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The world is ending....

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by mentalconnection, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. So if the world was ending, what would you do. Remember the world is ending so you could do anything.
    I would goto the big smoke and steal like mad. I would tell everyone that I love that I love them. Curse all my enemies. Get myself on national television and state my true opinions. I would enjoy myself to the extreme. And of course I would say thanks to all the Poke'charms members.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Chances are, I'll be the reason it's ending. So I'll be too busy with the whole global devastation thing to give a flying desu.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lies. Lavos will beat you to it ;)

    And don't say 2012 >=O

    And hrm... I'd either be telling everyone I care about exactly what I think about them (which, for the most part, they already know and the majority would just be mushy stuff) ... OR, I'd be outside in the streets yelling insanities at the top of my lungs - because random yelling is helluva fun and I'd have nothing to lose.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Unless of course it'll turn out that it was all a mass hallucination or the Dolphins would change the timeline so Earth DIDN'T get destroyed and then you'll just have people giving you weird looks.

    But hey, not like getting weird looks is much different than the usual. XD
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Get on a space ship and get the fuck out of here.
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Get a giant cannon and pick off any survivors.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Grab a sword and start elliminating as many Homo sapians as I can before I die either by their hands or by nature's. Only 2 years 8 months and 26 days to go >:D
  8. Huh...I have no idea what I'd do if the world was ending. So I'd probably live out my daily life normally (though all the non-normal activities likely won't let me do it) and just settle my affairs with the people I love. If the world actually ended I likely wouldn't get to do the stuff I wanted to do anyway...unless the world ending means you automatically get $5 million XD (Argentina and Japan here I come!)

    And I don't believe the world is ending in 2012. It was supposed to have ended in 2007 and it didn't. For all we know the world could end tomorrow.
  9. Pfft, hide in my basement and play video games, duh. And maybe punch Obama, who knows what you can do when it's just gonna end?
    [size=2pt]...Maybe get married. And do all the things that married couples do. Yeah... ^^;[/size]
  10. Although I could eat a bomb or build a rocket to get me away from the impending doom. I would probably waste my chance by going on about how I had done all of that hard work in school, only so I could get myself killed. The irony...
  11. Spend time with my family most likely. I know it's cheesy, but if I've so far whittled my existence down on arguing with the education system (they don't like it when you do that, you don't get to go to Uni) and wish not to waste much more time. I'd really rather not waste time with the pathetic masses that pass for the population these days (ie Chavs).
  12. So, lets put a twist on this...

    What if the Earth gets smashed by an asteroid? Local star goes Supernovae? Then what?
  13. Easy! Steal Mario's F.L.U.D.D, enlarge/modify it, then shoot the asteroid back, or extinguish the supernova.

    If the world was being attacked by cheese monsters, that might be another thing
  14. To make this even better, let's make it the northen part of the world is freezing, and the southern part is burning(Not that it isn't anyway) And now you only have 6 hours before you die.
  15. Well... at least mine was a more realistic end of the world possibility than that. And don't say mine wasn't, there are several local stars that can explode and loooooads of asteroids out there, whats stopping them from hitting?


    I'd go to the equator. ::)
  16. lol

    Optimistically, I'd grab my towel and Sub-Etha Sensomatic. Otherwise, I shall just lie down with a paper bag over my head. Doubt it'll help though.
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Well, I'll go reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally deep into this. XD

    If the world was ending... why should it end? Is this the apocolypse of the Bible, the Mayan thing, or something else completely? If it's like what the chapter Revelations says it'll be like, well, I would be panicking first. Because I wouldn't know what to do and who I was anymore and if I really was God's child or not and if God would accept me and forgive my sins and all that other stuffs. First major reaction.

    Next I would pray. Because I would naturally do that.

    Then I would find a way to hide from Satan and possibly go through ideas in my head to make him get away from me if he did see me.

    After that I would most likely find a way to stop the war between "Gog and Magog", because I hate wars. Sooooo very much.

    And theeeeeeeen... I really have no idea. XD

    But if it was nothing like that, well, it still depends. The sun's exploding into a supernova or eating us as it expands into a red giant? I really don't know what I would do then. Humanity ends due to an epic war or a meteor colliding or some other thing like that? Still dunno. And if I die before the end of the world?

    I would be dead already, so meh.

    Oh, I only have six hours to live? Well meh. I guess if I knew that, I would be able to survive those six hours by just playing musics on my piano. Because if I didn't, I would seriously be contemplating suicide if I knew my life was about to end in six hours. And knowing that would be pure agony for me. x_x

    Yeah, I'm weird. XD
  18. I would probably either go mad or start going on a major vacation. I would definitely go to Australia to experience a different country, go to Sydney to go on a huge shopping spree, visit museums, and just basically enjoy myself.

    My last days should at least be enjoyable ones.

    That is, until I burn up and die when the Earth goes into the sun.

