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Open They call us the Bad Guys (A Super Mario RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Its the aftermath of the original Super Mario game, the Princess is rescued by Mario and Luigi, As far as anyone knows Bowser is beneath a lava lake in his castle, and everyone is happy. Right?


    While the Toads may have been saved, with it came the downfall of countless other species

    Goombas, Koopas, Bullet Bills, Spinies, Lakitu, Bloopers.
    Even peaceful races not even actively trying to stop Mario, like the Cheep Cheep, were crushed beneath his murderous feet.

    To make it worse, their participation in Bowser's invasion has exiled to the farthest reaches of the mushroom kingdom and beyond. Those allowed to stay face predijuce and discrimination at every turn. This RP is about a village near Peach's castle, one of the rare few which partially accept bowser's old minions. But in the depths of Castle Toadstool, something is amiss, and the majority of the Toads seem completely unaware. Now it is up to the others to discover whats going on, and perhaps discover a terrifying truth about the supposed demise of King Koopa.

    1) You cannot be/encounter Mario, Luigi or any of the main cast . Mario and Luigi currently preforming the play Super Mario Bros 3 (it is almost Canon that Mario 3 was a play) somewhere overseas and will not be back for months
    2) Follow all the Pokecharms rules, in fact link the Pokecharms rules (The Regular RP Rules, not the PRP Rules, this isn't a Pokémon RP) to your Bio so I know you have seen it and you have no excuse for breaking them.
    3) No making yourself extremely powerful or having some power nobody else has
    4) Power Ups only affect humans in this Canon, no Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers
    5) No one-ups, death is perminant
    6) No more than five characters

    Keep watching these rules, I may add more and I'll put them in bold so you know if I do

    Now onto the bios

    Species (Toad, Goomba or Koopa):

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