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Ask to Join Thinking Inside the Box 2

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nintenduck, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. It was quiet in the PC as the holographic sun began to rise on the artificial horizon, and a beam of light stretched across the boxes. As the light made it's way to the tree house marking the center of the PC, a small bird pokemon, resting on a branch flooded by sunshine, stretched his wings, waking from his deep slumber. Oratio leaped from his perch, effortlessly gliding into the air. As he observed the boxes from above, he watched the pokemon of the PC start their daily routine. Oratio always loved the view from above. It let him know that everything was as it should be. Dipping down, he swooped toward the Meadow Box to check on the young pokemon residing their.

    Meanwhile, in the Granite Box, Dolus had already started patrolling the area, not exactly cherishing the thought that trouble was being caused in the box he was instructed to maintain. It was a relatively average day, with nothing particularly exiting occurring. As Dolus, crossed a rope bridge connecting the entrance to the Flower Box with the rest of the ruin, he thought of how Primula would go to him and try to make him smile, as she always did. Dolus was tempted to just turn back, but he needed to make sure everything was in order. As he reached the end of the bridge, he inspected the area. It wasn't the residents he was worried did something, but Primula herself. Not long before, she tried to plant flower's near the entrance, and, of course, Dolus assumed she was attempting to expand her territory. He monitored the entrance every day since then, to make sure everything was as it should be.

    Not at all far away, in the Flower Box, Primula woke up from the bed of flowers she used as it's name intended. Without skipping a beat, she fluttered as high as her wings could take her, admiring the view of the sun on the horizon. There wasn't anything special about that day, but to Primula, every day was a gift, and should be treated as such. Satisfied with her daily sunrise, she descended gracefully to the ground, and began plucking up a few flowers she though appeared particularly pleasant. Once she had about a dozen, she made the way to the staircase connecting the Flower Box to the infinitely gloomier Granite Box, and saw that Dolus, the one her bouquet was intended for, was already there.

    In the heat of the Magma Box, Riley was making her way through a stack of lumber given to her by a friendly bibarel in the Meadow Box the day before, obliterating each plank with a single punch.
    Every week Riley obtained a stack of lumber. Every week Riley promised herself she would make the lumber last. And every week, Riley destroyed it all the net morning. Now finished with the warm up preparing her for her warm up, Riley began the warm up that would prepare her for her actual training. Seeing as she was out of wood, she decided to instead run until her legs either felt like they were on fire, or really were on fire, which, considering the box she lived in, was entirely possible. Unfortunate, halfway through her first lap, a rock decided it hated her, or in normal terms, she tripped, landing face first on the hard, stone floor.
  2. In the Haunted Box, Harley was busy in the mansion. Reading multiple books on Lopunnys and other rabbit Pokémon. He loved the library inside the mansion. It was filled almost head to toe with books. Harley favoured the atmosphere of the box he was the leader of. Dark and spooky. Currently he was reading a book involving a Furret and a Buneary becoming friends with each other, and was almost finished. After putting it back, though, he almost felt hungry. “Well, great. I have to leave this glorious library to find more berries” Harley muttered to himself. Every once in a while, Harley would leave the Haunted Box to get Berries, or to talk to the other leaders of the Boxes. This time it was obvious. He was hungry. He left the library and proceeded walking through the halls of the mansion until he found the entrance to the thing. He opened the doors, which were larger than a standard door but smaller than a drawbridge. They shut behind him and hit his back, and Harley started looking for berries that were in the bushes around the mansion, if there were any. He actually did find some, and he was happy that the Haunted Box didn’t have as many Pokémon here as there was in the Meadow Box. There still were a lot of Pokémon wandering around, some shivering with fear, and some relaxing. Harley then walked calmly down the path to the Meeting Place.
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  3. (OOC: The Aipom and Machop are minor NPC characters in case if anyone is confused. Since they are having more of a minor role, character sheets will not be created and they will not exactly have the most impact for the RP in the long run.)

    Frost aroused from his lengthy nap when he felt the virtual light hitting his eyes. His head popped out of the small patch of snow after his body adjusted itself to the chilly iceberg land it was on. He gave a brief yawn while surveying the area for other Pokémon within the vicinity. There was not much he could not find at the moment, since his eyes were still adjusting to the sudden change of light from recently being awake from his slumber.

