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Ask to Join Then Suddenly, Pokémon! Signups/Info

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by RenCringe, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. PLEASE, Read the RULES and abide to them!

    Hey, welcome to the Then Suddenly, Pokémon! or TSP! discussion page. This is where you'll submit your character for and discuss the actual RP. Please do not do any of the following on the RP page! Thanks!
    You're a kid, there's nothing that spectacular about you except that you're a Pokémon fan. So when everyday objects and animals start turning into not-so-ordinary Pokémon, you've got to find out what's going on! And the most important question: what about the humanoid Pokémon..?
    Abide to the normal Pokécharms rules or an admin will be contacted and you will be kicked from the RP
    You are a normal human, you are not a hybrid, neko, werewolf, vampire, or other creature
    You do not have special snowflake powers or a different animal's DNA in you
    You are in 2018, act somewhat around this time period
    You must be a Pokémon fan, sorry outcast OC makers
    You are not in a fictional land
    You don't have the power to control what will turn into a Pokémon next
    Ther will be no legendaries, mythicals encountered, befriended, or caught, and shinies are encounter ONLY
    You cannot be a person, animal, or object turned Pokémon, or a Pokémon in general
    A picture, poster, figurine, card, drawing, book, or anything bearing a Pokémon will not turn into that Pokémon
    Any violation of these rules will result in a warning, 3 warnings meaning you'll be kicked from the RP

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Name: Ren U.
    Nickname(s): Nickname(s): None
    Age: Age: 13
    Gender: Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Personality: Stubborn, friendly, lazy, outgoing
    Likes: Likes: Pokémon, reading, blankets, singing, sleeping, eating, plushies
    Dislikes: Dislikes: Jumpscares, dancing, dressy clothes, the dark, bad fanfics
    Looks: Looks: Shoulder length straight mousy brown hair, brown eyes, peach skin, short, flat
    Clothes: Glasses, juniper necklace, 2 rainbow loom bracelets, black jeans, Pokémon T-shirt, blue crocs
    Other: Other: Has more friends online than offline sadly, many fandoms, not entirely fit

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  2. Name: Anthony James Murray
    Nicknames: Tony
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Kind, goofy, friendly, clever
    Likes: Pokémon, sleeping, eating, football, video games, action movies
    Dislikes: Digimon (sees it as a Pokémon knockoff), annoying people, school
    Looks: Light brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, 5”7, pretty muscular as he plays football
    Clothes: Black shirt and blue pants, red shoes
    Other: FIRST!
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  3. Accepted!
  4. Name: Caller
    Nicknames: None
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality:Competitive, Jealous, Hides behind a cool collected persona. Bad
    Likes: Pokemon Battles. Winning, getting stronger, Has a strange liking for meat pies
    Dislikes: Being beaten, People who are better than him, ground type pokemon.
    Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Plain face nothing out of the ordinary
    Clothes: Tuxedo.
    Other: Has an australian accent and is despite his traits very accepting of other trainers. Has no backstory really as nothing exceptional has really happened it his life. Wants to make a name for himself
  5. Hey, remember this is in the real world, not the Pokémon world. Fix him up and I'll accept.
  6. Ahhhh sorry yep i understand now. Give me a sec
  7. Name: Don
    Nicknames: None
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality:Competitive, Jealous, Hides behind a cool collected persona. Bad
    Likes: Playing video games, Watching movies and playing sports. Has a strange liking for meat pies
    Dislikes: Being beaten in a game, People who are better than him at something.
    Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Plain face nothing out of the ordinary
    Clothes: Tuxedo.
    Other: From Australia and is despite his traits very friendly to others Has no backstory really as nothing exceptional has really happened it his life. Wants to make a name for himself
  8. Now that's better! Accepted :p
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  9. Should i tag some friends so that more people will join and we can start sooner? I know of some people who might want to join this.
  10. Yes please! I need as many people as I can get. :D
  11. Thanks for the tag @StormingCobra55 I'll post tomorrow a bit tired that's a promise ^-^
  12. Thanks for joining! I feel so popular ;3;
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  13. its no problem night guys ^-^
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  14. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    @RenCringe, you still messing around with scissors?

    Name: Justin Levi Hardin
    Nicknames: N/A(not applicable)
    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: He is STRAIGHT!

    Personality: Optimistic, yet will stand up for his side in an argument. Is decent in social situations, but very bad with love relationships. Tries to see good in everyone.

    Likes: Pokémon, TF2, anything computers, Nintendo, things that keep him alive, band and music, YouTube, airsoft, guns, and cats.

    Dislikes: Overbearing physical activity, mental strain, injuries of any kind, people that spam dead and or bad memes everywhere, being in awkward situations, people that think he’s a psychopath/killer just because he’s interested in guns/weaponry, people beating on little kids/the elderly, acne, being called a baby
    (Wow, what a lot of dislikes)

    Appearance: is very light and skinny for his height, and has dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and palish, but pinkish white skin. He looks like an ordinary person other than that.

    Clothes: wears a light gray zipper hoodie with a gray shirt underneath. Wears black sweatpants, bright red shoes, and a black backpack with a Pokéball logo on of the front straps. He wears black headphones(around his neck unless in use) and a red watch for accessories. His phone and wallet are always in either his right/ or left pockets. Carries his 3DS and Switch in said backpack.

    Other: He tries to make a joke out of many things, but mostly bad puns. He makes many video game references. He’s from Texas, in the USA. His favorite Pokémon generation is Gen 5. Can ignore you. Loves to speak in a Texas accent even though that’s not exactly how he talks. Uses a bunch of southern slang. Is 5’10”, and ways around 130.0lbs

    (Wow. I might have made a Gary Stu... nope, did the test. Phew...)
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  15. Well, yes actually. I don't know but I always seem to enjoy messing with things that could potentially end up disastrous. Also, accepted, and that is the opposite of a Stu.
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  16. Yay! I'm adding a profile here because this is very interesting!

