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Ask to Join The Yveltal Crisis [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PKMN Trainer Sedna, Mar 25, 2018.

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  1. The Yveltal Crisis

    (The actual RP is located here. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-yveltal-crisis.18998/)

    Welcome! Trainers and Pokèmon!

    You are needed here. YOU.

    Why you may be asking? Well...

    Let's find out.

    Luvenis Island. The island that is known for tourists year round regardless of season or month. It is the Island that holds three biomes all boiled together in the shape of a Y. Only in the center is there a neutral area where all three biomes converge over a large tomb, home to one of the most dangerous Pokèmon in existence.

    On the left side of the Island you will find a sunny and grassy terrain joined by the largest forest on the Island.


    Alpha Plains is the grassland in which several small towns decorate the environment, including Serenum City which is the largest urban area on the Alpha Plains. Here, sunlight is the main source of attraction along with high temperatures fitting for Grass, Fire, and Water Type Pokèmon along the beaches of Alpha.

    Tenebris Forest, the only forest on the Alpha side of Luvenis Island, is home to many Bug and Dark Type Pokèmon due to the roofed forest, hardly allowing any sunlight to penetrate the surface. Because of this, rumored Ghost Type Pokèmon are reported but never captured here.


    On the bravo side of Luvenis Island you can find many lakes and trees, the whole area being dominates by forests and small caves each housing different Pokèmon of their own.

    Aquacia City is the largest city on the Island, nearly double in size of Serenum City on the Alpha portion of Luvenis Island. Here, tournaments and battle frontiers are kept to keep new tourists flowing in from different regions while boosting the economy with the BP rewards. It's a wonderful place for trainers who like to assert their power in the form of competitions and battles.

    Lake Aquacia as well as Aquacia Forest are the largest Pokèmon population areas on the Bravo side with each having a diverse selection of Pokèmon.

    Lake Aquacia is home to a shiny Milotic which protects the smaller fish and Water Type Pokèmon in the surrounding area.

    Aquacia Forest has a shiny Scolipede who acts as the same function of Milotic but instead for the population of the forest. If that isn't enough, rare Pokèmon only obtainable through different regions come to the Bravo side to reproduce or rest for reasons. Truly a fruitful area.


    The upper portion, the space in between the two lines that complete the "Y' shape, and the smallest biome on the Island altogether, Zen is mainly a frost covered paradise.

    With the only mountain range on the island, called the Nulla Mountain Range, being home to diverse Ice and Dragon type Pokèmon, trainers only come here to test the true bond and willpower of themselves and their Pokèmon as well as to capture new ones.

    Several large caves decorate the interior of most mountains in the area. A highly powered Volcarona watched over the land thousands of years ago and hasn't been seen since then. However, it could still be living dormant somewhere in a cave.

    No cities exist in the arctic biome but instead towns that are built on summits, using the powerful Ultraviolet Rays from the Sun to power their towns. Because of this, a very eco-friendly town can be visited here if needed.

    Yveltal Chamber

    In the very center of the Y shaped biome divider is a large cave which is covered by snow and rain. Surrounding it in a small circle is the only desert area on the Island, where Trapinch and Drillbur dominate the area.

    Inside the cave, trainers and Pokèmon alike can find Onix, Mawile, Sableye, Geodude's, and so much more. However, the deeper you go, the colder it gets.


    You reach Yveltal's Chamber. Here, a small Y shaped slash in the wall can be seen and it is rumored that if you touch it with the wrong intentions, Yveltal will awaken and begin the same rampage that divided the biomes thousands of years ago. So far, that is the only way to awaken the powerful Pokèmon. Although, common sense has stopped many people from attempting this.

    Team Flare.

    Team Flare has learned of the Island and heard the rumors of the legendary, "Yveltal" living in the heart of the Island. With wishes to revive the Island creator, Team Flare plan to control the future of the world by returning it back to a deserted wasteland where nature will take it's course once again to create a much better world.

    Your job is to stop them.