    Meanwhile, a small blue Pokémon lied near the sandy grounds while attempting to adapt to the tiny waves gently brushing against his body. He appeared to resemble a plesiosaur, though it was likely that he could be young due to his kind being much bigger than his size. The horn on his head was somewhat small, tiny to the point where some Pokémon called him names like candy corn and even baby line at one point. His small, gray shell was able to hold an infantile Pokémon with the blunt knobs looking more like mere dotted bumps than the spike-like protrusions they are for his species in older age.

    "Hey you, yeah you little squirt! Get lost will ya? Me and my friend wanna play some ball, and you're in our space little baby!" An Aipom asserted.

    "Yeah, go away ya little brat! This is our turf now, and it will be forever!" A Machop added.

    "Go away eh? You're telling the person in charge of this place to go away?" The little Pokémon replied after turning towards the two.

    It was impossible for the Aipom and Machop to pass up a brief session of utmost laughter, as the Aipom said, "You're in charge of this place? Yeah, you're totally in charge... in your dreams stupid kid!"

    "Yeah, you can't even tell anyone what to do with that pathetic voice of your's! I bet your mommy has to change your diapers and feed you your little milky bottle every day!" The Machop stated while attempting to mimic the little Pokémon's babyish voice.

    A bright, white light flashed from the little Pokémon's mouth when it was opened, as his head ducked for a brief moment before launching a frigid beam of energy towards the Aipom. The Aipom attempted to duck in hopes of eluding the beam, though it seemed as if the small Pokémon was able to predict the Aipom's movements after learning that most Pokémon simply ducked to dodge such an attack. A loud cry of pain followed soon after, as the Machop remarked before attempting to throw a heavy punch, "So, the little baby thinks he's tough huh? Well, I thought it was way past your nap time kid!"

    The little Pokémon slid past the punch and grabbed the Machop by his legs, as he grunted for a brief moment while the Aipom attempted to flee the scene. A loud thud echoed throughout the area for a brief moment, followed by an even louder cry of pain. The Machop soon found himself next to a white, wooden chair after another loud crash reverberated for a good five seconds.

    "YOU... AND YOU OVER THERE... I WANT YOU TWO ROUNDED UP RIGHT NOW!" The little Pokémon fulminated while his front flippers twitched about.

    The Aipom and Machop were swiftly shoulder to shoulder like a tiny group of soldiers in boot camp, while their bodies shivered like quivering leaves on a palm tree. The little Pokémon's glaring eyes stared down at the Aipom and Machop in a mortal manner, as he declaimed, "YOU AND YOU... OUT! NOW! YOU'VE CAUSED ENOUGH DISRUPTION ALREADY! I DO NOT WANT A SIGN OF YOU TWO IN THIS BOX EVER AGAIN!"

    "W- why s- sh- should... w- w- we b- be f- f- for- forced t- t- to l- le- le... ave?" The Aipom faintly said while starting to hyperventilate loudly.

    "WAS I NOT CLEAR? WHAT PART OF OUT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE SIMIAN?" The little Pokémon vociferated while his body brightly radiated a bright light.

    "Y- y- y- you c- ca- can't... k- ki- kick... u- u- us... o- o- out... l- li- like... t- th- that!" The Machop said in a dubious manner while attempting to put his right foot forward.

    "OUT... NOW! THIS.... IS... MY... LAST... WARNING!" The little Pokémon thundered while raising his front flippers, likely signaling that the usage of a powerful move was imminent.
  4. Ann took residence in the Meadow Box. The tiny bear lied on a thin branch of a tiny tree, snoring and drooling to absolutely no end. At the bottom of the tree was an empty jar, slathered with saliva. Ann took in one great inhale, causing the already weak branch to snap. Ann took a mini fall but still managed to smack the ground pretty hard. She slowly stands up in a confused and dazed state. "But mommy, I don't wanna go to school today. All the girls pick on me and boys say I'm ugly and-" Ann shook her head vigorously before gaining composure. Ann instinctively lunged for the jar next to her and stuck her paw in for honey, but to no avail. "What!? You gotta be kidding me!" Ann jams her head into the jar n a desperate attempt of consuming even the tiniest speck of honey. When her attempt failed, she tugged on the jar to release her head but the jar refused. "Get off get off get off!" Ann began using her feet to pry the jar off but she slips and loses balance, causing her to tumble backwards towards the river.
  5. In the scorching heat of the Magma box, Kitsua laid silent on the hot stone floor, in a strange state of awakened and asleep. She eyed the vicinity around her and watched the eccentric Riolu fall face first who she never bothered to ask the name of. She decided she would actually strike up something that might resemble friendly conversation with it. She placed her front paws on the ground and stretched while yawning, her numerous tails fanning out in all directions. She padded towards the Riolu. "Um...are you o-okay?" she asked in her meek but considerate tone.
  6. Harley approached the Meeting Place, as he could see the huge tree house. And he was expecting Oratio to be there. He silent approached the treehouse, and went up the steps. The treehouse was his second favourite place to hang out at, next to the Meadow Box, where he could socialize a lot more due to most of the young Pokémon living in there. But Harley frowned. Already he couldn’t find Oratio, when he was in the bird’s own home. “Well...” Harley thought out loud, “if he’s not here, he’s in the Meadow Box.”
    Harley often missed the other Box leaders. Often, he would go and visit them every week or so, and maybe meet some more Pokémon on the way. He went to the top of the treehouse and looked down. It was a long way down. It was a good place to think. “The other Box leaders must be getting up. I still have time.” Harley thought out loud, again.
  7. Though the sun was rising everywhere else, inside the caverns it was almost pitch black, as always, thus the Pokémon who lived there had their own sleeping schedule. A seemingly endless maze where dull echoes bounced around the tunnels, it was easy to lose your way, unless you were one of the inhabitants. The ground trembled imperceptibly, something heavy no doubt making its way further in - or perhaps towards the entrance?

