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DPPt/HGSS They're Infected!!! The Pokerus

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Carmen Lopez

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    I didn't know where to put this: I believe a virus calls for a doctor.

    I need to clarify a few things involving the Pokerus. I know it's supposed to help with EVs but how exactly. My Blastoise is infected right now and I'm trying max out EVs in attack and defense by battling Steelix, Onix, and Graveler so what effect will the Pokerus have?

    Also how long do the effects of the Pokerus last? I've heard it last forever and I've heard that it only last a few days. In either case I infected a couple of Pokemon and let them stay in the PC to keep the Pokerus going.

    Basically if you have any advice/knowledge about the Pokerus, I want to know it.
  2. NMR


    It last only 24 hrs as long as its in ur team for the full 24 hrs other wise it will stay on until it goes thru a full 24 hrs, plus it doubles ur ev's so u have to face less pokemon to get ur pokemon trained
  3. Whilst there is a PkRS sign in their summary it's contagious and will spread through your team after every few fights. When it's not contagious there'll be a little yellow smiley face (looking kinda bored) instead, but the effect will not have left that Pokémon, it's still gain double EV's.

    Say you fought a Bibarel for 2 attack EV's. With Pokérus you'd get 4. If you fought Bibarel with the Power Bracer on (an item from Battle Tower which gives another 4 attack EV's per KO) you'd get 12, as it'd be 2 for Bibarel and 4 for the bracer, 6 overall, getting doubled to 12 by the Pokérus.

    To get 252 EV's in attack would therefore only need 21 Bibarels. Of if you faced something which gave just 1 attack EV it'd take 25 (for 250 EV's) then one more fight without the Bracer on for the last 2 EV points. It's therefore a hell of a lot faster.
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  4. Carmen Lopez

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    So even though the Pokemon may no longer be contagious, the effect of the Pokerus (earning double EVs) lasts forever on the infected Pokemon?
  5. Correct, it'll last even when not contagious. Usually though it won't matter as EV training is relatively quick with the Battle Tower items anyway.

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