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Three Unrevealed Keychains for Movie 12 Creating a Buzz

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [img align=right]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/ThreesecretPokemonkeychains.png[/img]An update featured within the goods section of the official Pokémon Movie 12 website has brought with it a very intriguing image. A set of key chains revealed featuring Pokémon said to appear in the 12th movie shows three indistinguishable images (as shown in the image on the right). While we have little to go on confirming exactly what these three question marked key chains may be, they are certainly creating quite a buzz around online Pokémon communities - and with good reason.

    With HeartGold and SoulSilver finally dated for release and still no sign of Generation 5 on the horizon, these could very well be the shadows of three brand new Pokémon. However, they could simply be new formes of currently existing Pokémon set to appear in HG and SS, or something along the lines of the notched-ear Pichu. There's even the chance the images are merely secret merchandise containing no new Pokémon or formes at all. I'd personally like to hope they're completely new (it's about time we saw some sign of Gen 5's existence), but only time will tell. The 12th movie is set to premiere in Japan on July 18th (less than a month away), so we should have our answers soon.

    You can be sure we'll let you know once the pictures are revealed. In the meantime, speculate away =)
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Jun 27, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      Been reading more around different communities, and something a few others have said struck me similarly when I first viewed the images.

      The one in the middle looks like Pikachu's head, and the one on the right looks like Raichu's ears. There's a chance these aren't new Pokemon at all - just secret merchandise. Still... Raichu's head isn't THAT fat, so if they were ears they don't sit quite properly...

      Guess we'll see :p
    2. Stark
      Its Raichu in my books - look at the others, say, Pichu for instance. It doesn't take up the entire thing. It leaves room for Raichu to be on it.

      As for the others... Absolutely no clue. Raichu on the right stood out for me though.
    3. Moose
      The first looks like Ho-oh; the others, I have no clue. Though the second kinda looks like Pikachu and I guess the third could be Raichu.
    4. Linkachu
      Bulbanews is speculating that they could be evolved forms for notched-ear Pichu. Would fit, really.

      Also, that first one looks like Arceus' head.
    5. Midnight Shadows
      Midnight Shadows
      I want all of those keychains >___>" Especially the Piplup one, it's so adorable >_<

      My question is though, why would the bottom three be either Pikachu, Arceus or the notched ear Pichu when they already have those? o.o Then again they could be messing with us, or like Katie said, they could be the evolved forms of the notched-ear Pichu..>>"

      I would guess they are evolves of something because there are a few Pokemon who don't have evolves.
    6. Nancel
      Eh. The first one obviously resembles Arceus' head. *surpirse!!!*
      'Second is most likely Pikachu, and perhaps NE Pichu.
      Third...I don't really see the Raichu resemblance. Why would Raichu be here anyway?
      Is there one even IN the movie? I could just be the wierd perspective, though.

      movie 12 merchandise needs moar Heatran.
    7. QuilavaEmperor
      There was a Heatran in the movie but not so sure about the shadow of it. Also the 2nd and 3rd really do look like NE Pikachu and Raichu. Then again, it could all end up becoming the 5th generation starters, but cares for me to ask why so soon? Anyways this year is quite exciting with all the news and speculations.
    8. Nancel
      I doubt they'd reveal new starters/pokemon through the merchandise for a movie that has nothing to do with them.
      But, the Arceus, Pikachu/NE Pichu, Raichu makes sense, bar Raichu.

      I hope there's going to be more Heaty merchandise than they've let slip so far.
      Small role? Who cares? The Johto starters are in that batch, they can't have the largest role in the world,
      why not give Heaty some love?
    9. Toastie
      I don't think it's entirely impossible that it's a bit of both.
      I think 1 or 2 of the key rings could be pokemon revealed through the course of the story, while another could be a Gen 5 pokemon.
      I'd be very suprised if they didn't reveal a new pokemon. A Gen 4 pokemon was revealed in only the second movie of Gen 3, and this is already the third of this Gen, so they're way overdue.
      In fact, so overdue that they may be revealing 3 new pokemon...
    10. ozmer
      Finally a real update! These keychains look pretty cool and I wouldn't be surprised if we will see the first of gen 5.
    11. sunny1213141515
      Am I the only one who doesn't want a 5th Generation?

      Anyways, I could see these being new Pokemon. (:
    12. Newprofile001
      It's possible that the second one could be a Whiscash, and the first one could be a Dragonair, but that's guessing with the general outline of it.

      I don't know if this helps, but......
    13. glameow1
      so ther are three new pokemon i know two heatran and arcuse
      but is the other pokemon ???
    14. Moose
      Looking at them again, it sorta looks like Ho-oh, Lugia, and the evolution of Magneton.
    15. Sem
      glameow1, please try to use some grammar in your posts.