    A Noivern soared his way along one such tunnel, singing along with the dull thuds of bass his speaker-like ears produced. Though the skill of the melody left something to be desired, surely he could make up for it with sheer enthusiasm? He seemed to think so, and kicked up the howling to eleven. The cacophony of noise echoed into the distance, to the dismay of anyone there.

    Finally Piper found what he was apparently searching for; minecart tracks twisted and turned below him, and not far away he found the cart itself. He settled down on the ground to inspect it closer, fangs almost touching the rusty thing.

    "Thank Arceus, the wheels are still kickin'," He hummed to himself, relieved. The minecart was essential to anyone who wanted to visit the magma box, so he felt the need to check on it regularly, even if there wouldn't be much he could do if it did break down. Now, at last, he could pay a visit to the Meeting place.
  8. While nothing much appeared to be going on with Frost, there was quite a fight happening in the Beach Box for such an early morning. When the Aipom and Machop refused to leave, a howling blizzard was summoned upon the two! A salvo of snowballs were sent falling from the sky towards the Aipom and Machop, as explosion after explosion echoed throughout the box as soon as they made contact! There was a moderate layering of ice formed around the Aipom and Machop, as a hail of snowballs struck the two like falling meteors!

    Panic and dismay filled the box, as some Pokémon were forced to move to another area of the box or even relocate to another box as a result of an extremely rude awakening!

    “Wahhhh! Mommy, we need to run! There’s a little scary monster using snow from the sky to kill that monkey and that blue thing over there!” An infantile Pokémon cried.

    “I- I- I- gotta get out of here! T- t- t- that little creature might go after me next!” Another Pokémon whimpered.

    Several minutes passed, as some Pokémon had scattered like roaches attempting to avoid a bright light. The Aipom and Machop were frozen in place with a large layering of ice covering their bodies as a whole. The little Pokémon gathered as much strength as he could while grunting, as his right flipper glimmered for a brief moment.

    The block of ice shattered right when the little Pokémon struck the frozen layering with his right flipper, as he railed in a babyish voice, “DON’T... COME... BACK... EVER!”

    All signs of the two were absent soon after, as the little Pokémon stomped back towards the shallow water.
  9. Tor layed out in a pool of boiling hot magma, or the artificial replacement for it, releasing enough smoke to cover his entire body allowing the rare glimps of his body. "Heeeeey, the miiineee caart stillllll wooorking?" Tor asked his Secretary, a Delphox, Delphi. "It is. We had our end checked at 5:34 AM." Tor nodded slowly. "Goooooood." He said in his extremely slow voice. "Any meetings with other box leaders today?"