    Name: Sylvia Reviar
    Nicknames: Sylv, Cotton Candy Head
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual, demiromantic (takes a lot of time before she actually "likes" someone)
    Personality: Energetic, cute, and very nice. She typically cares very little for herself and a lot more for other people. Underneath her ecstatic, excitable exterior, however, she hides a depression she doesn't want anyone to see. She's also very creative and talented.
    Likes: Pokemon, video games, art, music, literature (mostly fictional writing and fanfiction), animals, outer space, biology, fantasy, cute things, and totally LOVES blueberries.
    Dislikes: Bullies, her dad, people who attack others for their mere opinions, and adult content on anything she enjoys.
    Looks: Blonde hair, bangs, bright blue eyes, and is only 5'4".
    Clothes: A T-shirt that's pink and white and has cute Poke Ball patterns all over it like polka dots (she calls it "Poke Dots"), jeans, and pink and white sneakers.
    Other: First generation was Gen 4 in Sinnoh with Piplup, so she tends to enjoy drawing Pip over and over again. Pip is her "best friend" in Pokemon.
  17. Accepted! Thanks for joining :D
  18. Name: JC
    Nickname(s): None just JC
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, a bit to herself, Calm, Strongwilled, has a way of thinking clearly
    Likes: Pokemon, Reading, her phone, playing on her 3DS, animals(mostly cats dogs,birds, Lizards, and Rats also others), anime, drawing(sketch and digital), playing the violin,
    Dislikes: People who treat others with disrespect, Drama, People who bully others, People who disrespect her, Know it all's, People who think they are so "perfect" with everything
    Looks: Has dark brown hair pass the shoulder with a bang covering her right eye. Has light blue eyes one slightly blind with black rimmed glasses upon her face. Is 5"4 in height and light skinned also a well feminine build but light.
    Clothes: Wears casual clothing with a purple and black plad shirt that is buttoned up with a black tanktop underneath. Wears black capris showing half her legs with black flats on her feet with the straps that wrap around her ankles. She wears a cross necklace around her neck with half black gloves on her palms showing her fingers. Wears a fedora on her head tilted slightly to cover her bang. Wears a black hood with shiny Umbreon ears on top and a tail
    Other: has a white husky dog named Blue, an albino Rat named Snow, a Calico cat named Inari,a Scarlet Macaw named Gem, and a snake named Rosa,

    (Hope this is good ^-^)
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  19. It's great! Accepted :D
  20. I may have to see a few posts before joining. This whole idea is great, but I'd like to see it in action first. Save a spot for me?
  21. 'Course! There are three posts already on the RP thread if you were wondering
  22. Ahh, a fourth-wall break. Nice touch to the RP.
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  23. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

  24. Does the rule “You don’t have the power to control what will turn into a Pokémon next” apply to us, or our OCs?
  25. Ayy! This RP is HOT! Y'all are some talented writers and I'm entertained enough just reading through it but count me in! (If accepted, of course)

    Name: Drew
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Goofy, loud, has no filter. Needs to watch where he's going.
    Likes: Pokémon, rap music, Hot Pockets®, freestyling, eating, sleeping, parties
    Dislikes: Classical music, uptight people, Jell-O®.
    Looks: Tall at 5'11," messy dark brown hair, green eyes, slight tan.
    Clothes: Always wears an orange Myrtle Beach cap that hides his messy hair. Dark gray shirt with a horizontal red stripe through the middle and an open collar. Black jeans and sneakers.
    Other: Might jump in a lil later if accepted, depending on when I can post. Also my character isn't on Charms.
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  27. Ayyy thanks! And accepted :D
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  28. Oops, sorry. The answer is your OCs
  29. @RenCringe i was planning on introducing a second character who would attempt to invent the pokeball. Would it be fine with you if he succeeds at inventing it?
  30. Name: Harriet
    Nickname(s): Harri
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: straight
    Personality: Harriet is a happy-go-lucky girl with a soft spot for her pets, Gill the Gecko and Psyche the Scottish Fold. She owns a small bonzai tree for her love of plants, and owns a Vulpix plushie that she bought on a trip to Japan. She can be a bit absent-minded and scatterbrained, but she's a fine listener and a Pokemon expert.
    Likes: All of her pets, drawing, Pokemon (duh), Gill and Psyche
    Dislikes: being alone, thunder, heights
    Looks: A tall girl with brown hair and eyes. She wears reading glasses and has her hair in a ponytail.
    Clothes: She wears an Umbreon graphic tank top with jean shorts and teal sneakers. Not the most fashionable, but hey, it works.
    Other: Put my mind to it and I can type an entire novel. Harriet is just an OC I made on-the-fly.

    okay this is a really neato rp
    can I electro-slide in
  31. haha, of course! :p
  32. Well, I was fooled. The way you entered your character was completely Sueish.
    One, I clearly stated above that shinies could not be caught and only encountered.
    Two, talking to Pokemon? If it was a strong psychic type, I might let it slide, but a shiny Eevee? NO.
    You have two strikes now. Rewrite that opening.
  33. Oh right sorry about about that and about her understanding Pokemon that was an ability she developed as a child that's how I made her but anyway I'll fix it right away and also I didn't see you post the rp so that's why I came in late so my apologizes.
  34. I'd just prefer her not understanding Pokémon period. It just doesn't fit in the world we're RPing in. Thanks for understanding!

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