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Ask to Join Titans-A Minecraft RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by PopeyPenguin, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Here the discussion:https://pokecharms.com/threads/titans-a-minecraft-rp.17298/


    Mark was walking on the path of the city. He remembered everything that had happened. '' I will take revenge on these titans. The only beings beneath the gods. '' Marck was talking alone on the street. He walked to his job, a waiter of upscale restaurance. After a few hours working, he went back home. He took his sword and his equipment. Marck went out the door, the moon lit the night. But that day, the moon was Different. An eclipse had happened, and the moon was red. It reddens like the blood of all who died that night.The night that his city was destroyed.Mark was determined that he would go kill the titans ... He bought a horse and went out of the kingdom, which had a defense Good for titans. Mark passed the 2 gates, and went to his adventure. He could die or leave alive, get revenge or be crushed by the titans. He only knew he would need companions.
  2. Salzan gripped his Stone Sword, going out of Alstan City. "I swear to the Whiter I will kill the Titans." Growled Salzan. With his word and Sheild in hand, he went into the deep wilderness. In the distance, he saw a man on a horse. "Hmm. Could he possibly help?" Wondered Salzan. He looked into the sky. A blood moon. A tear dropped from his eye. He wiped it, and set off after the man on the horse.
  3. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Marck noticed the presence of someone, but did nothing. '' Look, dear thief, if you want to steal my horse, know that you will have to pass over my body. '' Marck said looking at Salzan and jumping off his horse, already Pulling out his sword. '' Come and rob me if you can! '' He said jumping to Salzan and trying hit he.
  4. Salzan blocked the attack with his Sheild. "I'm not trying to rob you!" He yelled. "I was simply hoping you could help me on my, Er, quest." Said Salzan, bracing for another attack.
  5. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    '' How can I believe you? '' Marck said seeing the moon. '' You came to take revenge on the titans ... I think. I at least came. Who knows we can form a team, '' Marck said, putting his sword away. 'Let's go on, you do not have a horse, from what I saw. Follow me.' 'Marck said taking Salzan to his normal town.''Here are some coins. For food and a horse. You can buy it, the horse shop is in the center.I'll wait at the entrance. ''Marck said eating some steak and preparing for the waiting.
  6. Stevie came out of his house seeing two guys talking he listened about titans and grabed all his stuff and ran to them "hey guys waddya doing he asked" he came to them because he recognized one of them and he wistled his horse came to him and stevie gave him an apple"well what is da deal mate?"
  7. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "Ah, hello. Who are you?" Marck asked. 'I am Marck. You have seen the moon today, it is red.' 'Marck said looking at the moon.' 'This moon means that we will avenge all who have died for the titans, we will unite. Get up out of the darkness ... Oh, I'm sorry, I went too deep. My village was destroyed, and I'm kind of sentimental, '' Marck said, seeing Stevie. "Let's go out today." He said taking a coin and tossing it up.(OCC: With all my education, use punctuation in the phrases @pokettrainer!)
  8. He came back with a pure white horse and a bunch of food. "Newcomer? Very interesting." Said Salzan. "The Blaze Titan has retreated to Mt.Moualtuk. At least, that's what I heard in town." He said, shrugging. "It's the closest of the ones I got the scoop on, so maybe we should check it out." Said Salzan.
  9. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "Finding a titan would be a very quick and painful way to die." "Do not let revenge blind you," Marck said, thinking. "We're going to have to get better equipment before, and I know where. In the icy mountains, I heard there's a dungeon with rubies, amethysts, and even diamond. "Marck said leaning against the wall." But they also say it's the cave spider's titan lair. He's asleep, and We'll be careful not to wake him up. "Marck said as he climbed onto his horse." Come on! "And his horse began to run.
  10. Stevie jumped on his horse and began to run too"so wait we are going to da spider titan?" " oooh I have never seen him" Stevie then made a sad face "ya know that my village was attacked too by a creeper titan we then moved somewhere else and saw a zombie titan it's like our village is the best prey our people separated from each other so I don't really live anywhere" Stevie then waited for response for his maybe friend
  11. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    (OCC I do not want to be rude, but please use good vocabulary.) "It's not a word." "We'll go, but we'll be careful not to wake him up," Marck said as he continued on the horse. '' And what's your name, I still do not know. '' He said with the wind beating in his face. '' The chances of finding two titans one after another, it's almost impossible ... But I do not doubt you. '' Marck He said looking at Stevie.
  12. "My name is Stevie" said Stevie with a smile"did you try-" Stevie couldn't finish his sentence because his horse almost slipped over ice Stevie turned his head and saw an ice biome"woah so where almost there I can't wait" trying to calm his horse
  13. The roar of soldiers at battle and wails and groans of monsters mingled with the clanging of steel and the whistling of raining arrows, forming a din all too familiar to the riding swordsman. As he approached a pair of zombies, he drew his sword, holding the hilt to his forehead, as was his habit. "Back to the abyss of death with you!" He shouted as his horse leaped up, landing with it's side toward the nearest zombie as it's master slashed downward, cleaving it's head apart. The zombie stumbled back and toppled over as the warrior backed up his horse, then raced toward the second zombie, leaving behind a large cut on it's chest as his horse leaped back again, turning in midair once more as he did. Although damaged, the zombie continued it's mindless stride toward the noble before a blazing arrow pierced it's head, finishing the monster off. Turning back, the rider saw the archer approaching him, smiling tenderly. "Thanks for that, big bro!" Remus said.

    "You really need to land those hits a bit more carefully, Remus." Indigo joked, "Your technique's still a bit sloppy."

    "Hey, I saw you miss at LEAST three times tonight, Mr. Perfectionist!" Remus replied, and the brothers shared a laugh before a cavalier approached them.

    "Prince Indigo, Lord Remus, the sun's about to come up, and we've destroyed almost all of the monsters in the area." He reported. Looking up to the sky, Remus spotted the faintest hints of sunlight in the horizon.

    "Well, then, shall we retreat back into the castle?" Indigo suggested, "I'm sure the archers on the wall can handle the rest." Remus nodded, and he and his militia followed Indigo's army into the gates while arrows flew high over their heads, showering over the remaining monsters to keep them at bay.

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