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Open The World According to Us (SU&D)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Hello! This is the Sign-Ups and Discussion for “The World According to Us”, a role play based on one general aspect; our oc’s and the world. The storyline is built on a slowly dying Earth, be it pollution, economy, or diversity that becomes the problem, and how our characters plan to fix it, and overcome their problems along the way. Wether your character is five or fifty, it is welcome. If you would like to sign up to participate in the role play, leave a bio of your character down below. Other than that, we will discuss plot details and future plans in this discussion log.

    Here is my OC.

    Name: Blake

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11

    Personality: Blake is often very quite and reserved, becoming very defensive and reserved when others try to talk to him about his problems. He often shuts down requests, and having a conversation with him can be a challenge, but all he wants is a friend who can understand him. He tries to act mature, and feels that the world needs more grown ups than children. Seeing him smile is rare.

    Appearance: Blake has greasy brown hair, which always seems to be uncombed and messy. He wears a dress shirt and khakis, but wishes he could wear an orange tee with overalls. He enjoys it more. He has light skin with freckles all over his face, and he has out of place green eyes. He has a nasty overbite, his two front teeth hanging out of his mouth constantly. For shoes he wears brown dress shoes, but he finds them uncomfortable. He would rather go barefoot.

    Enjoys: Reading up on bugs and fish, eating Mac and cheese , catching bugs and fish, building mud castles, and swimming.

    Dislikes: He dislikes all that he enjoys. It is too childish.

    His Secret: His dad died of Cancer, and his mom is struggling to afford items, and maintain the household. As hard as he tries to help, it never seems like he can.

    His Goal: He wants to clean water, and enjoys coming up with ridiculous inventions to rid the water of pollution. If the fish are dying, so is he.

    Once you’ve been accepted, reply to this thread.
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  2. Name: Lily Argon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Personality: Outgoing and headstrong, Lily does not take life one step at a time. She knows what she wants, and she will get it - come hell or high water. She's a bit bookish, and could be interpreted as a "nerd" by the standards of most people her age. Lily has a very strong moral compass, and puts honor before reason - and always puts others before her own well being, even to a fault.
    Appearance: Lily has long blonde hair and green eyes, with a height of 5'3 and a slim stature. She always wears a pair of glasses, due to her poor vision. Her hair is usually done in either a ponytail or braids, depending on the occasion. She typically wears a dark green t-shirt under a pair of overalls, with a skirt at the bottom instead of pant legs. She wears white leggings and baby blue running shoes to match.
    Enjoys: Making new friends, reading, tumbling/cheer/the like, sweet foods, puppies
    Dislikes: Dishonesty, judgemental people
    Goal: In general, she wants to make the world a better place for the new generation. Environmentalism, social equality, you name it, she advocates for it. Her biggest concern is gender and racial diversity.
  3. Nice character! Welcome aboard! When another person joins, I'll start the roleplay thread.
  4. Name: Desmond King
    Gender: Male
    Age: 44
    Personality: A bitter and jaded individual, who has a sarcastic quip and foul mouth to go along with it. Natural for confrontation though he'd prefer just to sit back and enjoy a good drink. He is usually a pessimist openly about a situation, but will charge in head fearless with a true devil may care attitude about it all. However, underneath the bravado and the unpleasant persona is an individual filled with self loathing, regret and perhaps a softer side even he tries to hide from others.
    Appearance: A grizzled man with an a dust brown and aftershave to go along with black eyes. A scar just under his right eye as he wears a plain white top with an old black jacket that has a blazing bull design on the back and a pair of old blue jeans with some basic black boots. Has a pair of shades that he wears even in ill-fitted situations, though has a habit of having them break on him as he has to scramble to find more.
    Enjoys: Brawls, Drinking,
    Dislikes: "Dirt bags", ex-wife, heights, his father, singing
    Goal: Find a place to live, stockpile the last supplies of Hostless Mini-Muffins
    Secret: His true goal is to find a place to provide a proper grave for his youngest daughter Ashley, whose death to illness had been the straw that broke the camel's back of his marriage with his now ex-wife Susan. In a way to honor her memory and make peace with it.
  5. Accepted!! I’ll make the thread soon.
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  6. So, still accepting people?

    Name: Destiny Rose
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: A natural go getter who is every bit as brave as she is reckless. A flair for the adventurous and dramatic, with even a tendency to say her name in third person on occasion, she is one to constantly push herself even when told to take a step back. Both a reflection of her passion, and natural tendency to rebel as she has a hot head streak and can be quite temperamental but her head generally is in the right place.
    Appearance: Is a dark skinned girl with short black hair and some freckles along with a scared cut across the bridge of her nose. Has dark eyes and wears a light green sleeveless top along with an old black single-sleeve jean jacket along her right arm along with a light green pair of shorts and some tennis shoes. She also wears a lone glove along her right hand.
    Likes: Adventure, games, pranks
    Dislikes: Jerks, Pollution, Snails
    Secret: Has a prosthetic arm
    Goal: To have a grand adventure and make a journal about it.
  7. @Imperfect World Yo, I wanted to see if I could make a character for your roleplay!
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  8. Alright! Could you leave a bio?
  9. Name: Law J. Wils

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Personality: Law is very Laidback and Easy going, He is also very intelligent but very literal and Clumsy. He often goes to the park to visit the family of ducks. He is always himself and hates people who do things for attention or to fit in. He has a pet mouse named Shikamaru and it usually rests in the pocket of Laws jeans.

    Appearance: Law has Messy black hair, which always is in a messy man bun. He wears a Black Hoodie that says "Life" and Ripped jeans. He has Medium toned skin with a mole under his left eye. He has menacing Hazel eyes and a bandage on his nose for when he tripped over his own legs. For Foot Wear, he wears brown Sandals.

    Enjoys: Hanging out with animals in the woods, Eating pancakes, Eating in general, Sleeping, Spending time with his Mouse, and Running.

    Dislikes: He dislikes all people who just do stuff for attention, and Guns.

    His Secret: When he went to the store to buy some candy a robber was robbing the store and held a gun at Law. Law kicked him in his ankle took the gun when the robber dropped it and shot him killing him. That day he was traumatized and will always be scared of firearms. The only people who know were the store owner and the other man in there who told the cops that a man came in the store with a gun, shot the robber, and ran out, covering for him.

    His Goal: He wants peace in the world and for animals to stop being hunted and brutally killed.
  10. Okay! You can reply whenever you feel like it.

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