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Open The world: RP discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Finch~, Sep 16, 2018.


Shall we ad another clan and what should it be?

Poll closed Sep 30, 2018.
  1. No

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  2. Yes, Lionpride!

  3. Yes, Humanclan! (XD)

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  4. Yes, Dogclan!

  5. Yes but IDC what

  6. Meh

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  7. YUS!

  8. Lol i dont care bruh

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    This Rp is basically a RP about, our world. With no intentional plot (Yet) and you may be a Animal or a human.
    @Red Gallade

    Romance and Violence..okay, but please, PG
    You can be a mythical creature BUT keep your powers to a, ehem, limit.
    No godmoddding please.
    Hybrids are okay, i guess. But no unrealistic ones, like Cow x frog, or human x chicken. No human-animal hybrids, but hybrids that exeist, like Ligers, and Mules, ect ect
    Swearing is allowed but please keep it to a minimum.
    5 character limit please

    People/animals not in a clan
    Sofia (human) @Jodie.xox
    Flicka (horse) @Jodie.xox
    Nemean (maintcore) @Red Gallade
    Cross (human) @Red Gallade
    George (human) @AnimeTail

    There are clans that the animals live in, however humans can be part of a clan. If so, they are generally leader or highly ranked. Only a few animals live in clans, and you don't need to be in one.
    Clans may be formed by rouges.


    A pack of wolves ran by an alpha wolf and his/her beta. They are very loyal and fierce, and don't usually accept newcomers. However once you have earned their trust they will fight for the Death for you. Humans are considered higher ranked, however according to their law, one can not be an Alpha. They live in forest and tundra.
    Alpha: Silver @LeBarrel42
    Beta: Acwulf @The Golden Dragonite
    Bronze @LeBarrel42
    Ryker @AnimeTail

    A clan ran by Hyenas, they are very fierce. Males are considered the lowest of the group, and are usually not well fed. Humans are accepted, and they consider them worthy to be a leader, even if male. Rivals with LionClan They live in dry places.
    Second in command:
    Third in command:
    Fourth in command: Alani @WishLostWithTheStars
    Lowest ranked:

    A clan ran by cats, this clan is very strong and a little vain. They consider humans below them however there have been some cases where they are leaders. They live wherever they want, and are considered a "roaming clan"
    Leader: Moon @Pokéboy098
    Adders'Thorn @Pokéboy098

    A clan of dragons ran by a Leader, two deputies and a healer. They are the strongest however are very small in size. A year for them is almost 1 million human ones. They will let a human lead them if they are seen worthy, but generally are the secondary deputy. They live anywhere, but mainly mountains and seas.
    Artemis @WishLostWithTheStars
    Deputy: Delphi @WishLostWithTheStars
    Deputy 2:

    A pride of lions ran by a dominant male and his queen. Don't accept humans at any rate, and only usually have 2 or 3 males. Rivals with HyenaClan. Lives in the same place.
    Storm @WishLostWithTheStars


    Clan, rouge, or docile species: (if animal)
    Clan: (If in a clan)
    Rank: (If in a clan)
    Occupation: (If human, if in a clan, delete this bit)


    Name: Artemis
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual however prefers males.
    Age: 28 million (28 )
    Species: Dragon, Solarforth Featherback
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Dragonclan
    Rank: Leader
    4191b75877df1ee00bce9ced0d6a697c.jpg b162b6625c0877309b450c871dc92e3d.jpg upload_2018-9-16_17-36-33.png Artemis' wings are half feathered half scales, she has a small tear in one of them and a scar over her left eye. She wears a Dragonskull helmet.
    Personality: Loyal, stubborn, short temper
    Likes: Flying and the mountains
    Dislikes: Being "Groundlocked"
    Family: None
    Other?: Last of her kind

    Name: Delphi
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Dragon
    Rank: Deputy
    Appearance: Tall, slender, wears a dragonskin cloak and shoes. She has armor made from dragonscales and wears a Dragon skull helmet like Artemis'. Her hair is silver with blue ends
    Personality: Loyal, shy, can be psychopathic
    Likes: Flying
    Dislikes: Getting too hot
    Family: Deceased
    Crush?: No

    Name: Alani
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 5 (20 in hyena years)
    Species: Hyena
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Hyena
    Rank: Fourth in command
    Appearance: Spotted hyena with a tuft of fur on her head like a Bang/ fringe. Piercing yellow eyes
    Personality: Fun loving, Stubborn, fierce
    Likes: Hunting and running
    Dislikes: Lions
    Family: None
    Crush?: None
    Mate?: None
    Other?: None

    Attached Files:

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  2. Name: Sofia
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Clan: None
    Appearance: Blond, rose gold hair with dull pink strands, wavy, down to the waist, light green eyes, pink rose flower crown with some green leaves, torn white crop top with black denim shorts, black and white sneakers.
    Personality: Kind, doesn't really like strangers, but can warm up to them, can be mean when she wants to be, quite happy.
    Likes: Animals, being alone, riding, mythical creatures.
    Dislikes: Strangers, gore, fighting.
    Family: Long gone.
    Crush?: None
    Other?: She's good at taming, and can easily get any animal to like her, she's really good at riding, and has been doing it her whole life since she ran away from home, it's been her mode of transport.