    Zull and Wull walked around the meeting place grounds. "We need to eat. How does Oran Berry sound?" Wull asked. "No, Sitrus." Zull argued back. Wull responded, "Oran heals HP." He said while bumping into a Cubone. "So does Sitrus. And they heal more." Zull sent back at them. The conversation continued for a good 5 minutes, where somehow they decided to go hunt a Wurmple down to eat. "Do we even eat bugs?" Zull asked Wull. "No idea. But this seems fun." Wull responded pulling Zull away to a random tree.
  10. OOC: The Spewpa is an NPC.
    Harley was thinking about making some critical decisions about his life and career when he noticed a Spewpa on his arm, crawling upwards. Being a Grass-Dark type Pokémon meant that this wasn’t a really good thing. Harley didn’t want to hurt the poor bug pokemon, so instead he let it live, by picking it up with his other hand and putting it on the perch where Oratio slept just earlier on. He seemed happy, and the Spewpa did too. But a couple minutes later, the Spewpa came back to him. It loved him too much to let Harley go. So he let the Spewpa live on the hat-like structure on the top of his head. That’s when he noticed Zull and Wull, a Zweilious that he happened to recognize. He ran to the bottom of the treehouse, getting ready to test his social abilities while talking to them. But then he, Harley, realized the Spewpa was gone.
  11. Knox was by his lonesome in the Meadow Box. He had purposely left himself a good distance away from any other form of life, in hopes of not having to deal with any of them. Although he himself had nothing really to do with his intellect, he took the time to sit and wonder about recent and past occurrences. There was nothing to worry about, or so it seemed. Knox looked into the distance, checking the watch attached to the necklace he still bore. "I think something might happen soon... and hopefully not today. Definitely not today." He mumbled to himself.
  12. On cue, Ann tumbled past Knox, screaming inaudible noises. At first it looked as though she would tumble into the river, but instead rolled onto the bridge. Ann came to a stop at the middle of the bridge, waving her head around in her confusion. Once she gained her composure, she attempted to remove the jar from her head again. "Someone get this blasted thing off of my head!" she screamed as her feet pried at the rim of the jar.
  13. Knox sighed sorrowfully, staring awkwardly at the Teddiursa fumbling about like a buffoon. He inched closer to Ann as if they were a small bug. "How ridiculous..." He spoke his thoughts. His ideas were against helping the small bear, if it weren't for the time he experimented with jars before. Those experiments were disastrous, but they still provided results, like how to remove a jar from somebody's arm. But this was a variable he hadn't tested... a head. Only before, he had tools. How am I supposed to do this? Knox silently wondered to himself, studying Ann's... jar scenario.
    "I think I can try to help you, but I need you to stop squirming like an imbecile." Knox coldly ordered. "It's really the only way I can help you."
  14. As Oratio flew above the Meadow Box, out of the corner of his eye, his saw a young pokemon tumbling toward the river. Upon further inspection, he realized it was Ann, a young Teddiursa, who was quite rude at times, but as the self-proclaimed protector of the PC, he had to help her. Fortunately, he didn't have to, as she stopped in the middle of the bridge. But, as Knox, a swadloon living in the Meadow Box, inspected her, Oratio realized Ann had a pot stuck on her head, and Oratio descended down, landing next to Knox. "Well, this is certainly a conundrum," Oratio stated, slightly amused, though he'd never admit it. "How did you even manage this?"

    In the Granite Box, Dolus was finally content that Primula hadn't altered the area in any way, and started toward the bridged, stopping, surprised, when he heard a voice behind him: "Hello, Dolus." Dolus turned around, to see Primula standing there, a bouquet of flowers in her hand. "I brought these for you," she held the bouquet in front of her, hoping Dolus would take it. Of course, she should have known that wouldn't happen.
    "How many times do I have to tell you I don't want your so-called friendship?" Dolus asked her, annoyed by her antics.
    Primula continued to hold the bouquet in front of her, hoping desperately that Dolus would take it anyway. "I just want to help you," she told him, meaning every word she said.
    Dolus frowned at her, believing what she said meant she though she was better than him. "I don't want your help!" Dolus knocked the flowers from Primula's hands, turning away and walking back towards the bridge as the flowers hit the ground. "And I don't need it either."