      Also, Heatran and Arceus are both part of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. If these keychain things are new pokemon, then they're going to be /new/ new; as in, part of the next generation.
    16. Nancel
      I still don't understand why they would introduce the next generation...through a bunch of keychains for a movie they're not even in. Don't you believe we would have some substantial evidence of their presence in the movie by now, if they were to be showcased in it?

      Ho-oh and Lugia, however, do seen plausible. As a promotion for HeartGold and SOUL[glow=orange,2,300]O///O[/glow]SILVER.
      But, why oh why would they place them as shadows like that? To taunt us, no doubt. ;)
    17. Linkachu
      For the record, Shaymin skyforme was first revealed on a piece of random merchandise, too (possibly something that had been leaked unintentionally). The official announcement about it wasn't made for a few days following if I remember correctly.
    18. QuilavaEmperor
      I GOT IT! The first is all the Rotom forms and the 2nd and 3rd are the evolutions of NE Pichu! That does sound logical!
    19. Moose
      I'm not exactly sure how you came to the conclusion of Rotom..
    20. Mogster42
      Rotom would be a logical choice, given it's new formes, but shape-wise, the first has to be Arceus, (it's a pretty damn unique shape) I'll go with the Pichu / Pikachu combo for the second, and for the third, I'll go out on a limb and say Giratina's Other Forme - both formes appear in the movie, yet only Origin forme has a keychain, and I don't think they would miss that marketing opportunity! I reckon the "Raichu ears" are wing tips from an odd angle, though, honestly, the one on the left may as well be a Remoraid tail. It's most likely there to spark debate.

      "It's not a Voltorb, it's obviously Jigglypuff from above!"
    21. jertyuiop
      Who says they're not in the movie? It is extremely likely they ARE in the movie. In the 7th movie Munchlax was introduced, in the 8th movie Bonsly, Weavile and Lucario were introduced and I'm not sure when but Mime Jr. was introduced in gen 3 episodes. Don't forget the 9th movie - Manaphy, Chatot and Mantyke were in it.
      I think the first one looks like Honchkrow. Not sure why it'd be in there.
    23. QuilavaEmperor
      Yea you're right it sorta does, maybe it's Paul's but here I go again into the extremes.
    24. Shinzoku
      At first I thought that the middle one was Ash's Pikachu, but there's already a keychain for that.
      I'm beginning to think that those three are new Pokemon, or new forms or something. :-\
    25. GodlessM
      AFAIK, they are notched eared Pichu, notched eared Raichu, and Jirachi.
    26. DragonTrainer86
      The first one makes me think of Darkrai. The second one is most likely a form in the Pikachu line, and the third reminds me of.....Marill? I hope the images are revealed soon..
    27. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      These are put together by fans, but using official art - so it's really not hard to see this as confirmation that the items are just more basic merch for the movie - not proof of new Pokemon.


      Honestly, if there were going to be Gen V Pokemon in this film, it would have been announced long before now - not with the film about to open in just under 2 weeks. It would have worked within the previously established pattern (Celebi and Deoxys saw Pokemon introduced alongside their movies for the next Generation just as they effectively closed theirs by completing the 'existence' of all the Pokemon in that Generation). However, the precedent set last Generation of a further 2 movies focusing on new Pokemon before their Gen's launch (although D/P's delay can probably be thanked for the 9th movie. Or blamed. Whatever's more appropriate), combined with the imminent release of new major instalments within Gen IV itself, along with the movie already been rather quite busy as it stands - with half a dozen Legendaries, a very specific Pichu and the Johto starters all getting focus throughout the movie - would indicate that this movie is not in any position to be a launching board for Generation V.

      Next year's movie, on the other hand... Well, if a new Pokemon isn't revealed at some point this year (maybe even alluded to in the traditional brief/vague tease for next year's movie that will follow this year's in the theatres), I'd be more than a bit surprised. Even if next year's movie revisits some Johto legends (and maybe even gives Raikou or Ho-oh a movie feature at last...), it can be practically guaranteed that some new pre-evo will be in the movie in some way.
    28. Mogster42
      Heh, not considred Arceus for te third one, tought there were enough of him already! But, seems to work. I do know that someone updated Saturday's Bulbanews post with that picture, and seems to have wiped all this weeks news in the process!

      Also, Marill? How do you gt that!?
    29. Dragodden
      I have to agree.. but I was feeling that way at second Gen! :p

      I really see pikachu in the middle pin.. Want to find a bigger picture of the pins.
    30. FlyingPiplup
      I think the middle one is of pikachu lying down

      The first one looks a bit like a dragonair head.

      I'm not sure about the third one, i can see raichu in it but it looks a bit fat for raichu.
    31. psuamkpukrian
      I think I know what they are:
      1) arceus? and a pichu?,
      2) one of the pichus and pikachu, and
      3) raichu?

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