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DPPt/HGSS There Is Something Wrong With My Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Vengeancechu, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. My team dies easily. They always fall down to rock and ground type Pokemon, and the move Trick Room.
    I have a Charizard (Lvl. 84), an Infernape (Lvl. 86), a Raichu (Lvl. 100), a Floatzel (Lvl. 78), a Sceptile (Lvl. 78) and a Weavile (Lvl. 78.)
    My Infernape and Raichu die easily after Earthquake. (My Raichu last about 2 Earthquakes then dies, 1 knocks out Infernape.) 1 rock slide kills my Charizard and 1 fighting move attack usually kills Weavile.
    Anytime someone uses Trick Room, my Pokemon go last. And then, that's when my team fails. All of their speed is past 200. And since they have a bad Defense and Special Defense, I guess that's why I loose.
    The only thing my Pokemon are good at are Pokemon Contests and in game battles. Over Wi-Fi they suck.

    Mild Nature & Static Ability & Likes to Fight Item: Amulet Coin
    Moveset: Iron Tail, Brick Break, Thunderbolt, Thunder
    Stats: HP: 271 Attack: 246 Defense: 132 Sp. Attack: 244 Sp. Defense: 179 Speed: 265

    Gentle Nature & Blaze Ability & is Strong Willed Item: Charcoal
    Moveset: Close Combat, Blast Burn, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower
    Stats: HP: 261 Attack: 215 Defense: 147 Sp. Attack: 202 Sp. Defense: 179 Speed: 225

    Quirky Nature & Blaze Ability & Likes to Relax Item: Flame Plate
    Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Fly, Heat Wave
    Stats: HP: 260 Attack: 180 Defense: 143 Sp. Attack: 220 Sp. Defense: 165 Speed: 217

    Rash Nature & Swift Swim Ability & is Highly Curious Item: Splash Plate
    Moveset: Aqua Jet, Surf, Swift, Waterfall
    Stats: HP: 249 Attack: 204 Defense: 125 Sp. Attack: 180 Sp. Defense: 90 Speed: 225

    Mild Nature & Pressure Ability & is Somewhat Stubborn Item: Icicle Plate
    Moveset: Avalanche, Blizzard, Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw
    Stats: HP: 218 Attack: 231 Defense: 122 Sp. Attack: 114 Sp. Defense: 168 Speed: 232

    Gentle Nature & Overgrow Ability & is Impetuous and Silly Item: Miracle Seed
    Moveset: Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Secret Power
    Stats: HP: 226 Attack: 166 Defense: 115 Sp. Attack: 183 Sp. Defense: 165 Speed 232
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    Plapti will be here soon with much better advice I'm sure...
    You don't want

    For Raichu...
    Unless it is in a condition where Rain Dance will almost definitely be in effect...
    get rid of Thunder... I'm not experienced enough with Raichu to know what to teach it instead, but because I don't think its physical attack is very high, you may want to replace the physical attacks too.

    take Flamewheel or maybe Flare Blitz.. but get rid of Flamethrower and Blast Burn
    For... Earthquake... Stone Edge maybe? I'm not sure if it can learn it...

    Charizard... now that I get to it... You would probably only want one fire type on your team...

    More help coming soon...
  3. Thanks,
    but I like my Raichu's moveset (kind of) 'cause it can sometimes knock out rock/ground type Pokemon (unless it dies befor then.) And I don't know what effect Rain Dance does to Thunder, but it's his most poweriful attack, and I am lucky with it. (It almost hits everytime I use it.)

    With my Infernape, I kept Flame Wheel instead of Flare Blitz 'cause I don't want my Pokemon to get recoil damage. Blast Burn is the most powerful Fire type move on my team, and it knocks out Pokemon easily. (Then I have to recharge, but i'm okay with that.)

    And for Charizard, I needed a Flying type and I didn't want to use my Staraptor anymore. Yeah, there are a lot of other Flying type, but Fire Type Pokemon are my second favorite, next to Electric. And if my Weavile has to fight a dragon Pokemon and it's ice type moves fails or it dies, I have my Charizards Dragon Pulse, to back me up.

    So yeah, thanks anyways.
  4. Read this, then ask for help. I don't want to comment on this, it'd take too long. Also read this post here to find out why I'm locking this. Please don't make me shoot you again. Any questions, PM me, don't make a topic saying that was unfair. You'll just get banned. Please PM me with your concern and then I can point somethings out. Thank-You very much.

    To make things easy, please don't post such a bad team. Please read the first link given so you can make your team better before we help.
  5. baratron

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    Rain Dance makes Thunder never miss. Not "100% accurate", as 100% in the game can still fail if your opponent has high evasiveness or if you have low accuracy. Never miss.

    It is very much worth swapping out Thunderbolt for Rain Dance if you intend to use Raichu a lot. Although Rain Dance + Thunder takes two turns, the rain then stays in play for five turns. And having Thunder become never miss is worth a turn, as long as Raichu can't be KOed by random Earthquakes.
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