    It's not known when they will attack - but it will be soon. They will attack strong and fast.

    So, Trainers and Pokèmon...

    What will you do to stop this?


    SO! First things first. The start of your RP will take place on this island; whether you choose to start here exactly or start on your way is all your choice.

    Time will go by to allow RP'ers to meet each other and make friendships and bonds before Team Flare attacks. So, it won't start with them attacking or else we wouldn't have much fun! So, start your adventure eager and excited to make new friends - not save the world just yet.

    - No Mega-Evolution or Z-Moves. That could really create biases and overpowered trainers as well as Pokèmon.
    - No OP characters. You have to have SOME sort of negative or else you're just a robot. No fun!
    - You can play as either a Trainer with a maximum of 6 Pokèmon, or a Pokèmon by itself. Your choice!
    - You're in charge of deciding how to start your adventure. Did you get an invite to travel here? Did you always live here? Or did you wake up on the shore? It's your decision. Be creative!
    - No duplicating the samePokèmon. Be diverse! I don't want to see a bunch of people owning Lucario's and Garchomp's. Try to be creative and more open to try new things!
    - No Legendaries or Mystical Pokèmon. Yes, that means no Darkrai.
    - Friendships are smiled upon, enemies are not. Unless it partakes in the city, of course.
    - Romance is allowed. But don't write anything you wouldn't read aloud. Keep it PG-13 please.
    - Max two OC's or ONE Canon character. Same goes for Pokèmon Characters as well.
    - The most important rule of all...


    Character Sheet: (There will be a Pokèmon Sheet if you feel like being a Pokèmon instead of a Trainer. Don't worry!)
    Name: (What's your name?)
    Age: (10-30 is the suggested age but it's your choice)
    Gender: (Male, Female, other? Don't hold back!)
    Physical Description: (What does he/she/etc. Look like? What kind of hair, eyes, body build, or structure do they have? How tall are they? Do your best!)
    Default Outfit: (What do you wear on the daily? If you have different outfits, specify!)
    Characteristic: (Tell me about yourself! What would you say your character is like?)
    Backstory: (Where did your trainer come from? How did they become the admirable person they are today? Be as creative as possible!)
    Pokèmon On Hand: (List your 1-6 Pokèmon Team here! Be diverse. Don't go with what everyone else has.)
    Extra: (Anything else you want us to know about your trainer?)

    Your Pokèmon Sheets: (Not for a Pokèmon Character, that'll be after this! Copy and paste for each Pokèmon you own)
    Species: (Pikachu? What Pokèmon is it?)
    Nickname: (Did you give your Pokèmon a nickname? You aren't obligated to.)
    Moves: (What four moves does your beloved Pokèmon know?)
    Ability: (What is your Pokèmon's ability? Hidden Abilities are allowed!)
    Backstory: (How did you catch this Pokèmon? What is it's story?)
    Extra: (any details you forgot to include or feel like including here, well... include here!)

    Pokèmon Character Sheet: (If you chose to be a Pokèmon in this roleplay, This is where you'll fill out your information.)
    Species: (Are you a Pikachu? What are you...?)
    Age: (Age doesn't really matter but why not?)
    Nickname: (What would other Pokèmon call you to grab your attention?)
    Design: (Based on your species, do you have any items? Example: A scarf or a necklace?)
    Characteristic: (Tell us about your personality. Are you afraid of humans? Do you only bond well with Pink Butterfree? Let me know!)
    Backstory: (How did you wind up on Luvenis Island? Or were you born here?)
    Moves: (What moves do you know?)
    Abilities: (What ability do you have? Again, hidden abilities are allowed)
    Extra: (Any extras that you feelwould fit better here?)
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  2. The Yveltal Crisis:

    Current Roster: Senrova, Mo6, SednaZ.

    Any questions or comments about the RP can be left here without second thought. Please be courteous to the people around you and give advice/support when needed!

