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Time Guardians: Episode 1: Hope Rises(DISC)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. this is an Rp based on a series(the world of Timus) that I, admittedly, made up when I was bored one day, But more focused on it's world's Backstory, and the original Guardians. here is the story

    there is a legend, a Legend of the elements, And here is how it goes:
    In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness, then, the first elements came into being, Time and space, These two Elements worked in harmony, but soon, the earth came, along with several other planets, and then the sun, from the sun, Multiple elements appeared, fire, life, and death, Soon other elements starting appearing, and formed cores, small gem like objects that are each elements source of power, Here are the names of each Element:

    Time(Guardian-Tia Virtue @Fraseandchico )
    Space(Guardian-Sam Galax @AnimeTail )
    However, Deep down, near the earth's core, A Monster is awakening, one so fierce, that the cores will need protection...

    The Monster-Selensa, the dark Lord(@Fraseandchico )
    Notable minions-
    Kyutie @AnimeTail
    1: Follow the GRP Rules
    2. if you read the rules, put 'comic' in your form
    3. every Guardian will have an Eventual Love interest
    4. Your Character can have a disease. Its no biggie.
    5. If I haven't roleplayed with you before, please give me an example of your RPing skill.
    6. Don't make Animal spirits too unfair.
    This RP will begin once half of the character slots are filled, and Selensa has some Minions.

    Guardian Form:
    Eventual Guardian Of:
    Gender: (M, F)
    Species(Example: Dragokin. Make fusions Between humans and another type of animal, or can chose a species):
    Spirit Animal(Grants specific skills based on animal, with no two animals giving the same skill):

    Monster Form:

    My forms:
    Name: Tia Virtue
    Eventual Guardian Of: Time
    weapon: a Huge sword made of Bone steel(Will later be the Huge sword Variation of the time sword)
    Age(17+): 30
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Can be kind, Playful, messes with her opposition. Seems Rude on the surface.
    Appearance: Beginning: End:
    [​IMG] (Has a purple Dragon Tail) [​IMG] with a Purple Dragon tail and purple Dragon wings
    other: She Used to like comics
    Species: Dragokin
    Spirit animal: Dragon(Grants Fire blast and High jump)

    Name: Selensa
    Age(1000+): Been Alive since beginning of time, but asleep for most of it.
    Appearance: Natural form is a Purple Flare Spirit, with the eyes of a demon. Can shapeshift if he has enough energy.
    Personality: Pure Evil. Cocky.
    Species: Who knows.
    Other: Comics are good​
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  2. Name:
    Sam Galax
    Eventual Guardian Of: Space
    Weapon: Magic Staff (Will become a black hole staff as Sam gets much more stronger)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Very serious and careful. While Sam may not say or admit it, he is very caring of others and he is also selfless.
    Appearance: Dark blue hair, a sky blue set of armor (excluding a helmet), blue eyes, a blue beard, giant ocean blue tentacles coming out from his back, and a dark blue leviathan tail (he really likes blue).
    Other: Comics is love. His favorite food is fish.
    Species: Heviathan
    Spirit Animal: Leviathan (grants water magic and swift swim)
    RP Example:
    "Starter Pokemon are not weak!" said Avon. "They can be strong. If you believe in them, and show them friendship, they will be very strong and you will be able to beat your opponent."
    Avon was very angry at Luke. It seemed like he only cared about strong pokemon and not friendship and love between the trainer and pokemon. Avon said to Luke, "Fine. Have it your way. But we will battle one day, and friendship will win over strong abuse on your Pokemon. Or we can battle with our starters to see who's right. Unless.........you're a chicken!!!!!!!" Avon started to mock Luke by making chicken noises and acting like a chicken.
    When Avon saw Prof.Juniper leave, he yelled to Luke, "SEE WHAT YOU DID!??!?!?!" Avon got very angry and left to wait for the ceremony and his starter.
    Monster Form:
    Name: Kyutie
    Age: She looks like she is in her 20's, but she is actually 1,111 years old.
    Appearance: A blood red kyubi (nine-tailed fox)
    Personality: Very cruel and cunning, and can trick almost anybody with her illusion powers. She only cares for specific people.
    Species: Kyubi
    Other: Comics is life. Kyutie wants to use her illusions to find a perfect man.​
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  3. Hmm, good, mostly, but before I accept you, some suggestions for fixing your posts when the RP starts:
    • Always start a new line when making a different character speak.
    • You do not need 4 exclamation marks. One shall do.
    • Try to place limits on your character(s), since the idea of black holes for the space guardian should really be used with the weapon the space core gives to your character.
    Other than that, accepted!

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