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The World Disappoints Me...

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Hoenn Master, May 22, 2009.

  1. What do you dislike about todays Earth? Preferrably, try not to say 'I hate [Insert peoples names here]'. That's called personal. I mean in general.

    I hate that...
    -America is made out to be horrid (Even if most is)
    -People hate nerds (Dat's ME!)
    -and that so many people destroy themselves over stupid things.

  2. Oooo! Loaded question~! ;D

    I hate that the world is stupid. Specifically, humans that destroy the world not because they have the ambition to, but because of their ignorance.

    I also despise people that use others.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Humans. Of the 6.7 billion that inhabit this planet only 100,000 to one million are actually worth keeping alive. They destroy their world, their fellow organisms, and their fellow species.

    And all for what? Because they are nothing more than stupid humans. I don't mean to offend you if you happen to be a Homo sapien, most Charmsians fall into the one million catagory.

    They day humans realize the error of their ways will be when it is too late. I will laugh then.
  4. *Hopes she is one of the ones worth keeping...*

    Wow. This is a depressing topic. I guess, I'm disappointed in humans, too. Especially the ones who teach their children to be rude and mean.

    *Realizes something* Psycho Monkey, WHAT are you, then?
  5. I'm dissapointed in people who think there are more important things than friends and family. I'm also sick of people depeding on medicene to get better fast. When I'm sick, I don't take medicene unless I absolutley have to. When I have a cold, and take medicene, it takes me about a day longer to get better than when I don't take medicene.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I would, too... if I were still alive. But honestly? I don't want to see the world end anytime soon. I quite like living :p

    Amen to that. Listening to some of these latest news reports just does my head in, and to think... many people get-off from their charges simply by turning on an accomplice or pleading ignorance ("I didn't mean to kill _____! They made me do it! D:" ... and it fucking WORKS). The justice system is borked, but it's not hard to understand why. It's run by humans, too xp

    But, I'll stray a bit from the generalized human bashing... I'm human too, after all. The thing I hate about today's Earth - and yesterday's Earth - is the total lack of care for the planet by some people. Everyone says "We'd love to implement these environmental plans someday, but now is not the time" ... so, when is the time? When we've destroyed the Ozone layer so much it can't be mended? When we wipe out hundreds of animal species from our pollution and crap? What good is money going to do you when the planet itself is dying around us?

    It's just the typical mentality of every-man-for-themselves - nobody caring about what lasting effect the damage they're doing now will have on the future. Genuine environmentalists (not the idiots who go about it in the most ineffective ways) get a bad rep for being annoying, but at least they're trying to be heard over a mass of short-sighted ignorance. If people are sick of hearing about how we're destroying the world, maybe that's a sign that something needs to change. Most of these scientists are not just complaining to get attention. Many people are just genuinely terrified of what humans have done to the Earth, and what we're going to continue doing... and really, how can you blame them for it? The facts are right in front of our noses. =/
  7. True dat. I myself have begun recylcing last year, but that's about it. I just hope we can stop it soon.

    I also despise the fact that the world would rather invest in war than fixing the aftereffects from the previous ones. If they're going to be ignorent, at least clean up your table scraps. :p

    And it is a rather depressing topic, but the world is the world. Can't change it, just live in it.

  8. *Is amused that this topic has turned into a human-bashing post*

    I find it really funny that "geeks" as we all are, often dislike humans as a whole. ^__^;; There are humans that I love and humans that are capable of amazing feats, but as a whole, the species sucks. Home sapiens are a plague on the Earth. A disease slowly rotting away the Earth and all it has worked for. Anyone ever see one of those development of the Earth videos? They liken it to a year in our current calender. Earth has developed for 11 months, 29 days, and .. 22 hours or so before humans arrived; in the last hour and minutes of the year, we have undone so much that the Earth invested all that time into. A few minutes, really! In the scheme of things..

    Leaving that one behind, I wish the world respected animals a lot more than they do. Again, people are the ones to point the finger at, but: we took away and changed animals' homes, and are now angry when we see them in "our" world. They're killed, called pests, even the ones we DO value are treated unfairly and abused (I'm excluding those of us that adore our pets and live our lives for them). Pets that are forced to be completely dependent on us are neglected, starved, hurt.. and the consequences are SO minimal, that despite crippling a life, or even taking it away, there's no real reason not to do it again.

    One more thing, completely away from humans: the world disappoints me because I feel like there isn't very much else to discover or explore. I know inventions are on the horizen, but I just can't fathom them. I guess that's why I love RPGs.. there's a whole world to explore, and new things that are very unlikely in reality to discover.
  9. It's not really the fault of the masses that the world is going downhill. It's the ones in power. We [the masses] always complain about how much we hate our government. You know, if you don't vote, and if you think that politics are "too boring" to watch TV, and you'd rather watch Family Guy instead [I've been guilty of this a few times] it's not really the government's fault it is failing our country.
  10. You're right, DISTURBED.

    I think there are a lot of informed people in this world that despise the government and their money-grabbing schemes. Like people in the States demanding Evolution no longer be taught in the curriculum.. or people in power that could MOVE to try and make a difference not believing in Global Warming.. -___-

    Sorry grubby government officials and politicians... once the world is destroyed by your inactivity, money wont really matter anymore.
  11. Evolution is more plausible than creation.

