like that.

    Her Pokemon all followed her to the counter before Kazea turned around and returned each of them, minus Teto, to their respective Pokeballs, all of which were different. Teto had a Luxury Ball, which she ironically hated being inside of. Hadaki had a Timer Ball. Masuyo, a Premium Ball. Yoru had a Dive Ball, and Saisuke had a Quick Ball. Kazea had one Dusk Ball on her belt with no Pokemon yet inside it. She was saving it for a Pokemon she really wanted to capture.

    "I'll take your Pokemon now miss. It will only take a second." Kazea nodded and placed her Pokeballs on the tray Nurse Joy presented her with. Teto yawned lazily before hopping down onto the tray just before the Nurse carried it off.

    The Trainer reached into one of the pouches on her belt and pulled out a Town Map. She wasn't great with directions... and she really had no idea where she should be heading to now. When Nurse Joy returned with Teto and her Pokeballs, she collected them, clicked them onto her belt, and allowed Teto to take her place on her shoulder again. The Nurse prepared to bid her goodnight, but Kazea interrupted. "Say Nurse Joy, can you tell me where the nearest Gym is located? Oh, and what Contest is nearest? I'd like to join them, I already registered by my Pokedex in Canalave City... but I'm not sure where to go."

    Nurse Joy smiled and pointed at two locations on Kazea's map. "Well, Trainers usually start out at the Oreburgh Gym. It's located just beyond Jubilife City, which is here. I hear there's going to be a Contest in Jubilife soon, so you can do that along the way to Oreburgh."

    Carefully taking in the information, Kazea bowed in thanks to the Nurse, who sent her off with a 'good night' before she called over for Matt.

    Teto yawned again, and this time Kazea reached up for the little Eevee and gently cradled her in her arms. "I know you're tired Teto. Sorry for pushing you to walk that first couple of miles."

    The silver and white fox-like Pokemon purred gently in response to her Trainer's kind words, and from the warm, loving feeling of being held. Teto's Soothe Bell jingled from the the sixteen year-old's rhythmic footsteps.

    Kazea knew Teto was trying to reassure her, but she could see the all too evident exhaustion in the little Pokemon's soft blue eyes. She mentally kicked herself for deciding to leave at such a late time back in Canalave.

    Lyn bounded up to her, since Matt was still clearly taking his turn. That's when Kazea couldn't help but inquire something that had been on the back of her mind for quite some time.

    "Say Lyn... are you traveling alone? I mean, I'm not going to feel right if I send you off tomorrow all by yourself. Not that I think you're incapable of traveling or anything! Not at all... I dunno, things like that just go against my nature..."

    Lyn looked like she was going to reply, but Matt came back around to them, holding out a pair of keys. He began, pretty non-nonchalantly, which seemed fit him as far as Kazea was concerned. "Nurse asked me to see if you guys wanted to room with each other."
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    Togekiss. What a cute name, fitting for an adorable Pokemon, thought Lyn as the Togekiss cuddled with her. The girl laughed; the flying Pokemon was tickling her a bit, though not intentionally. The sensation was over soon, though, as Matt had just returned the Pokemon back into her Pokeball. The trainer groaned a bit in disappointment, but then she saw Kazea coming back from the counter, with Teto in her arms. A sweet scene, and one that was nostalgic for Lyn. She even envied the older trainer a bit.

    Kazea looked at Lyn, then asked, "Say Lyn... are you traveling alone? I mean, I'm not going to feel right if I send you off tomorrow all by yourself. Not that I think you're incapable of traveling or anything! Not at all... I dunno, things like that just go against my nature..."

    The twelve year old had opened her mouth, about to respond, when Matt came over with several keys. Casually, he said, "Nurse asked me to see if you guys wanted to room with each other."

    "Sure, if Kaz- I mean, Kazea, doesn't mind," said Lyn excitedly, snatching a key from Matt. She really didn't want to be by herself another night, and besides, she enjoyed the older trainer's presence. It felt... dunno, warm, or something. Just the fact that she wasn't alone made her feel better. "Anyways, Kazea, I hates being by myselfs, like I kinda already saids before we came into this packed Center. I would loves travelling with someones, though, and I totally understands that you don't mean you think I'm unable to be by meself," the girl said, responding to Kazea's question. "And can Mattie join us as wells? I thinks he may be lonelies if he continues being by himself with just his Pokemons, and as far as I know, Lilycove has a department store like Celadon, as well as a contest hall, which the two will be bound to attract bunches of peoples," added Lyn, thinking about how odd it felt to be by herself after living in a crowded environment for so long.

    ((OOC: Ha, I notice my posts are becoming considerably shorter each time. So sorry. XD)
  16. OOC: Sorry about the short post. *Sweat-drop* I just sorta had to improvise on this one since it was a bit hard to write out.


    Kazea nearly laughed when Lyn corrected herself about the whole nickname thing. Lyn could be pretty cute, despite the whole nickname thing.

    "Heh, I don't mind rooming with you." Kazea said gently before Lyn went on to explain her traveling situation. Now Kazea was sure, she just had to have Lyn join her... well, at least until she finished whatever she needed to do. After all, she didn't want something to happen to the young girl. Kazea was much too nice for her own good; not that she'd ever admit it. Though after fighting with that Tangrowth turned Tangela... Kazea didn't think anybody would want to travel alone, in case another Pokemon like it randomly showed up.

    She listened intently to Lyn's request about Matt. She smirked playfully to herself before walking near said dark-haired Trainer and nudging him playfully in the side with her elbow, still holding Teto. "You hear that? Lyn wants you to join us, so I guess you got yourself an invitation! Wadda say, Mattie? I mean, you seem like a really nice person so I'm not against it."
  17. "Would I like to share a room with you two? Well, I was kinda thinkin' of just going to my own room and all, y'know? Because it would seem really weird if...yeah, you get my point, right?" Matt said awkwardly.

    Lyn nodded, and turned around and ran towards the hall where the rooms where after snatching the key from Matt's hand. Kazea walked over to the room, following Lyn a bit sleepily. Matt entered the hall at a fast paced, found his room, unlocked the door and entered. It was semi-spacious: two bunkbeds adorned the left and right side respectively, and the wallpaper was an off-white wiht a green band in the middle with various Pokemon on it.

    Out of nowhere, Absol burst out of his Dusk Ball, jumped onto the lower bunk on the right side, and fell asleep. "I guess you're really tired, then. Well, better bring out Togekiss." He pulled out the black, red, and gold Luxury Ball and released his fairy, who flew up to the bunk above Absol, and fell asleep instantly as well. "Okay. I guess that leaves me over here on the left." Matt didn't even bother taking his shoes off as he fell facefirst into the dark blue comforter and drifted off.
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    "I guess that means he's joining us on our little adventure, then, neh?" chirped Lyn as she and Kazea walked into their room after Matt had disappeared into his. "Though I don't get why he asked if he wanted to share a room with us; doesn't each room only have, like, two beds? Then I would have to sleep on the ground if he shared. Good thing he has his own room, really, not that I don't like him or anything, just that I didn't want to sleep on the floor because the only things I have in my backpack are canned food, a few berries, spare clothes, my brother's Pokedex, money, and possibly a spare Pokeball or two." Kazea grunted a reply, as if she wasn't really taking in all that the little girl was ranting on about. Lyn didn't seem to notice, though, as she kept going on about what she planned to do with her money, where she wanted to go, and what Pokemon she wanted to have with her.

    "But of course I love Rin and Len and Kokoro and Shiny my Eevee, don't get me wrong, I just want lots and lots of Pokemon like Roden and you, Kazea!" At this, her she released her three Pokemon, who looked quite tired despite having been in their Pokemon almost all day. The Plusle and Minun, who had looked quite exhausted after their game back in the main part of the center, looked expectantly at their trainer, as if she was supposed to do something. Laughing, she said, "Oh, right," and, flopping down onto her bed, placed her night sky and summer sky blue backpack onto the ground next to her. Taking the water-droplet charm on one of the many zippers on her bag, Lyn unzipped it and took out three things that looked a little like doggy beds, except smaller. "There you are, bed time, guys," the trainer told her Pokemon as she set their "beds" on a table in the room. Her three Pokemon sleepily climbed into their respective mattress and were all soon sleeping, Len snoring a bit.

    The young trainer took off her white tennis shoes and wiggled her toes in their socks. "Hey, you taking a shower? Roden always says that taking a good shower always feels better after a long day, and it'll help you sleep," said the girl ecstatically, rushing to the restroom with some of her extra clothes (which amazingly looked just like the clothes she had on except neater).

    In the restroom, Lyn found exactly what she needed: several towels in differing sizes, two small bottles of shampoo, soap, and body lotion, though she wasn't exactly sure what body lotion was supposed to do. She looked at the shower curtains and grinned. Soon she would find water splashing all around her, and she would be able to play with it without anyone having to bother her.

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  19. OOC: Lol... tweebs? xD I wouldn't think of it, Lyn-chan. No worries.

    Kazea chose not to comment about Matt's choice of having his own room to stay in. She'd actually given him the invitation about traveling with them... not the room. A misunderstanding, but no use crying over it. Lyn complained for a second about Matt's decision... saying she didn't understand why he had done so. Despite both Matt and Lyn being younger then her, she wasn't their Mother and therefore had no need to explain the entirety to Lyn about boundaries. So in return for that conversation, she could only grunt out a 'yeah, yeah'.