    Name: Flicka
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Female
    Age: Around 1 year (Human years), young horse.
    Species: Wild horse.
    Clan, rogue or docile species: Rogue
    Clan: There's no horse clan, so none.
    Occupation: Helps to get Sofia around, her pet.
    Appearance: Black horse, fading to white on the back.
    Personality: Assertive, does what he thinks best, listens to Sofia normally, wild.
    Likes: Sofia, going fast, going for a run.
    Dislikes: People, going slow.
    Family: Left him after birth.
    Mate?: None
    Other?: His mother kept him for a month after birth, and then ran away to find a new place to live with the rest of her family, leaving Flicka. Sofia found him, tamed him for riding, and then fell in love with him, and kept him, which he was happy with.
  3. Name: Cross
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Clan: N/A
    Appearance: Pale skin, Sky Blue eyes, Elegant Silver spiked hair with a few Wine Red streaks on the front. Black long coat with a frayed tail and a few white streaks along the sleeves and back, Black pants and boots, Black fingerless gloves, Two Dark Brown straps that go from his shoulders to his waist, forming an X across his chest.
    Personality: Despite his 'edgy' appearance, he is a kind and caring person... if a little blunt and sarcastic at times. He greatly cares for animals as well as his companion, Nemean.
    Likes: Playing his flute, Riding, High places, Chicken, Making friends, Listening to music.
    Dislikes: People criticizing his flute songs, Losing, Getting dirty, Loud noises.
    Family: Older Brother (Deceased)
    Crush: None (Yet)
    Other: He is an expert at playing the flute which gives a comforting feeling to those who hear it.

    Name: Nemean
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20 (Human years)
    Species: Manticore
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Rogue
    Occupation: Cross' companion/steed.
    Appearance: Light Brown lion body with a few scales nearing the ends of his paws, large Charcoal dragon like wings, long scorpion tail with a retractable stinger.
    Personality: He is mainly seen as lazy to many people, but he wouldn't hesitate to do what Cross wants him to do, especially taking him for rides above the clouds.
    Likes: Cross, Chicken, Cross' flute songs, Flying, Sleeping.
    Dislikes: Getting dirty/wet, Loud noises, People who threaten Cross even verbally.
    Family: N/A
    Other: He and Cross are as close as brothers, he as been protecting him since the day Cross' brother died protecting them.
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  4. Strange. I would have joined sooner, but I never got the notification...
    Name: Moon‘s Scar, but friends call him Moon. He was captured by humans once, and they called him Crater.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 7 Human Years
    Species: Cat
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: (if animal) CatClan
    Rank: (If in a clan) Leader? If Allowed?
    Appearance: A shorthair cat with pale white fur that appears sort of yellowish to some, espescially in the moonlight.
    Personality: Doesn’t like to speak much, and always has a plan. His biggest flaw is probably his bad communication with the clan. Cats have tried to overthrow him several times, but he stopped them every time, so obviously, he is an extremely talented, natural-born leader, who also knows how to fight.
    Likes: Startegy, Fighting, and Success.
    Dislikes: Other people thinking he is doing a bad job leading the clan. Usually uses publicity to make it look like he is better than he actually is.
    Family: All of them were killed in the first assassination attempt.
    Crush?: None.
    Mate?: None.
    Other?: After seven or so attempted assasinations failed, cats just started giving up on trying to take over. He has defended the clan from several groups of rogues as well as different plagues or famines. Also, Moon’s Scar is the youngest ever leader of CatClan.
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  5. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Name: Acwulf
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 8 (2 in human years)
    Species: Wolf
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Wolfpack
    Rank: Beta
    Appearance: Timber wolf
    Personality: Very Energetic,and is very loyal to the Alpha.
    Likes: Wolves, Meat
    Dislikes: Hunters, Lions (Lions, Big Cats, Wolfs, Canines. Makes sense,right?)
    Family: Alpha: (N/A)
    Crush: None (I'm a lone wolf for now. Hawwwwoooooooooooooooooo!)
    Mate: None (I'm not gonna howl again.)
    Other: N/A
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  6. Me neither, I just came here by chance and saw my name, so...
  7. I was asked on my profile :p
  8. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Accepted All of you! :D
  9. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
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  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    When will the thread be up?
  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Well, I have school, ends at 3:30, but i have a club so around 4 or 5 maybe?
  12. Just wondering, because the animals don’t really match too much with the real world. If this took place in our world, would it take place in someplace like Africa?
  13. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Wait, what do I do while there's no Alpha?
  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    @Pokéboy098 All over the world, really. But CatClan, DragonClan and WolfClan live near each other, and LionClan and HyenaClan are like next-door neighbors.
    @The Golden Dragonite NPC her. However the Alpha will most likely be your mate, like in real life wolf packs, so you may wanna make a new character, unless you want someone else to (me maybe if you want)