    Plus, I'm Communist, because Capitalism, in my opinion, has died and is decaying.
  12. .... BlackWarGreymon could you EXPAND on what you mean? I'm interested!
  13. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I'm dissapointed in religion, and I'm not bashing it by saying "where's the proof that God exists!?!", what angers me are the actions that people take in the name of religion. Terrorist are of course a prime example of this, killing innocent people in the name of their religion. And it's not just the muslims, christians have been doing for, well forever! Just look at the Crusades as a prime example. The Catholic Church used to torture and kill people who had different religious views. Even know, Christian fundamentalists who are pro-life, will bomb an abortion clinic and kill people. The lack of sense in those actions is insane. Religion is the cause of so many wars throughout history.
    Also, America is supposed to have a seperation(sp?) of church and state and yet there is so much emphasis on religion in politics. Excluding two, every US president has been a protestant, white male. America is supposed to be a country of tolerance and religious freedom, and yet JFK lost votes because he was catholic and not protestant. There is far too much emphasis on religion in this world, and religion is used as a scapegoat and catalyst for horrible actions.
  14. Is it ok to hate the world in general? No?
    Then I'll have to say the way that our generation is supposed to act now to save the planet our ancestors screwed up for us.
    I also hate that a lot of people think they are hard done by because of one thing which hurt them, when a lot of people go through worse things.

    I agree with RedRising about the religous enforced terrorism (there is a name I believe...) and I don't think anyone would even think their god/s said this.
    I hate the fact that racism is still around, although now it's in even more forms than ever, and I hate the fact that segregation is still around, but not in the rascist way so much anymore. It's more the way that there are a lot of rich people in the world who rub there money in the faces of the poor.

    I've got a long list...but I'll finish there for now...
  15. What annoys me is that people are placed in specific groups because of what they like/dislike. Also, I don't like the intricate web of lies and deception we call politics. And the fact that hate and anger is so widespread these days.
  16. NOTE: Due to some previous posts, I would like to say that no offence is meant by any of them I am sure. Please refrain from any religeous mentionings or generalizations about one specific group from here on out.

    Back on topic; I am dissipointed in the world by the fact that it is thought that certain people can't know certain things (Roswell FTW, but still...). A prime example:

    I skipped the second grade, so I am younger than my fellow classmates by no more than a year, and yet when there was sopmething rather disturbing in a book that everyone was reading, I wasn't allowed to read it. It may seem juvenile, stupid even, but it just proves how much people underestimate my mental capacity.

    I also dispise how people immediately judge you upon what they have heard/what they have seen/what you do. Now, I will admit that I have made judgements before, but I am refraining from doing so from now on. Now, I am done.

  17. The one thing that disappoints me in this world is language.

    No, not language barriers. I mean legit language. Calling people names, insulting them with slurs or derogatory terms, or just plain insulting them directly or even indirectly.

    People need to grow up and get over themselves.
  18. I've always wondered why every word can't be taken seriously and truely.

    The definition of 'Hard' has changed betwen three years ago and now. >_< Oh, and apparently, if you fail, you're 'Thirsty'. If you win, you are 'Nation'.


    What? XD

  19. My main gripe can be summed up three words- people are stupid. Everyone is- they are blinkered and childish and can't see the truth. What is the truth? I don't know, but it ain't what we're living by, or we'd be better off than we are now.
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... Pffft. How do you know? How do you know that if people 'saw the truth' things would be better off? Who are you to predict the effects of a self-admittedly unknown truth on the way the world is and the way people's lives are?

    Just talking in pretentious slogans. Like 85% of humanity.

    Also, speaking of the almighty 'truth'... In the immortal words of the late Douglas Adams, There is a theory that states that if anyone ever found out what exactly the universe is and what is it for, it will instantly disappear and be replaced with something even more bizarrely inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.
  21. Hm. This question are be loaded.

    I'm disappointed in the world. I don't know if, until now, I've been able to sum up all of my reasons. I'll do the best I can.

    First off, I'm annoyed that America (I cannot speak for the rest of the world) seems to actively condemn intelligence. The people that the people of this nation honor are often deserving of anything but. Now, I don't like to use words such as "intelligence"- it's not something that can be pinned down scientifically. It comes in a variety of forms, and in a way, that's what makes it so beautiful. But from what I have noted, I cannot find any form of the aforementioned term in anyone that is loved by the general public.

    I guess my main complaint all stems back to stupidity. Not just the kids who made fun of us/make fun of us in high school, but everyone. You, and me. Our neighbors, family, and friends. We're all guilty of being stupid some point in our lives. Most of the time, our slip-ups are trivial. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, or accidentally being insensitive. But there are times in everyone's life, and, correct me if I'm wrong, where we've done something, and the only thought in our heads is, "if only I would have thought about that before doing it". It doesn't matter what effect it had on the world at large, it made us feel like crap for days.

    And therein lies the problem with the world. It's easy to just call people stupid, because hell, we are. Not they. We. But maybe it's a little harder to put a bit more substance into it. The thing is, it's not a general lack of brain cells, or a lack of chemical power running through them. It's just that we have an amazing organ that literally creates our reality, and yet we don't use it. I've griped about this somewhere else, too. We need to think more. Stop following blindly. Analyze the environment. Metacognate, every once in a while.

    I really hope I didn't start getting off topic. Sometimes, my rants just find a tangent, and go with it.
  22. The most disappointing thing about the world is that they know the right thing to do they just
    (A) Don''t do it
    (B) Pretend to not know what to do
    (C) Do the wrong thing instead
    (D) Say it's wrong and do something else
    (E) Deny it
  23. Wow, I learnt something today- I'm pretentious!
    The truth is we are stupid and my post was a joke.

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