    The younger girl went on and on about her Pokemon, whom she released into the room. Lyn apparently had little beds for each of her Pokemon, which considering their size wasn't that hard to believe. It was cute to say the least, especially Len who began a quiet snore after going out like a light.

    "Hey, you taking a shower? Roden always says that taking a good shower always feels better after a long day, and it'll help you sleep." Kazea opened her mouth to say something in rejoinder, but Lyn had already gone about her own shower business and disappeared behind the bathroom door. Kazea couldn't help but wonder why Lyn had posed such a question when she herself had the intent to use the shower in the first place.

    With a something akin to a cross between a sigh and a yawn, which she covered with the back of her hand, Kazea gazed over to a Pidgey-themed clock hanging near the side of the door. It was well past midnight... so the eldest supposed she would have to take a shower some other time, for by the time Lyn would be finished she'd be too groggy to drag herself to the bathroom. Besides, she was clean enough and had showered just the other day.

    Kazea leisurely sat down on the bottom bunk of the bunk-bed in the room and removed her belt from her waist, taking off Hadaki's and Saisuke's Pokeballs before setting her belt down on a small side table near her newly claimed bed. With a click of two buttons, Hadaki and Saisuke appeared before her. Yoru and Masuyo preferred being inside of their Pokeballs when Kazea wasn't sleeping outdoors.

    Hadaki stretched himself out before padding over near Kazea's bed and sitting loyally before her. Said Trainer smiled in turn to her Arcanine and gave him a good scratch behind the ear. "It's okay Hadaki, you can go to sleep now. I'll get to bed in a moment."

    The fiery lupine wagged his tail and promptly stood, walked around in a circle, and then curled up where he once stood; though still leaving enough room so that Kazea could get in and out of bed if she so desired.

    Teto was about to jump off and curl up as well, but a moan from her mistress gave her pause. "...Vee?"

    Kazea suddenly felt ill. The air... the air in the room... it was just too still, so motionless and bland, it made her ears ring, her head pound, and her stomach turn. She felt a pang of pain, and knew why. "There's no breeze in here."

    She stood up and crept past Hadaki to the large windows on the north wall of the room. Opening them up and feeling the rush of a fresh, balmy evening wind instantly made her nausea vanish. All of her life, she had become ill without being exposed to some kind of wind for too long. It wasn't any kind of terminal illness, or an allergy. Her body just needed the feel of wind in order to function properly for a good while. She could be indoors, however she had to be sure to not spend too much time without some kind of wind brushing past her. Kazea had always wondered why this occurred... and only to her.

    "M-master! You've gotten ill again! Are you alright!?"

    The Jade-eyed girl faced Saisuke, who had spoken to her telepathically. The Riolu was like her Guardian. After she'd saved Saisuke from drowning, he'd sworn to protect her. He, unlike most people, had unwavering concern for her illness...

    I'm alright, Saisuke. I opened a window so that should be enough." Kazea stated as reassuringly as she could whilst removing both her headband and her ribbon; causing her silky mint green hair to cascade freely down her back and over her eyes a bit.

    Teto didn't look quite as taken with Kazea's reply, since her breathing was a bit ragged. Saisuke didn't look all that convinced either, so he shuffled his feet together in shy nervousness. "Perhaps you should inform Lady Lyn and Sir Matt of your condition, Master. If you do not, then they may unintentionally keep you indoors without a zephyr for too long and you'll be too ill to travel."

    Taking in one final inhale of pure air before leaving it, Kazea, with Teto in one arm, knelt down to the Riolu and patted him on the head. "Saisuke, I'm going to be okay. By morning tomorrow, we'll be entering our first contest in Jubilife. How about you be my Pokemon for the Battle Portion, while I use Yoru for the Appeal Portion. I promised Teto she could be one of my battlers for the first gym, so I do need a good Pokemon willing to sub for her."

    Saisuke looked at Kazea with his kind red eyes, gazing into her jade ones for moment until he smiled and nodded. "As you wish. I will not disappoint you."

    Kazea gave Saisuke another pat before stepping past Hadaki again, putting down her headband and ribbon next to her belt on the side table, and then ungracefully flopping down on the bed. "Then it's settled, I'll be counting on you Saisuke. Do me a favor and wait for Lyn to get out of the shower to tell her to keep the windows open for me."

    "I understand. Leave it to me, Master."

    Satisfied that Saisuke would do as asked, and that she wouldn't have to worry about a breeze since she now felt one in the room wafting from the open windows, Kazea allowed herself to pull the plush blankets over her and snuggle down into the bed with Teto securely nestled under her chin. "Goodnight, Teto. Sweet dreams."

    The Eevee only purred lovingly and nuzzled her soft furry head more snugly into her Trainer as a reply. Slowly, but surely, Kazea was able to fall into sleep's comforting embrace and dream; eagerly awaiting the next morning and what new tales awaited her...
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    ((OOC: rights, 'cause today is a special day for me, I'm not going to be on for the rest of the day, or at least until around 9:00 EST, so I may need Lyn to be auto'd. And I really don't know what to post here anymore. XD))

    A figure stepped out of the shower room, looking as if she hadn't even turned on the faucet, yet she had clean clothes on and her hair looked shinier than it was when she had entered. Her black hair, usually put up in twin pigtails, was let down at the moment, revealing its natural straightness.

    Lyn grinned when she saw that Kazea asleep, with Teto next to her; she didn't want to answer unnecessary questions, espcially ones that she would have trouble answering them. Then she noticed that the window was open. It was really odd; it was the middle of the night, past midnight by now, for sure. Worried that theifs and other nasty people would come in, Lyn walked over to the window to pull it down, only to find her way blocked by Saisuke. "Lady Lyn, I would like to inform you that my Master, Kazea, would like to leave the window open for the night," said the Riolu. Lyn nodded, too tired to bother asking why. Not bothering to pull up her covers, the girl just let gravity pull her down onto her bed, falling backwards.

    Before she had even hit the mattress, the young trainer was already fast asleep.
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  22. The cool aroma hanging off the morning wind awoke Kazea the next morning. She, under normal circumstances, usually slept in very late. Though if her mind was working correctly, which considering she had just woken up could have not been, the Pidgey clock's hands pointed to the eight and the three.

    "Eight-fifteen, eh. Better get up." she yawned out. Kazea sat straight, causing a certain shiny Eevee to tumble off the bed and onto Hadaki, who was rudely brought to awareness by the impact.

    The lupine yawned, stretched out, and then looked down to Teto while barking a few times. Teto, prideful as the little Pokemon was, sat and cleaned her fur; puffing out her chest and 'hmph'ing at the Arcanine as to say, 'Don't look at me... I didn't do it on purpose.'

    The eldest Trainer had gotten her hair brushed and tied up by her ribbon again as the Pokemon continued to chat. Saisuke was even awake now, though he remained silent, as usual. Kazea readjusted her headband, ruffling up her hair a little so that the locks of her bangs fell comically in perfect place (as they do in most animes).

    "Okay, guys we have a good walk ahead of us before we sign up for the Contest. Plus, we'll have to get some training in."

    The three Pokemon nodded, so Kazea clenched her fist, bringing it in front of her as if the simple gesture would give utter confidence. She then placed her belt around her waist and returned both Saisuke and Hadaki into their Pokeballs.

    Lyn was still out cold on the bed, same as her Pokemon, and although Kazea didn't want to disturb her, they had to get moving. Other people needed to rent this room soon, she was sure of it.

    "Rise and shine, Lyn! We have to go get Matt and then get on the path to Jubilife so I can sign up for the contest there. You know what they say, the early bird catches the Caterpie!"

    The young girl threw out an arm in Kazea's direction, to dismiss her loud voice and to refuse getting up.

    Kazea huffed a bit, though an idea quickly formed. "Don't make me call out Yoru and have him use Water Gun on you..."

    Like a flash of lightning, Lyn sprang up and backed up near her Pokemon. Her face was mixed between afraid and annoyed. "You are so mean, Kazi-san!"

    Biting back the urge to comment on the nickname, the sixteen year-old simply shrugged and closed the windows from the other night; Teto jumping up on her shoulder. "It was either that threat, or leaving you here."

    Lyn pouted for a moment, which Kazea ignored as she headed for the door. "I'm going to go wait in the lobby for Matt. Meet me in there when you've packed your things and are ready to leave. "

    With that, she left the room and towards the main part of the center to wait for the male counterpart of her newly established group.
  23. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm on Matt's watch went off, waking up the Trainer and his Pokemon. "Uggghh...it's eight-fifteen? Already? I was only asleep fo like, two seconds."

    Matt slowly worked his way off of the bed, then picked up the two balls on the small dresser. "Okay, guys, let's get going." he said before returning his Pokemon to their respective Pokeballs. After making each bed and brushing off Absol fur, he decided it was time to leave.

    The Pokemon Center's lobby was still crowded, just not as much since it was morning. Noticing Kazea, Matt quickly walked over to her general direction, only to discover that Lyn wasn't around.

    "I'm guessing Lyn's running a bit behind? Well, anyway, I'm sorry for not answering your question last night. My answer is: I'm here mostly for badges, but I'm fine with doing a few Contests along the way. I guess that makes our next stop Jubilife, then?"
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    Lyn was barely aware of the hustling and bustling within the room as she drifted from unconscious to semi-conscious. She was dreaming; in her mind, she saw a shadowy figure walk up to her, with its hands in its pockets. It had a long coat, billowing in the wind, though the outfit beneath its trenchcoat wasn't distinguishable from the way her dream seemed to make everything dark around her. It took one of its hands out of its pockets, then extended it to Lyn, not for a handshake, but as if it was expecting Lyn to give something to him.