    Thank you~

    Also: Character Sheets and Pokèmon Character Sheets as well as Pokèmon Detail Sheets can be left below and I will review them. Thanks!
  3. I'll repost my form here so I can find it more easily :D

    View attachment 605616
    Name: Dakota
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description:
    • 5"5 - 124Ibs
    • Has an average build - maybe slightly muscular
    • Likes to keep her hair tied up most of the time but sometimes has it down (like when going to bed or in a rough situation? :/)
    • Perky nose and light blue eyes that kind of 'light up' when she's happy or passionate about something
    Default Outfit: (What do you wear on the daily? If you have different outfits, specify!)
    • Default Outfit in the above image
    • Other clothing include:
    - Black hoodie with a Staraptor symbol in the middle
    - Shortsleeved light-blue t-shirt with a Pokéball symbol on a small pocket (located in the chest-area)
    - A red bandana with a white feather pattern on it
    - Basic black and white cap with a grey feather stuck on it

    Characteristic: Dakota tends to be an open-minded person and likes to say what she feels like. She's assertive and refuses help from others. Despite this, she can be willing to help others and is pretty independent. Dakota is also stubborn and hot-headed.
    Backstory: Born in Kalos, she got her first starter at the age of 13. Her first starter was a Fennekin (now a Delphox). Dakota had earned 4 gym badges when she stumbled across Team Flare in Lumiose City (where she needed to gain her 5th badge). Since the first encounter with two grunts, she hasn't been able to earn anymore badges because of them interfering so eventually she gave up after the 5th gym badge she finally earned. After a month of no progress, she began to hear of Luvenis Island and decided to travel there.
    Pokèmon On Hand:
    Species: Delphox
    Nickname: Theophilus
    Moves: Fire Pledge ▪ Psyshock ▪ Hyper Beam ▪ Calm Mind
    Ability: Blaze
    Backstory: Theo was a Fennekin starter chosen to be Dakota's first Pokémon. He has always been her best choice and always tried to help Dakota the best way he can. Theo is more intelligent that Dakota (most of the time) so he's always been guiding his trainer on her journey.
    Extra: He wears a pair of specs (because he's a sMaRt bOi)
    Species: Raichu
    Nickname: Ryka
    Moves: Iron Tail ▪ Double Team ▪ Giga Impact ▪ Thunderbolt
    Ability: Static
    Backstory: Being the first Pokémon Dakota ever caught, Ryka has a close bond with his trainer and grew up as an average Pikachu. He was born as a Pichu in Daycare but released into the wild as a Pikachu.
    Extra: Absolutely craves berries of all sorts.
    Species: Rufflet
    Nickname: Odi
    Moves: Crush Claw ▪ Return ▪ Aerial Ace ▪ Double Team
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Backstory: He lived in the mountains near Cyllage City back in Kalos. Once, he badly injured himself when he tried to land his first flight. An Absol took him in and tried to care for him. Seeing he couldn't do it himself, the Absol looked for a human to take care of the Rufflet. Of course, Dakota happened to be there so that's how Odi and Dakky met :D. Odi never saw the Absol again.
    Extra: He's going to evolve soon :0
    Also wears a black bowtie :3
    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Drewton, Drew
    Moves: Bite ▪ Curse (Egg Move) ▪ Shadow Ball ▪ Last Resort
    Ability: Adaptability
    Backstory: Was breeded by a Pokèmon breeder. He escaped from his original home because he was driven out by other Pokémon. Drewton was looked down upon for knowing the move Curse which scared other Pokémon. He was eventually caught by Dakota and since then has been trying to get used to being in a Pokéball.
    Extra: He hates captivity so he often stays out of his Pokéball.
    I haz a ref for him as well:
    Extra: Planning on having her catch a Buizel later. Not sure about the 6th Pokémon yet :0
  4. Mo6


