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Tidying my bedroom

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Tidying my room cuz mummy told me to
    Didn't realise I had so much cool stuff
    I've found:

    An old leather jacket which still fits me (but I'm getting rid of it)
    Some pink gloves that say "I give good hugs"
    A bunch of Wooper drawings
    A bunch of stick spider drawings with guns
    My old cyber goggles
    A bunch of CDs i thought i'd lost
    Copies of pretty much every final fantasy game (none of them work)
    My Artemis Fowl book
    All my old school work which I can burn >;3
    A bajillion empty bottles of coke
    Some cigarettes
    Eyeliner and eyeshadow
    My wiimote grippy thing
    A wallet with 20p in it
    My bleach wallet
    Two cups which i thought I'd lost
    A million socks
  2. I saw the title of this topic, and thought for whatever reason that this would turn out to be a song.

    Then I saw the formatting of your text, and thought, "Damn, it really is a song!"

    Then I actually read it. The only thing keeping me from being superlatively disappointed with this topic was the fact that Artemis Fowl is pretty awesome.
  3. I thought this thread was titled "Tidying my Boredom". Which sounds a lot cooler.

    But then it's a list, not a song.

    I'm slightly disappointed, but you had a lot of crap in your room.
  4. El you have too much crap.

    But I'm the same :x I actually fear what's under my bed. My desk should give you an idea: moisturisers, beanie baby, skeleton raptor, stuffed toys, dice, paracetomol, various coins, numerous books, Apple keyboard, Apple mac-mini (both unused), female-affiliated things, hairbrush, notebooks, a long piece of string, bag of paints, DS games, pens, bits of paper, roll of tissues... a fake rose.

    That's as extensive as I can get without properly looking.

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