    "I can't! This is for Collin Rice!" she yelled, clutching the Pokeball she had closer to her.

    "Lyn, dearie, it's all right. I'll give it to him for you," replied the stranger, a man, by the sound of his voice.

    The girl shook her head, making her hair, still not up in pigtails, fly violently around her. "It has to be me, I don't trust you!"

    "Little girl, you don't know what you're talking about."

    "Go away!"

    "You don't understand."

    "I said, go away!" She tried to turn away, only to find that a hand was holding onto her shoulder, rooting her to the spot. Trying to shrug it off, she shouted, "Let me go, you idiot!"

    The man just held on tighter. He bent down so that his mouth was only an inch away from her ear. Whispering, he said, "Stop moving, unless you want me to hurt you." He placed his other hand deeper within his pocket and started to draw something out. Lyn shivered, wondering what he would take out.

    "Rise and shine, Lyn! We have to go get Matt and then get on the path to Jubilife so I can sign up for the contest there. You know what they say, the early bird catches the Caterpie!" Her mind not really working, the girl quickly shot her hand out, trying to attack whoever was speaking, but her body didn't respond so much and she seemed to move as if she was trying to bang an unseen alarm clock. Then she heard Kazea say something about making Yoru use water-gun on her.

    Alarmed, Lyn quickly shot up, and hurried over to where her Pokemon were, who were already up. Then she relaxed a little when she realised that it was only Kazea. "You're so mean, Kazi-san!" she whimpered as she carefully placed each of her Pokemon's beds back into her backpack.

    Kazea shrugged. "It was either that threat, or leaving you here." Then, the older trainer headed for the door, but not without tellin Lyn that she was going into the lobby to wait for Matt. As Kazea closed the door behind her, the younger trainer sat down and looked at each of her Pokemon, one by one. Rin and Len were busy attacking a bag of candy she had left for them, but Kokoro looked at Lyn with worried scribbled all over his face. Even without having to examine his emotions, she could tell that the Ralts was already concerned for her.

    "I'm fine, Ko, it was just a dream," Lyn muttered, returning the two twin electric types back into their respective Pokeballs. Then, taking out a comb, she quickly did her hair, tying them back up into pigtails, and stuffed her dirty clothes into her backpack; she would have to find somewhere to clean them later. Slinging her backpack over her should, the girl quickly ran out of the room, with her Ralts behind her.

    As she turned up into the lobby, she noticed Matt and Kazea, talking to each other. Lyn rushed over and apologized, "Sorry I'm late, kinda... lost something. But I found it now," she added, showing the two her brother's PokeNav.
  25. Kazea had been close to losing the precious patience she had left for her newly obtained companions. She was very impatient, especially when looking forward to a future event. Luckily, Matt found his way back to her. He looked around at first, probably for Lyn, before beginning in any way someone who'd just woken up would.

    "I'm guessing Lyn's running a bit behind? Well, anyway, I'm sorry for not answering your question last night. My answer is: I'm here mostly for badges, but I'm fine with doing a few Contests along the way. I guess that makes our next stop Jubilife, then?", Matt inquired casually.

    The elder Trainer raised an eyebrow at him. "What? No, 'Good morning, Kazea?'."

    He blinked a few times before rubbing the back of his neck, obviously a bit awkward about her teasing remark; something that gave Kazea pause.

    "It was only a joke, Matt. I know you weren't being rude. Yes, Jubilife is the current destination. I'd like to take part in the Contest there before heading to Oreburgh for a Gym battle, which I guess you and I will both be taking part in."

    Matt nodded just as Lyn finally rushed into view. She was a tad out of breath, but spoke anyway. "Sorry I'm late, kinda... lost something. But I found it now," Lyn stated before holding up a PokéNav for Kazea and Matt to see.

    The sixteen year-old had heard about Pokémon Navigators, mainly used in the Hoenn Region. She herself did not have one, despite being from Hoenn, instead, she had a green Pokétch on her right hand. Her cousin Nick, however, did have a PokéNav. Though he'd never shown it to her back before he'd left to train in Blackthorn. Kazea had always wondered which was better to use...

    Shaking her head to whisk away those distracting thoughts, Kazea took the initiative and head for the door, which automatically opened for her. "Well, time to get going guys! The route between Sandgem and Jubilife isn't a long one, but I need to have time for some training before the Contest so let's move it!"

    Matt and Lyn hastily followed her after her pronouncement, and soon they were on the route to Jubilife. In a normal situation, Kazea would simply have Masuyo fly her there. But there were two things Masuyo hated when it came to Fly, flying in the dead of night without a good reason and taking more then one passenger. Kazea was pretty sure Matt's Togekiss could fly him, but Lyn had no such Pokemon with that ability. "Besides...", she thought to herself, "...it's nice to walk from time to time."

    A few wild Shinxs were playing in the open grass while the Bidoof took a nap in the morning sun. This area was quite nice. Pretty, serene, no real threat at all to the three Trainers.

    Kazea could see a few large buildings on the edge of the wood. She assumed they'd arrive in another half-hour or so.

    Lyn was carrying Kokoro in her arms. Matt was walking quietly with his own thoughts preoccupying him. Teto was even too quiet, despite the Eevee being right next to her ear. So Kazea spoke gently to brake the silence, and to ease some of the time off of their walk.

    "So... are either of you going to enter this Contest? Or are you both just going to watch me? I mean, there will be many different Contests so I don't think its a big deal if you don't enter. I dunno, I'm just trying to think of something to talk about I guess."
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  26. "I'll be entering this contest, might skip the next, but who knows? I might just do every other contest we come upon, starting by entering the Jubilife contest." Matt said while patting a yellow and black ball on the right side of his belt. His Gyarados was born and raised to do both battles and contests, both of which it did artistically and deadly.

    "I'll be entering using my Gyarados, who loves Contests just about as much as he loves intimidating tiny little Pokemon. He has a nice little combo going, which I won't show or tell until the Contest starts." he added with a little laugh. Out of nothing but pure habit, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a PokeNav.

    "Lyn, I have one too. I only keep it with me to keep in touch with everyone back home, though. So what do you have yours for again?"
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    Lyn was glad when they finally left to continue their journey, but when they started walking, everyone seemed... quiet. It wasn't right. The silence bother Lyn and, as far as she could tell, Kazea as well. She knew that someone was going to have to start a conversation eventually, but she didn't want to be the one who did. She almost sighed with relief when the eldest trainer finally broke the ice by asking, "Are either of you going to enter this Contest? Or are you both just going to watch me? I mean, there will be many different Contests so I don't think its a big deal if you don't enter."

    Matt responded, saying, "I'll be entering this contest, might skip the next, but who knows? I might just do every other contest we come upon, starting by entering the Jubilife contest," patting an Ultra Ball on his belt. He then went on about his Gyarados, which seemed like every other sea monster in the world by his description in Lyn's eyes. The girl really didn't want to be in a battle against the water and flying type. Then the boy took out a PokeNav out of one of his pockets and showed it to the young trainer. "Lyn, I have one too. I only keep it with me to keep in touch with everyone back home, though. So what do you have yours for again?"

    Lyn shrugged; Roden had only given it to her before she left, not really telling her what it was for or showing her what was on it, except for the GPS feature it had. She had been too busy lately to bother playing around with it. "I was originally going to use its as a map to determine where to go and stuffs, but apparently I don't really need it for that anymore since Kazi here seems to know where every town and stuffs are," she replied, grinning at Kazea, who had a rather difficult time hiding her emotions from the nickname and the comment the girl had made.

    "Anyways, I wasn't really planning on doing any contests or stuffs yet until, like, after I've completed my errand and given the Pokeball to whoever Collin Rice is. But I really don't think I'll be battling any gym leaders without Shiny. She really loves battling, and I doubt she'll be happy to know that I had my first gym battle without her. And besides," added the girl, "I don't think my Pokemon are up for a real battle anytime soon. You know, not enough training and practice and stuffs. Think I'll just watch the first contest and gym battle first before I actually participate in any."
  28. "I was originally going to use its as a map to determine where to go and stuffs, but apparently I don't really need it for that anymore since Kazi here seems to know where every town and stuffs are!"

    Kazea's eyebrow twitched up and down upon the statement. She supposed there would be absolutely no way of getting Lyn to call her by her proper name. Moreover, she couldn't grasp how the child seemed to think the eldest Trainer knew where she was going. She really hadn't a clue in the world until she'd clarified with the Nurse Joy yesterday night. Her Pokétch had a Marker Map app, though it wasn't too specific so Kazea had been using more of the Town Map the Nurse Joy in Canalave had given her along with a Badge Case, Ribbon Case, and other well needed Key Items.

    Looking to Matt, with a glint of challenge prowling the depths of her eyes, she said, "So I guess we're going to be rivals for a bit, eh Matt? Never done a Contest Battle against a Gyarados before. Should be interesting! I just hope you're prepared."

    A hint of a smirk found its way on Matt's face, though Kazea was far from finished; only now she spoke in a more worried manner. "Wait... you do have Ball Capsules, Seals, and something formal to wear right? They won't let you enter if you don't have those things."