    Character Sheet:
    Name: Daesyn Moon
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: She has the body of an athlete runner, has the height of a ten year old (4'3"), and have a complexion equal to ghost despite being a runner. She loved to braid her auburn hair, no matter the length of it, and since her hair were cut short, she always had it in a curly waterfall braid. She have cornflower blue irises and bite mark scar on her left forearm.
    Default Outfit: Daesyn despised jean shorts or pants for females because of the small pockets they have, so she always wore her brother's pants or buy from the male's section in every clothing store. She loves to wear hoodies with or without fur-trimmed but she usually wore those which have. Her daily outfit consists of her brother's Alola camo cargo shorts, a navy blue halter top which were hidden under her Decidueye-styled black hoodie and blue trekking shoes. Sometimes when the temperature were uncomfortably high she would only wear a black tube top, loose white tank top, navy blue basketball shorts, blue rubber flip flops and a woolly crab sports cap. At times it would be randomly pick.
    Characteristic: She tends to do and be weird that most people will question her to what she's doing or what she meant. All the time, maybe not, she keep her own views to herself, never truly opening up to anyone except for close friends. She lack empathy, she's ignorant, and she cursed. A lot. But she cared immensely to those that she hold close to her heart, she's incredibly loyal and insane in person. She like to meet people but never truly grew close to them unless they actually click. She also likes to act lazy and be lazy, so convincing her to do stuff will take you all day or week for her to consider doing it unless your a friend of hers.
    Backstory: She grew up in Alola and moved out to Luvenis Island in one of the few villages in Zen. Her brother goes back to Alola to earn apprenticeship under Prof. Kukui and her father moved back to Hoenn after her parents separation which left her with her mother. They both run a bakery shop in their village and is quite popular amongst the people, she grew up peacefully with her mother and despite losing a father-figure she was content to what her family became. As she grew, she started developing a carve to explore and have adventure around which always lands her in trouble.
    Pokèmon On Hand: Decidueye, Lycanroc Midday, Zoroark, Poipole
    Extra: She has forgotten how she have her Poipole but she remember the date and time clearly. She always remembers when and where she capture or befriended a Pokémon and always celebrated it with her homemade cupcake and Pokepuff filled with Pokebeans. She doesn't remember details of the past but she remembers what she valued as important and she's quite a writer as well.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Decidueye
    Nickname: Robin/Robbie(<-affectionate nickname)
    Moves: Shadow Sneak, Leafage, Spirit Shackle, Sucker Punch
    Ability: Long Reach
    Backstory: She had gotten Robin since she turn twelve by the Kahuna himself. They didn't get along first and they always fight on the most random time. It usually trigger with one move from the other that will anger the other causing them to go fights. Over time they learn how to tolerate each other and it grew to an unbreakable bond from there.
    Extra: When Robin evolved into Dartrix he became a mother hen towards Daesyn this attitude were one of the reasons how they get along, and he still have this habit till he fully evolved.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Lycanroc (Midday)
    Nickname: Apollo
    Moves: Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Crunch
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Backstory: Originally, Daesyn caught Apollo to be a therapy Pokémon for an old lady that she grew close to. Apollo were a handful since he always wants to run around, so Daesyn decided to train the Pokémon by playing games with it. Like: If the old lady were having trouble breathing they would race to the button to call the nurse, or when the old lady needs anything they will both race each other on finding what is needed, they have truly bonded with each other and Apollo grew fond of the two. When the old lady pass away, Apollo were so drowned in his sorrows, he run away from the hospital and got lost in a cave. Daesyn were the one to found him but his emotions were everywhere that he didn't recognize Daesyn, he bit her but she didn't care and only focus on calming the Pokémon down. Daesyn stayed with Apollo in the cave and help him recover from his grief. Apollo never leave Daesyn side ever since.
    Extra: Since the bitemark didn't get treated quickly, it left a scar on her forearm. Apollo felt guilty and beat himself up for that.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Zoroark
    Nickname: Gira
    Moves: Night Slash, Imprison, Agility, Night Daze
    Ability: Illusion
    Backstory: Daesyn caught Gira when she was still in Alola, she was her first ever caught Pokémon and they both share a special bond. Gira was the one who helped Robin and Daesyn grew closer, she was also the one who taught her Pokémon companions how to break out of their Pokeballs and strictly told them that they will only do so if Daesyn is in danger. The illusion fox Pokémon hold Daesyn as her most special treasure because she was the only one to give her a home and made her feel love, for her Daesyn is her world and her child. She often cloak herself in an illusion that made her looked like Daesyn's mother and she taught herself hand signs to communicate better with Daesyn.
    Extra: She secretly hate Daesyn's mother especially when Daesyn's parents divorce. In her eyes Daesyn's mother stole the father-figure that Daesyn needed and ruined her childhood.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Poipole
    Nickname: Lilith
    Moves: Dragon Pulse, Venochock, Charm, Fell Stringer
    Ability: Beast Boost
    Backstory: She can't really remember and that's why she really felt guilty which cause her to list down when and where she caught her Pokémon and celebrated that day. Lilith were pretty much the little sister of the whole group. Lilith doesn't like being inside her Pokéball so she's always out with her tail wrap around Daesyn's forearm, to hide from stranger and from Apollo since the Wolf Pokémon can't focus on the task when he saw a glimpse of it.
    Extra: Lilith despite being genderless were always mention as a girl. She's fascinated by music and loved Daesyn homemade Pokepuff the most.
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  5. Mo6