    On the illegal side, I would go out and assault all the people I dislike, steal money and books, and do crazy things like graffiti everywhere saying odd things like 'The Mankey wants you...' and 'Ha! I ate your Raichu!'

    Even before death I am Pokemon obsessed. *sighs*
  19. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    If it was an asteroid or supernova then I'd...

    Only difference is I'd be more maniacal about it.
  20. I'd spend every waking moment with my girlfriend, family, and friends. corny stuff. Hell, if it was ending with an alien invasion, I'd try to save the Earth, even if a little (or hella) scared. I'd get all the help I could. I know. Sounds almost like the Ben 10: War of the Worlds episode. But no one even thought of aliens invading....anyway... yeah. If it weren't aliens, I'd spend the Apocolypse with everyone I love. And maybe tell Miley Cyrus to f*ck off, and trade that dying cat she calls a voice in for a REAL voice....I'm not much better, but...
  21. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hm. Probably continue as usual until five minutes before, then stand outside and watch it coming, arms outstretched.
  22. If it was an alien invasion, I'd ask to join them. They'd love a look-alike(or a wannabe)/weirdo...I hope?

    Supernova? Go break into Area 51 and see everything that's in there(alien or otherwise), and maybe take a stealth fighter.
  23. well if the world was ending by anymeans, i would most likely go into denial about the thing and carry on as normal
  24. I would make my own insane virus and create grotesque bioweapons out of wolves and stuff and test them on the one person I hate, watching her die a slow, painful death before the world ends for whatever other reason it was going to. -Cough-
  25. Find the nearest ferris wheel and stop it when I get to the top! Bwaha, Nothing can hurt me up here....
  26. Er, what would I do if the world was ending...

    Oh yeah.

    Find another world and grab whatever/whoever I don't want to die and then take it with me.

    But if I couldn't do that, I'd bake some cookies and hand them out to screaming civilians.
  27. Well, I'd probably just... say meh.
  28. I'd do THAT first.

    Then that second. Still gotta live the moment to the fullest even when you're about to die.
  29. If I had a little forewarning, I'd make a point to go to Japan with Katie before the end (That's why we gotta go BEFORE 2012 JUST in case). ;D

    I'd probably spend most of my time huddled in a corner hyperventilating if it were.. within hours of the end. That, or clinging to my mom or brother. The end of the world terrifies and fascinates me.
  30. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Why are you all so emo? >.>
  31. Right. Just for calling me 'emo' when the end of the world comes I'm hunting you down.

    Then I'll spend more time with Xanthier. He might even help me hunt you! Wouldn't that be a fun day out? I bet the sky looks really pretty when it's on fire.
  32. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Which group is emo, the people that want to be with their families or the people who want to kill as many humans as possible?
  33. If the world was ending i'd do everything i ever wanted to do and then, once they were done, commit suicide in the coolest of ways xD
  34. Maybe both are emo? O__o

    I mean, I'm quite willing to go kill some humans before I start hyperventilating because the end is nigh. I will NOT be categorized!
  35. Pretenious hate of oneself with no cause other than attention seeking is what I'd call emo. The will to kill and maim all those you can ere the world actually ending is more like socio/pyschopathy or just plain maliciousness.

    Killing everyone because it's the end of the world - and doing it for their own good - that's Negative Utilitarianism at it's finest :3

    You'll probably be glad to know I'm not that extreme >.>
  36. I'd probably do everything I'd ever wanted to do. I've always wanted someone to throw a pie at my face, and my brother would happily do that for me. First, I'd go blow the rent money on a Wii, and play it until the final minutes. Then, I'd say goodbye to my family, and prepare to die.

    I agree. People who hate themselves for a reason, example- Guilt. I would call depressed. Emos are obnoxious sometimes. Some of my random 'friends' on myspace's moods are always, "Why!?" "I hate my self." "Why does everyone hate me. D:" It drives me nuts.
  37. I change mine, I would go on all the rides at Dreamworld, no one will care if I am not tall enough! Then maybe buy lots of puppies. Jump in a bomb shelter with them, and my gf. I like that better than my old one.
  38. Personally.... I think the whole "world's gonna end in 2012" thing is a load of crap, because if it were true, we'd all be panicking by now.

    Anyways, I'd probably CAUSE the end of the world somehow.
  39. A little personal, but finally kiss the girl I like, inform her the world is ending, and spend the last remaining time as that hobo on the corner with the cardboard sign reading 'I told you so'.

    Oh, but if death appears imminent (No one in a red cape and wielding all the nukes the Earth's got coming to save me) I'll probably have to kill myself. I'd rather die fast and easy rather than die a horrible, flesh-and-bone burning death in a virtual hell.

    ...God am I depressed. I just hope I never have to enact this plan in this way. The first part I'd inact if I could, but... anyways. :-[

    Oh, and I've heard...

  40. I;d go all Super-Saiyan on destiny to stop it. YAY FOR MAH SUPER POWERS!!

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