    He opened his mouth to answer, but before he could all three Trainers finally noticed that they had arrived at the gates of Jubilife. It was the most metropolitan city Kazea had ever seen in her life. Large buildings sprang up here and there, some with advertisements hanging off them. The trio had begun walking again without them really being aware of it. They stopped near a large building smack dab in the center of town. It had a large video screen on the front, which was ironically playing a commercial for the upcoming contest.

    The women in the commercial, who Kazea could recognize as The Master of Ceremonies in Sinnoh, named Marian, from her times back home watching Contests on T.V, was displayed in front of a large stage with seats all around her and a Judge's Table.

    "Don't miss your chance! Whether you're a pro or new-fresh talent just waiting to be discovered, sign up for the Jubilife Pokémon Contest; where Coordinators are just a step away from fame. Entries close at noon today!"

    Then the ad stopped, and an advertisement for the Pokétch took the screen.

    Kazea was bursting with anticipation... Her first Contest, it was just a few hours away! Teto looked about the same as her Trainer, despite the fact that she wasn't taking part in the actual Contest.

    The three walked into the building they'd just been watching the commercial on. It was a huge place just lined with people, and more importantly, Coordinators and their Pokémon. Kazea assumed that this building also had a Contest Hall inside of it and that was where the competition would be held.

    Kazea, Matt, and Lyn went up to a large counter where three staff members were taking new entries. A girl with blue hair and glasses greeted them.

    "Hello there. Are you here to enter the Contest today?," she asked.

    Kazea and Matt nodded, though Lyn promptly shook her head. To Kazea's surprise, Matt pulled out a small plastic card and handed it to the women.

    He noted her questioning glance and smiled. "My Contest Pass. You need one to enter, did you forget?"

    Both Teto and Kazea's expressions sunk like the comment had hit her in the face. "I-I forgot to get a Contest Pass back in Canalave! What am I going to do..."

    Once the lady had finished signing Matt up, and had given him back his pass, she looked reassuringly to the fretting Trainer. "It's alright, I can issue you a Contest Pass if you'd like."

    Kazea's features lit up in relief. "R-really!? Thank you so much!"

    The staff member smiled in turn before reaching out with an upturned hand. "Just let me borrow your Pokédex for a moment and I'll issue you a pass, and even sign you up for the Contest."

    Kazea looked to Lyn with a sheepish grin. The younger Trainer giggled in response. Matt however stretched a bit before he pointed at the door. "Well, I have to get ready for this. So I'll be back later."

    Before either of the girls could say a word, he was out the door. Kazea sweat-dropped. He'd be back soon... hopefully.

    After waiting for what felt like forever, the women handed Kazea her Pokédex and her newly created Contest Pass. "You're all set! Be back and ready by noontime today. You will be doing your Appeal Round last, after your friend. Consider yourself lucky! We only had room for one more.. Oh! Yes, that's right! Your name is Kazea Tetsujen, is it not?"

    Kazea blinked in confusion before nodding.

    "We received a package from Blackthorn in Johto for you! I guess someone knew you'd be here."

    The woman handed her a nicely wrapped package with a dragon painted on the front before bidding her and Lyn goodbye. Kazea sat down on a bench in the lobby with Lyn before opening the letter attached on the front. A small Dragon Scale on a thin silver thread fell out of the letter, and the jade-eyed girl held it up to the light before reading the note.

    "Dear squirt,

    I heard from Aaron that you went to the Sinnoh Region. I'm proud of you! You really needed to get out of Sootopolis for a while. Face it, cousin, that place is a bit secluded. That's not really the point I suppose. I know you all to well Kazea, so I had a feeling you'd be aiming for more then Gyms; especially after all those Contests you used to watch on television. Since you are in Sinnoh, you'll have to dress formally for Contests, and I know how much you hate frilly dresses. So I took the liberty to make you something you'll actually want to wear for Contests. Also bought you a Seal Case and some Ball Capsules. You'll need all those things for Sinnoh Region Contests.

    Good luck! Me and the other Gym Trainees will be watching your Contests all the way in Johto on T.V. So don't mess up your chance!

    Training here in Blackthorn is going good by the way. The Dragons Den is a good place to raise my Pokémon. I know how much you love Dragons. Master Claire would like to meet you once your Sinnoh roundabout is all good and finished. I hope Masuyo is well. I heard she evolved into a Flygon. That's amazing!

    I'll write again soon. Take care of yourself."



    Kazea smiled at the letter. Nick always did too much for her. He was stupid, reckless, and annoying. But... she loved him anyway. He was more of a Father to her then she'd ever known. Kazea held up the Dragon Scale pendent to the light. It glittered with a beautiful rainbow color.

    Soon enough her curiosity held her against her will and she opened up the package. She was thankful it had been Nick who had given her clothes... for her Mother would have gone all around 'female' with it. The outfit was a white overcoat with blue embroidery on the front and green wrist-endings on the sleeves. It also included icy blue pants. Elegant, but not frilly. Perfect for Kazea's tastes.

    Nick had indeed included Ball Capsules and a Seal Case. It was when Kazea opened up the Seal Case that she was taken aback. There were literally two or three of every kind of Seal she'd even come by, and then some.

    Kazea smiled and placed her package on the chair next to her before she stood and took off two Pokéballs from her belt. Throwing them up, they flew open and released Yoru and Saisuke; Kazea's Marshtomp and Riolu.

    The unique thing about Kazea's Pokémon were that she put different items, or accessories if you will, on each one of them. Yoru had a Mystic Water pendant around his neck and Saisuke had two red Focus Bands wrapped around both his paws. Teto had her Soothe Bell, which by now was all too evident.

    Yoru and Saisuke would be her Pokémon for this Contest. Turning to Lyn, Kazea asked, "Hey Lyn, can you hold Teto for me during the Contest? She likes you, and would rather watch me in the Contest then stay in her Pokéball."

    ((OOC: I did auto you a bit Shocari. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I can try and edit my post. I just figured you'd want to go perfect your Pokémon strategy alone or something before the Contest so you could keep it a surprise.

    Also, Kazea's Coordinator outfit is almost exactly like the outfit Zoey wore in her debut in the Jubilife Contest; from the D/P anime. Only Kazea has blue and green designs on the white overcoat instead of yellow. If you want to see what the outfit basically looks like, go to this link: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:ZoeyJubilife.png ))
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  29. "So I gues we're going to be rivals for a bit, eh Matt? Never done a Contest Battle against a Gyarados before. Should be interesting! I hope you're prepared." Kazea said. A bit of smirk formed across his mouth. Worriedly, Kazea added " Wait...you do have Ball Capsules, Seals, and something formal to wear right? They won't let you enter if you don't have those things."

    Matt opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly stopped as Kazea, Lyn, and himself found themselves at the threshold to Jubilife City, a bustling metropolis with large flashy billboards on the large building that was holding the contest. The trio walked in to register...or at least, for Kazea and Matt to register.

    "Hello there. Are you here to enter the Contest today?" the woman behind the reception counter asked. Kazea and Matt nodded, then Matt pulled his small blue Contest Pass out of his pocket and handed it to the lady, while Kazea stood there looking surprised.

    Noticing, Matt said "My Contest Pass. You need one to enter, did you forget?"

    "I-I forgot to get a Contest Pass back in Canalave! What am I going to do..." Fortunately, after the reception woman handed Matt back his pass, she told Kazea that she could get her a pass, to which Kazea overenthusiastically said yes.

    Matt stretched and pointed at the door. "I have to go get ready for this, so I'll be back later." After exiting, he walked out of Jubilife to the east and came across a Route with some deep ponds. Excellent. Taking his Ultra Ball, he sent out his beloved Gyarados. There was a giant roar, a flash of red, and the leviathan came into view. He could handle himself out of water for a good deal of time, but now was the time to just practice the moves. Matt's Gyarados stood out among almost every other for one reason: it was a violent crimson instead of the usual ocean blue.

    Gyarados looked down at Matt with massive red eyes, and roared in happiness.
    "Gyarados, we're gonna be doing a Contest soon, are you okay with that?" he asked. His sea snake nodded. "Okay. Let's get to practice!"
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    Contests. It was something Lyn looked forward to, but, she thought to herself, she wouldn't do until after her mission was complete. But it would be nice to see Matt and Kazea compete against each other in it. Lyn had never seen a contest before, but had heard about them from her brother, who had participated in some when he was in Hoenn.

    Matt showed the receptionist a blue card and, when he saw Kazea with a questioning look, he told her that it was a Contest Pass. Lyn prepared herself when she felt Kazea's mind starting to whirlwind and fall into panic mode; the older trainer calmed down, though, when the lady offered to give her one. While her friend was getting her Pass, Matt walked out to prepare for the upcoming contest, whereas Lyn sat on the floor and took out her bag of candy. She chose a rather delicious-looking piece of red hard candy and, after she had put her sack of sweets back into her backpack, popped it into her mouth. Kokoro looked at her strangely, and emitted waves of disapprovement. Lyn shrugged; if there was anything she could do to waste time, eating something sweet was one of them.

    "There," said the lady, handing Kazea back her Pokedex and a small card. "You're all set! Be back and ready by noontime today. You will be doing your Appeal Round last, after your friend. Consider yourself lucky! We only had room for one more." Then, the receptionist asked her if she was Kazea, to which the trainer responded that she was. Lyn caught confusion coming from the older trainer, then saw the lady give her a package before saying good bye to them.