    @Senrova you should delete that one-liner convo we had in the other thread. Just in case.

    Hey guys (@Senrova @SednaZ ), I'm gonna sleep for now. Im gonna post first thing in the morning here in my country. Good night.
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  6. Character Sheet:
    Jackson Saunders
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Jackson is a relatively average height (5'11) and weight (114.3 lbs / 51.9 kg) although he looks and sounds like he is in his early twenties. He has spiked blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He is slightly tanned due to his trip to the Aloha region.
    Default Outfit: He always wears a plain white shirt and ripped black jeans wherever he goes, he also wears a green banded cream trilby hat.
    Characteristic: Although he is an extremely boring person, he can become determined in tense situations however, if the situation gets too tense he could break down completely.
    Backstory: Jackson was born in Pacifidlog Town and he didn't leave until he was 12. From there he managed to beat all of Hoenn's gym leaders using a single Gyarados but decided not to fight the elite four. He moved the the Aloha to study Alohan folklore for his father after he was denied entrance to the Aloha region, due to his connections to Team Aqua. There he started to fall in love with Aloha and after a week residing there he decided to live there with his uncle David. He was kicked out of his uncle's house once he had hit the age of 15, after a dispute about Jackson using a fossil pokemon, he decided to continue his journey after the prolonged break of 3 years.
    Pokemon on hand: Gyarados, Weavile, Pinsir, Magmar and Zoroark
    Extra: Because of the multiple arguments he has had with his uncle and other boys his age, Jackson does not get on with boys also Jackson is very mature for his age, he can't handle anyone who acts mildly childish in any way.

    Your Pokemon Sheets:
    Species: Gyarados
    Name: Dragov
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Movelist: Dragon Dance, Rain Dance, Waterfall, Thunder Wave
    Other: Jackson's first (and strongest) pokemon. He was caught as a Magikarp on the outside of Pacifidlog Town.

    Your Pokemon Sheets:
    Species: Weavile
    Name: Snatcher
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Pickpocket
    Movelist: Brick Break, Poison Jab, Icicle Crash, Night Slash
    Other: On the way to the Aloha region, via boat, a man offered a rare pokemon for only 500 pokedollars. He fell for the trap and ended up purchasing a Magikarp, upon further inspection he realised it was a slightly patterned Magikarp. He traded it for a Weavile on board.

    Your Pokemon Sheets:
    Species: Pinsir
    Name: Shaylee
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Moxie
    Movelist: Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Close Combat
    Other: During his trip to the Aloha region he was given a Pinsir by his uncle, when they were friends.

    Your Pokemon Sheets:
    Species: Magmar
    Name: Jamal

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Movelist: Clear Smog, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Psychic
    Other: Jamal was caught after he attacked Jackson's close friend Mark.