    Hearing a voice, Riley looked up to see a ninetales standing above her. She had seen her many times before while training, but never had a reason to talk to her. "I'm perfectly fine," she answered, standing up from the ground, hiding the fact that she was in pain. "I've been hurt worse before." That was actually true, as Riley once punched a rock accidentally, and was told not to use the arm she punched it with for a week. Of course, she forgot all about the incident and was punching things again the next day. Riley was never the best with speaking to others, but she knew to introduce herself if she didn't know someone. "I don't think we've spoken before. I'm Riley."
  15. Ann jumped at the sound of the voice and frantically looked around. "What? Who said that? I can't hear much with this thing on my head." Ann stumbled to her feet and waved her paws in front of her, trying to confirm the voice's presence. She failed and began walking around aimlessly. "Don't play tricks on me! I know I heard a voice... Probably." After a few moments, Ann made her way towards Knox.
  16. Oratio held back laughter as Ann stumbled about aimlessly. He knew she would be angry if he laughed, and that was the last thing he needed. "It's me, Oratio," he greeted Ann. "I'm going to try to get you out." Oratio gripped the pot with his talons, and attempted to pull it off. However, he was not able to do so. "You two keep trying to get that pot off," Oratio instructed. "I'm going to go find someone who can help." Oratio leaped from the ground, and began flying toward the meeting place, hoping someone who could assist them would be there.
  17. The Aipom and Machop soon found themselves in the Iceberg Box after being punched away to the connecting bridge, as they both shivered uncontrollably. Frost looked over at the two after barely managing to pick up the little Pokémon’s screams, as he inveighed, “You’re not welcome here if you’re just going to cause trouble! I already heard what happened from the little Politoed that had to move here. Leave at once or face Nebula's justice!"

    He took out his hunting knife and pointed it at the Aipom, as the Aipom whimpered, "B- b- b- b- b- b- but... w- we... d- d- d- don't h- h- have anywhere e- e- else t- t- t- to g- go to..."

    "Y- y- y- yeah... l- li- like h- h- h- he s- sa- said..." The Machop added in a faint tone.

    "Leave. Now. Last warning kids," The Cubchoo stated while his knife glimmered under the holographic lighting.

    The Aipom and Machop loudly groaned while they slogged away onto the bridge in hopes of finding another box aside from the two they were recently in.
  18. Zull and Wull walked back around the Meeting place after giving up on their search for a Wurmple. "Turns out we don't eat bugs." Wull said over to Zull. "I knew that." Zull responded in retort as they turned back to the berries. "How about you get Oran, and I get Sitrus?" Zull asked Wull. Wull then picked up an Oran. "I can deal with that." He said completely swallowing it whole. Zull took a Sitrus and followed his second head's suit. Wull looked up to see Oratio fly above them. "Hey how's it going?" He called up to the pokemon.
    (OOC: @Kibago love the gif)
  19. Harley frowned. Zull and Wull were not paying attention. They, rather, turned their attention to Oratio. Harley was originally going to inquire to Oratio about The Dark Forest, and perhaps actually going in there. However when he came to visit, Oratio wasn’t there, and when he tried paying attention kinda silently to Zull and Wull, they ignored. He almost felt invisible. “... I guess that’s what I get for living in a box full of Ghost Pokémon...” murmured Harley quietly, frustrated. This was the usual. This happened often. Most of the Pokémon wouldn’t talk to him, unless there was a meeting. Harley furiously thought through this, and almost started crying, thinking that he would never be able to socialize with others because of how menacing he looked. Full of frustration, Harley ran off to the Meadow Box.
  20. As Oratio arrived at the Meeting Place, Zull and Wull greeted him, but he said nothing back, knowing they wouldn't be much help with his situation. Suddenly, he saw Harley running toward the Meadow Box. He would be perfect! Oratio swooped down to him to ask for assistance: "Harley! Perfect timing! A teddiursa in the Meadow Box got he head stuck in a pot and we need help getting it off. You wouldn't mind assisting, would you?"
  21. (OOC: Le smile.)


    The little Pokémon made his way towards the Meeting Place after cleansing his brief moment of rage in the shallow seas. Some of the Pokémon recently awake were relieved to finally know that the Aipom and Machop were both prohibited from stepping foot onto the box, while others had more of a concerned look towards the little Pokémon going over to the Meeting Place.

    Once the little Pokémon got to the Meeting Place, he saw a Zweilous and a Chatot flying off towards another Pokémon to call for assistance. He attempted to not make any eye contact with anyone in hopes of not grabbing attention, while staying unusually silent. Hopefully no one knew his shell was soft due to the body’s age it was in.
  22. Harley was still in frustration. He felt like he could literally put it into attack form if he wanted to, but he wouldn’t do that to anybody. He then heard Oratio’s request. “S-Something involving a Teddiursa, hmm.. S-Sure, I can handle that! I’m okay. Just fine.” responded Harley, not telling Oratio about the Dark Forest thing. He assumed he could handle that place himself, but wondered about getting in trouble. He was worried the other Box Leaders would not trust him after that. He arrived at the Meadow Box rather quickly.
  23. "Are you messing with me? You're not very polite! You better sleep with one eye open, whoever you are....." Ann stumbled around aimlessly, nearly falling multiple times due to the weight of the jar throwing off her equilibrium. She eventually trips, almost falling into the water below her. "Owwey, that hurt..."
  24. The little Pokémon thought it would be an excellent time to have a bit of a talk with the Chatot. He waddled over to the Chatot while wondering the Chatot was taller than him to begin with. He said to the Chatot in an infantile voice, "Ahem... I do believe the little leader wants to have a talk... Now."
  25. Oratio was about to follow Harley into the Meadow Box, when he heard a high-pitched voice behind him. He looked over to see a small, presumably young pokemon, that had told him the leader wanted to talk to him. Confused at first, Oratio realized who he was talking to. 'Oh, you're the Beach Box leader, correct?" he asked, remembering the leader of the Beach Box was a ditto. "What is it that you want to talk to me about?"
  26. "Yes... I'm quite surprised you already knew. There's been quite a bit of trouble going on at the beach area. I kinda had to kick two out because well... if I had to be real, I had enough of them," The little Pokémon replied in a babyish voice, not seeming to realize that the others in authority would catch onto his transformations soon enough.

