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to be a master of all lands

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by neogeo, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. chapter 1


    i Fianally arived at new pallet and walked straight to the trainer club my freind lisa had just returned from her holiday in hoenn and she had bought some thing i may like to buy off her i looked around the lobby and saw the sevrall poke ball shaped tables around the room with matching chairs i sat on one and waited i looked at the stairs that whent down to the battle areana entrances this club was run by the elite 4 and you cold challenge there students and each other here suddenly coming up the stairs was lisa finally she came towards me.

    "so do you want this mudkip then" she said to me revealing a blue and white pokeball from her bag

    "$3000? isnt it" i replied to her as i got a few notes out my bag money had been slim recently with my dad ash away and my mum misty away with him all i had were the poket money my three aunties who never told me there names gave me i forked over the cash and lisa passed me the pokeball i ran out of the door as fast as i could and ran home i would challenge my gramp.
  2. note by Doc.stone

    one day in a stormy night in the battel frountter a docter made a way you can doplicat pokemon but ther was a side affect it(the cloune)would be so powerfull that it would destroy the world............
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    Fanfics on this forum aren't RPs, meaning you are not allowed to add onto them without the author's permission, and since NeoGeo has been banned I don't see any reason for this topic to stay open.

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