    Your Pokemon Sheets:
    Species: Zoroark
    Name: Will
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Illusion
    Movelist: Night Slash, Punishment, Swords Dance, Return

    Other: Will had originally been owned by Jackson's mother, but after it constantly turned into other pokemon she gave it to Jackson. Will is always disguised as a human whenever it walks around with Jackson however other pokemon are completely aware of this.
  7. Character Sheet: (There will be a Pokèmon Sheet if you feel like being a Pokèmon instead of a Trainer. Don't worry!)
    Name: Jared "Jay"
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Jay is 5'9, with shaggy black hair that covers most of his forehead but stops at the bridge of his nose. He has amber colored eyes and thin black eyebrows.
    Default Outfit: Jay wears grey jeans - almost white after all of the wear and tear it's gone through over the months of owning them. A black Christmas sweatshirt with a Pokèball image in the center of it covered by the two arms of the backpack he wore over it. A grey backpack to be exact. His shoes were black running shoes that kept his ankles and feet warm. On his head he wore a black and gray trainer cap, always held down to keep the sun out of his eyes.
    Characteristic: Jay is fairly anti-social, only conversing with friends and people that require him to. He is a very brave soul and battles to the end with his team. Often flustered around girls, much more girls that are attractive to him, Jay bonds much better with males but can be friends with either/or.
    Backstory: He left home and adventured through Unova before turning to Luvenis Island where he was born. He followed Team Flare from Kalos on his way back from Unova and has been watching them ever since. His first Pokèmon is a Snivy.
    Pokèmon On Hand: Serperior, Archeops, Volcorona, Steelix, Emolga, Azumarill.
    Extra: Jay and Miranda were friends from childhood who were separated once he went on his adventure years ago.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Serperior
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Leaf Storm, Coil, Dragon Tail, Leech Seed.
    Ability: Overgrow
    Backstory: Snivy was given to Jay when he started his adventure in Unova by Bianca. Together they battled through evolution and lost to the Champion, Iris.
    Extra: Serperior is very protective of Jay.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Archeops
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Ancient Power, Stone Edge, Acrobatics, Agility
    Ability: Defeatist
    Backstory: Archen was given as a fossil to Jay who resurrected the Pokèmon and bonded quickly with it. Archeops defeated Iris's Druddigon.
    Extra: N/A

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Volcorona
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Quiver Dance, Roost
    Ability: Swarm
    Backstory: Larvesta was caught by Jay and trained relentlessly by Jay himself while battling different Gym Leaders. It evolved while battling against Skyla.
    Extra: Volcorona challenges nearly every bug type Pokèmon it sees out of boosted ego.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Steelix
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Dig, Iron Tail, Fire Fang, Ice Fang.
    Ability: Sturdy
    Backstory: Onix was traded to Jay by a trainer for an Oddish he had caught. It evolved into a Steelix due to the held item and they've been good friends since. Steelix defeated Steven's Mega-Metagross in a training battle they had.
    Extra: N/A

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Azumarill
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Play Rough, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Icy Wind.
    Ability: Sap-Sipper.
    Backstory: Azumarill was caught because it was lost in the desert in Unova. When Jay helped it out, it decided to join him on his adventure.
    Extra: N/A

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Emolga
    Nickname: N/A
    Moves: Acrobatics, Volt Switch, Agility, Attract.
    Ability: Static
    Backstory: Emolga was caught because it kept causing trouble for Jay and his pokèmon, following them all the way from the beginning of his adventure. Just before he challenged the Elite Four, He captured the Emolga.
    Extra: N/A.
  8. Mo6