    "I think one of them was this purple monkey with this weird hand for a tail while another was this blue thing that looked like it could beat up a boxer or something... But well, I don't exactly know what to do since everyone thinks I'm some sort of baby just because of my condition," The little Pokémon added while lightly brushing the tiny horn on his head.
  27. Running into the Meadow Box as fast as he could, Harley ignored most things around him, including trees, branches, and signs and focused on looking around for a Teddiursa. Sometimes he would almost crash into something, like a tree, or a bush, or ironically, a pot. Eventually getting to the river, Harley saw what Oratio described; a Teddiursa with a pot stuck on its head. The poor bear was on the verge of falling in the river. Harley acted accordingly; and tried pulling the pot off the Teddiursa’s head. “I really hope this won’t hurt!” said Harley. He tried hard to get it off.
  28. As the Ditto spoke to him, Oratio knew exactly what the pokemon he was talking about were. "The two pokemon you saw were an aipom and a machop. Those two have been causing all kinds of trouble, so thank you for teaching them a lesson. As for your condition, there isn't much I can do to help you." The topic seemed strangely familiar to Oratio, and suddenly, he realized why. "Come to think of it, the leader of the Granite Box has a similar problem. He's one of the strongest pokemon in the PC, but he's an eevee with no way to evolve, so he's often underestimated. Perhaps you could discuss your situation with him. He's most likely patrolling the Granit Box if you want to find him."

    Primula, understanding she would just have to try again tomorrow, flew up, in the direction of the Meeting Place, hoping there would be something interesting going on, or at least a reason to go to another box. Though she was the leader of the Flower Box, she spent most of her time, when she wasn't talking to Dolus, going to other boxes, since the Flower Box wasn't exactly exiting, and since not many even knew it exsisted, she never had to worry about anyone causing trouble.
  29. The jar gave plenty of resistance before eventually popped off. The force snapped Ann's head back, causing her to smack her head on the ground. She moaned in pain and sat up, rubbing the back of her head. Once the pain started up subsiding, she looked up at the Cacturne towering over her. ".... Hi." Ann was quite intimidated by the walking scarecrow-cactus. She can't really muster any other words to say.
  30. “Well alright... I guess I’ll go there when I can then... I feel like a fish out of water since I can hardly reach for stuff...” The little Pokémon replied while feeling relieved that the Chatot was not on his case for using quite the force on the two Pokémon from earlier.

    Some saddened steps came towards the Meeting Place, as the little Pokémon turned towards the faint movements to see who it was. After realizing that it was the Aipom and Machop, a noticeably loud growl resonated throughout the area! His glaring eyes were filled with utmost rage, as he vilified, “YOU TWO BRATS ARE STILL HERE? WHY DID THE TRAINER EVEN ACCEPT YOU IN THIS BOX? ALL YOU BOTH DO IS CAUSE ENDLESS STRESS FOR ALL OF US!”

    His frontal flippers pounded the ground with noticeable resentment towards the Aipom and Machop, as the little Pokémon added, “I ALREADY GAVE YOU YOUR LAST CHANCE... NOW YOU BOTH WILL WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!”

    His body beamed an extremely bright light capable of blinding nearby weak Pokémon, as he grunted while focusing as much energy into his mouth as possible.

    “W- we... w- w- we’re s- s- so- sorry...” The Aipom feebly said while hyperventilating again.

