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Open The Young Guardians of the Universe.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lillipup07, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. ( long ago, there were many gods, each a different type.

    Life. (@Lillipup07 ) [me]

    they all had specific roles, and each kept the universe in balance. But, one day, it all fell apart. The time God sent them all, including their self, back in time as spirts, each finding a newborn kid to inspirit. The world's gods were gone. But now, hope isn't lost at all.)

    (Ok! Rule Time!)

    1. If you want a god, say it in your bio. 'll put your name by its type.
    2. Since they are kids, ages 7-13 please.
    3. All other Rules.

    Ok! Bio Time!

    God Type:
    God Morph:

    And, now for my character!

    Name: Oliver
    Age: 7
    Gender: Male.
    God Type: Life.
    Appearance: Oliver has messy brown hair, wears a light-blue t-shirt, has one dark blue eye, and one dark brown eye. ( dark brown is right, dark blue is left.)
    Personality: Oliver is shy, and doesn't talk much. He is very friendly to those he trusts though, and doesn't understand the concept of death.
    God Morph: He grows Angel wings, and uses an bow.
    Other: He is a pacifist, and prefers not to fight.

    "I can't wait! I'll make friends, learn stuff, and other things!" Oliver cheered as his parents dropped him off at Sundown Daycare Camp.( aka. place where everyone has to come.) He ran in with his backpack, pulling a teddy bear out as he sat in the corner to play with it.
  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Tobias Slade
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    God Type: Time
    Appearance: tall, kind of skinny, brown hair, green eyes. He wears black boots, jeans, a black tank top and a grey trench coat.
    Personality: kind, loyal and smart. he likes meeting new people and tends to care for those younger than him.
    God Morph: He has dual crystal daggers.
    Other: N/A

    Tobias looked around at the camp, "this place seems nice" he said to himself, he spotted a smaller boy with a bear, he walked over. "Hey there buddy, my name is Tobias what is yours", he asked in a calm manner, trying not to startle the boy.
  3. Oliver clutched his teddy bear tighter, making a squeak sound that could only mean hello. He stood up and hugged Tobias, happy to have made a new friend.
  4. This looks fun!

    Name: Samuel
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    God Type: Water
    Appearance: His hair is very thin, and there's the slightest bit of blue in his mainly black hair. He wears grey sneakers, dark brown trousers and a light blue t-shirt.
    Personality: He's only spoken once, and that was when he had to ask for a pencil from the kid next to him. He's incredibly intelligent. However, if someone makes fun of him, he won't hesitate to use brutal force at all. And he's strong, like, really strong for his age.
    God Morph: His hair becomes about as flowing as water, and it also gains a lot more blue. His weapons are made out of pure water.
    Other: He was kicked out of school. Not because he was a bad kid or something, but because he broke the arm of a bully at his school for making fun of Sam.

    Samuel had been sitting on a tree stump, eating an apple, he looked over to both Tobias and Oliver, they seemed like nice people, and he was glad that they could make friends so easily. He smiled, and then went back to eating his apple.
  5. Oliver saw Samuel, waving at him cheerfully. “Hello! Who are you? Are you a new friend?” He yelled happily.
  6. Samuel saw Oliver waving at him, he slowly walked towards them, he wrote down something on a piece of scrap paper he had in his pocket, it said: "I'm Samuel, you?"
  7. “I’m Oliver! But everyone calls me Ollie!” He exclaimed, reading the paper. “And that guy is Tobias!” He said cheerfully.
  8. Samuel casually saluted at Oliver and Tobias, smiling at them both. He then gestured to them to follow him. They stood still, unsure of what he would do. He kept on beckoning them to follow him, each time more and more violently.
  9. Oliver began following Samuel, happy to make a new friend. “Friends, friends, we all are gonna be friends...” he sang to himself softly.
  10. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Name: Julian Orblitzen
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    God Type: Space
    Appearance: Julian has short brown hair with specks of white dust in it, some people call it a mini space, beige shorts, a tye-dye shirt, and blue sketchers, and is a bit average height.
    Personality: Julian is a very extroverted person and jumps into anything, and when excited, very jumpy. When angry, he gets frustrated at some people he deems obnoxious. The weird guod.
    God Form: Hair and eyes turn look like the solar system, and hands shoot mini suns and other planets.

    Julian noticed them chatting under the tree and ran over to them, leaving a dust trail, “Hey hey, name’s Julian, what’s yours, friend?”

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