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Ask to Join This is Aperture (Portal Rp Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Does testing ALWAYS have to be so hard...Chell didn't even bother to come back. Man, I wish I never deserted her." Wheatley said, sighing. "SPPPAAAACCCCEEEEE!" The other core yelled. Wheatley sighed louder. "Now that the Blue eyed Englishman is gone..." The defective turrent began to his partners. "Everything in Aperture should be normal." They said. The other droids nodded. "I wish these droids weren't so dumb." A Core with a green eye mumbled. "I'm not the dumb one!" The Defective turrent said. "Your no fun..." The white turrent began. "Shut up." "MAKE ME!" "Stop fighting you three!" GLaDOS commanded. The three robots instantly shut up. "Sorry, Ma'am." The three said together. "Better. Now Go wake up the New subjects. We got W,-O-R-K to do." GLaDOS said. "What's that stand for?" "Well, Obviously Real Knowledge" GLaDOS said. "...I see." The Defective turrent said, They didn't dare question GLaDOS. Especially now.

    -Follow your leader, GLaDOS. (Meaning don't break these or you'll be Incinerated! Or worse, WIPED FROM THE RP! *Dun Dun dunnn!*)
    -Normal rules.
    -Human or Robot. No other species. (Except Android)
    -No cussing on this Thread. You may cuss other characters, but not other ACCOUNTS.
    -GLaDOS the best girl.

    Name: Put robot name here.
    Status: (Defective or Working? Or a test subject?)
    Age: How long has it been since your robot been invented? Or how old is your human?
    Eye color: Color of your digital 'eye' or actual eye?
    Design/Appearance: What does your robot look like?
    Robot Number/Test subject number: Over number ten if not a GLaDOS servant. Over 2,000 for all test subjects.
    Features (ROBOTS ONLY): What makes your robot unique? Water proof? Firing larger bullets?
    Other: (Optional)

    Name: Shock
    Status: HALF Defective.
    Age: 1,763 Years.
    Eye Color: Mint
    Design: Shock has one side which is covered in a robotic white shell, while the other half is without a covering. The covered part has fire designs, and he wears a tiny top hat.
    Robot Number: #2
    Features: Fires bullets on one side, fires nothing on the other. Shock proof. Fires bullets a little slower, but the tiny shock explosions make up for this. They can also shoot a laser from his eye.

    Name: Turret
    Status: Working
    Age: 1,867 Years
    Eye color: Red
    Design: Normal turrent, except with longer legs.
    Robot number: #7
    Features: Nothing to original. They just walk faster, making it easy to pursue test subjects. Little arms can come out from their side, used for grabbing things.

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