    As the duo walked away from the counter, Lyn concentrated on the emotions of people around her. Most were either anxious, excited, or both, which didn't surprise Lyn at all. When they sat down on a bench, Kazea first read the note on the package, smiling as she did, then opened the package. Lyn gasped; inside was a really pretty, yet not frilly and feminime and whatever else could be the girl, and her companion's, worst nightmare of a single piece of clothing, as well as a box with Ball Capsules and seals. The younger girl groaned; she had completely forgotten to steal one of Roden's older (and smaller) dress suits and his stash of seals and Ball Capsules. It didn't matter right now, though, as she wasn't going to participate in this contest, but what about later?

    She didn't have enough time to figure out how to work out her problem, though, as her companion had released two of her Pokemon that she was going to use in the contest: a Marshtomp, Yoru, and Saisuke. Then, turning to the younger trainer, Kazea asked, "Hey Lyn, can you hold Teto for me during the Contest? She likes you, and would rather watch me in the Contest then stay in her Pokéball."

    The girl on the verge of leaping up and doing a little happy dance, but the urge to keep a good public image forced her to stay down. However, Lyn was able to grin, her eyes suddenly flashing blue for less than a nanosecond while before turning back to their normal purple. Kazea seemed shocked at this, then confused. Lyn didn't give her time to ask questions, though, as she promptly replied, "Of course, Kazi!" reaching out for the Eevee, who jumped into her arms rather happily.
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  31. When Lyn happily accepted Kazea's entreaty to care for Teto during her absence, the little fox Pokemon leaped into the young girl's arms; snuggling up under her chin. Lyn was the first person that Teto had instantly grown attached enough to cuddle with besides Kazea herself. It was a sweet moment... Teto wasn't a Pokemon who easily trusted strangers, let alone be so affectionate with one.

    Lyn squealed in delight as the Eevee's soft silver and white fur brushed against her neck.

    Kazea couldn't help but smirk. Teto was tough, strong, and prouder than a Empoleon. But no matter how strong she was, she was still a cute, soft, and overall gentle little fuzzball.

    The elder Trainer had been intrigued by the change in color Lyn's eyes seemed to dawn for the brief moment she'd jumped up for Teto. She eventually decided to drop the subject however, convinced that she'd only imagined it and that her mind was merely playing a trick on her.

    "I'm going to go change into my new clothes for the contest, okay? I'll be back in a minute. Make sure Yoru doesn't get into any fights with the other Pokemon!," Kazea said whilst heading off towards a dressing room on the right side of the building.

    The room was pretty unoccupied. Most of the Coordinators had already changed so Kazea wasn't too surprised. After climbing into a free stall, she swapped the many layers of her day to day outfit with the new garb Nick had supplied her with. It was snug and conformable, despite the white overcoat and pants being formal clothing. Her boots, fingerless gloves, and long blue hair ribbon were the only articles of clothing from her usual look she'd decided to continue wearing with her formal clothes.

    Stuffing her regular attire into the large back pouch of her belt, which she had chosen not to wear during the contest along with her trademark headband, Kazea left the stall and examined her reflection in the mirror for a moment before she realized what exactly she was doing and made a sound suspiciously like a 'keh'. "Dressing formally makes one much too entirely self-aware," she thought dryly to herself.

    Kazea safely tucked away her remaining Pokeballs and her belt in one of the many secure lockers of the dressing room before heading back out to Lyn. To her surprise, the child was preoccupied with another piece of candy... but she wasn't the only one... Teto, Yoru, and even Saisuke were munching on candy too.

    Lyn swallowed nervously, and was about to compliment on the elder Trainer's new attire to distract her from her now sweet-stuffed partners, but she wasn't having it. "Lyn... my Pokemon are about to enter a Contest... candy is just going to tire them out faster..."

    The young Trainer went on to explain what had to be a rehearsed excuse as Kazea looked to her Pokemon, who all swallowed their treats whole upon seeing her annoyed glower.

    With a sigh, Kazea bent down to Lyn's level and shook her head. "It's fine, no harm done. Don't worry about it. But next time, wait until after they're done running about, okay? Or if you must fall for their puppy-faces, give them poffins, not hard candy."

    Lyn heaved out a sigh of relief, glad Kazea hadn't chewed her out.

    "I'm going to go prepare for the Contest in the backstage Contestants Lounge. When Matt gets back, be sure he has all the stuff he needs ready and then send him after me. All the participants need to be in the Contestants Lounge before the Contest starts. Be sure you get a good seat!"

    As Kazea began to head towards the lounge with Saisuke and Yoru, she waved to Lyn and Teto. The Marshtomp and Riolu just dripped with guilty auras.

    Saisuke was the first to speak since, well, he was the only Pokemon able to. "I... I apologize for my glutinous behavior, Master. Lady Lyn just had all these colorful tarts that smelt like fruit and--"

    "Saisuke, it's okay. Just be sure to work extra hard in the Battle Round."

    Saisuke smiled, though Yoru didn't. "Shtomp! Marshtomp, Marsh!"

    Kazea laughed at the all to real upset on the duel-type mudfish Pokemon's face. Saisuke laughed telepathically before translating for him.

    "Yoru wishes to work hard for you as well, and says he will not partake in anymore sweets unless allowed."

    Petting her Marshtomp under his fin, Kazea finally earned a smile from him. When she'd reached the Contestants Lounge, she was shocked at how many of the other participants had already resigned themselves to waiting for the Contest to start. In fact, Matt seemed to be the only one that wasn't present. The room had a few plush tan couches and an area for Coordinators to groom and spiff up their Pokemon. There was also a video screen embedded on the north wall, which Kazea knew was for Coordinators waiting for their turn could watch the other participants preform until it was their turn to take the stage.

    Kazea took a seat on an unoccupied couch and decided to set up her Ball Capsules and Seals. She slipped the clear covers around the two Pokeballs before opening up the Seal Case and rummaging through the various different Seals. She finally decided on a Foam Seal for Yoru, and a Blue-fire Seal for Saisuke.

    "Alright, Yoru... Saisuke... We have a lot of strategy to go through while we wait for the contest to start. You guys ready?"

    The two Pokemon nodded, and so did Kazea. She was soon talking out strategies faster then a Chatot could use Chatter, and thus the long thorough planing process began...
  32. Gyarados raged around in the water as he fired ridiculously-powerful black and gold beams from his maw in several directions. Matt clapped when it was over. "Good job, Gyarados. Doing that combo will make the Appeal Round look easy. But we'll just fire it up a little bit, won't we?" The crimson leviathan nodded in eager agreement. As Matt returned the sea creature to its Ultra Ball, he checked his watch.

    "11:50?! I'll be late for the Contest!" he yelled. Sprinting out of the route, Matt almost literally flew to Jubilife City, his black hair and shirt whipping behind him. Throwing the door to the Contest building wide open, he ran haphazardly through the hallways to the changing room, dashing past a stunned Lyn. Matt walked inside the changing room and dicsovered one of the lockers had his name on it. Curious, he opened it. Inside was his outfit: a white tuxedo with formal black shoes and a black undershirt, his clear Ball Capsules, and a silver Seal Case.

    "Oh good, they mailed it in from Lilycove." Matt sighed while swapping his current outfit for his Contest one in the empty room. After folding his clothes and placing them in the locker, Matt took his Ultra Ball off of his belt and set it inside the Ball Capsule. He took a couple lightning seals from the Seal Case and placed them on the Capsule.

    Feeling that always-attacking sense of apprehension that occured before a Contest, Matt left the changing room to go look for the Contestants Lounge, where every entrant was preparing for the Contest...except for him. A minute later, Matt found it; full of Trainers and Pokemon discussing tactics or Trainers talking to their friends. Looking for Kazea, Matt combed every inch of the Lounge, but didn't notice her.

    Heading for a couch to sit down and wait, Matt sat down next to a girl talking rapidly to her Marshtomp and Riolu. It took several seconds before it dawned on him that it was Kazea. "Hey, Kazea. I made it, and just in time by the looks of it. Better late than never, right?"
  33. Shiny Pyxis

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    ((OOC: Not only were you late for the contest, Sho, you were also late to post. *fumes* Ah wells. Like Matt said, better late than never. |D))

    While Kazea was changing into her contest outfit, Lyn found herself taking yet another piece of "candy" from the bag. Teto looked at her as she was just about to pop it into her mouth. The little Eevee reminded her of Shiny so much, and the way she was looking at her now was only all too familiar after being with her own shiny Eevee for so long. She didn't even have to take an analysis of the Pokemon's feelings to know that it would like a little treat before the contest.

    The girl smiled to herself. She guessed Kazea wouldn't mind if Teto ate the sweet, but she didn't think it was fair that only the Eevee would get it, while the two going to the contest, Yoru and Saisuke, got nothing. Besides, PokeBlocks were good for Pokemon participating in contests, right? She remembered making them while on a short vacation to Hoenn a few years back, and seeing all the trainers there feeding their own Pokemon the little candy-like objects before a contest.

    Reaching into her backpack, Lyn took out two more PokeBlocks, plus one real piece of candy for herself, and offered one to each of the Pokemon. Though some were more hesitant than others to take the sweet, they all, in the end, had something in their mouth. Besides Ko, of course, for he hated eating PokeBlocks for an unknown reason.

    When Kazea got back, Lyn caught a wave of disapprovement from the trainer that was about to enter the contest. Lyn started saying something about how prettiful the outfit looked, but was quickly cut off by Kazea. "Lyn... my Pokemon are about to enter a contest," she said. "Candy is just going to tire them out faster."