    “OH... SO I FINALLY GET AN APOLOGY NOW HUH? I DON’T... EVEN... THINK... YOU MEAN IT... IN THE FIRST PLACE!” The little Pokémon muttered while some white light could be seen radiating from his mouth when it was barely opened while he shouted at the two Pokémon.
  31. Oratio, without hesitating, quickly filled the space between the ditto and the two pokemon. "Stop this at one!" he scolded. "This has gone too far! These two may be trouble makers, but that gives you no right to harm them in such a way! As the protector of the PC, I can have you removed from your status of box leader if you are to harm these individuals more than they deserve! Stand down or I will alert the other box leaders! These two have clearly learned they're lesson already!"
  32. “I... I...” The little Pokémon said before falling towards the floor while the bright light suddenly stopped.

    “He’s right... you should probably stop,” A voice added in his mind.

    “But why... those two have done nothing but trouble... and I’m too weak to even hyper beam them away to finish it...” The little Pokémon replied in his thoughts.

    “Even as a leader, you cannot punish one too harshly. I cannot let you do this, I’m sorry. I can’t bear to see a little leader who used to be so calm now turn into a Pokémon using force to settle issues!” The voice stated in his mind.

    “B- but... what can I do now? I’m too weak to even attack them now since I used up all my power...” The little Pokémon said in his thoughts while a shallow breath followed.

    “Come to the meadow, we can talk,” The voice responded before the little Pokémon feebly stood up with his head looking down.

    The little Pokémon fell again while trying his hardest to get back on his flippers, while the world appeared to be spinning around at this point. His sense of hearing started to become fuzzy while his vision became blurrier by the second. It was already impossible for him to hear his breaths, as he attempted to locate the nearest pathway towards the Meadow Box while attempting to mask his tears as much as he could.
  33. Knox stood blankly. "Don't even know why I even tried." He mumbled, slowly dragging himself back across the bridge and back to where he originally was. His body slumped downwards as he attempted to become comfortable. For a quick moment, Knox glanced to the Cacturne that had helped Ann, and back down at the accessory he bore. Although he was usually more open to one with a Dark typing, it wasn't the same as Knox wanted to greet one. This one seemed a lot more... normal, or everyday. Perhaps, though, that was just Knox.
  34. “Hi!” said Harley quickly, to the Teddiursa that he had just pulled the pot off of. He went quickly to introducing himself to the Teddiursa. “I’m Har— uh...” Halfway through saying his name to the Pokemon, he heard a Swadloon mumbling something about ‘know why I tried.’
    He promised to himself he would go talk to him later. “Anyways, I’m Harley. Uh, leader of the Haunted Box. Yeah. What’s your name?” to the bear cub Pokémon.
  35. "Oh, um, my name's Kitsua..." she said in a quiet tone, her tails spread out on the hot stone floor. "I don't think we've spoken before either, there wasn't any reason to..." Her violet eyes glazed over the cuts and bruises on the small Pokemon's forehead. "Are you actually okay? You don't look too alright after that fall..." she said, cocking her head.
  36. "Ann. Full name is Anita. As in, 'Anita-new-jar-of-honey-because-someone-stole-mine.'" Ann picked up the jar and showed it to Harley. "You see? Yesterday night, this jar contained 14.8% honey. Now it's 1.8% spit!" Ann wasn't particularly good at math, but was an expert in honey. "Someone stole this from me while I was asleep." Streams of tears rolled down her eyes until she noticed the Swadloon prodding away. Her face instantly dried up, replacing the tears with red hot anger. "It was you, wasn't!?" She accused while throwing the jar at Knox. The jar landed just a foot or too behind him.
  37. “No! Wait! I’m sure you two can settle this problem without fighting!” protested Harley. He hated seeing other Pokémon fight. Occasionally he would let fights like this happen, but sometimes he would get involved and accidentally make things worse. “Think about it; where were you when you last saw the jar full of honey? I don’t think it was the Swadloon.” Harley thought about it. Most Pokémon resembling bears ate honey, and some bug Pokémon did too.
  38. Seeing as The Beach Box leader was leaving, Oratio decided it would be best to check on Ann, to see if Harley was able to get the pot off of her head. Ascending into the air, Oratio flew past the Beach Box leader, as he entered the Meadow Box. Everything seemed normal as he flew past, but he made sure to look around just in case. Once he made it to the bridge, he saw that the pot was off of Ann's head, but she threw it at Knox, who Oratio assumed hadn't actually done anything wrong. He swooped down to the bridge landing on the railing. "I see you got that pot off of your head," he declared. "What has you so angry you'd throw a pot at an innocent swadloon?"

