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Thepokemontrainers sprite shop.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Thepokemontrainer, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Just tell me what 2-3 pokemon you want spliced.
    What pokemon?
    What color?
    Where to put colors? (Ex. Make a Mew white with red eyes)
    Team shots:
    What trainer sprite?
    What pokemon?
    (Optional) Which generation Pokemon sprites?
    I might be able to change some features of the trainer (Ex: Hair, color of clothing, bandanna color, ext.)
    No more than 2 requests a week.
    Feedback is appreciated.
    I might be able to do things that are not up here, like custom Pokeballs.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hehe♪ I love these sprites! Could I request a recolor please?
    What pokemon: Lucario
    What color: Pink and purple
    Where to put colors: Purple on the original blue parts and face and pink on the white bit in the middle and leave the rest as they are
  3. Here we Go Again...How Many People Need to be reminded to Save in the .PNG Format?
    JPEG Messes up all of the colours and makes them look ugly,

    Lets Start with Splices
    So, you are getting the hang of it BUT Shading is your big issue. Splicing isn't just adding pieces, it's also Making them look good together.
    I want to ask where you get your sprites from if you get them fro pe2k then you are going to run into trouble..
    Also your sprite are distorted and I can;t make them all out well...

    Next Team Shot
    Meaning of Team Shot: Pokemon AND Trainer situated in a pose to show off the power of the trainer.
    You Team shots are essentialy just pokemon sprites scattered aroung an MS Pain Canvas...

    Recolours (Oh No, somethings taking over!)
    MS Paint Default Colours are horrible and over saturated. Spend time picking your own colours from the thousands of shades in existance.
    I spend 15-20 minutes for colours of my sprites.

    Finnaly Transparency
    Sprites that have a transparent background look prefessional compared to those that don't
    I would recommend you use GIMP 2 to add transprency as the prgram is free.

    Here are some Names of some Sprite Threads that have done well (In no particular order)

    Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun .:The Home of PokePlush™:.
    Tasty Toasted Sprites
    Trainer J's Sprite Place
    Windsaver's Sprite-Home of The Famous Blockymon
    Jeyjey's Art Requests.
    Sprites n' Stuff

    Well, Sorry of that sounded harsh, but these are common mistakes that I am starting to get tired of saying. But keeo soriting and you will get better.
    #4 windsaver, Oct 10, 2010
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  4. *Huff* Fine I will work on it. I am just so happy that Tinypic FINALLY worked, that I rushed a bit. Here is an adorable pic of a chibi Typhlosion that I found on the internet somewhere to make up for it:
    EDIT: Okay, I Uploaded an EVIL SHINX (and tinypic let me! It's transparent and Made By GIMP! Yay! Tinypic did not let me before with GIMP)
    Here it is:
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    These are quite good for a begginer, but yes they have a bit of room for improvement. Thanks for the lucario!
    P.S anything chibi makes up for even the worst mistake :p !
  6. I am not really a beginner, I have been spiting for a bit, even before I joined 'Charms!
    #7 Thepokemontrainer, Oct 12, 2010
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  7. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Okay, I really don't want to sound mean, but it's not really in my nature to sugarcoat things... and recently I've been a little blunt. So I apologize if I'm hurting your feelings.

    For one thing, your splicing skills can really do with some work. It helps to zoom in when spriting, and using generation IV sprites or even gen V sprites can really help improve the quality of your work. I would also like to suggest for you to actually try to make things look like they flow together, instead of just copy-pasting body parts from one Pokemon to another. Also, keep the shading in mind, and the light source. Pokemon sprites tend to have their light source in the upper left hand corner.

    Now for recolors. I know it's not in my place to say this, but recolors are generally looked down upon in the community here. People usually think that recolors take almost no skill to do, and really it doesn't. Trust me, I'm a spriter and I would know. And like windsaver said, try not to use MS Paint default colors. Or any other place's default colors. Really. They suck. So. Much. And it looks like when you do them, you don't pay attention to the sprite's existing shading and just make everything the same exact shade of red/purple/blue/green/whatever.

    You're not a beginner? I find that kind of hard to believe seeing the quality of a lot of these sprites. I would suggest for you to look around how we do sprites here before you post yours here. Because really, these aren't that good and can really be improved on.

    On the other hand, I'm not trying to discourage you, because most people do start off with no knowledge of basic spriting. MS Paint has all these little secrets that most people never discover until pretty late, like zooming in and easy color-swapping or making certain colors transparent against the background. Spriting does take a lot of practice, and I'm sure that your skills will grow the more you sprite. ^^
  8. I know you are not trying to, but it sounds so discouraging! I feel like my sprites suck now. [sarcasm]Thanks a lot you guys! [/sarcasm]
  9. Wel, to be wuite frank this is why it is called Constructive Critisime. We are here to help. And sometimes help is mean
    I remember being attacked by some spriters ages ago on an old forum. Need less to say, by the attacking me I got better at spriting as I needed to prove that I could get better. So I see great things for you if you take into account all the negative and make it positive- If you get what I mean :-\

    But for the Start
    Transparency- YAY
    .PNG- WOOHOO!!!!
    #10 windsaver, Oct 12, 2010
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  10. *Sighs* Meh. I am so bored. No requests. This place is as lifeless as the Dead Sea!
  11. Could you please do a recolour of Reshiram and Zekrom?

    Could you turn Reshiram black and Zekrom white please?

    For a B/W sig I am planning.
    Also, they're only trying to help. Your spriting will get better and with practise like this, all you can do is imrpove.
  12. Locking this topic as it seems that there aren't any real pieces of spritework here. Recolors do not count. Subject has also been banned for repeated disregard for the rules in several other threads.
  13. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Locking this for multiple rule violations.

    The first post originally only had one image posted despite the rule Show us your stuff: We ask that when opening a new topic, you have at least two pieces of artwork to show in the first post. The, er, radioactive Shinx only got added in post 4.

    Then the fourth post contains "an adorable pic of a chibi Typhlosion" that the author "found on the internet somewhere". THIS IS ART THEFT! OK, you haven't pretended that you made it - but nor have you given us the artist's details or a link to their DeviantArt so we can go and check out their work ourselves. Essentially, we have no idea who drew that picture, so that person is being ripped off.

    Also, posting a picture by anyone else in an art thread is a bad idea unless it's in the context of a reference pic for a sprite, something like that. I would say this breaks the rule that No Theft of any kind is tolerated.

    Finally, as all that exists in this thread so far are two recolours done using flood fill and a "team shot" that consists only of official sprites, I've locked it as it is the official view of this forum that re-colouring is not spriting.

    Edit: Yup, it's such a horrible thread that Nue and I were fighting over who got to lock it first :D.
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