    Lyn sighed. Possibly best to let the truth out. Looking down at the floor, she quickly said, "They were only PokeBlocks, Kazi, andandand they're supposed to be goods for Pokemon bef-"

    Kazea knelt down so that she was about Lyn's height and said, more gently, "It's fine, no harm done. Don't worry about it. But next time, wait until after they're done running about, okay? Or if you must fall for their puppy-faces, give them poffins, not hard candy." Then, she stood back up, telling her that she was going backstage to prepare for the Contest, and to send Matt after her when he came back.

    Poffins? What were those things? Thought the young trainer as the older trainer and her two competing Pokemon walked off backstage with the other contestants. As if reading her mind, Ko said, They're like PokeBlocks, only made in a different manner and used mostly in Sinnoh contests.

    "Right," Lyn said, carrying Teto in her arms as she and Kokoro walked into the contest hall. Suddenly, Matt dashed past Lyn as she walked in through the door, surprising her for a bit. When she was able to comprehend what had just happened, Matt was already too far for Lyn to tell him that he needed to meat Kazea backstage. Then the girl shrugged; he could probably figure it out himself.

    After she had found a good place to watch the Contest, despite the place being already quite crowded, Lyn held returned Ko and released her two Pokemon she hoped to use in the next Contest: Rin and Len. The two promptly jumped onto the girl's shoulder without her having to say anything, just as excited as she and Teto are for the contest to start.
  34. (OoC: ... Sorry about how long it took to get this bit up (which, admittedly, isn't of the best quality in this post), XD.)

    Serenity's pale cerulean gaze swept over her unusual surroundings, taking in how different it seemed. The Contest Hall was massive, as well as elaborately decorated. Rich red sashes donned the smooth beige walls, gold colored carpet sweeping over the areas that weren't covered in white tile. Over half of the crowd sitting in the lobby had their pokemon out, several of which clearly pampered. Those that were filing out of the separate performance halls appeared to be dressed to a 'T', as was the receptionist behind the counter.

    The young woman glanced down at her own clothes, blushing slightly. Wearing a sleeveless blue tunic and plain trousers, simply tucked in black boots wouldn't cut it apparently. The brunette shrugged off her small brown backpack, letting it slide down onto one arm, sidestepping when a much taller Trainer almost barreled into her. A slight smile touched her lips, fully understanding his haste.

    She sighed as she tucked her blue Contest Pass into the backpack, before jogging towards the womens' changing room. With any luck, the outfit her mother had insisted on sending had arrived. After all, Johto to Sinnoh would tend to take time. The heels of her boots clicked against the tile when she reaced the locker room, immediately depositing her bag as she found the one reserved with her surname. Serenity's petite frame relaxed in relief when she saw the dark blue fabric of a dress cape and a somewhat formal gown - Though unfortunately with a pair of black highheels.

    The young woman quickly strode towards the back stage area, the material of her cape brushing the floor as she walked. Her pale blue dress was also sleeveless, flaring to a stop just above her knees. Serenity paused as she reached the secondary 'lobby' for the contestants, maximizing one of her Dragon pokemon's balls. The crystal blue sphere in her palm produced a faint glow briefly, before shooting a red beam of light up.

    Nieth appeared above her, the elegant sapphire blue and white dragon's musical cry drifting through the immediate area. Her dainty blue crystals shimmered in anticipation, rather unlike her now reluctant 'Tamer'.

    "I suppose you're more than ready for your first contest, then?" Serenity asked softly, smiling when the feminine dragon began moving upwards towards the high ceiling. Nieth nodded in response, her lavender gaze suggesting childish glee. The slender dragon suddenly began executing dizzying spirals above the heads of others, obviously carried away by their surroundings. Enthused, to say the least. The Dragon Tamer glanced up, her own gaze following her newest companion. "Well, if you are, then I suppose I am," the late teen said quietly, nodding gratefully to Nieth.
  35. ((OOC: The bold and italics between the separating lines is Marian talking. The italics between the separating lines is anyone that the Coordinators in the lounge hear speaking on the video screen. The information, all and all, that is between the separating lines is what the Coordinators in the lounge see and hear on the video screen. Just thought I'd tell you guys since this is a long post. xD))

    Kazea couldn't help but utter a little 'feh' sound at the fact that it had taken him several moments to realize he had taken a seat next to her. She knew she often never wore formal clothing, but she couldn't look that different, could she? With a sigh, the girl decided to drop the trivial matter; though she only hoped the self-consciousness she was feeling about her appearance would go away soon, and that she was at least presentable.

    When Matt did notice her, he paid no mind about the way she'd hurriedly been firing off plans to her Pokemon and said, "Hey, Kazea. I made it, and just in time by the looks of it. Better late than never, right?"

    With a smile she replied, "I suppose so, though you should try and get back a bit earlier the next time you enter a Contest. I don't want to see you get disqualified." With a laugh she added, "By the way, that suit looks really nice on you!"

    Matt chuckled at her honest answer, though seemed a bit sheepish and empty about her compliment as he went about placing his hands behind his head.

    Kazea couldn't help the laugh that rolled out of her. Normally, she'd pry for a compliment in return, though Matt didn't seem the type to do so no matter the situation; she was only teasing after all.

    About five minutes before the Contest began, audibly sounds from the full-house crowd echoing from the entryway leading to the stage, sounds of an approaching person could be heard from Kazea's left. Both she and Matt turned to face the newcomer.

    It was a young women dressed in a pale blue gown and a dress cape that was a sharp darker blue. Her umber hair swayed gracefully behind her as she stepped into the room, behind her floated a beautiful Dragonair that just extruded all the majestic and radiance the Pokemon of the Dragon-type were famous for.

    Though this person stood roughly a few inches shorter then Kazea, and a few more inches off Matt, by the way this Trainer carried herself... Kazea could more then positively be sure that the young woman was a few years above her in age, but even more so, that she would be a stern rival for Matt and Kazea in this Contest.

    "Coordinators, your attention please! Kindly make your way in a neat and orderly fashion in front of the video screen to await for your selected turn. We are now beginning the Contest. Thank you," an automated voice rang out from a speaker in the corner of the room.

    Matt and Kazea stood from the couch and got themselves a good spot in front of the large video screen in the middle of the room. Right then, the screen flickered on to reveal the stage, Judges, and large crowd in the stands.


    The lights in the Contest Hall, from what they could see on the video screen, went out. The crowd began to yell and holler when a lone spotlight landed on a woman wearing a yellow hostess' outfit and holding a microphone to her lips. The crowd settled down a bit as she began the opening ceremony.

    "Greetings, and a warm welcome to all Coordinators and Contest fans of all ages. We've all come together for one very special reason, and that's to find out who will take home the coveted and fabulous Jubilife Contest Ribbon! Now I know you've all been waiting patiently, and now it's time for you to be rewarded! "

    As the word 'rewarded escaped the woman's mouth, two flares of yellow light burst out from the east and west corners of the stage and then lit up the whole room. The roof above Contest Hall's stage suddenly retracted into the building, opening the stands and stage to the beautiful blue sky above. The hostess continued the opening commentary after the crowd stopped marveling from the excitement.

    "We're coming at you live and on stage from the stadium located in Jubilife City, the city of Joy! So let's get down to business and find out who gets the Jubilife Ribbon, and a real beauty it is!"

    Marian, the hostess, held the blue and white striped ribbon up to the crowd as she went on.

    "Add to this four additional Contest wins, and you're eligible to compete in the prestigious Grand Festival; the winner of that event taking the title of top Coordinator!"


    Kazea was welling up with excitement as she watched the crowd erupt. This was what made raising Pokemon all worth it. She couldn't wait to get up and show the crowd her Pokemon.


    Soon enough Marian hushed the crowed again to try and move things along.

    "It's time for me to introduce our judges," the hostess announced before gesturing to the judges table with an outstretched arm, "and here they are!"

    The curtain lifted to reveal the people who would be sitting at the judges table, Marian going right off to introduce each one.

    "Head of the judge's committee and Pokemon Contest director, Mr. Contesta!"

    The short man in a red suit smiled at the camera and said, "Thank you, I look forward to seeing some real teamwork between Coordinators and their Pokemon."

    "And now, the head of the Pokemon Fan Club, Mr. Sukizo!"

    An even shorter man with squint shut eyes and a blue suit was next and said, "Remarkable is the word. Thanks!"

    "And finally, Jubilife City's own Nurse Joy!"

    The Nurse Joy stepped forward lastly and said, "Wow, when it comes to seeing all the splendid Pokemon, I can't wait!"

    The crowd cheered as the judges took a seat at their receptive area.

    Marian couldn't help but add emphasis to the Nurse's statement. "I think we can all relate to that, now can't we? Oh, I forgot about me! I'm Marian, and I'm thrilled to be your Master of Ceremonies, and thanks so much!"

    Marian waved to the crowd, her own excitement evident as the opening statements neared their end, the actual Contest drawing closer.

    "And now it's time for the first round, where one by one our Pokemon take their positions on the performance stage. The purpose of this round is to see how our Coordinators make their Pokemon shine; showing off power and beauty."


    Watching the contest begin on the screen was interrupted by a man who walked in the Contestants Lounge. He spoke loudly over the group of Coordinators.

    "Arcadia Silwest! Again, Coordinator Arcadia Silwest! Please follow me to the stage, you're first in the Appeal Round!"