    Character Sheet:
    Name: Thomas Sanders
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Slim built but a bit muscular, his not that tall only reaching 5'5", has the messiest medium length blond hair, no matter what you do it just can't be tamed, and a square jaw. He has intimidating red eyes but if you get to know him a bit you'll see the warmth pass through the intimidating red color.
    Default Outfit: He wears hoodies at all times even if it's extremely hot, His favorite one is a black, red, and white diamond pattern hoodie. He wears a black shirt underneath, black plain cargo pants, and water shoes (Don't asked him why he get it). He also wears a baseball cap, and a black leather backpack.
    Characteristic: His extremely caring for his friends and he sometimes act motherly towards them. His a bit of a tsundere but his not ashamed to admit to his actions except actions that are completely embarrassing for him. His rather blunt which he viewed as a bothersome attribute since he sometimes say things that are quite hurtful. He swears when his extremely irritated
    Backstory: Born in a family that are extremely rich, he, the first born, were put in a lot of pressure by his parents and tutors to be the best in the marketing business so he could continue his parents legacy. He didn't like that one bit at all, so once he felt that enough is enough, he ran away. He now hide in the mountains and villages in Zen.
    Pokèmon On Hand: Beheeyem, Greninja, Alolan Marowak
    Extra: He likes to criticize people's fashion choices just for fun. All of his Pokémon were given to him. He never caught a single Pokémon personally.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Beheeyem
    Nickname: Tina
    Moves: Wonder Room, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Hidden Power
    Ability: Telepathy
    Backstory: Tina was given to him by his uncle for his sixth birthday. It was quite an early age to be trainer but his parents didn't care, they wanted Thomas to be the best in all fields and Thomas didn't really have a choice at the matter. Tina and Thomas bonded over the years and since Tina's always been at his side, saw how much stress her trainer had been carrying so sometimes she would whisk Thomas away so they could play and if they were caught... well, she have the habit on distorting someone else's memories.
    Extra: Will do anything for Thomas. Obviously.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Greninja
    Nickname: Zen
    Moves: Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Double Team, Water Pulse
    Ability: Torrent
    Backstory: He had gotten Zen when he stayed with a villager in a simple village near at the foot of one of the many mountains in the biome. He spend the majority of his run away life living with a man that acted like his father and mother at the same time. And yes, the guy has double personality. The man give him Zen as a birthday present (the day they met) and the two (Thomas and Zen) bonded since both of theme were quite similar but also different, they found common ground with each other. He named him Zen after the place where he was 'reborn'.
    Extra: When Zen was a Froakie, he received a job to be a temporary therapy Pokémon,he agreed (reminded of his trainer's father figure) and met an energetic Rockruff who work 24/7 with a girl. He wished to encounter them again since the girl made the best Pokepuff and his best buddies with the Rockruff.

    Your Pokèmon Sheets:
    Species: Alolan Marowak
    Nickname: Hephaestus/Festus (<- affectionate nickname)
    Moves: Shadow Bone, Stomping Tantrum, Flare Blitz, Bone Rush
    Ability: Cursed Body
    Backstory: Hephaestus was not originally Thomas', it was given (again) to him by his adoptive father before the man disappeared in a blizzard. Hephaestus can't remember his former owner as it was removed or block by Tina, the same thing happened to Thomas but instead of getting his memories blocked it was changed differently so he remembered that the man died instead of disappearing. They shared a bond like father-son but Thomas was the son while Hephaestus was the father.
    Extra: He sometimes had dreams of his former trainer but it was immediately forgotten due to Tina's influence on him.

    Hey is the four moves limit necessary? I mean can our Pokémon just used every move they learn whilst they evolved plus it'll be much more creative that way, right?
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  9. Go for it! I just made that a thing in the sheets just incase people would abuse powerful Pokèmon like Garchomp but since you all chose relatively balanced Pokèmon, choose any moves that you want! ^.^ it just has to be moves that it can learn through leveling up and if it knows a TM Move, explain how it got it.
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    I just added a new character a few minutes ago so I didn't noticed your post till now.
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Excuse me.
    Did any of you bother to read the rules?
    Specifically the part that states that ANY involvement of a legendary Pokemon whatsoever requires approval from staff?
    Yeah, I didn't think so.

    Thread locked.
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