    New clan has been added, by the way: LionClan. Check the first post for info.
    Character limit extended to 5

    My new character:

    Name: Storm
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 7 (in lion years around 19)
    Species: Lion
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Lion
    Rank: Hunter
    Appearance: Normal lion with blue eyes
    Personality: Edgy, Loyal, trustworthy, kind
    Likes: Hunting
    Dislikes: HYENAS
    Family: No
    Crush?: NO
    Mate?: NO
    Other?: NO
  15. I’m gonna wait until someone else posts to reply. Also, I want to have a second character. Is that alright?
    Name: Adder’s Thorn
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 7 Human Years
    Species: Cat
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: (if animal) CatClan
    Rank: (If in a clan) Spy
    Appearance: Has a dark brown coat of long fur, and is generally a large cat, because spies are well-fed.
    Personality: He thinks he is better than everyone else, but he is on equal par with moon. Basically rules alongside moon, helping enforce his rules and take secret information away from rebels.
    Likes: Food, power, and having the upper hand on an enemy.
    Dislikes: Rebels, change, and enemies finding out that he has the upper hand.
    Family: Both parents died of natural causes before Moon became leader, and Adder’s Thorn killed his brother, because he was conspiring against them.
    Crush?: Adder’s Thorn despises pretty much everyone.
    Mate?: Never!
    Other?: Adder’s Thorn is hated by Moon, who simply uses him to maintain control.
    Disclaimer: While it would be difficult for any of you to get attached to this character, you probably shouldn’t, because eventually, Adder’s Thorn is gonna die.
  16. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    New Character is fine. It is accepted
  17. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Meh,I'll wait for someone else to be Alpha.
  18. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Also, is all clans at war, or are there allies?
  19. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    It depends. But WolfPack and CatClan can be considered Allies, HyenaClan and LionPride are mortal enemies unless really needed, and DragonClan has no friends
  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Silver
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 8 (2 in human years)
    Species: Wolf
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: WolfClan
    Rank: Alpha
    Appearance: Silver is a grey wolf with wild hair and clear blue eyes.
    Personality: She is kind, loving and cares for others, but at the same time she can be ruthless and destructive.
    Likes: Wolves, Meat, Strategy
    Dislikes: Fear, Losing, Seeing loved ones in harms way
    Family: Brother (Bronze)
    Crush?: N/A
    Mate?: N/A
    Other?: She is very protective of her brother.

    Name: Bronze
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 2 (6 months in human years)
    Species: Wolf
    Clan, rouge, or docile species: Clan
    Clan: Wolfclan
    Rank: Omega
    Appearance: Bronze is a fluffy, brown wolf with brilliant yellow eyes.
    Personality: Playful, happy, loves meeting new people.
    Likes: Meat, His sister, Causing mischief
    Dislikes: Heights, Being alone, Bullies
    Family: Sister (Silver)
    Crush?: N/A
    Mate?: N/A
    Other?: N/A
  21. Honestly, idk how often my char is gonna interact as he's mainly just a wanderer.
  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Welp,my problem is now gone.
  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  24. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  25. I know. Cats probably couldn’t beat dragons in a fight. He is supposed to be lying to the clan to make them think he is doing a really good job as leader.
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    can i just check what is the relationship between the Alpha and Beta wolf
  27. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    idk,I'm Beta, you can choose.
  28. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Also,this is OOC to this RP,but I did put a form on "School Of Supers".
  29. Sadly that RP is dead. If you really want to do a super-power-ish RP, I bet we could get you in on Wolfborn.
  30. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

  31. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  32. I'm trying to think of an appropriate way my char(s) can enter the RP unless they're just wandering in a different location and not interfering with others.
  33. @Red Gallade I just did mine alone, until someone finds them. Yours could see mine, maybe?
  34. @Jodie.xox That could work, maybe I'd make my guy play his flute to make your char more likely to approach... unless she'd be terrified by the giant manticore with him. :p
  35. Somebody do something already! The thread has been out for 2 hours, and half of the people in it are active, but we only have 2 replies! This is so boring...
  36. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Wait, would I actually get a part in Wolfborn? It's been on for a while, but I guess I can be a new student.

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