    Kazea moved to the side as a girl in an orange dress suit, probably this Arcadia person, scurried past her and followed the man in the doorway to take her debut on stage.

    Matt looked to Kazea with a nervous smile, which she returned quickly.

    Not a moment after they'd exchanged glaces did Marian speak again, turning their attention back on the video screen.


    "And now for contestant number one, Arcadia Silwest of Snowpoint City!"

    The certain behind the hostess lifted, and the same girl from before appeared on stage.

    Arcadia enlarged a Pokeball inside its Ball Capsule and released her Pokemon with a catchy starting phrase.

    The Pokeball opened with a flurry of yellow hearts, due to the selected Seal on the Ball Capsule. A larger yellow heart among the smaller ones blobbed down to the stage floor and melded into the shape of a Pichu before bursting into rains of little hearts around the Pokemon; the Pichu cutely hopping up and down with small electrical charges sparking from its tiny cheeks to add to the effect.

    "Pichu, start with Hidden Power!," Arcadia yelled out to her mouse Pokemon.

    The Pichu's body gathered up light before allowing the small spheres of power to burst away in a circle. The energy collided with the after effects of the Seal and hit the floating yellow hearts, causing the hearts to colorfully explode into mini fireworks.

    "Now use Double Team," the Trainer yelled.

    Pichu split itself into five copies, all of whom stood in a straight line.


    The Pichu and its doppelgangers all used an upward Thunderbolt, the strong electricity shooting up and then spreading out recklessly.

    "Finish with Light Screen and Flash!"

    The Electric Mouse Pokemon summoned a Light Screen around the wild Thunderbolts, containing the energy withing an invisible, yet visible, barrier. The Pichu and Pichu copies melded the electricity within the Light Screen into many different shapes and forms, such as a star, the Moon, and even a version of itself; a Pichu. The Light Screen suppressed the lightning before vanishing, causing the power to implode and turn into a shower of sparkles, which Pichu then applied with a Flash attack to not only make the sparkles more attractive, but to cleverly cause its copies to disappear.

    Pichu and Arcadia waved to the crowd and bowed as they completed their performance.

    Marian wowed their performance with a speech. "Wow, what a show, and what a way to combine cuteness with power!"

    The judges all gave their own comments about Arcadia's performance.

    Mr. Contesta stated, "To use the pure energy of light screen to tame the wild unpredictability of Thunderbolt. It showed just how strong Pokemon that come in small packages can be."

    Mr. Sukizo stated, "And, remarkable!"

    Nurse Joy stated, "It was a great idea to balance Pichu's natural cute flare with something so unexpected, and that Double Team tactic only increased the level of energy. First rate, all the way!"

    Kazea's mouth was slightly agape after watching Arcadia's performance. She was good... and she was only the first of about twelve contestants. Only four Coordinators could move on the the Battle Round. She would have to make sure Yoru was flawless.

    Many a Coordinator took their turn after that, some performances brilliant, some... not so much. One by one, the contestants finished up their time on stage and came back to the lounge, all eagerly awaiting for the Appeal Round to finish so Marian could show the results for who would move on to the Battle Round.

    As Kazea and Matt watched a performance by a young man and his Hypno, the man who told the Coordinators when their turn was came back in the doorway and requested for Matt.

    "Matt Bridges! Again, Coordinator Matt Bridges! You're up next, please follow me to the back of the stage."

    With a stretch and a wave, Matt bid Kazea adieu and followed the man into the darkness of the path leading backstage.

    Kazea's turn was so very close now that it seemed surreal to her. She knew she was going last in the Appeal Round... and the only person besides her who hadn't taken their turn yet was the young woman with the Dragonair. The jade-eyed Trainer figured that this elder Dragon-user would take her turn after Matt.

    Heaving a sigh, Kazea returned Saisuke and Yoru into their Ball Capsules, awaiting and watching the video screen for Matt to steal the stage...
  36. (O______O that. is. huge.)

    The Contest started with a girl called Arcadia Silwest and her Pichu, who gave an excellent performance to compare to. Several other Coordinators came and went, some good and some bad, until it was Matt's turn. Walking backstage, another wave of apprehension overtook him, but he forced it down for the sake of appearances.

    "And here's Coordinator Matt Bridges, from Lilycove City in Hoenn!" the Master of Ceremonies, Marian, called to the audience.

    "Let's go, Gyarados!" Matt yelled as he tossed the Ball Capsule. With several bright flashes of lightning, his shining crimson leviathan stood in the center of the stage. Since his Gyarados, unilke most others, was red instead of blue, he was sure he might get a few bonus points for that.

    "Okay, how about a Hydro Pump?" Gyarados tilted his head up, and a giant blast of water rushed forth into the air, creating the illusion of Gyarados being a rather graceful fountain. "Now, do a Dragon Dance!" Black and violet flames surrounded the sea serpent's body, then headed for the Hydro Pump, spiralling around it. The crowd "ooh"ed and "awww"ed at the spectacle.

    "Time for a Twister'd Hyper Beam!" Gyarados stopped his two previous moves and stared intensely at a spot on stage, and a tornado appeared out of nowhere. He then proceeded to form a great gold and black ball of energy in front of his maw, then fired it as a gigantic beam at the Twister, to which it wrapped around it, holding the Twister in place. Gyarados shot another beam, which went inside the tornado and shot straight up through the middle and into the top, where it shot off in a myriad of directions in a pinwheel motion.

    "End the show with another Hydro Pump!" Gyarados released another high-pressured blast of water at the tornado, where it hit the Hyper Beams and exploded, creating falling twinkling stars. Matt returned Gyarados and bowed.

    "Such a sure-fire way to turn raw power into dazzling elegance!" Marian said.

    "To stop a raging Twister with the sheer destructive abilities of Hyper Beam, and making it look good. Superb!" Mr. Contesta declared.

    "Remarkable!" Mr. Sukizo added.

    "And might I say that a Shiny Gyarados sure adds a bit of flare to the whole thing. A flying-color pass!" Nurse Joy finished.

    Matt smiled, waved one final time, and walked back to the Contestants Lounge, wiping the sweat off his forehead.
  37. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Anticipation hung in the air as more and more people filled the auditorium, until at last the MC, Marian, appeared on stage. It took a while for the crowd to quiet down enough for Lyn to be able to hear her, but she soon felt bored after the first sentence. Get on with the show already, thought the girl as her own two Pokemon started fidgeting around on her shoulders. She could tell Teto was getting a tad impatient as well to see the coordinators and their Pokemon perform.

    After the introduction, Marian introduced their first contestant, Arcadia Silwest, with her cute electric-type mouse Pokemon which had a slight resemblance to Pikachu, only it was smaller and lighter in color, as well has having a bigger head in proportion to its body. Quickly taking out her PokeDex, she saw that the Pokemon was called a Pichu. She looked up just in time to see the Pichu do its first move. Soon enough, Lyn found herself totally mesmerised by the coordinator and her Pokemon's tactics.

    The appeal was over soon, though, much to Lyn's dismay, as the Pichu used a final Flash, making its copies from its earlier Double Team move dissapear. Rin and Len attempted to grab a few falling pieces of sparkles, only to find that they were too far away to reach, or even merely illusions.

    The contest went on, coordinator after coordinator, Pokemon after Pokemon, until Lyn found herself looking at a male figure wearing a white tuxedo and who looked quite familiar. Matt began by throwing his Ball Capsule in the air, which released flashes of lightning and a long crimson Pokemon that looked vaguely like a dragon in Lyn's mind. Her friend had called it "Gyarados", though from her memory, they were usually blue in color. Then she remembered that Shiny and Teto are both silver in color, whereas most Eevee are brown. A shiny Pokemon. Lyn smiled a bit to herself; it looked like all three of them had one.

    The Gyarados did a very intruguing mix of Hydro Pump and Dragon Dance to start with, making it look like it was a fountain of dark energy. A very interesting start. Then the serpant did something she hadn't even thought was possible: it made a Twister, then shot a large beam of energy at it, rooting it to the spot. Another beam was aimed at the Twister, making it twirl like a very bright windmill.

    "End the show with another Hydro Pump!" exclaimed Matt, to which his Pokemon hurled more water at the twirling show of lights. More glitter fell, this time making Lyn's twin Pokemon leap off her shoulders in order to catch the sparkling stars. The trainer let them have some fun for a while, before callling them back and bringing them back up to her shoulders. She looked up in time to see the next contestant.

    After seeing only some of the contestants, Lyn knew that she was going to need a lot of training to get her Pokemon good enough for their, and her, first contest.
  38. (OoC: ... Well, looks like Shocari and I had similar ideas, XD.)

    "For our second-to-final contestant, the Coordinator Serenity Alleene from Blackthorn City in Johto!" Marian announced to the waiting crowd, her tone bursting with endless energy and enthusiasm for each set of separate appeals.

    Serenity paused when her name was called, making sure the seal attached to her Dragonair's pokeball was on securely. She sighed, gripping the crystal blue sphere in her palm as she moved onto the stage. "… Time for our first, then," the brunette whispered, raising the spherical storage device so it glinted in the light. And lightly tossed it in the air above her head, a vivid red light shooting from its pressure point. "Nieth!"

    The elegant blue and white dragon appeared in a burst of blue flames, glowing embers falling to the stage harmlessly while bits of the seal remained. Nieth's dainty crystals shimmered as she sailed effortlessly above her human partner, a faint silver substance falling from the Dragon-type's glistening wings on either side of her head in an almost glittery form.