    When Primula finally landed in the Meeting Place, she looked around, seeing if anything interesting was happening. To her disappointment, the only pokemon at the meeting place was Zull and Wull, and they were usually too busy arguing to have anything interesting to say. To be fair, it was fun to watch their antics, but Primula was never one to enjoy seeing others argue. With seemingly nothing else to do, Primula fluttered up to the tree house, to see if Oratio was there.

    It was then that Riley realized her forehead was covered in cuts and bruises. It did hurt, but she wasn't about to show weakness in front of pokemon she assumed was powerful. "Don't worry, it's nothing," she lied once again. "I get bruised up like this all the time since I'm always training. I want to be strong enough for the trainer to let me on his team, so I'm going to keep training until I evolve into a lucario. Then the trainer'll beg me to join their team." However, little did Riley know, Riolus evolved through friendship, and no amount of training would give her that.
  39. The little Pokémon made his way over to the Meadow Box while leaving a small trail of tears behind, as the calm ambience seemed to not be enough for a seemingly young Pokémon like him. He heard a comforting chime nearby, as he made his way towards the source of the light noise. A Chimecho patiently awaited him, as she continued to lightly shake her tail.

    “I’m surprised you came... usually most Pokémon think it’s just their imagination or something. I heard you got in quite a fight there and well... we should talk here. No one’s around or anything,” The Chimecho stated.

    “B- but... i- it’s not my fault...” The little Pokémon replied while covering his watery eyes.

    “I understand it’s not, but you can’t exactly beat up some Pokémon here. It’s not right you know, especially since you’re a leader,” The Chimecho said.

    “You’re supposed to be a role model for others to follow, not exploiting the power you have. I can’t afford to see that little bird take away your merit or anything else,” The Chimecho added.

    “W- what m- mo- more can I do... those two are right... I’m nothing more than a little baby... I think I might have already lost my touch...” The little Pokémon responded while attempting to conceal the stream of tears rushing down his face.

    The Chimecho gently lifted the little Pokémon with her psychokinetic force and allowed his body to be cradled in hopes of calming him. She asserted, “Look at me. Sure you might be a little baby, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a failure or anything. You had the courage to step up to be a leader, unlike most other Pokémon. I understand that you’ve had enough of troublemakers like those two from earlier... but you gotta know this.”

    “I heard a wise Pokémon once said that disreguard is the key to defense. You should use it more often,” The Chimecho added after slowly placing him back down.

    “B- b- b- but... w- why?” The little Pokémon asked while preparing his body for a brief session of shapeshifting.

    “Because, they won’t get any power over you if you just ignore them... and it makes you the bigger one. Maybe you should talk to those two and that bird right now, it’ll surely help if you want to start off,” The Chimecho explained before noticing that Daniel was another Pokémon soon after.

    Daniel was still quite small for the Pokémon his body changed into, since the Pokémon he now was supposed to be quite big in comparison to his infantile features. He was about two inches shorter than the Chatot encountered earlier, while the shell on his back appeared to have less spikes that were smaller to begin with. Although the shell was somewhat warm to the touch, the discharge of flames still needed some work to prevent it from having accidental flashbacks.

    “So... it is true, he’s really a Ditto after all, and a cute one too... I’ll admit at least. He looks too adorable as a baby turtle, though I guess I should probably be a bit careful with his shell I suppose,” The Chimecho thought.

    “H- how d- do I- I... l- lo- look?” The infantile turtle Pokémon said in a dubious manner, while trying to control his body’s temperature.

    “Well, you are quite small and looking more like a baby if I had to be honest. I thought that Pokémon was supposed to be bigger or something...” The Chimecho replied.

    “I- it’s my c- co- condition okay... I can’t exactly be big, so this will have to do for now. At least no one’s seen this Pokémon before, I think,” Daniel quietly pronounced while hoping no one was eavesdropping on him and the Chimecho.
  40. Harley realized Oratio was back. There kinda wasn’t a purpose of him being there anymore unless a full-out fight broke out, and somebody got their head stuck in something again. “Forget it. I’m gonna go check out the rest of the box, okay?” announced Harley. He dived into the trees, trying to get as far away from Oratio’s line of sight from the bridge. Once he thought he was that far away from Oratio’s line of sight from where he was, Harley started going in the direction towards the Dark Forest, wondering and wanting to explore the place, even though it was probably dangerous and feared on its own. It reminded him of the phrase ‘All comedy is derived from fear’ from one of the books he had read, specifically The Tales Of Slurpuff Universe.

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