    "All right, now start with Dragon Dance!" Serenity called, nodding. A cobalt blue aura suddenly flared around Nieth as she moved into an aerial display, wisps of glowing violet exuding from the edges of the aura. "Okay, now form a Twister out of it," the brunette said, smiling slightly. The slender dragon-type suddenly cut free of her graceful swirls, sharply pivoting in mid air as she moved upwards in a rapid spinning motion. A steady gust of wind began to take hold of the contest hall, soon forming a swift, but brightly glowing tower of blue and violet power on center stage. Nieth burst from the column of aura, before hovering steadily in front of it, her tri-crystal topped tail now calmly swishing through the semi-turbulent air.

    "Use Double Team and Dragon Pulse to wrap it up, Nieth!" Serenity added, stepping back for good measure.

    The Dragonair nodded briefly, lavender eyes and all four crystals suddenly glowing brightly. Somewhat transparent clones rapidly began appearing in a circle around the twister, spinning when the images turned solid. Her musical cry resonated through the entire hall as an emerald green sphere began forming at all of the Dragonair's short horns, every dragon arching their necks towards the top of the twister. They released.

    Many shimmering green spheres spun at the still whirling aura, connecting just over it. A vivid flash of pure white light momentarily reigned, before revealing the shower of coolness-based aura and the single Dragonair. Blue, violet, and green aura drifted over the entire contest hall, acting as small spheres of light in the darkened stands.

    Serenity and Nieth swept into a brief bow, nodding to the judges as they straightened. The feminine dragon invited herself back into the crystal blue storage sphere, while her mistress awaited the judge's comments.
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  39. ((OOC: Hey Shiny, Shori-kun, Moonlight. I'm back, and it took awhile, but I posted. We can resume where we left off. ^^ I know you're all excited to begin the "Divergent Storyline".))

    Matt's Appeal performance was spectacular from the viewing screen back in the Contestants Lounge. The moves he pieced together were truly a sight to behold, and the Judges agreed with great respects and comments. Said Trainer had returned to the Contestant's Lounge, standing next to Kazea and asking eagerly what she thought of his little show while the young woman with the Dragonair left to go preform next.

    Kazea complimented Matt on his performance, and mentioned that she was ecstatic to find out he had a scarlet Gyarados rather then a blue one.

    He in turn laughed and paid his attention, along with Kazea and the other Coordinators, to the video screen to watch this Serenity Alleene take her turn.

    Her Dragonair was beautiful all in itself, but the way it moved, curved, and preformed perfectly to its Trainer's commands... it was mesmerizing. Dragon Pokemon truly had the ability to fascinate, that much was certain.

    Serenity soon returned after the Judges gave her, to no ones surprise, high remarks and and the like. The young women paused her gentle gaze on Kazea for a moment, knowing she was the only one left.

    All too soon the man returned and called for Kazea to come with him.

    She did as instructed and followed the skinny staff member to the back of the certain. She could hear the crowd just beyond the pinkish-red fabric, and butterflies swarmed within her gut. She had to admit, she was a bit bad with stage fright. Though for today, Kazea would have to suck it up.

    "It's time now for the final contestant of the Appeal Round! Give a warm welcome to Coordinator Kazea Tetsujen from Sootopolis City in Hoenn!," Marian announced enthusiastically as the curtain raised and Kazea was revealed to the crowd.

    Stepping forward with a shaky first breath, Kazea held up the Dive Ball containing Yoru up the the crowd before tossing it elegantly into the air.

    The blue and white sphere burst open with a whirlpool of blue foamy bubbles that glinted with a rainbow trim in the presence of sunlight. The Marshtomp within it spun out with an artistic front flip and a bow as he landed on the stage.

    Kazea began her Appeal, her confidence little by little building. "Begin with Rain Dance, Yoru!"

    The Marshtomp cried his name calmly before chanting and hopping amongst the bubbles from the Seal in particular patterns and dance forms. The clouds overhead began to blacken and form together as Yoru evoked attention with his Rain Dance, and soon enough the rain fell, though not hard enough to puncture the remaining bubbles from the Seal that still lingered.

    "Now use Stealth Rock to corral the bubbles!," Kazea yelled.

    Yoru stomped the ground with a mighty 'thud', and in no time jagged and pointed rocks levitated around the Marshtomp, a greenish glow shrouding them, which was only made more amazing in the rain. After the Stealth Rock spun around Yoru like a small tornado, they flew away from him and bumped the floating bubbles from the bursting of the Foamy Seal in a vertical line up in the air; the Stealth Rock floating around the bubbles like hoops.

    "Now, use Superpower to launch in the air!"

    Yoru's body glowed with a yellow aura before he hit the stage with a strong Superpower, the rebound of the attack causing the mudfish Pokemon to fly up over his Stealth Rock and bubble tower.

    "Finish it up with Ice Punch, and then Refresh!, Kazea at last said to her Pokemon, her confidence finally skyrocketing and evident.

    Yoru's fin-like fist glowed a pale blue as he pulled back his powerful arm in preparation whilst midair. The Marshtomp turned face down and headfirst towards the middle of his Stealth Rock bubble pillar, and soon he dropped with gaining speed right into the middle. Just before Yoru hit the first ring of his tower, he slammed his first forward, the cool air surrounding his Ice Punch visible in the ongoing rain. The impact of Yoru's Ice Punch as he fell popped all of the bubbles into bursts of snowflakes and shattered the Stealth Rock into flurries of sparkles. Yoru spun to soften his fall as he landed feet first on the wood floor of the stage and turned to face the audience. He used Refresh to finish the Appeal. The Marshtomp's body glowed green, his body looking wonderfully shiny and sleek from the effects of Refresh. The glow of the move caught the raindrops and made them shine over the falling snowflakes from before cascading over Yoru.

    The Rain Dance wore off soon, and with the sun out shining again, a beautiful rainbow took the place of the falling rain and spread across the stage. Yoru and Kazea bowed to the crowed as they finished.

    "My, my! That was quite the Appeal! I couldn't keep my eyes away, and just look at that rainbow!," Marian stated as Kazea looked to the Judges for their comments.

    "The way Stealth Rock contained the bubbles without popping them, and then using Ice Punch to rid them in such a way, only teamwork and pure trust can make up such a performance. It was artistically invoking!" Mr. Contesta declared.

    "Remarkable!" Mr. Sukizo added the way he usually did.

    "I was intrigued by why the Trainer chose to use Rain Dance to begin, but now I can see why! Not only did the rain highlight everything that was used, but a rainbow to top off a performance is truly genius!" Nurse Joy finished off with a smile.

    Kazea blushed a tad as she and Yoru left to return backstage. She put the Marshtomp back into his Pokeball just as she reached the Contestants Lounge.

    Before Matt had a chance to compliment her performance, Marian's voice on the video screen caught their attention once more.


    "Alright, let's see what the judges have to say! The four contestants moving on to the next round's Contest Battle are..."

    Every Coordinator in the lounge was tense, the air was silent as they awaited for the certain to to reveal the screen above the stage with the results. Finally the certain rose, and on it: Kazea, Matt, Serenity, and the first Coordinator, Arcadia.

    "...these lucky four!," Marian stated as the crowd erupted in applause.


    Kazea had to bite her tongue to prevent from yelping in both excitement and relief. A lot of the Coordinators let out sounds of disapproval at the fact that they had to watch the rest of the Contest from the lounge, those would be the people not moving on.


    Marian spoke again after the crowd died down. "You all remember how Contest Battles work! The Coordinator who can show off their most beautiful moves and strip away the most points from the opponent in five minutes, or can make the opposing Pokemon faint while still remaining stylish in the heat of battle, wins! We'll be taking a twenty minute intermission before beginning this round, so for now keep your excitement ready!"


    With that Marian left the stage and the video screen flickered away from the live Contest feed and instead the screen displayed the match ups for the Battle Round. Kazea was against Arcadia and Matt was against Serenity. With that, the eligible Coordinators now had time to prepare and rest for the Contest Battle just ahead.
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  40. The girl who went after Matt did a somewhat similar performance with a Dragonair. After her was Kazea, who, although nervous, also did well with her Marshtomp. The final four for the contest was Acadia versus Kazea, and Matt against Serenity, the girl who performed after him. But for now, it was intermission, where no doubt the four would strategize on how to beat their opponent. If it came down to it, would Matt face Kazea? Even if he did, it would be a match to remember, and they could be glad that they made it to the finals.

    Matt congratulated Kazea as she came back, who returned a smile. "Well, we made it past the performances, and now it's time for the Battles." he said with a gigantic grin. Since Coordinators were allowed to use a different Pokemon for the Battle round, Matt was going with his trusty Absol. Speaking of which, Matt let his Absol out to get a feel for the place.

    "Sol..?" the Disaster Pokemon asked when he appeared. "We're at a Pokemon Contest, Absol, and I'm counting on you to do good in the Battle Round." Absol stared at Matt with a "Do you honestly think I'll fail?" look. "That's the spirit." Matt said, rubbing Absol's head.

    "Now, the person we're going against, I have no clue what she'll use, so be on your guard, okay? But remember, you still have to look stylish about it all, so don't mess up your fur." Absol's normally empty expression turned a harsh kind of serious; he clearly didn't want to miss an oppurtunity to win. "And don't go winning to quickly, we dont' want to hurt her feelings that badly."

    Matt turned to Kazea, who wasn't too far away. "Kazea, who are you using for the Battle round?"

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